tagFirst TimeJenny's Journey Pt. 02

Jenny's Journey Pt. 02


It has been about a month now since my blackmail gang blowjob session with the four boys, and my mind was in turmoil about what had happened but more worryingly my responses during the session.

At first I had been horrified and ashamed at what I was being forced to do, not physically forced, but emotionally forced, I know some will say it was my own fault playing strip poker with them anyway, then to refuse to take my final piece of clothing off after losing was bad enough, but to then take on another bet knowing the consequences was stupid. What was worrying me more was my eventual enjoyment of what I was doing and that it didn't take too long for me to do so.

Mike had approached me a couple of days later and asked to speak to me, then said Chris & Paul also wanted to talk to me, they all wanted to apologise but didn't want to approach me as a group in case it freaked me out. I agreed to meet them in the student union canteen, when we were all seated the three boys all said how sorry they were for what they had made me do, that they had gone too far and they knew it, they also knew that they could be in big trouble if I raised a complaint, "it went too far," Chris said.

"Too far, it was more than too far," I said, "but as long as nothing more was said and they knew nothing like that was going to happen again I would forget it.

"Where's Steve?" I asked. "Isn't he going to apologise?"

"Steve's a shit and wouldn't come, but we'll keep him in line"' Paul replied.

Chris and Paul left but Mike kept sitting with me then he asked to be my boyfriend and could we go out. I told him no-way was I going to have a boyfriend who knew I had sucked off three of his mates, but that he could be a friend as he had come to see me and apologise.

Charlotte or Charlie and Kerry the two girls I share a flat with and who are in their second year at Uni, were lazing around at the end of the week, the two of them half naked i.e. bra and panties as was their usual state of dress when we were alone, whilst I was in shorts and halter top t-shirt. When I first moved in with them this had been a bit of a shock to me as I was so shy and modest, they were never completely naked but bra and panties or tops with no bras, or even skirts with no panties was the norm for those girls and I found that I became more comfortable with their relaxed attitude to undress, as they said, "we're all girls together, we've all got the same bits, so what's the problem." I did find their attitude liberating

Both girls were stunning to look at, Charlie, is a brunet cut short, the same height as me with a nice figure that is not as full as mine and I'm sure her boobs are not quite as big (34C). Kerry is a pocket dynamo about five feet five inches tall, with a body that is honed to perfection from all the sports that she does, she has small compact boobs, narrow hips and perfectly toned legs and semi-cropped bright magenta hair. She plays rugby, hockey and is a brilliant netball centre.

Now I don't want to say that all women who play sport are lesbian or that all women that are lesbian play sport, but Kerry is purely lesbian, while Charlie seems to swing both ways, I know that they have had a fling in the past. The thing is even though I've never entertained the thought of girl on girl sex, I find Kerry very attractive, but she is so intense.

"Come on girl what's up?" asked Kerry, "You're really looking down and its Friday night, time to party, you're eighteen, a student away from home; have some fun."

"I've got some-things running through my head," I said. "I don't want to talk about them."

"No way honey, spill the beans you can talk to us, we can sort things out we're your friends," Charlie said.

"No I can't it's too embarrassing," I said.

"Oh," both girls went together, "now we're intrigued."

I took a big gulp of air and told them what had happened and about Mike wanting to be my boyfriend. Both girls looked stunned, and then Kerry said "I'm going to castrate the fucking bastards." Looking as if she really meant it.

I told her that everything was ok now with Mike, Chris and Pete but Steve was still being a bit of a shit.

Charlie looked at me with a sly grin said, "You know there is a way that things can work out with Mike if you want, he is cute, I'd jump him any day"'

"Slut," came from Kerry.

"Jealous bitch, you know you want to yourself but you're afraid he'll ruin your lezza credentials. No seriously Jenny, how about Mike being a "friend with benefits."

"What?" I said.

"Friend with benefits, not full on boy and girl friend but two people who hang out with no commitments but sex on call if they want it."

"No way I'm not that type of a girl," I said.

"It won't work, she's still a virgin so where's the sex benefits," said Kerry.

"Ok, ok, friend with benefit, you obviously know how to, and it seems you like to suck his cock, offer him that, no boy's going to turn down blowjobs on tap," Charlie replied.

