Jennifer's Surprise Pt. 04

byWill Wanton 69©

"Goddamn it, yeah. Rape my asshole. Rape it. Fuck my fucking ass with your fat, raping cock," Jennifer whimpered with muffled voice into the pillow. Mark pounded into his mother's flattened body savagely, his hips moving up and down very fast, his loins slamming into her rump. He licked her shoulders and neck and bit softly into them as well.

Grabbing his mother around the waist, Mark lay on his side and pulled his mother with him, screwing his fucker into her hungry asshole in the spoon position. Jennifer wrapped her outer leg around her son's, arched her back and humped her butt back against her son as she felt his rock hard dick penetrate her sore anus with long strokes. With his arms around her, she turned her head and licked lewdly at her son's mouth. The desperate licks didn't go wasted on Mark, and he accepted his mother's warm, wet tongue between his lips, Frenching her as his hips continued smacking loudly into her ass from the rear.

After a minute of sweaty screwing, however, the 39 year old brunette noticed her boy was starting to have some trouble keeping up the pace, the muscles in his hips possibly cramping.

Rolling over so that her son was lying on his back, Jennifer lay on top of his chest with her back. Lifting her upper body up by planting her hands back on the mattress on either side of her son's body, the mother fucked her own ass onto her son's cock-stalk, rotating and humping her hips on top of his. Mark didn't have to move much this way, and allowed his mom to fuck herself on him.

He bent his knees while keeping his legs spread and his feet on the bed, and Jennifer planted a bare foot on top of each of her son's knees. Using her feet on her son's knees as a platform, she lifted her butt up and down from his hips, moving her own asshole up and down her son's fat shaft.

"Fuck yes. Now I'm raping you, Mark. Now your mother is raping you. Don't do anything. Just lay there and let mommy fuck her asshole up and down your fat fucking cock," Jennifer panted as her hips flew up and down on his; the tight, sucking warmth of her shit chute sliding over her son's thick, veiny pole.

Mark felt his mother's toes curl and dig into his knees as his prick was basically masturbated by his mother's moving asshole. Jennifer fucked her own shithole up and down over her son's upright hard-on, loving the feeling of the ridge of her son's cock-head sliding up and down on the inside, along the walls of her ass channel. She let the sucking sheath of her ass milk her son's dick as the movements of her body made her tits jiggle and forced the air from her lungs. She moved her right hand between her legs and shoved three fingers deep into her snatch. As her son's cock slid in and out of her butt, her three fingers slid in and out of the warm, wet, sucking depths of her cunt.

"Do you love it, baby? Do you love the way your mother is raping your cock with her ass? The way she is just using your delicious meat to fuck her own butt with? You love it, don't you? GOD, I love how your juicy dick feels in my asshole. I'm so fucking full with it. Your cock packs my shitter so full. Tell me how much you love it, Mark. Tell me how much you love feeling your mother fucking her own ass on your cock."

"You know I do, mom," responded Mark with a loud groan, feeling the cum boiling in his nuts. He didn't know much more he could take, but he would try to hold on a bit longer.

"You know I love feeling you fuck your own ass on my cock. I love everything. I love how your soft butt slams into my groin, how your tight sucking butthole clings to my shaft when you drag it up, and how it slides over my dick to the root when you push it down. I love how your toes are digging tightly into my knees because of how you feel in your ass. I don't think I've ever felt anything as hot and nasty and good as this, mom. I still can't believe we're doing this right now. I still can't believe you're sitting on top of me, with your hot asshole on my cock."

"Well, you better believe it, son, because this is no dream. Neither yours nor mine. You're really fucking your mother balls deep in her ass. Can you feel this?"

Jennifer takes Mark's cock into her ass to the balls, and then uses her sphincter muscles to squeeze tightly around his root of his cock.

"That is me, squeezing you to let you know this is really happening."

Mark was moving his hips now, fucking up at his mother's ass as Jennifer was still trying to move her own hips up and down as best she could. Mark's balls were swinging up and down, occasionally slapping up against his mother's leaking cunt. The ass fucking was savage now, with Mark seemingly trying to reach all the way to his mother's throat, and Jennifer trying to get it there. The movements became so wild and fast, Jennifer's feet slipped off her son's knees.

"Oh FUCKKK... That's it baby. Fuck your mother in the ass like a stud. Fuck my shithooooolleeee..." Jennifer whined loudly with a vibrating voice as the hammering of her son's cock into her rectum rammed the air from her lungs. The slapping sounds of Mark's pelvis pounding into his mother's butt cheeks filled the room to the point where maybe even the neighbors would be able to hear it if they listened carefully. But in this state neither Jennifer nor Mark could care less about anything other than their shameless, incestuous rutting.

"I want to see your face, mom," Mark said during a short lull in their movements. "I want to look you in the eyes when I fuck your hot shithole. I want to fuck you in the ass where I can see your tits, your cunt and your face."

