tagErotic CouplingsJenny's Diary: Babysitting Incident Ch. 02

Jenny's Diary: Babysitting Incident Ch. 02


Jenny's Diary:Babysitting Full Time

Author's Note: I had a fellow author contact me and we started talking about taking turns with chapters of stories. GoodEater's Jenny's Diary: Babysitting Incident is the first part of this story. Please take the time to read his first part to enjoy my second part and don't forget to vote! Thanks.

Dear Diary,

Now that you have the beginning of the story, I want to continue where we left off.

The following weekend I took Mrs. Johnson up on her babysitting request. I was still a little embarrassed at how they came home and found me last time but Mrs. Johnson's letter helped me get over my embarrassment. When I walked in the door of their home, they made me feel very comfortable.

Mr. Johnson smiled at me as he opened the door to let me in. "Hey Jenny, how are you this evening?"

"Great Mr. Johnson, and yourself?" He was dressed to the nines and I suddenly noticed how handsome and good looking this older gentleman was. Wow, why hadn't I noticed that before?

"I am a little excited about the evening we have planned. I am taking Mrs. Johnson to dinner and dancing. We were actually wondering if you could possibly spend the night with the boys tonight. We may stay at the hotel that we are going to for the dance."

"I have no plans until tomorrow afternoon; sure I can spend the night with the boys. They are so good and I love hanging out with them. Do you know what time you will be home in the morning?"

"It will be early. Mrs. Johnson doesn't like to be away from the boys for too long. Thanks so much for this Jenny, we appreciate it and with both of our parents being out of town, we had no other overnight alternatives. We will definitely make it worth your while. Now, I have to go see what is taking Mrs. Johnson so long."

I followed him up the stairs and went to the boys' room. They were very excited to see me and they both gave me big hugs and kisses. "Listen boys, I get to stay the night with you tonight. Isn't that exciting? Maybe we can watch a movie and make popcorn? How would you like that?" They responded with excitement and enthusiasm. "Alright, I am going to see your parents off and then we will see what we can watch. You boys go ahead and play for a little bit and after mommy and daddy leave, we will have a party, just the three of us."

I walked out of the room and almost ran right into Mrs. Johnson. "What was this I heard about a party? Jimmy and Bobby, come and give mommy a kiss. We are leaving."

Bobby came out yelling, "Mommy, Jenny is going to have a party with us tonight. Can we make popcorn and watch a movie?"

Mrs. Johnson smiled at me over her shoulder and said, "Of course you three can have a party. Sounds like fun; maybe we should stay home and have fun with you?"

Jimmy frowned, "Mommy that would not be fair. It is our time with Jenny and we couldn't have as much fun if you were here."

This time Mrs. Johnson pouted, "Well that wasn't very nice Jimmy. I guess I will just have to go dancing with Daddy."

She gave both of the boys' hugs and kisses and told them to play in their room until I was ready for the movie. We walked down stairs together. "Jenny, Paul told me that you were willing to spend the night tonight. Thank you so much for that. It is not often that we get to go out and spend the night away without the boys going to their grandparents' homes. We really appreciate you. So, let's go see what we can get into for you and the boys."

We walked down to the kitchen and she had already ordered pizza that was staying warm in the oven and had the popcorn on the counter. She showed me the movies that she had rented for the boys and hoped that I might like them too. She was such a good person and made me feel very comfortable considering the last time I was here she caught me naked on her couch. She didn't bring it up and neither did I.

"Paul, can you please make sure the heater is on in our bedroom so Jenny has a warm place to sleep tonight? Thanks baby!" she yelled up the stairs. "You can sleep in our room tonight, no need to sleep on the couch. Our mattress is much more comfy than the couch. There is a DVD player and TV in their also. Help yourself to any of our movies. We don't keep the rated R movies out here in the living room; they are all in our bedroom. The only thing that we ask is not to eat in our bed, okay?"

"No problem, Mrs. J. Do you have something that I could sleep in? I didn't bring any clothes with me. I wasn't expecting to spend the night."

"Oh sure, sweetie, I have flannel nightgowns in the top drawer of my dresser. They may be a little big on you but they will work just fine. Help yourself to any one of them."

