tagLoving WivesJennifer's Longing Ch. 03

Jennifer's Longing Ch. 03


Note to readers:

1) Really and truly, if you don't like reading about married women who cheat, don't read this story.

2) If you like reading about married women who chat, but expect them to be punished later, don't read this story.

3) I'm interested in your comments, not your moralizing.

4) I'm aware there are cliché's embedded in the story. They are intentional.

5) You will enjoy this better if you read parts 1 and 2.



I admit I felt sheepish. But I didn't feel guilty. I was cheating on my husband, totally driven by overwhelming lust for this other guy – Derek . Everything physical about Derek turned me on, from his hard body and gorgeous eyes, to his big, long hard cock.

When it came to sex I couldn't think about anything else. I'd only bedded him twice, but sexually he owned me.

I felt sheepish because I felt I must be some depraved sex fiend. I felt sheepish because I didn't feel guilty, but by all rights I should. I loved my husband so much. I really wanted to do nothing to hurt him. But I had already taken a risk of being caught. I had kissed my husband on the mouth shortly after swallowing Derek's sperm. Fortunately, he didn't detect anything. But I was almost disappointed in him that he didn't. Derek had made me tell him that my husband was a wimp. Truthfully, I didn't believe it. But the idea just kept on creeping back into my head.

I had sex with my husband later that day of my second tryst with Derek. I'll always love sex, but I realized it paled in comparison to what Derek could deliver. Now I know that some of you will think that it is all just a self-fulfilling prophecy – that my initial lust for Derek was making feel that sex was better with him. That may be true. But so what? Sex is part psychological, and it just was so much better with him. And his penis was so much bigger too. Size does matter.


Derek called me again at work. We spent twenty minutes trying to find a time we could again meet. He told me he wanted to fuck me in my own bed. He said it turned him on to get me in the bed I share with my husband.

I told him it was too risky. Now it was true that I wouldn't take such a risk, it was also true that I understood why it turned him on, and because of this, it turned me on too. I was turned on by the idea of being the most unfaithful woman possible. It was just so exciting.

He relented and agreed it would be again at his place – but he said there would be a condition – he wanted me to show up dressed like a hooker – and he wanted my husband to see me leave the house dressed that way. I told him this wasn't possible. But he wouldn't give in. He said if I showed up at his place I had to be dressed as a hooker, otherwise he wouldn't let me in. And then he hung up.

What could I do? I tried calling him several times, but only got his answering machine. Two days before we had arranged to meet he left a message on my work place voice mail reminding me of his condition.

I had three options: I could not show up and thereby end the relationship. I could take a chance and show up in a sexy outfit, but not of hooker calibre. Or, I could comply.

I have to tell you, I knew I would choose one of the latter too. I just couldn't write off this stud.

The weekend morning finally arrived. I still didn't know what to do. My husband suggested we go out for breakfast. I had time for this because I wasn't meeting Derek until noon. I hadn't told my husband I had something to do yet, but I didn't see it as a problem.

Then, an idea struck me.

Still wearing my pyjamas, I cuddled up to my husband and told him I was going to make it a special day for him. I told him I was going to put on the short denim short shorts he liked to see me wear around the house and that I'd wear them to breakfast. I told him I wanted to work out around lunch time but before dinner I'd make him a very happy guy. I stroked his cock while I told him this. He was happy.

I got dressed, adding a white t-shirt to the short shorts. What my husband didn't see was that in my gym bag I added a skimpy tank top and a pair of high heals. I'd have to find somewhere to change. And I'd have to convince my husband that I needed the car. But it seemed Derek would see me in a hooker outfit.

It was funny going to a breakfast restaurant with the slutty outfit I had on. The shorts were tight, faded, and skimpy. A tiny bit of butt cheek was available for viewing when I stood. My skimpy bra was clearly visible through my t-shirt. Guys were staring. My husband enjoyed the show, thinking it was for him. It would have killed him to know it was for someone else.

Time moved slowly. My mind was on sex with Derek. You can think what you want about me, but I'm being open with you – my mind was on sex with Derek. And nothing could distract me away from these thoughts.


Finally, I was alone in the car. I pulled into the parking lot of a grocery store and drove around to the back. Fortunately there was no one around. I pulled my t-shirt off and put my tank top on. I looked like one hot hooker. My last touch was the red lipstick, which was made hotter because of my long black hair. I had my high heels ready to be put on when I got to Derek's.

I have to tell you I felt like a hooker. The outfit set a mood. Standing at his door waiting for him to answer my knock I found I was getting overwhelmed with sexual heat.

When Derek opened the door he had me stand there for a few seconds to look me over. Then he dragged me in.

All he said was "You whore," and then he kissed me on the mouth. A minute later, still in his hallway, his hands on my shoulders, he began pushing me down. He obviously wanted his cock in my mouth. I just wanted his cock anywhere in me, so I was glad to oblige.

On my knees before him, I tugged his pants and briefs down to the floor. His rigid big cock stuck out just an inch from my mouth. Every cell in my body was turned on to the max. I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and pumped it a couple of times. Some pre-cum formed at the tip. I licked it up. I licked his entire cock head. I even tried to get my tongue into the slit at the tip. Periodically more pre-cum would form, and I'd slowly lick it up. I then tilted his cock upward and licked down his shaft finding his balls. He shaves down there so it was just his balls and my mouth. I licked. I kissed. And then I sucked. Each ball received slow deliberate attention. I took each ball into my mouth and gently sucked, while swirling my tongue around. He grunted several times.

After a couple of minutes of concentrating solely on his balls, I noticed that pre-cum had been drizzling out and was now halfway down the shaft. I delighted in slowly licking it all up, right to the tip. And then I took his cock head in my mouth.