"It could work out for you, you get more experience, no commitments, and sex as YOU want," again from Kerry.

"I'll think about it, he is cute," I replied. Intrigued at the thought of maybe getting together with Mike in some way.

"Good," said Kerry, "now what I think you need now to cheer you up and to expand your education is a good session of girl love."


"You can't suggest that, the girl is vulnerable as it is," said Charlie.

"What better time then, and we now know how she reacts to things like that."

What are you two talking about?" I asked.

"Oh come on! Girl on Girl loving."

"No way, I'm a fucking virgin, I want a dick first before I even think about trying girls."

"Better the other way round, girls take their time and build things up nice and slowly" said Charlie as she stood up from the sofa and taking my hand drew me up with her. "Kerry you hold back, you're too intense for her first time."

"No," I went though not as forcefully as I should have, "and stop talking about me as if I'm not here."

"It will be ok sweetie," said Charlie as she pulled me to her, placed her hand gently around my waist and started to slowly caress me as she stared deeply into my eyes. It felt good, good but wrong.

"God you two look hot like that."

Charlie looked into my eyes, took hold of my chin, brought her face closer to mine and ever so gently placed a kiss on my lips, just brushing them then pulled away. I was trembling in apprehension but with an undercurrent of wanting to explore things.

"Just go with me baby, I'll be gentle, and be your first, Kerry can join us later."

Charlie bent towards me and kissed me again, this time with a bit more force and for longer, I tentatively kissed her back, "Good, good," from Charlie.

We continued kissing like this for a while with Charlie upping the pace and pushing her tongue into my mouth, again I wasn't sure about this but took my time and responded. I was getting into it now.

The pace and intensity began to rise as Charlie began to caress my body not touching my boobs or between my legs, just running her hands up and down my sides and back, then her right hand cupped my left breast. I stiffened and broke away, "No, please!"

"It's ok, it's ok"' came from Kerry, "Jenny just go with it she's being good to you"'

I moved back into Charlie's arms and began to kiss her deeply. "Just help me through this please," I whispered in her ear.

Charlie kissed me back, again cupped my boobs and began rubbing them, I was holding onto her but she had both hands free to caress me, I was liking it, then her hand slipped away from my left boob and made its way down and nestled between my legs and with one finger began to rub my pussy area. It felt good, too good, and I was still fully clothed what would the sensation be like with nothing between us.

Charlie stepped away from me turned to Kerry and said, "Kerry, help me undress her, then please back off."'

"Why are you getting all the fun, I've never had a virgin before."

"Take your time Kerry; you can join in in a bit," Charlie said.

My mind took that in in a flash, was I going to end up with two girls on my first time?

Kerry came and stood near me and then both girls stood at my side and raised my halter top off exposing my full 34C boobs encased in a plain white bra, both girls took their time, looking at me with longing in their eyes, then Kerry brushed a kiss on my neck as she reached behind me, undid the clasp of my bra and let it fall away as she lifted my arms. Charlie's look turned from longing to lust in an instant.

Charlie cupped my left breast and began to play with my nipple and I started to moan as this always gets me going, I've since found out that I have very sensitive nipples. Kerry bent her head and took the other nipple in her mouth running her tongue around it for a few seconds, then broke away and went back to her seat on the sofa. I wanted more.

Charlie slid her body down mine kissing me gently all the way, until she was kneeling before me, she undid my shorts, and slid them and my panties down my trembling legs and took them off, throwing them into the corner.

A gasp came from Kerry, "Oh she's gorgeous, why waste that body on men."

Charlie bent her head towards me and began to lick at my outer folds, it was heaven, like nothing I'd felt before, she slipped her tongue deep into my pussy and I lost it totally. I screamed, "NO, NO, IT'S NOT RIGHT. NO."

Charlie stopped for a second and beckoned Kerry over, saying, "Help me, kiss her but gently."

My mind was whirling, I was being seduced, by two girls, and deep down I think I wanted to be.

Kerry began to kiss me and taking hold of my breasts began to tease my sensitive nipples, as this was happening Charlie again began to lick me and push her tongue into me. I didn't stop her this time but responded pushing my hips into her face, I could feel myself getting wet and a tingling sensation began to spread over me.

