tagNovels and NovellasJen's Story Ch. 03

Jen's Story Ch. 03


Exploring and Watching Can Be Fun

After graduation Erika and I started spending most of our time up at the lake where our whole crowd hung out during the summer. Often Danny and Steve would be there too when they weren't working.

Erika really liked Steve. She would get all shy and weird when he was around. I never told her anything about what I had done with him. As far as she knew we were just friends.

One day, I think it was early August, Erika and I were up at the lake as usual. We were sunbathing and gossiping about who knows what when Danny and Steve showed up unexpectedly. They said something about that they got out of work early because their boss had an emergency at home. Anyway, they just appeared and as soon as they sat down I knew they were high. Danny had that look in his eyes he always had when he smoked.

"Hey, you two want to get high?" Steve whispered as he grinned mischievously at Erika and I.

"Yeah," chirped Erika enthusiastically as she glanced over at me assuming I would agree. "Where?" I asked cautiously.

"We'll take a walk up the trails," Steve said as he pointed toward the hills on the far side of the lake.

"Cool, let's go," I agreed as I grabbed my shorts from my bag.

Erika followed my lead and grabbed her shorts and began to put them on as I was already wiggling into mine. I remember noticing Steve watching Erika intently as she pulled her shorts up her long thin legs. Erika is really cute. She's a few inches taller than me, very thin and has a really pretty smile. Her breasts are pretty small, 32B, but she has the best ass and long shapely legs. I swear she could be a model if she wanted. I could tell Steve liked what he was seeing, I'd seen that look before! Well the four of us, Erika and I clad in shorts and our bikini tops and the guys in just cutoffs, walked around the little lake and then headed up a trail that led high into the hills. On weekends you would see a lot of hikers and guys on mountain bikes, but being a weekday the trail was desolate. This of course suited our purposes just fine.

Even before we got high Erika was enjoying herself immensely. As Danny and I walked along hand in hand behind them she was having the time of her life flirting with Steve.

Now Erika was no prude. She had had a few boyfriends over the past four years who, in her words, she had let into her pants. She told me that she never let them fuck her, but just about everything else.

Anyhow, we walked up the trail until we figured it was quite safe and Steve pulled a joint out of the pocket of his shorts and lit it up. He passed it to Erika who took a long drag off it as we caught up to them. We hung out at that spot for awhile as we passed the joint around until it was beat and then decided to keep going and do a little exploring.

This time as we walked along the dirt trail Danny and I led the way. I could hear Erika about 20 feet behind us laughing with Steve and glanced over my shoulder to check on them. Steve now had his arm around her shoulders and I could tell that she was loving it.

We had been walking quite awhile when I spied a small building about a hundred feet off the trail just barely visible through the trees.

"Look," I shouted pointing. Danny turned his head and saw it immediately.

"What?" Steve asked as the two of them peered into the woods.

"See, it's right over there," I said pointing again. The two of them ran up to where Danny and I were standing and with my hand I directed them to look through the small break in the trees.

"Shit, I never saw that before," declared Steve as he stared at my discovery.

"Let's check it out," I suggested.

"Yeah, come on," Danny agreed as he began searching for a break in the bushes that bordered the trail. Finally Danny found a small overgrown path and we carefully peeled away the branches of thorns that blocked it until we made it to the woods. Once we were under the trees there was little underbrush and we soon could see that it was a tiny stone house. It was obviously deserted, most of the windows were gone and all that really remained were the stone walls and chimney. It was apparent that people had been there, probably other kids. There were beer cans and broken bottles strewn all over and blackened earth from recent camp fires.

Danny darted ahead of me and peeked in one of the open windows before going to the door. As Erika and I watched from a safe distance Danny pried the door open while Steve approached. As he entered the little house he yelled that it was cool and for us to join him. Steve followed him inside as Erika and I quickly ran to the door. When I got to the open door I could see Steve and Danny in the dim light checking out an old chair which, besides a bench, were the only things in the otherwise empty one-room dwelling.

"This is great," Steve exclaimed as he plopped down into the worn dusty cushions of the chair.

"Yeah, this place has a lot of possibilities," Danny agreed.

"What a great place to party," Erika added as she climbed into Steve's lap.

"Yeah, no one would bother us out here," I quipped flashing Danny a mischievous grin.

Danny slid the bench seat over so it faced the chair occupied by Steve and Erika. We sat down as Steve extracted another joint from his pocket. We shared it as we fantasized about how we could fix the weathered cabin up and make it our own. We came up with so many outrageous ideas. Each time someone came up with a new even more ridiculous notion we laughed hysterically.