I sucked on his cock while massage his balls with my hand. My saliva coated his cock. I could now taste his pre-cum in my mouth. I took as much of his cock in as I could, which was only about two thirds of his length, and then bobbed my head back and forth. I milked his balls with my hands. He told me I was a slut for cock. (This was only partly true. I was a slut for his cock.)

The process was repeated. I again licked the tip, and worshiped the shaft. I again sucked on his balls. And then he picked me up and dragged me to the bedroom.

Aggressively, he pulled my slutty outfit off. We were naked in seconds. Two seconds further and I was on my back waiting to accept him.

He attached his mouth to my wet pussy. It really needed no work. In fact I was too excited. My clitoris was too sensitive. I tried to get him to ease up a bit, but he refused. I involuntarily bucked my hips in the hopes of detaching his lips from me, but as my ass fell back to the bed my clit was still between his teeth. A seering orgasm ripped through me. I continued to buck my hips, but his face remained clamped onto me.

The orgasm hadn't fully subsided when he took two fingers and inserted them. With the same aggression he continued to finger fuck me and suck on my clitoris. I erupted a second time. This lasted a longer time, and it completely drained me.

Unable to even flex a muscle at this point, he moved up to mount me. He thrust his cock deep into me. In spite of my extreme wetness, he still felt amazingly filling.

I had thought that by this point any sexual feeling would be impossible because of the two previous mind numbing orgasms. But his cock was reaching places his fingers and tongue couldn't.

Derek simply power fucked me. I wrapped my arms around him and begged him to continue. A third orgasm from deep within exploded through my body.

The third orgasm cleared up my mind. It was now my turn to take care of him. In between involuntary grunts caused by the power of his thrusts, I talked to him – telling him what he wanted to hear.

I told him how good his cock felt. I told him how big his cock was. I told him how much bigger it was than my husband's. I told him that he owned me. He reveled in his own lust.

He asked me if it turned me on to have kissed my husband with another man's sperm in my mouth. I told him it did. I was telling him these things to turn him on. I wanted to drive his lust higher yet.

But the thing of it is, saying these things turned me on. Talking down on my husband was arousing for me. Having a bigger cock in me was a total turn on. Fucking another man behind my husband's back was driving me crazy! I wanted to be fucked by this stud, and in comparison to him my husband was a wimp. Physically, sexually – he just couldn't deliver what Derek was delivering to me.

Another orgasm hit me like a tidal wave. It lasted a while. I lost track of reality for a few seconds, but was brought back by the sensation of his cock spraying cum inside me. I felt so complete.

We deep kissed as he continued to gently fuck his stud tool into me. I was aware of the amount of cum pumped into me.

He told me he was going to fuck me again and fuck me so hard that I'd be unable to have sex with my "hubby" again for a week. I thought to myself that I promised my husband sex in just a few hours. But frankly, if Derek could fuck me that well, I'd just take it.

I didn't want to have to choose, but if forced to, I'd choose to be Derek's fuck toy hands down.

After a few minutes of slow fucking, he cock was again fully hard and he began to nail me again. We were joined in the loins. I was his.

He whispered in my ear that I was his slut. And then he told me I had to obey him. I said I would. Without slowing down his thrusts he told me that when we were done I should go home and make my husband eat out my pussy. He said that is how a slut should treat her wimp husband.

It was just the idea of it. The idea of my husband licking out my pussy with Derek's cum in it set me off. The fourth orgasm of the day pulsed through my body.

"Tell me you'll do it!" he commanded. He was fucking me at a frantic pace. I said nothing.

He stopped with his cock fully embedded in me. He looked at me, grabbed one leg and flipped me over onto my stomach – his cock never falling out.

With me flat on my stomach he again began to power fuck me. Because this was a new position I felt I was being stretched, again to accommodate his big size. Every thrust made me grunt.

Derek grabbed a fistful of my hair as he continued to fuck me. "Say it, slut!" "Tell me you are going to make your husband lick out my cum!"

I knew saying it and doing it were two different things. I rationalized this. And I said it.

His cock began spraying inside me. This in turn triggered my 5th orgasm of the day.


I got dressed quickly. In the washroom I did manage to pass a wet towel through my pussy to wipe off any excess sperm.

As I left Derek said, "Don't forget."

I got home. My husband was looking at me with a sexual hunger. Given my slutty outfit this wasn't a surprise.

I was mindful of the fact that even though I had wiped clean I still felt like I had had a pint of sperm pumped into me. But my husband wasn't to be put off.

He dragged me off to our bedroom. We began to make out. Our clothes came off. He tried to finger me. Concerned at what he might find, I twisted away. But he was persistent. A second later, he pronounced me "wet."

I thought to myself "Yeah, no kidding! " I had decided on the way home I would have him eat out my pussy. It was degrading to him. And it was risky. But maybe I'd compromise.

Impulsively, I pushed him back on the bed so that he was lying on his back. I straddled him and lowered my pussy onto his stomach and rubbed it back and forth.

Unexpectedly, my husband wrapped his arms around me to pull me forward. He wanted my pussy near his face. He wanted to eat me out.

There was no turning back. With my legs on either side of his head, I lowered my pussy onto his waiting mouth. I felt raw. Still, it felt good. He made no comment.

I felt his tongue probing me, reaching in further. I moaned a "yeah."

Soon I was grinding myself onto his mouth. It turned me on so much to treat him like this. The mild soreness couldn't prevent my fifth orgasm of the day a few minutes later.

He commented that he had never seen me so turned on.

We fucked. I didn't notice much.

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