Charlie was increasing the speed and intensity of her mouth and I lost it again, but this time in the right way, I could feel an orgasm approaching, I was moaning, "Don't! Stop! Don't! Stop... don't stop."

I looked at Kerry, reached out and as my orgasm hit ripped her bra off and sank my head onto her boobs, I'm sure I must have bitten her nipples I was attacking them that hard. Kerry moaned and held my head onto her boobs.

All three of us stopped and looked at each other and smiled.

Kerry said, "Wow, that's phase one completed, let's take this into my bedroom and take it further."

Both girls took my hands and led me into Kerry's bedroom, laying me down on the bed, then stepped back and undressed each other slowly, tantalisingly giving me a full view of their fantastic but different bodies, I'd never seem them fully naked before, and I enjoyed the view. "But I'm not into girls," I thought, confusion running through my mind.

Both girls lay down on the bed, one on each side of me and began kissing and caressing me softly and gently as before, they were really looking after me, taking me on a new experience.

They increased their caresses, Charlie looked at Kerry and moved her hand to my pussy, pushing a single finger in and gently moving it in and out; she then withdrew her hand and held it to my mouth.

"What?" I went.

"If you're going to taste pussy juice, and you are, then the first should be your own," from Kerry.

Hesitantly I took her finger into my mouth and sucked my love juice from it. Now I was committed!

Kerry rolled over me and grabbed hold of Charlie and began to kiss and caress her, but the caresses were more intense and harder than either girl had used on me. I let them get on with it while I recovered and took stock of what had just happened to me, and then, I began to feel left out. Worrying whether I was doing the wrong thing I slid down the bed and getting between Kerry's legs pushed my face into her wet, hot, pussy, Kerry stiffened at the unexpected touch and gave out a growl, it was a strange sound but one Charlie and I would come to know in time, it was either a sign of extreme arousal or one of extreme anger, this time was arousal.

I didn't know what to do at first but instinct took over and I used my tongue on her, licking her outer lips then plunging deep into her slit, I found the little nub of her clit and sucked it into my mouth, Kerry squirmed and pushed her hips into my face, I released her clit and went back to licking her deeply and hard.

A thought went through my mind, "I'm in my first term at Uni, and here I am licking pussy," I giggled into Kerry's pussy which made her shudder.

Kerry and Charlie were now attacking each other with an intensity I couldn't match and Kerry had at least three fingers deep into Charlie, finger fucking her hard. I adjusted my position so that Charlie could get at my pussy and she pushed two fingers in me, and in the same rhythm as Kerry did to her finger fucked me. I mashed my face into Kerry and attacked her pussy making up for lack of expertise and technique with intensity. All three of us girls were getting close now and we all knew it, we were all moaning and groaning, then one after another we all came and came hard. I don't know how we managed to come at the same time but we did.

We all lay sated on Kerry's bed when Charlie said.

"Welcome to the world of girl on girl loving, like it?"

"I think so"' I hesitantly replied, but in all honesty I did!

"I did," said Kerry, "Jenny, for your first time you were good, very good."

I blushed bright red with embarrassment.

They both looked at me and said, "That was your first time, we can teach you more, both together or separately if you want, or we can leave it here."

I looked at them both and smiled, "Let me think about it, I think I want to take it more. Kerry weren't you supposed to hang back as this was my first time?"

"You are so hot and sexy, I had to join in, but I was restrained with you."

We then fell asleep curled up in a mass of hot sweaty female bodies.

A couple of days later Charlie and I were sitting on the couch, when I said to her, "Charlie can we talk, I'm really confused about what happened the other night. I liked it, maybe too much, I've never thought of being with a girl before and now I'm confused, especially as Mike is now a friend with partial benefits."

"Jenny, I think you're like me, I'm into men full time, but I do like girls a lot, the sex is different I find, just go with the flow with me and Kerry as you want, keep it tight we're ok with that."

"Oh! so you've discussed me have you?"

"Yes of course we have, we like you and don't want to see you get hurt, so we discussed how we were going to play things on the sex front, and decided that neither of us would make a move on you even though we both want to. Kerry knows your more into men, just like me. Just take your time."