As our buzz mellowed Erika and Steve began kissing each other ignoring Danny and I on the bench just a few feet away. I nudged Danny and whispered to him that we should go for a walk. He smiled his agreement and we quietly got up and went outside.

Danny and I walked around to the back of the cabin and investigated the woods there. We explored for about ten minutes and then headed back toward the house. When we reached the back of the little stone cabin we heard Steve's voice, "that's IT, SUCK IT!" We stopped in our tracks and looked knowingly at each other and then crept up to the open window on the back of the house trying desperately to stifle our giggles.

When we peered over the window sill there was my friend Erika, kneeling on the floor in front of Steve with her back to us obviously sucking his cock. Steve was sitting on the edge of the old chair holding her head with both hands as it frantically bobbed up and down in his lap. From our vantage point we could not see much, but the slurping sounds and Steve's words confirmed what was happening.

"Yeah, that's great," he gasped as he suddenly looked up from his crotch.

I don't know what made him look in our direction, but before we could react Danny and I were staring right into Steve's eyes. We'd been caught! He seemed startled for a second and then just shot us a big grin as he glanced down at Erika and then back at us. The mischievous expression on his face made me think this show was not over.

Inspired by our voyeurism Steve stopped her and stood up. He moved a little to one side still holding her head so that she couldn't turn it. At this new angle, much to Danny's delight, we could see that her bikini top was down exposing her little swells and pointy nipples. Her shorts were undone and I had to put my hand over my mouth to stifle my laughter. "I guess Erika let him into her pants," I giggled to myself. As he positioned himself for our benefit she looked up at him with a puzzled expression.

"Don't you like it?" she asked innocently.

"No, it's great, keep going," he urged.

Oblivious of her little audience she immediately took Steve's rigid dick in her hand and wrapped her lips around it. She began to suck him with great enthusiasm unaware that now we had a perfect view of her tiny breasts and Steve's cock plunging deep into her hungry mouth. Watching Erika sucking cock, especially when she didn't know we were watching, was so exciting. I couldn't help thinking how embarrassed she would be if she knew. Feeling a little guilty I thought I should pull Danny away from the window, but I too was unable to tear my eyes away from the lurid spectacle before me.

As I stared wide eyed at my sexy little friend devour Steve's hard cock with her mouth I could tell by the look on his face that he was getting close. Only a little over a month ago I had seen that glazed expression just before he had cum inside me.

Suddenly his hips began to thrust and his eyes clamped shut as he clutched her head forcing her to drink from his spouting cock. She instantly began to choke and struggled to pull away as his cum filled her mouth. As soon as he released his hold on her she turned her sour face in our direction, leaned over and spat his load on the floor.

I quickly grabbed Danny's arm and tore him away from the open window praying she hadn't noticed us. We hurried to the corner of the house and then stopped leaning against the cool stone trying to compose ourselves. Nervously I then followed Danny around to the front of the cabin.

"We're back, hope you guys are decent," Danny yelled laughing as we approached the door.

As we came through the door I kept telling myself to act natural hoping she hadn't caught a glimpse of us as we ducked away from the window. They were now sitting in the chair together, her top on, and her shorts done up looking like they just woke up.

"So how was your walk?" asked Steve sarcastically.

"Just great," answered Danny smiling from ear to ear as Erika giggled thinking she got the joke.

Seeing her response I knew she had no idea that we had just watched her suck off Steve. Unconsciously my eyes drifted to the creamy wet spot on the floor. When I looked up at her again she smirked sheepishly, having followed my eyes, realizing that I knew they had been fooling around.

Later she told me about it leaving out some of the better parts. I felt incredibly guilty having spied on her like that. Our friendship meant the world to me. There was no way I could ever tell her that Danny and I had watched her with Steve. If she knew that Steve had known and had put her on display like that she would have been devastated.

After finding our little cabin hideaway Danny and I visited it a few times over the next few weeks. The first time we were there alone he coaxed me to strip with him and go outside naked. It was exciting to walk around the woods completely naked. We only did it for a few minutes and then we went back to "our" cabin and made love on the old chair.

Each time we went there we got more and more adventurous. One time we ventured all the way out to the main trail. The risk of getting caught thrilled both of us. We actually strolled down the trail a ways. I remember wanting to really freak him out so I got down on my knees in the middle of the trail and sucked his cock. When he finally came I was a nervous wreck and we ran back to our clothes.

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