tagInterracial LoveJennifer's Dark Desire

Jennifer's Dark Desire


Jennifer O'Rourke was a good Irish Catholic girl from Delaware County, Pennsylvania. The petite redhead went to church each Sunday for most of her 28 years. She loved travel, reading mystery novels, her Marketing Analyst position at the local gas company and her thrice-a-week visits to the local gym.

She wasn't perfect, as witnessed by her weekly visits to the local confessional, but then, who was?

Relationships were generally brief, a few months here, a few weeks there, and every once in a while, one date and done. Hey, so what if Mr. Right hadn't emerged from the pack? She found she liked the excitement of the chase, but when it came to settling down, nobody had quite met her standards.

Sexually, she was no prude, but she wasn't extremely active either. Since losing her virginity in the back seat of a Volvo at 18, she'd given herself to six men. Some were excellent experiences, others disappointing, but overall she took the good with the bad.

But Jennifer O'Rourke had a secret she'd shared with nobody, not even her closest friend. Jennifer only had orgasmed with two men. Nothing really unusual there, as each woman has a different button, and it isn't always pushed by the male of the species. No, it wasn't the number of sexual liaisons the pretty girl had, it was the circumstances. Each of her orgasms came via one-night stands, and each came with a non-Caucasian.

At age 21 young Jennifer had succumb to the relentless pursuit by Johnny Chan, the proprietor of the local Chinese restaurant where she worked as a waitress. Late one night after closing duties at the China Inn, she and Chan took the big step from their long relationship of flirting to a session of hot sex in one of the restaurant's booths. Highlighting the rendezvous was her being bent over the table and taken doggie style by the older, experienced man.

The resultant orgasm was etched in her memory bank, a fantastic explosion which she remembered whenever she needed a little mind play to go along with a masturbation session after a long, soothing, warm bath.

It was a one-night stand, as she turned away Chan's later requests before finally leaving his employ. Still, she thought fondly of the man even while dating several other "nice" guys. She swore when she confessed at church that the priest was not only taken aback by the nature of her sins, but since he knew her family from Jennifer's grade school days she felt he might break his vow of confidentiality and tell her parents of her transgressions.

Several years later, while on a business trip to El Paso, she was seduced by a handsome Latin man, Jose Perez. The local businessman met her during the day during a sales presentation, then, after several drinks and dinner later that night accompanied her back to her hotel room. After a nightcap the man ravished the girl's body and brought out a deep, satisfying response.

Again, it was a one-night stand. Again, she confessed to a surely shocked Father McGeddigan on a subsequent visit to confession of her sin.

After that escapade Jennifer swore to herself that it would never happen again. And she would have never considered it, had Jimmy Gordon not cheated on her with her best friend Carrie Tormey.

Carrie had been Jennifer's best buddy since high school. The two girls had hung out and told each other their deepest, darkest secrets. Unfortunately Jennifer mentioned in strictest confidence that Jimmy hadn't lit her fire in the sack, and the so called friend used that piece of information in a conversation with Jimmy that ultimately led to the two coupling after a long-night of drinking.

Jennifer found out about the backstabbing couple by accident, but quickly ended her friendship with both co-conspirators.

The hurt from their cheating kept her from dating for more than a year, but ultimately she began dating a local doctor. Weeks later she dumped him, and later went through a series of guys who just didn't do it for her, emotionally, spiritually or sexually.

While housesitting her friend Jane's home, Jennifer stumbled upon a cache of sexually explicit videos in the woman's house, and one caught her eyes. In the film "Desiring Dark Meat", a blue-eyed blonde had sexual relations with several black men. Jennifer was spellbound, and midway through the first sexual romp she lifted her skirt and began masturbating to the film action. Later that night in bed she masturbated once more, again thinking of the black men in the film taking the anxious, active woman in every way imaginable.

No matter how she tried, she through of the wantonness of the light-skinned actress in the film, and how the woman was brought to orgasm after orgasm by the myriad of men with dark complexions.

"Ummm," she thought. "I wonder what a black man would be like in bed?"

She decided to find out. But not with any black man. Jennifer wanted a special one, a special conquest. Young Jennifer had her eyes on Dwight Markman, the Research Manager at her firm.