I looked at Charlie sitting there all unintentionally sexy and made up my mind, I hadn't met any guy I wanted to have sex with yet, and the girls were sexy as hell. I moved closer to Charlie, put my arm round her neck and pulled her head towards me and kissed her, neither softly or with full on passion.

After a while Charlie broke the kiss and said, "You do kiss well."

"I want to do other things as good," I said. "Let's make love please. I'm ready."

We both stood up and went to my bedroom where we slowly, teasingly undressed each other, Charlie would remove a piece of my clothing and stand back and look at me making appreciative comments all the time, then I would do the same to her, it was incredibly erotic for me, stripping her and her stripping me.

When we were both naked I was feeling more assertive and wanted to take the lead, I took Charlie in my arms and as I bent to kiss her she said "Undressing each other like that was one of the sexiest things I have ever done."

I drew Charlie into my arms pressing my body hard against her delighting in the feel of our boobs rubbing together and kissed her fiercely and passionately.

Charlie moaned, moved away from me slightly and pushed her hands between us to fondle my breasts, playing with my nipples, tweaking them and rolling them in her fingers. I responded to this by dropping my hands to her waist then moved one hand to grasp her ass, while the other went to her pussy.

I teased her outer lips for a while then inserted two fingers into her and slowly began pushing in and out; Charlie was moaning like mad, as she dropped one hand down to my ass and rubbed the entrance to my asshole, not entering just teasing me.

I broke our kisses and moved down Charlie's body, kissing her all the way, stopping to play with each of her perky boobs, continuing on my way until I was kneeling in front of her staring at her trimmed mound. I looked shyly up at her through my eyelashes and smiled as I stuck out my tongue and began to lick her.

"Oh you're good at this, keep doing that, please keep doing that," panted Charlie.

My ego boosted beyond belief at that remark, I pushed Charlie back onto the bed, spread her legs wide and pushed my face hard into her pussy, getting my tongue deep in her slit. I could feel her trying to clamp down on my tongue with her contracting pussy muscles. I liked what I was doing to this sexy girl, and friend of mine.

Charlie eventually wriggled away from me reached down and pulled me onto the bed; I could feel her juices running down my chin.

"God you look sexy like that," she said. "Now I want to lick you, get astride me so we can lick each other at the same time. I'm going to make you cum like you've never cum before."

"Sixty-nine, nice," I giggled coquettishly at her.

We got into position and Charlie began a frantic attack on my pussy with her lips, licking slowly then quickly, teasing the outer lips then going deeper into my folds, and finally exposing my clit and sucking it deep into her mouth, all the time I was licking her and finger fucking her hard with three fingers.

When she hit my clit I felt my orgasm building, and stopping only to tell her I was close increased my attack on her even more. We were both writhing around on the bed, Charlie was bucking so hard she nearly threw me off her a couple of times, then she pushed a finger into me and that shot me over the edge.

"OH FUCK, I'M CUMMING, I'M CUUUUUUUUUUMMING"' I screamed as I climaxed in a shuddering heap, I'd broken my kissing of Charlie's pussy but kept fingering her until with a loud gasp and shudder she came.

We kept lying on my bed for a few minutes then cuddled up and went to sleep together.

The following morning at breakfast Kerry said, "You girls had some fun last night, everyone in the other flats could hear you, you were that loud. Jenny when you cum you cum in a big way. I take it Charlie's convinced you to go a little further with us?"

Charlie said, "It wasn't me who started it, it was Jenny!"

"Why did I miss-out on her again?" asked Kerry.

"Kerry, you can have me anytime you like from now"' I replied. "I've decided I think I want you two as "friends with benefits" if you'll have me," laughing as I said it.

"I think you may have to convince us more if you want that," laughed Kerry, "but I have some other good news for you. I've sorted Steve out.

"I cornered him last night and told him if he came anywhere near you I would knee him in the balls that hard they would pop out into his mouth and then I would ram a hockey stick up his arse to fish them back down again."

Charlie and I both collapsed in laughter knowing she meant it and that Steve knew it too, she can be one very scary lady but a great friend to have.

"That's not all," she continued, "I told him if I heard of any rumours about gangbangs etc. then I would let everyone know he is gay and to convince him I showed him these."

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