tagBDSMJenny's Humiliation

Jenny's Humiliation


Jenny had been told more than once if she failed to do her chores satisfactorily she would be punished. And this time she failed to wash the kitchen floor where some juice and been spilled and wiped up, so it was still sticky when I got home.

Jenny is my new slave in training. She gave herself to me completely only three weeks earlier. She is a stunning blonde, with a great figure, large firm tits, and a great well rounded ass. Perfect for whipping or fucking.

Up until this time, Jenny had been performing her duties as my slave quite well, with only a few hiccups. Her daily chores include, my morning blowjob, followed by cooking breakfast. Then while I am at work, she is to completely clean the house. Then she is allowed a break for lunch. Following lunch she works in the garden and must do her own aerobic workout. She is then to shower, shave her legs, and dress in her maids uniform, which has no backside, exposing her tight ass. She is then to await my instructions over the phone when I call around 5:30 pm to tell her whether she is to make my dinner, or get dressed to go out to dinner.

Up until this time she had been doing her chores quite well. Her sexual chores included, besides my morning blowjob, complete access to her body whenever and wherever and by whoever I deemed fit to have her. She is very sexual and never had problems with giving her sex up to me, except slightly when I demand to fuck her tight bumhole. But she did show a great deal of humiliation when last week I invited by friend Mark over for dinner. Jenny was embarrassed that she was ordered to remain in her maids uniform, exposing herself to a stranger.

And she appeared to almost faint in embarrassment when I stated to Jenny: "Where are my manners, Mark's been here nearly an hour and I have not yet offered to have you give him a blowjob." So I asked Mark if he would enjoy a quick cocksucking by Jenny before desert. Which of course he accepted. So I ordered Jenny to climb under the table and suck Mark's cock. While she worked her oral magic on him, Mark and I had a normal conversation as if nothing spectacular was happening. When Mark informed me he was getting close I called down to Jenny and instructed her to be sure she swallowed every drop. She did quite well in gobbling all of his sticky goo. When she resumed her place in her seat, she was obviously quite embarrassed, and had a wonderful look of humiliating shame on her face.

When I arrived home a couple of days later, Jenny was at the door awaiting to greet me with a kiss. I handed her my things and walked straight passed her directly to the kitchen. Last night I had gotten up in the middle of the night and purposely spilled some orange juice in the corner of the kitchen, then wiped it up with a dry paper towel. Knowing full well that it would be sticky and would be gone only if she did her complete mopping job she knew she was to do daily. When I checked it was still sticky. I confronted her on whether she did her chores today and she said she did. When I showed her the sticky spot she tried to say she must have just missed that spot. I said that is just not good enough, you must be punished. Jenny pleaded with me not to be whipped. I relented and told her, her punishment would not include the whip. She thanked me. I then told her we would now as planned continue out to dinner. That her punishment would come later.

We arrived and were seated in a booth of a fancy French restaurant. Jenny looked stunning in a bright red skirt which when standing went just above her knees, and a white blouse. When we go out she is allowed to wear underclothes. And in her white blouse you could just make out the outlines of her bra covering her c-cup breasts. We were seated and I ordered us a couple of drinks. I began to start some chit chat with her for a couple of minutes while we looked over the menus. Then after our handsome young waiter took our orders, I continued a little chit chat, trying to distract Jenny from any thoughts that her punishment might be coming. After finishing a short statement that I just finished hiring a new regional manager for my financial services company, I abruptly stated to Jenny to go to the ladies room and remove your bra and panties. Jenny just looked at me with a confused look. O.k she replied, but as she reached for her purse, I put my hand on hers and said you won't be needing that. To which she responded, "what am I suppose to put them in then?"

"Nothing. You are to carry them back here to the table in your hands. If you don't you will be punished harshly. Do you understand?" Meekly she shook her head and said yes, I understand.

Jenny stood up nervously and walked to the rest room. About five minutes later I saw her emerge from the bathroom. She walked briskly back to the table, I could see her panties and bra wadded up in her hands as she tried to hide them from everyone's view. When she got to our table she quickly sat down and placed her underwear on the seat next to me. Staring at her I could see she was uncomfortable with the idea of be naked under her thin blouse and short skirt.

I picked up her underwear. First the bra and held it up about table height. "What are you doing, Jenny blurted. Someone will see."