Markman was a tall, dark and handsome black man who was on the fast track to senior management. He had a lovely young wife, two kids, and a three-story house in an exclusive section of town. The women in the office wondered if it was true what they said about the size of black men, especially in the genitalia department. They'd joke about it --- never in his presence of course.

He appeared to be devoted to his wife, never once caught glancing at smartly dressed women like other men Jennifer knew. These were the guys who ogled the women who bent over for a drink at the water cooler, hoping to get a glimpse of stocking tops. But Markman wasn't one of them. He kept his eyes on his work and not the workers.

Jennifer wanted to change that. She wanted to get the man not only to notice her, but also to take her into the land of ecstasy. She figured it would be easy to seduce the married man. Why, what man could turn down the charms of a young, willing redhead?

Yet after a month of short skirts, tight sweaters and even provocatively crossing and uncrossing her legs in meetings with the black man, he hadn't given her a second look. While dozens of other co-workers asked her out on dates, the statuesque Markman merely kept his mind on business in her presence.

As luck would have it, Jennifer was assigned on a special project basis to Markman, working on a complex marketing report. The assignment required her to report daily to the man, and she made not only every attempt to impress him with her work, but also her appearance. She provided quality work with a flirtatious smile, but never once did she catch the man flirting back or even sneaking a glance at her silky black thigh high stockings.

Jennifer was resigned to searching for another black man to seduce. Markman just wasn't biting at her charms. Late one Wednesday night, though, when she was dropping off her final report in his in basket, she was startled by Markman's voice.

"You're working late, Jennifer," he said in a husky voice. "Shouldn't you have gone home an hour ago??

"Uh, um, oh, hi Mr. Markman. You surprised me. I thought you went home already, but I just wanted you to have my report first thing," said the woman.

He nodded his head in thanks as she smiled, then turned and began walking out of his office.

"Jennifer," he said, stopping her in her tracks.

"Yes, Mr. Markman?"

"You have been doing very good work, and I am looking forward to this. . . report," he said with a smile. "I hope this isn't too personal, but you shouldn't work so late. You should be out on a date or something. Do you must have a special boyfriend."

"Uh, no Mr. Markman, I don't. Why?"

The black man looked at the pretty woman. "It's just that you have been dressing so, well, sharp of late. Not that you always didn't look good, but in recent weeks you've been looking very nice. It's a pleasure to see a girl who looks nice at work, instead of how some of the women dress. It seems so many of the women are, well, into a grunge look rather than so professional."

Jennifer smiled, and merely said she wanted to look good, and that she appreciated his comments. She walked over to his couch, and deliberately sat and allowed her skirt to creep up her stocking encased legs. "Do you really think I look good?" she asked the man.

"You look very good," he said with a devious smile. "You look tantalizing. A man would have to be blind not to see how good you look!"

He did notice, Jennifer thought, and I think I have him hooked. She decided to go for the kill.

"Well, Mr. Markman, you really know how to say nice things to a girl. You had better be careful or I might blush!" she said, uncrossing her legs and allowing the man a view up to her stocking tops.

His eyes followed the uncrossing like he would a financial report with excellent news...eyes wide open, they followed her nylons up her thighs to the dark mesh top. Just above was a view of several inches of lily-white thigh, and the man couldn't help but smile.

"Do you like the view?" asked Jennifer, looking out the window but knowing full well what view she really meant.

"Oh yes, Jennifer, it's a great view, the kind you want to see more of," he replied, not committing either way which view he meant. But the girl knew exactly, even with words unsaid, because after all, he was all man.

"It's a little hot in here," cooed young Jennifer.

"Why don't you make yourself comfortable," said Mr. Markman, rising from his desk and walking to his office door, which he promptly locked. At that point, Jennifer knew she had her conquest in her sights.

Jennifer lifted her soft sweater over her head and placed it on the back of her chair, revealing her 34B breasts encased in a black bra. She pulled down her skirt, stepping out of it, and was clad only in her bra, panties and stockings. A sight for sore eyes, she sat back in the seat.

Markman sat back in his office chair, and stared at the girl. She looked adorable, and Jennifer could see he was squirming in his seat.