"You look fabulous tonight, Mrs. J. I just wanted to tell you that. You look like a million bucks."

She hugged me tight and pulled back and smiled. "Thank you so much Jenny, I really appreciate the compliment. Well, here comes Paul. Baby, Jenny just told me that I looked fabulous tonight."

"Well, that's because you do sweetheart. You always look fabulous. Are you ready to go?"

"Yes I am. I am looking forward to a night of dancing with my gorgeous husband. Jenny, call our cell phone if you need anything whatsoever. Have a good night and we will see you in the morning."

"Thanks for everything Mr. and Mrs. J. Have a good time tonight and don't worry about anything here. We are going to have a blast."

They headed out the door and I called the boys down to eat. We discussed the movies that we had to watch and they asked me to choose the first one. I chose Toy Story 3 and they both whooped and hollered that I made a good choice. We settled down in the living room with a big bowl of buttered popcorn and watched the movie and all of the extras. By that time, Bobby was sound asleep in my arms and Jimmy was yawning so much, he couldn't even talk. I put them to bed and looked at the clock. It was only 9:00 and I had the whole evening to do with whatever I wanted.

First thing I did was go upstairs to the Johnsons' bedroom and look for a nightgown. I wanted to be comfy and free from my jeans. When I walked into the bedroom, it was nice and toasty. I walked over to the dresser and opened the top drawer just like she said. What I found made my jaw drop to the floor. There was a whole drawer of adult toys encased in foam so that they would not move out of their spots. I stood there looking at all of the different devices and tried to think of how some of them could be used. Being a novice at anything sexual, I was a little confused at some of them. I quickly closed that drawer and dug into the next top drawer of the dresser. In this drawer were leather cuffs, handcuffs and lotions and oils and lubricants. I was shocked to see all of the different things that were in this drawer as well. I mean, I was 18 but still a virgin and I didn't know that real people used any of these things. My pussy was getting wet just looking at some of the contents of that drawer.

I closed that drawer and went to the third top drawer and found a whole library of X-rated DVD's. There had to be at least 50 movies in there. Watching one of these would be a lot different than the soft porn that I had seen on HBO. I might have to check into that later. I still had yet to find a nightgown. I turned around and looked in the top drawer of the chest of drawers and found the stash of nightgowns that Mrs. J had told me about. I picked around and found a hot little pink one that was short enough for me to feel like I was in a t-shirt. I took off all of my clothes and put on that nightgown and went and checked on the boys. They were sound asleep and looked like little angels sleeping in their bunk beds. I was going to go back downstairs but curiosity got the best of me and I went back into the bedroom that I was going to be sleeping in.

I turned the TV on and noticed that the DVD player had already been on. Curiosity got the best of me and I hit the play button. What came on the screen next shocked me but had me planted where I was staring at the images on the screen. There was an older couple, probably around Mr. and Mrs. J's age and a young girl lying on a bed together. The man was on one side of her and the woman on the other. They were groping and fingering her and she was lying back and enjoying it. They were all completely naked and the woman had pierced nipples. That intrigued me to no end. I reached up and pinched my own nipple through the flannel and my nipple came to life immediately. I enjoyed the feeling of the flannel on my nipples as I was pinching them.

I sat down on the chest at the end of their bed and sat mesmerized not able to take my eyes from the screen. I had never seen any hardcore porn before and this was fascinating. I could feel my pussy getting wet while watching them take complete control of this young girl. Before I knew what was happening, the man got up with a huge hard on and planted it inside of the young girl while the woman climbed on top of her face and let her start licking her little clitoris. It was hot as hell and I couldn't get enough. I was feeling very horny and I was all alone in this great big bedroom.

I kept watching while I turned back the comforter on the bed and crawled in. The scene was making me horny and I started fantasizing that it was me and the Johnsons' on the screen and how it would feel to be fucked like that in real life. I reached down between my folds and felt my juices flowing like they have never flowed before. I was soaked and so hot. Putting two fingers inside of me, I scooped out some of my own juices and tasted them to see if I could lick another woman's pussy. It tasted pretty darn good. I am sure not everyone tastes the same, but I was willing to give it a try. Wow! Where did that come from? Not sure where it came from but I sure was curious about being with another woman.

