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Jennifer's Story


Jenny's Story: The Start of Things

Jenny is put in a difficult position when she is discovered misappropriating money. She then discovers who her boss really is and what she has let herself in for.

Jennifer Watson-Brown, to give her full name, had always led a pampered, secure life. Brought up by loving and doting parents, she had been educated at the best schools that money could buy, and afterwards, had gone to a top finishing school in Switzerland to complete her education.

She had always lived in a world where money was no object. She was a stunningly attractive woman, and soon became a name among the jet setters. She was always seen at the best parties, and her name was one that was never left off the list at any of the top society functions.

At twenty-two, she married, much to her parents delight, a supposed financial wizard and investment banker, Conrad Brown. This was the first of her many bad decisions in her life. Two years later, her parents where killed in an air crash. Jennifer and Conrad were lucky not to have been on her father's private plane that was bringing them back from a Caribbean holiday. She and Conrad had decided to stay on the private island owned by one of her father's friends for another week.

She then inherited the family fortune and investment business which Conrad took over, and during the next four years, he managed to squander the majority of it on a suicidal series of very risky investments. When Jennifer's then considerable fortune was depleted, he started dipping into the money from the company's client's accounts. Of course, this could not go on unnoticed, and when finally the crash inevitably came, he landed in court, and in a very high profile case, was sentenced to ten years at her majesty's pleasure.

The court also decreed that Jennifer was also implicated in the conspiracy. Although her total connection could not be proven, it was decided that all the couple's possessions were to be confiscated to go to paying off at least part of their considerable debt. She also was placed on probation. If she came up before the court again, she would suffer the same consequences as her husband, plus any further sentences she received. Suddenly from being a person who had never had to want for anything, Jennifer found herself almost destitute. Her once close friends now shunned her as they all knew, or were, the people who Conrad had stolen from.

For the first time in her life, Jennifer had to try and find work to feed and clothe herself. She managed to find a small flat to rent in a rather run down part of town. She was, of course, still a very articulate and attractive young woman and was able to find herself a job as a receptionist at a local health spa.

It was here that she first came in contact with the worse mistake in her life, Maxwell Cardwell. Maxwell came into the spa about three times a week and he always made a point of speaking to Jennifer. But unknown to her he had an ulterior motive for becoming friendly with her. He had recognized Jennifer the moment she acquired the job at the spa. He was one of the people whose money her husband had stolen

Although he was not her type, and much older than she, Jennifer knew from looking at the spa records that Maxwell had money. It was because of this that when one evening he asked her out, she graciously accepted his offer. Jennifer found Maxwell to be a perfect gentleman, and it was nice to be taken back to some of the places she had been used to visiting before her decline. Maxwell got his money from running a chain of high-class nightclubs to which Jennifer, much to her delight, became a frequent and welcome VIP visitor.

Although he took her out and spent money on her, he never made a move towards her sexually. Jennifer was pleased about this because even with his generosity towards her, she still did not find him in any way attractive. Because of his generosity, she often wondered just what she would do if he did make any advances. But unknown to her, Maxwell was playing a waiting game which he had planned carefully. He was a vindictive man and didn't like being made a fool of. He thought at the trial she had gotten off much too lightly, and from that moment, he had begun to plan her downfall. After they had been going out for about two months, Maxwell offered her a job as assistant manager of his most prestigious club, Maxwell's. The money was three times what she had been earning at the health club, and she jumped at the chance. As assistant manager, she was in charge of staffing. She also had to deal with the money side of the business, entering up the books and the banking of each evening's taking, which by any standards were considerable.

Even with more money now coming in from her new job, Jennifer was still in considerable debt from her time with Conrad. Some of the debtors had started pushing to get her to repay some of the stolen money.

It started with her in a small way at first: fifty pound here and there, but as the weeks went by and her little dips into the club takings seemed to go unnoticed, the amounts became bigger. Maxwell knew from the start what was going on. It had been carefully planned that way so when the fish was well and truly hooked, he would pounce.