After a bit of a pause, Markman reminded the girl he was married, and that he didn't cheat on his wife. Never.

Jennifer nodded, slipped a hand to her thigh, then watched his eyes trail her finger that lifted up the elastic on her panties and began fingering her cunt. "Ummm," she sighed, "your eyes watching me are making me so hot."

The black man slyly smiled. He slowly shook his head, his eyes never leaving the scene in front of him.

"Show me how hot, Jennifer, how hot you are?"

The girl took the cue and reached down with both hands and slowly pulled her panties away from her ass, down her thighs, past her knees, then let them fall to her feet. With gusto, she let them fall off her right leg, then kicked out her left, sending the flimsy undies toward the man sitting across from her. She watched as he grabbed them, bringing them toward his face where he proceeded to take a whiff of the crotch. "You are hot," he said. Sitting back, Jennifer began fingering her moist slit, slowly, carefully, all the while staring into the man's eyes. She was enjoying herself immensely, rocking her head back and forth as she stroked her mound. Her moans became progressively louder, and soon she was pumping herself to orgasm in front of the dark handsome man.

After reaching her plateau, the girl leaned back for a while in relaxation before asking if he liked the show.

"Like it? he asked. "I loved it."

Jennifer knowingly smiled.

"Then maybe you would want to fill this with something a little bigger?" she asked, opening her pussy lips while looking at his bulging crotch.

The man shook his head. "Not tonight," he sighed, "my wife will be here to pick me up in minutes, and I don't think she would appreciate it. But if you work late tomorrow night maybe we can satisfy your needs....and mine."

Disappointed, yet excited with the thought of having the man ravish her the next night, young Jennifer let a smile creep over her lips. "It's a date!"

Jennifer made herself presentable, gave Markman a peck on the cheek, and then exited his office, almost bumping into Charlie, the old black janitor who was mopping the floor. " 'Night Charlie," Jennifer coyly said.

"G-nite young missy," said the old man, a smile creeping across his face as he followed the girl's rocking backside down the hallway.

Jennifer smiled all the way home, and her masturbatory session that night focused on Mr. Markman and how, or how often, he would take her the next night. Would he be forceful? Did he have a big cock? Would he make her suck his dark dick, or maybe lick his bountiful balls? She came twice thinking of his hands caressing her body or his dick filling her aching pussy. She kept her smile as she nodded off to sleep.

The next day was a blur as Jennifer went through her office chore with one eye on her work and the other on the clock. By six o'clock she was shivering in anticipation of her meeting with Mr. Markman. The man had smiled at her several times during the day, but not once made any indication that the two of them would be satisfying their desire that night.

Finally, the office had cleared out, save for Jennifer and the black man. He was sitting in his office, reading over some reports, when she quietly knocked at his door.

"Come in, Jennifer, and shut the door behind you," said Markman, who marveled at her smart outfit. Jennifer was wearing a white blouse and short plaid pleated skirt, with black pumps and nothing else. He could see she wasn't wearing a bra, but it wasn't until she sat in the seat in front of his desk that she also was not wearing any panties.

The young girl had dressed, or undressed, for the occasion in the ladies room after work, and Markman's smile indicated he loved what he saw.

"You look fantastic," he said, eyeing every inch of her outfit. "You really know how to excite a man!"

"Why thank you, Mr. Markman, I wanted to look good for you. I'm glad you like it."

Markman nodded his head before asking the girl if he could be frank with her.

"Of course, sir, this is all between the two of us," she said. "And if it's your wife you are worried about, forget it. This will be out little secret. My lips are sealed...unless you want them open!"

He laughed at her joke, and then told her how he had thought about her all night, even while screwing his wife. "She didn't know what hit her," he joked.

Jennifer merely smiled, and said he had better have saved some for her.

"Oh yes, you bet I have. You will get all the cock you want tonight."

The young girl was a bit shocked by his admissions and his frank talk, but knew that she must have him under her spell. She coyly asked, "What would you like? A blow job? Or do you want my pussy?"

The man shook his head again. "You are so hot girl, how about both?"

"You're on," she said.

Markman stood, then reached into his desk, pulling out a blindfold. "Here, honey, put this on. I will let you know when you can take it off."