"Maybe, I replied," and I folded and laid the bra on top of the table. I then did the same thing with her panties. Jenny's face was flush with embarrassment. And her eyes got wide with horror as she saw our waiter approach our table. She quickly and quietly begged for me to take the clothes of the table before his arrival. But I just smiled at her. The waiter was returning to bring us our meals. He glanced at the bra and panties then looked over at Jenny, with a smile on his face. Jenny immediately lowered her face to look away from him. I then noticed him take a short look at Jenny's blouse. Her nipples were showing through a tiny bit, which gave mea wonderful idea. After the waiter finished placing our meals he smiled at me and I smiled back. After he left I instructed Jenny to start eating her meal, which she did quite quickly, probably an attempt to get out faster.

When I finished with my meal I told her I could see her nipples start to poke out from the blouse. With that she folded her arms to try to conceal her nipples. "No, no my dear Jenny, don't do that," as I reached and gently pulled her arms away from her breasts. I told her I wanted to see them. I then ordered Jenny to softly stroke her own breasts. She looked at me and begged not to. Which I replied in a soft voice, "Do it now! Jenny knowing I was not joking began to lightly caress her soft breasts. I could see the humiliation of being forced to touch herself in public was very powerful for Jenny. Her nipples quickly started to grow some. After a couple of minutes of letting her touch herself. Our waiter began to approach again to clear away our table. Jenny seeing him approach looked at me and again begged to stop. I relented and said, she could for now.

As our waiter cleared our dishes I noticed he was spending a bit of time staring at Jenny's chest and observing her nipples standing proudly out. "They look nice don't they," I said, Sir, I'm sorry Sir, he grunted, startled. Her nipples, don't they look great. Jenny's face turned a deep shade of red. Oh yes, he replied. Very nice. And he took a good long look. As he was looking I reached over and pinched her left nipple between my thumb and finger and said they are pretty hard right now, but they do get harder. Jenny just stared at me, her eyes widened again in horror when I said to our waiter, feel for yourself. He quickly looked around then lowered his hand to her right breast and gently rubbed the palm of his hand across her nipple. Very hard he said. No, no I blurted squeeze her nipple like this and I pinched Jenny's nipple hard, causing her to shift in her seat as she stifled a squeal. The waiter did as shown and pinched her nipple hard and held it between his fingers. He then abruptly let go. I got to go get your bill he said. When he left Jenny sat quietly staring at me, she was feeling very humiliated, she was stunned that I would let a total stranger squeeze her nipples.

When the waiter returned I told him to just wait while I checked the bill. I then looked at Jenny and told him to keep him occupied by dipping her fingers in her water and wetting her nipples through her shirt. Knowing that any moisture in the front of her breasts would show her nipples as clear as plastic. She looked at me and reluctantly did as she was told, the waiter stared intently as Jenny's nipples began to show clearly through the blouse and they grew even harder as the cold ice water touched them. I then glanced over to Jenny and said your part of the bill comes to 31 dollars. Jenny looked at me stunned. And replied I don't have any money. Which I replied , how do you intend to pay your part of the bill? Jenny just looked at me. I then said I guess you will just have to earn it. I then told the waiter, since she had no money that he could once again squeeze her nipples both of them this time, which he did. I then gave him a 100 dollar bill, and Jenny's underclothes. I told him that should cover the bill, and that he should hold on to the underwear until later tonight when the restaurant closed. I told him he could bring any three friends he wanted but to meet us behind the restaurant at 11:15 pm, just after the closing of the restaurant. He smiled and agreed. I looked back at Jenny, she was completely mortified.

I then stood up and grabbed Jenny's hand, as we walked out I noticed many of the other patrons staring at jenny's obviously wet blouse and erect nipples pointing out from it. Jenny kept her head down the entire time, totally embarrassed.

When we got in my car Jenny sheepishly asked me what I planned to have her do at 11:15. I told her that she will find out, but reassured her that it would be whatever I choose. This did not make her too happy.

We had almost 45 minutes to kill so I drove us to the nearest supermarket. When we got there I told Jenny we were going inside to do a little grocery shopping. Jenny was still very embarrassed about her current state of dress. Her nipples were as hard as I have ever seen them, piercing through her blouse.