She would never forget that afternoon when her world collapsed for the second time in her short life. She walked into her office at the club. She was surprised and devastated to find Maxwell sitting behind her desk with another man whom she did not recognize. This stranger was going through the books. She knew that at that moment her worse fears were realized. She had been caught out.

Maxwell looked up at her. "You have been a rather naughty girl, haven't you?" he smirked. May I introduce you to a very good friend of mine? Detective Inspector Bill Dykes of the fraud squad."

The man looked her up and down with interest. She was everything Maxwell had said: a very attractive young woman in a smart well fitted business suit that showed off her stunning figure. Bill Dykes was a man in his early forties who had risen through the ranks, partly by his ability, but mostly by his greed for money. He had found early in his police career that some people were willing to pay him well for his contacts and services.

He looked up from the books and smiled at her. "Mr. Cardwell contacted me because he suspected that some of his money was going astray," the said detective said, looking at her, "and from my brief calculations, I estimate that to date there is slightly over five thousand pounds missing."

Jennifer gasped. She had not realise it had been that much.

"I have to inform you at this stage, Ms. Jennifer Watson-Brown, I am going to arrest you and you will be charged with the theft, and I have to inform you that anything you say may be used in court as evidence in your trial." Jennifer stood there petrified by the turn of events; she did not say a word.

Maxwell looked up at her again, still with a slight grin on his face. "So it looks as though you will be joining that thieving husband of yours in jail shortly," he said.

It was at that moment that the enormity of the situation hit her and she burst into a flood of tears. She pleaded that she was sorry, and that she would repay the money.

Maxwell laughed. "Where do you expect to get that sort of money to repay me? You are up to your eyes in debt, and no one will employ you after you have finished your jail sentence."

He let her stew for a moment. She looked so pitiful standing there, tears running down her face ruining her perfect make up. "You are not going to like it in jail. Some depraved inmates like young, attractive women like you. Imagine what it will be like after ten years locked up with people like that."

Jennifer knew he was right. She had not been to see Conrad in jail, but she had heard from some of her contacts who were still talking to her about his life in jail. She knew she could never stand that; anything was better than that. Well, she thought so at that moment at least.

"There is a way out of this situation for you," the detective said with slow deliberation. She looked at him; he saw a gleam of hope in her eyes. "If you sign this," he said, pushing a letter across the desk towards her. "It is a confession that you have been stealing the money. Maybe if you sign we can make things go a little easier for you; maybe even make this go away." He looked towards Conrad who nodded slowly.

Jenny looked down at the letter. Was this her way out of the awful situation she now found herself in? She took the pen offered to her by the detective and quickly scribbled her name at the bottom of the letter.

Maxwell pulled back the letter, looked at it, then folded it carefully. He slid it into an envelope and handed it to Bill Dykes.

The detective nodded and slipped it into his inside pocket. "I don't know if you noticed, but there is no date on the letter. I understand that Mr. Maxwell has plans for you, but if at any time you don't completely comply with his wishes, or refuse to take part in any of the plans he has for you, I will use this letter to prosecute you to the full."

Jennifer nodded meekly. She was wondering just what Maxwell's plans were; she was soon to find out.

Maxwell smiled at her. "I do hope we understand each other. Now, my dear, I will tell you what we are going to do and what your new job entails, and just how you will repay me for the money you have stolen from me."

At first Jennifer couldn't believe she still had a job, but she wondered just what sort of job she had. Maxwell knew she was not going to like what he was going to tell her. "As of this moment, you are mine to do with as I wish. If you do not comply with my wishes, you now know the consequences."

Jennifer knew from the tone of his voice that he meant every word he said. "I think your first job should be, as a gesture of your good will, a little thank you gesture towards Bill and me." He paused for a moment and looked at the detective, who smiled. Then he looked back at Jenny who was standing there waiting expectantly. "We would first like you to remove all your clothes."