Kinky, she thought, this guy is a devious little devil. Still, she took the black blindfold and encased her eyes with it.

She sat back in the chair, waiting instructions, wondering what naughtiness was up his sleeve.

"I'm going to make sure the door is locked," he said, and she heard him shuffle toward it after first turning on some soft background jazz. Less than a minute later he was back at her side. "Get on your knees, Jennifer, I think it's time for you to put your mouth to good work."

"Oh, Mr. Markman, you bet," she cooed, slipping onto her knees. She felt his pants gently tough her face as he began rocking against the young girl. She reached up and unzipped his trousers, dropping them to the floor around his ankles. The pulled down his boxers, and as she did what felt like a huge cock pop out and hit her on the cheek.

From above Markman said, "That's for you, Jennifer. The dark meat you wanted!"

"Oh yes, Mr. Markman," she said, stroking the dick. "I have wanted it for a long time."

With that the girl began licking the hard cock. After licking it all over she ovaled her lips and inserted the massive and now pulsating cock into her hot, wet mouth. She tasted the pre-cum, swallowing in between sucks. She felt the man move slowly back, then firmly forward into her mouth. Her left hand circled the cock, which probably kept her from choking on the huge dick.

Jennifer loved sucking the cock, she felt it's urge as she sucked it. Every once in a while she let the dick escape from her mouth, and she stroked it against her cheek.

The young girl got hotter by the minute, sucking on the cock, submitting to the black man's desires. She never missed a beat as she heard the clicks coming from up above, immediately knowing the naughty boy must have been taking a few Polaroid shots as souvenirs of the tryst. That knowledge made her work her mouth on the dick even harder.

"Umm," she murmured, saliva slipping out from her mouth, onto the cock. Some slid down her face as the pistoning cock banged in and out of her head.

Her right hand slipped down to her midsection and soon lifted the front of her short schoolgirl skirt. She began stroking her moist pussy in step with the stroking of the dick in and out of her mouth. She felt so wanton sucking on the man's dick in the office, and while she assumed nobody was in the outer office the mere thought that they might be made her even hotter.

Her stroking, both above and below, became faster as she neared her orgasm. She wanted the man to cum first, but she feared that his fucking of his wife the night before might have made his orgasm with her a longer process. Still she worked his dick with her lips while working her pussy lips at the same time. As her own orgasm neared she moaned "I'm cumming."

As she shook in orgasmic delight the cock in her mouth exploded its slimy cum into her mouth, then onto her face. She swallowed as much as she could, but a good amount slipped out of her mouth and down her chin and the other burst sent a sticky stream onto her nose and cheek. She stopped jerking the dick off and diddled her pussy to a second, stronger orgasm as she thought of the big black cockmeat in her mouth.

Young Jennifer was sated, and she sat back on her haunches as the filmy cum dripped down her face. She heard the camera click and whirl, and thought of how slutty she must look in the dirty photographs. She let out a deep breath, and then thanked Markman for letting her have her way with him.

"Oh, no problem," said the man from across the room.

Confused by his distance, and the fact she heard breathing above her, Jennifer asked if she could remove the blindfold, and Markman quickly replied "of course". The girl unhooked the device, and was immediately shocked by the sight in front of her eyes.

"Oh my god!" exclaimed the girl, shrieking at the site of Charlie, the old black man janitor, who was standing in front of her with a shriveled, dripping cock.

Jennifer attempted to scream, but nary a sound escaped her lips.

"Thank you young missy. That was an excellent display of cocksucking," said old man Charlie, tucking his shrunken dick back into his pants. "I would never have known you had it in you, but I guess it's true that white women covet a black dick!"

Jennifer shook her head and stammered. "But....but...he...you...why?"

Markman smiled at the girl. "Well, I told you I didn't want to cheat on my wife, and I could tell you wanted a little dark meat, so I figured why not expedite the deal and make your wishes come true," he said in a matter of fact voice. "I knew it wasn't me, but the idea of seducing a black man, that you really wanted. You did, and I have the pictures to prove it."

The man pointed at the array of photos on his desk, each showing her sucking a black cock for all she was worth. "Old Charlie here loves white women, so why not get the two of you together? Hey, you came at least twice, so something must have turned you on!"

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