tagLoving WivesJennifer's Longing Ch. 02

Jennifer's Longing Ch. 02


Derek called me a couple of days after our tryst. He said he wanted to see me again.

To my surprise, I had felt no guilt at all having cheated on my husband. In fact, I had had sex with my man that evening. And I enjoyed it with him as much as I ever had.

But there was something different with bedding Derek - something that my husband simply couldn't provide. You see, Derek was just a total physical turn on for me, and nothing more. He was good looking, had a bigger penis, and he was great in bed.

My lust for Derek made me feel slutty, and feeling slutty made the actual sex just so much better. I wanted his big penis. This made me feel like a slut. This made the sex better than I would ever be able to get from my husband. I loved my guy, but that doesn't change the reality. I wanted Derek in bed and I didn't have the will power to just leave it unfulfilled.

Still – I certainly wasn't going to give up my marriage on the basis of a one-time tryst with a male sex machine. I knew that I wanted it to happen again, but I didn't know what Derek wanted.

I agreed to see him, but we quickly realized that my being married meant opportunities were rare. We both worked during the day. And in the evenings, I could play with maybe an hour and a half before I had to be home – and this just wasn't enough time. Worse – my next weekend was already booked up. And the weekend after was getting busy too.

Fortunately, on that next weekend I had no plans for the Saturday afternoon. I would tell my husband I was going for a workout and some shopping – these excuses always work.

Now sometimes things can go wrong with a plan. And sometimes these things going wrong can change the whole dynamic of the situation. This was one of those times. My husband, when I advised him the day before of my Saturday afternoon plans, told me he'd come shopping too. I couldn't very well tell him "No."

I called Derek with the bad news. I had planned to spend the entire afternoon in debauchery. I needed it badly. To my surprise, Derek told me to come over anyway and I should tell my better half that I'll meet him for the shopping after my "workout". I complained it wouldn't give us enough time, but he said it would work out okay – he'd even give me a lift over to where I'd be meeting my man.

I agreed.

That Saturday morning I spent a lot of time in front of the mirror. I wanted to look so hot for him. My husband watched appreciatively, not realizing I was dressing for success with another man. I put on a very short, tight denim mini skirt and a tight fitting pink tank top.

Hubbie wanted to play a little bit. I grabbed him between the legs and told him "Tonight, if you're good to me when we go shopping." I kissed him.

I know it's amazing, but I knew I was again about to be unfaithful and I felt no guilt. At that moment, all of my sexual urgings were for one man – Derek. And yet I felt no guilt in this. I was with my husband and entirely turned on – but by another man.

I left early – I was desperate to spend as much time as possible with Derek in bed. As I left I thought to myself that I'll have to be smarter next time. Hubby hadn't questioned why I was spending so much time putting on make up when I'd be working out.

Taking public transportation is always kind of slow and I really wasn't dressed appropriately for a bus ride. But my mind was on Derek and nothing else. It was thirty five minutes to get to his door, but it seemed like it had been hours.

Inside the door he wrapped his arms around me and we kissed. In between kisses I told him how desperate I was for him to fuck me. He dragged me over to the couch for some serious making out. I grabbed at the front of his pants.

He asked me how badly I wanted it. I told him I had to have it. He told me that he'd give me the best fucking of my life – but then he added there would be one condition: I would have to do exactly what he told me to do.

I giggled and asked him what he had in mind. He said I should first promise him, and then he'd tell me. By this time his hand was as far up my skirt as possible, so I wasn't in a position to disagree. I nodded my consent.

Derek told me he was going to fuck my brains out, but he wanted to cum in my mouth and he wanted me to swallow. I didn't have a problem with that. He said he wanted to do it again, and again cum in my mouth. I had no problem with that! And then without going to the bathroom or having even a glass of water, he said we would get dressed and he would drive me a couple of blocks away from where I was meeting my man. And he wanted me to walk right up to my husband and give him a long slow kiss on the mouth.

I was stunned. I instantly understood the ramifications. One moment he'd be pumping his sperm into my mouth. The next moment I'd be kissing my husband.

I told him "I can't." He stood up and pushed down his jeans, revealing that exquisite big cock bulge, and said, "Yes you can."

I stared at it. I knew he was right. I raised my right hand to cup his balls through his underwear. I knew what I was doing.

Derek reveled in the fact that not only was he getting a hot girl in bed, but that he was getting a hot "taken" girl in bed. And it was clear that he was turned on by a husband kissing a mouth that had been filled with sperm from another man.

And I couldn't help it, but I was turn on too.

He got me up and guided me to his bed. My tank top and bra had been left in the hallway. My skimpy panties were the next to go. Both of us were so turned on, foreplay wasn't necessary. He pushed up my skirt, hooked his arms around my legs and thrust into me with more force than I'd ever felt. And it felt so good. For forty minutes we rutted like wild dogs. He was always on top. Occasionally, he'd put my legs on his shoulders to deep fuck me. I cold feel he was reaching places my husband couldn't. I knew I belonged to him.

I really can't tell you how many orgasms surged through my body. Sometimes one would run into the other. All I can say is that it was exquisite sex.

After a time, he withdrew and move up so that his cock pressed against my lips. His legs straddled my body. There was no backing out. I opened my mouth to accept his thrust. Two minutes later he was cumming in my mouth. It was a lot of cum. I had to swallow several times. He held his cock in my mouth, making sure I got out every drop.

He stayed relatively hard. We went back to fucking. I went insane. He rolled me onto my tummy and fucked me from behind. His muscular body allowed him to thrust with force. He was like the perfect fuck machine. He grabbed onto my breasts to anchor me as he ploughed away. He told me to beg for it, and I did. And then he told me to tell him that my husband was a "wimp."

I lowered my head to the bed. You could say it was just play, but I didn't want to say it. Derek wouldn't let up. With every thrust (and he was thrusting at an incredible speed) he would command me to say it. "Say it!" "Say it!" "Say it!"

I felt whatever will was left in my body draining out of me. I gave a long groan. And then I said it. "My husband is a wimp." I was immediately hit with the biggest orgasm of my life. For a brief few moments I was in a world of my own. When I regained my senses, I was still being rammed by the sex machine. Without being told, I told Derek, "My husband is such a wimp, compared to you. You own me."

He couldn't take any more and withdrew his cock and flipped me over again onto my back. A second later his cock was in my mouth. I yanked on his balls as he gently now thrusted into my throat.

This time the cum was more like a continuous flow. When he was finished I left my mouth open for him to see my cum-covered tongue. He rubbed his cock in my face a bit and the got off me and merely said, "It's time."

I knew what he meant. It was time for me to get dressed and go meet my husband. And it was time to kiss him on the mouth.

Twenty minutes later, I could see my man standing there waiting for me. I walked to him, but I could feel Derek's eyes on me. I was pretty sure that my man wouldn't know what he was tasting. But I knew my breath wasn't the freshest either.

I briefly considered giving him just a peck. It was probably all he was expecting. But I knew Derek wanted me to deep kiss my husband. After what he'd done to me, I felt depraved enough to comply.

I walked up to him, and kissed him on the mouth. I aggressively pushed my tongue in. He liked it. As we kissed the only thought in my head was "Wimp." I didn't want to think that. But there's no use pretending it wasn't there.

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