Jennifer could not believe what she was hearing. She just stood there and looked at him, an incredulous expression on her face.

Maxwell smiled at her. "Did you hear what I said? Take of your clothes, and I mean everything. I have now known you for several months, and I have looked forward since the day we first met to the pleasure of seeing you completely naked."

Jennifer realised that he meant what he said. He wanted her to strip naked in front of them. She took a deep breath. She knew she was going to have to do it. She knew the consequences if she didn't comply with his wishes She had actually led quite a sheltered life, and it was totally against everything she knew to expose herself naked to a man. Apart from Conrad, her husband, and before him a few boy friends, she had never been totally naked before any other man, apart from her doctor.

"We are waiting," said Maxwell. "And take your time; make it interesting; we don't want you to rush things." He looked across at Bill Dykes who grinned at him.

Jennifer knew there was no way out of the situation see was in. She had only herself to blame for it. She looked around; there was no escape. The place had suddenly seemed to get very warm, she thought, as she slowly began to unbutton the jacket of her smart business suit. She slowly removed the jacket and placed it over a chair. Under it she was as usual wearing a crisp white blouse. A trace of the delights it held could just be seen through the thin material. She took a deep breath and began to undo the buttons of the blouse. As the buttons were undone, a glimpse of the well filled white bra became visible to the two expectant watchers. With the blouse undone, she eased it out of her skirt, and looking down at the floor, she shrugged it off her shoulders and let it slide down her arms.

The two men looked at each other with pleasure when they were presented with the sight of her large breasts encased in a revealing white lace bra. The darker shapes of her areolas and nipples could just be seen against the whiteness of her skin.

Her skirt was the next to go. It slid over her hips and down her long shapely stocking clad legs. She folded it and placed it with her other discarded clothes. Now she stood before them in just her brief bra and panties. Maxwell was pleased to see that she was wearing some of those attractive dark hold up stockings with wide lacy bands at the top. She seemed to have stopped, obviously hoping that she wouldn't have to go any further, but this was not enough for either of the men watching her; they wanted to see everything she had to offer.

"Okay," said Maxwell, "let's get the rest off, but I think you can keep the stockings on; they enhance the picture."

Jennifer felt herself shivering now although the room was still very warm. She knew now they were going to make her go the whole way. Now her whole body was trembling as she reached around and unclasped her bra. As it fell loose, she gripped it in her hands, holding it against her firm breasts wanting to shield her breasts from their view to the last possible moment. At last she let it fall away and the beauty of her breasts were revealed to them: the two firm creamy mounds topped with dark brown areolas and cherry pink nipples, which both men noticed to their pleasure were already becoming excitingly erect. Her breasts needed little support and stood out firm and proud. Maxwell looked across at Bill and nodded his appreciation.

There was now just one more brief item to go before everything was revealed to them. She reluctantly eased her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and slowly pushed them down over her hips. Both men were a little surprised to see the dark bush of her pubic hair; it almost obscured her pussy. It was unusual to see someone so young with so much hair; these days most girls trimmed themselves leaving just a trace. With the panties around her ankles, Jennifer stooped and scooped them up and stood before the two men totally naked, the discarded panties dangling limply from her hand. Neither of the men said anything; they just sat looking at her, taking in the delights of her nakedness.

She seemed to have been standing there for ages when at last Maxwell spoke. "You have a beautiful body, Jennifer, and I am sure it will be an asset to my business, and also the source of much pleasure for me during the next few months while you are repaying your debt to me."

Jennifer felt herself shuddering at the thought of what she was going to have to do to get herself out of the situation she now found herself in.

"There is just one more thing I would like you to do before we call it a day." He looked in Bill's direction and grinned. "My friend here is rather partial to a good blow job, and I think it would be nice of you to do him the service just as thanks for his understanding."