I sat up and took off the nightgown and threw it on the floor. I was naked inside of Mr. and Mrs. J's bed and playing with myself. My pussy was so wet and my clit was so hard and it felt so good to rub that little nub in little circles. I just kept watching and rubbing until I couldn't stand it anymore. I came with a vengeance and actually squirted a little bit of my cum on the sheets. I hoped that didn't leave a stain. It felt so good and after about a half hour of playing with my pussy and watching this hot threesome on screen was making me extremely horny. I had an idea but wasn't sure if I should do it or not. I lay there thinking and watching and deciding. Then I got up off the bed and went to the drawer with all of the toys inside of it. I looked at the selection that I had to choose from and chose one of the ones that looked most like a real cock. I picked it up and my eyes grew wide at the width and length of it. I compared it to the man's cock from the movie and thought to myself that it was really close to his size. I wasn't sure that something that big could fit inside my virginal hole but I was willing to try.

I crawled back up onto the bed and watched the scene play out a little more. The man was now lying on his back and the young girl was on top of him riding his cock while the woman was on top of the man's face and the woman was playing with the young girl's tits. It was hotter than the last scene and I had to find out what it was like to be filled up like that. I brought the head of the dildo to my opening and ran it up and down my slit for a few minutes getting it nice and wet. Slipping it down to the opening of my pussy, I inserted it slowly and felt the thrill of my life. Just having the head inside was amazing but I had to have more. I slowly inserted it inch by inch until it was all the way inside of me. I started sliding it in and out to the rhythm that the young girl was riding the hard cock on screen and before I knew it, I was cumming again. It was the most amazing feeling that I have had in my young life and I couldn't get over the fact that I was fucking myself in the Johnsons' bedroom.

I loved this feeling and didn't want to stop feeling like this. I never knew someone could feel so good that you would want more and more and more. As I was watching the movie more, I noticed the young girl start sucking on the man's cock. I took the dildo out of my pussy and noticed it was glistening with my juices. I watched the girl on the screen and then raised the dildo to my lips. I sniffed it to smell my scent on it and reached out with my tongue to lick it. I wasn't sure that I could take as much in my mouth as the girl on screen did but I gave it a try. I sucked every bit of my pussy juice off of that dildo and began to get worked up again. The first couple of times that I stuck it in my mouth, I gagged. I tried a couple more times to get it all the way down my throat. When I finally relaxed my throat muscles, I was able to get it all the way in and I felt proud. I could probably do this to a real cock now. I kept practicing and laid back and as I was sucking on this plastic cock, I began to rub my hard little clit again. It was amazing that I wanted to feel that sensation again. Maybe I would have to find a boyfriend to have the real thing.

It felt so good to be sucking on a cock and have my fingers rub my hard little clit. I loved this feeling. I would not soon forget this sensation. I rubbed little circles around my clit and sucked on that cock and began to build myself towards another orgasm. The girl on screen was cumming from the woman sucking on her clit. That looked interesting and I wished I had a clit to suck on. Maybe my best friend Jackie would let me try sucking on her clit when she came over to spend the night tomorrow night. I would have to try. I needed to taste another woman's pussy and soon. While I was watching this scene, my orgasm peaked and I came all over the Johnsons' sheets. I came so hard that my juices flew all over the sheets. I was going to have to change these bed clothes and wash these. I couldn't have all of this evidence all over their bed.

I glanced over at the clock and saw that it was almost midnight. I didn't realize that time had flown so quickly and man this movie lasted forever. Then as soon as I realized how late it was, the movie was winding down. At the very end the man and woman were kissing the young girl good bye and saying, "Well, we hope you can 'babysit' for us next weekend as well, Stacey."

That started my mind wandering. Did the Johnsons plan for me to watch this video? Did they have something in mind? I wasn't sure about that but welcomed the thought. That would be hot. Mrs. J looked hot enough to eat when they went out tonight. As a matter of fact, Mr. J looked pretty damn good tonight also. I started fantasizing about the whole scenario that they caught me in last week and how much differently it could have played out. I set the dildo aside and started rubbing my nipples. My tits were very firm and for 36C's they were fun to play with. I loved playing with my own tits and wondered what it would be like to play with another woman's tits.