Jennifer, liking the idea, climbed off of her son, - her lewdly gaping asshole slipping off of her son's prick - , and lay on her back. The 39 year old mother shamelessly raised her knees up as far as they would go toward her spongy tit-orbs, and spread her legs wide apart, opening up her crotch for her son to do with as he pleased. Her cunt-slit was leaking profusely and the thick, brown bush framing her labia and clit was matted against her skin. Her inflamed, red anal rim hung slightly open, worked out and waiting for more forceful penetration. Jennifer wrapped her arms around her legs to keep them up and apart as she watched her son take his place between her thighs, cock in hand.

As Mark settled the head of his cock inside the now slightly gaping butthole of his mother, Jennifer licked her lips and said: "Shove it in, son. Shove that fat fucker right back in, deep in mommy's asshole. Fuck it in me, baby. I want to feel you stretch my butt wide open again. Cornhole mommy, baby. Cornhole your mother. Ram my pucker with your juicy, fat fucking pole."

Mark loved hearing those nasty words coming from his mother's mouth. Hearing his own mother say things like that to him sent a nerve wracking shiver down his spine and almost forced his cock to swell and his pre-cum to drool right out of his piss-hole without any physical stimulation.

His mother wanted to act and talk like a common, cock hungry slut with him, her own son, and it made fucking her even hotter and better than it already would be without the aural stimulation.

"You want this fucker up your butthole, mom? You want your son's fat dick up your shitbox? Here it is, mom. Here you have your son's pecker, drilling right into your ass," Mark responded with broken voice, before entering his mother's ass and shoving the entirety of his cock into her ass passage to the hilt. He stopped to make her feel the full length and girth by keeping it up her back door to the root, his ball sack pressed flat against the crack of her ass, before he started humping against her and fucking his mother in the rear end with long but fast strokes.

He grabbed one of his mother's bare feet in each hand, almost using them as rowing ores, as he continued screwing her rectum.

Jennifer squeezed her soft tits as she and her son stared straight into each other's eyes, making a deep connection beyond the physical aspect of their depraved incestuous fucking. The mother deliberately milked her son's sliding fuck-rod with her anal muscles as their stare committed psychological incest. Not one shred of their whole being was being left out of the nature of their sexual activities, and to the degree that is was possible, the stare between mother and son's eyes was possibly more penetrating than Mark's cock into his mother's ass, and the nature of it possibly even more intimate.

Nothing but the creaking of the bed, and the panting of mother and son was heard for what seemed like hours, but were only minutes, until Jennifer softly spoke.

"I want you to cum in my ass. I want you to empty your balls inside your mother's ass. Please shoot your load up my butt, Mark. Shoot mommy's guts full of your cream."

The cum in his balls boiling, Mark heard his mother say it, and knew he could now drop his load. His mother had asked for it, and he had a hard time keeping up this long as it was.

He let go of any restraints he had put on himself and the tempo of his movements, and just screwed into his mother's tightly clasping anus without slowing down. The sucking of his mother's ass-tube around his dick helped make a delicious warmth spread over his loins and through his pecker, and the 19 year old knew he was about a second away from blowing his wad.

"I'm cumming, mom. I'm cumming right up your ass. Here it comes. I'm gonna shoot my load up your aaaaaaaass... GOOOODDDD... FUUUCCCKKK...MOOOOOMMMMM"

Mark's loins spasm'd as waves of hot jizz were shot into his mother's bowels. Jennifer curled her toes in her son's hands and she felt torrents of her son's warm spunk shoot up her ass pipe. She used her own fingers on her clit and cunt to bring herself to an orgasm as her darling son used the deep pocket of her rectum as a cum receptacle.

"Babyyyyy... Cum in mommy's aaassss... Oh God, yeahhh... Shoot your hot spunk up my guts, son. I'm cumminggg... MOMMY'S CUMMIIIIIINNNGGGG..."

And from that point on, no more words were said. Mark and Jennifer were both limited to cries and whimpers of joy, as they each climaxed while locked into and onto each other's bodies. Mother and son had now enjoyed the most intimate sex between them they could think of.

Jennifer had given her ass to her son, and in the back of their minds they remembered that his father, her husband, had been a silent and willing spectator to it.

As Mark finished emptying his balls into Jennifer's back hole, and was now lying on top of his mother with the both of them panting and sweating, enjoying the bliss of the aftermath, both mother and son knew that as much as they had enjoyed this newfound relationship beyond the ordinary mother and son relationships most mothers and sons share, they had Tim to think for all of it.

After everything that had happened over the past couple of days, Jennifer knew that despite the problems she and Tim have had in the past, she ended up finding out that she really did marry her soul mate.

Their family would never be the same. But Tim, Jennifer and Mark wouldn't want it any other way.

Now the only thing for them to worry about, was how to keep their new, special relationship a secret from Tim and Jennifer's daughter, Mark's sister.

But that a whole other story.

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