Jennifer could not believe what she was hearing. It was not bad enough that they had made her strip naked in front of them, but now they expected her to actually go down on one of them. Jennifer had never been keen on giving head even to her husband, although she had done it when he had pressured her. She did not like the thought of a man's cock being in her mouth, and on the odd occasion when Conrad had actually come in her mouth, she had been physically sick.

Now the thought of doing it to a stranger while Maxwell watched her was completely repulsive to her, but she knew she did not have a lot of options. She dropped her panties that she was still clutching on top of her other clothes and walked slowly towards where Bill was sitting. He smiled at the attractive young woman. He pulled his chair out and eased down his zip. Slipping his hand inside his trousers, he withdrew with some slight difficulty an already partially erect cock. It was already a good eight inches in length and almost as thick as Jennifer's wrist. The slick purple helmet was already wet with his pre-cum.

She slid down onto her knees. Now the cock was only inches from her face. She could smell the musky smell of it; her stomach heaved. She tentatively moved her head forward until it touched her lips; her tongue slipped out and she licked the end of it; it had an acrid salty taste. She felt him ease himself forward, and she had to open her mouth and allow him to slide the thing into her mouth. She heaved again. She thought she was going to be sick. At this point, he grabbed her by the hair, and to her horror and dismay, began fucking her face. She nearly choked as she felt him thrusting himself against the back of her throat.

He was already very much aroused by watching her strip, and luckily for her he came very quickly. His first burst she took in her mouth before she could manage to get him out of her mouth. His second burst splattered over her face, and the next one scored a direct hit on her exposed breasts. She knelt there ashamed and degraded as trails of his sticky white cum ran down her face and body. Was this to be a sign of what the future held for her?

As Bill eased his now wilted cock back into his pants and fastened himself up, Maxwell allowed her to pick up her clothes and make her way to the bathroom to clean herself up and get her clothes back on.

"Wait in the club bar for me when you are ready," Maxwell said. "I have another little job for you tonight."

After a long shower, Jennifer felt at least clean again although the memory of what had just happened would be with her for a long time. Now dressed, she at least looked back to her old self when Maxwell emerged from the office and found her sipping on a long much needed drink in the empty VIP lounge.

He had asked Cliff, the doorman, to bring his car around. While they were waiting, he went behind the bar and served himself with a large malt. He explained to Jennifer that he had to entertain a couple of important clients that evening, and he wanted her to be there. She could only guess what her role would be.

After they had finished their drinks, he led Jennifer out to the car. He told her that they were entertaining the clients at the new Post House hotel. He saw her look down at her slightly crumpled business suit. He told her not to worry as he had arranged for a friend to come over to the hotel with a few items for her that he thought would be appropriate for the evening.

Jennifer had not been in the Post House for several months. It was very up market and had been one of the places that Conrad used to take her when they were entertaining clients. From what had happened to her that afternoon, she expected that her role this evening was not going to be anything like it would have been when she was with Conrad.

The girl on the reception desk smiled at Maxwell and welcomed him to the hotel. The porter followed them in carrying a garment bag he had taken from the boot of the car. After Maxwell had signed in, the porter showed them up to one of the six luxury suites located on the top floor of the hotel. Jennifer had never been in a suite at the hotel before and was pleasantly surprised by the opulence.

The suite consisted of two large bedrooms, a comfortably furnished lounge with a well stocked bar, and even a small kitchen area where food could be prepared. Maxwell thanked the porter with a large tip after he had spent some time hanging up Maxwell's change of clothes for the evening.

He explained to her that the clients they were entertaining this evening were two of the main members of the local council licensing committee. It was important that Maxwell keep them sweet as they were in a position to grant or turn down his club licenses. Not everybody in town was happy about what allegedly went on at some of Maxwell's clubs, and the local licensing committee dealt with complaints that were received. Having some of the members of the committee on his side could make any complaints that were received disappear.

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