I fell asleep thinking about having a threesome with the Johnsons. The dildo was lying beside me and I was spread eagle on the bed when I fell asleep. I slept deep for a couple of hours. I was awakened by movement on the bed and woke up startled as I had forgotten where I was. When my eyes opened, I saw Mr. Johnson lying next to me with not a stitch of clothes on. My mouth dropped open and he covered my mouth quietly and said, "Shhhh! We don't want to wake the boys." I looked to my right and saw Mrs. Johnson with not a stitch of clothes on and she was running her fingers through my long brown hair. I started to panic and Mr. Johnson said, "Jenny, please don't panic. We just want to have some fun with you. It seems that you may have started without us, which is understandable seeing that you didn't think that we would be home this evening. Are you okay? Will you be quiet?"

I nodded my head and he removed his hand from my mouth. "We found you lying here with Mrs. Johnson's dildo lying beside you. You did everything exactly as we had hoped. Your curiosity got the best of you and you have been caught, red handed."

I turned to look at Mrs. Johnson and she said, "Sweetheart, we just had to have a chance to be with you. You are so young and beautiful and toned. You are a gorgeous piece of ass and I was not going to stop at watching you sleep naked after you had gotten off on our couch. Please let us just play for a little bit and if you don't like what we do to you and how we make you feel, this will be the only time that we ever have to get together. Just give us this one chance."

I could feel my pussy getting wet at the proposition of making that movie a reality in my own life. The feeling of the dildo sliding in and out of my hot, wet cunt came to mind and I really wanted to feel a live human cock inside of me. "Mr. and Mrs. Johnson please don't be mad at me. Yes, I was curious. All I did was come up here to find a nightgown and found all of your sexual paraphernalia. I couldn't help myself after I found the video that you left in the DVD player for me to find. I thought I would have until morning to play around with myself and then clean up in the morning."

"Oh Sweetie, that was the plan all along," said Mr. Johnson. "And we would like you to call us by our first names of Paul and Kristy. We thought that maybe you would be a little more willing after watching the video. It has been one of our favorites for a few years now. In fact, when we first bought it, all we could talk about was you. Of course, you are much sexier than the girl in the video but every time we have watched this one in the last two years, we pictured ourselves with you. So, what do you say? Can we try a couple of the things that you saw in the movie?"

I was apprehensive but my pussy was dripping and I wanted to experience everything that I did see in that DVD. I looked into Kristy's eyes and smiled. "That would make me extremely happy Kristy. Thank you so much for setting this all up. I really do want to feel good and I would love to know what it is like to have a threesome with the both of you. It is all that I have dreamed of since I fell asleep."

She smiled at me and leaned over and kissed me on the lips. I completely kissed her back and when she tried to stick her tongue in my mouth, I opened my lips and sucked it in. She was so soft and tasted so good. She pulled my head in closer to her kiss and my pussy started flowing freely. Paul took his hand and caressed down my leg and back up and down the other one. On the return trip up, he grazed over my pussy lips. I shuddered.

As Kristy was still kissing me, she began to squeeze my tits and pinch my nipples and I began to moan into her kiss. Paul opened my pussy lips and dragged his finger over my hard little clit. "Oh Jenny, you are absolutely the hottest thing to enter our house for a very long time. Your clit is so very hard and your pussy is dripping wet. I need to taste you sweetie, would you mind me licking that hot little pussy of yours?"

I shook my head no as Kristy was kissing down my neck and over to my right tit. Kristy took my nipple into her mouth and bit down on it ever so gently. I squirmed as Paul planted himself between my legs and spread my lips to open my pussy up to him. When he touched his tongue to my clit, I screamed out in ecstasy. He circled my clit with that hot tongue as Kristy got up and lowered her pussy to my mouth. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue and tried to mimic what Paul was doing to me with Kristy. She reached out and began fondling my tits and pinching my nipples as Paul entered my juicy hot cunt with his strong forceful tongue. His tongue felt wonderful entering me while my face was being ridden by his sexy wife. This was even better than I had thought it could be. Kristy tasted so good that I wanted more of her. I slipped my hands up around her hips and pulled her down to my face even farther and I entered her cunt with my tongue. She pinched my nipples harder and started talking dirty to me.

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