There wasn't many people in the store at this hour of the night. We walked hand in hand directly to the produce section. As we reached the cucumbers I told Jenny to pick out a nice shaped big cucumber. She did so quickly, a big 12 inch long cucumber. I said to her that that particular cucumber might actually be too big. Jenny sheepishly asked for what? Without answering her I picked one up and said see how smooth this nine inch one is? Yes she replied. I think this will do. Now Jenny slip this cucumber under your skirt while no one is watching and get some of your pussy juice on it. Jenny did as she was told and quickly removed it. Now suck on the end of it Jenny. With a quick look around Jenny stuck the end of the larger vegetable in her mouth. That will do I said. And we left after purchasing the single cucumber. Which gathered quite a smirk from the young cashier.

We now headed back toward the restaurant. When we got there it was clear that the restaurant was closed. I drove the car to the back of the restaurant and Jenny and I immediately saw our waiter plus two other strangers awaiting our arrival. I parked the car and looked over at my very nervous slave Jenny. Now Jenny you will do exactly as told. This is your punishment for not following my cleaning instructions. If you fail to follow directions right now when we get home you will get the whip. Do you understand Jenny. Jenny nodded.

I got out of the car and approached the young men and for a couple of minutes told them what I had planned and what they could to do, all without informing young Jenny. I then called to Jenny and told her to get out of the car. She did as she was told. I then told Jenny what she was to do. Jenny you are to first strip naked for us. Then you will get your cucumber and on the hood of my car you will masturbate for us. After I feel you have performed for us for a sufficient amount of time you will then be finger-fucked in the ass and in your pussy at the same time by two of these young guys. While our waiter gets from you a quality blowjob. Then we will let these two young studs get a hand job from you at the same time, while you continue to masturbate for us.

Jenny was utterly mortified with embarrassment. I told Jenny to begin now. With that she began to remove her clothes, which I gathered and threw into the car. When she was completely naked I ordered her to sit ip on top of the hood of the car. She obediently jumped up onto the hood. Spread your legs wide Jenny I said. She again did as she was

told. Now begin by fingering your tight cunt.

After having her finger herself for about five full minutes I handed her the cucumber. And ordered her to fuck herself with it. She began by rubbing the veggie up against her clit. Then she began to slowly slide the cucumber into her hot hole. It took nearly five minutes of pushing the large object into herself until she had about seven inches of the vegetable inside her hot cunt.

The boys were absolutely stunned by Jenny's wonderful performance. And Jenny was so bright red, completely mortified, especially when the boys and myself would make rude comments and bark orders to her. But through it all she continued to fuck herself.

After letting my young slave pork herself for about five more minutes I told her to hop off the car with the veggie still inside her cunt. She did as she was told. I told her to squat down keeping the veggie engulfed inside her. Then told the boys to get into the proper positions for the hand jobs. And told our waiter to stand in front of Jenny. I then ordered Jenny to begin jacking off the two young guys. She reached up and grabbed a hold of their pricks and began jerking them off. Our waiter then stood in front of Jenny and eased his cock toward her face. Jenny obediently opened her mouth and let his cock slide into her mouth. Her performance must have gotten the young guys to excited to last long. All three of them began cumming with just a couple of minutes. Our waiter came first shooting his wad into jenny's warm mouth. The other boys came quickly after shooting their wads all over Jenny's shoulders and tits, with the occasional blast landing on her face.

As the boys began to step back from Jenny, she looked at me as if to ask is she was done. The boys commented on how slutty Jenny looks squatting naked in front of four men 3 of whom are strangers, with a veggie stuck deep inside her cunt and cum dripping from her face, lips shoulders and tits. Looking at Jenny I could see that she was completely and utterly humiliated by what had been done to her and what she had done. And decided that she had performed well and could now go home with me.

I told the boys that we may be back to the restaurant sometime in the future and if so they will get another fine tip. Jenny just looked at me as I said that. I then told her to get back into the car. We then drove home. After we got home I told Jenny that I was very pleased with her performance. This pleased Jenny tremendously. She did seem somewhat nervous when I told her how much I enjoyed humiliating her. And then told her I enjoyed humiliating her so much that she should expect to be humiliated more in the future. This obviously got her nervous but she did say that she would continue to serve me as her slave since this alone would complete her existence. I then kissed her on head, told her to shower and went to bed.

The next morning after having slept extremely well, and while receiving my morning blowjob I began to start dreaming up Jenny's next humiliating chore.

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