tagNovels and NovellasJen's Story Ch. 06

Jen's Story Ch. 06


Danny Breaks up with Jen with a Gangbang

One afternoon shortly after the wrestling season ended Danny and Steve coaxed me into going to Danny's house to listen to some new CDs Steve had gotten. I knew where this would probably lead, but had resigned myself to our little secret arrangement.

Once we were at Danny's house we settled in on the old couch with me in the middle snuggled up to Danny with his arm around me. Danny and I began kissing and fondling as Steve rolled a joint. When he fired it up he handed it to us and we proceeded to get buzzed as Steve's Metallica CD blared on the stereo.

Not long after we finished the joint Steve's hand was tentatively caressing my thigh just below the hem of my skirt as Danny's hand worked under my shirt. I looked into Danny's gorgeous eyes and wanted to please him so much. I knew what he wanted so I turned to Steve and began to reach for him to come closer when I heard noises upstairs.

Suddenly the basement door opened and the sound of guy's voices erupted over the music as four boys rumbled down the stairs. I immediately straightened up as Steve pulled his hand away. Danny left his hand under my shirt down by my waist as the four intruders entered the cellar. Josh and Billy walked in with two guys I knew by name, but had never met before. Jim was a friend of Steve's who was by what I could gather Steve's supplier as well, and the other guy was Zack who seemed to be Jim's friend. They both had long straggly hair and were not particularly good looking guys. Jim sat down in the oversized chair across from us as the others took places on the floor around him. "So what's goin' on," he said smiling mischievously.

"We're just hanging," said Danny as he pulled me close.

"You want to smoke?" Jim asked while pulling a pipe from his jacket pocket.

"Sure," answered Steve.

I watched Jim load his pipe with mixed feelings. I loved getting high, but I was already pretty stoned and knew I was going to be really fucked up if I smoked more. When the pipe came to me I gave it to Danny wanting to pass on it, but he pushed me to take a toke before he passed it on. After a few more tokes I was high as shit and just snuggled into Danny's chest enjoying my mellow state.

Moments later I felt Danny's hand creeping up under my top. I didn't respond at first unaware that the four guys were intently watching his progress. Danny boldly cupped my breast over my bra and massaged it causing me to flinch from my stupor and grasp his muscular arm realizing that the others could see us. Unable to push Danny's arm an inch I self-consciously peeked over my shoulder at the others. They were all staring at me, watching Danny's hand grope beneath my shirt. I quickly looked back at Danny, "Not here," I whispered indignantly as I tried to turn my back to them.

"Relax Jen, they're cool," he said smiling down at me as his hand slipped under my bra.

"Please, not now," I whined burying my head in his massive chest to hide my embarrassment.

"Jen, why don't we show them those great tits of yours," Danny said as he pulled up my top.

Suddenly his strong hands had my top up around my neck exposing my big boobs. The bra I had worn that day was so sheer that my nipples were clearly visible. I was mortified and turned my head to the side trying not to make eye contact with any of them.

"You have great tits," Jim said, "Steve you were right".

As soon as the words were out I turned quickly around and glared at Steve beside me. "HE told them!" I cried to myself. "Oh God, how much had he told them?" I shuddered. Steve just sat there with a big smirk, I wanted to smack him but couldn't move from the hold Danny had on me.

"You fucker!" I snapped.

"Come on Jen, you love to show off those big tits of yours," he laughed.

"We won't tell anybody else, just show us that bod," Jim said as he fiddled with his pipe.

I was numb, I couldn't speak.

"Jen, strip for them," Danny whispered as he loosened his hold. "Come on Jen, you know I love watching you," Danny urged kissing me.

With my judgement impaired and my inhibitions waning I gazed into his beautiful dark eyes and felt a shiver rush clear up to my scalp as I nodded my consent. Seeing this he immediately pulled my shirt over my head before I had time to reconsider. I instinctively raised my arms so that Danny could finish removing my shirt. As my long brown hair fell disheveled around my face I gazed at Jim in the chair across from me. His eyes were now focused on my all but naked chest. Danny pushed me forward a little and I could feel his hand undoing the tiny hooks behind me. Once the last hook was released Danny lowered the straps down my arms.

My eyes scanned the faces of the four college boys before me. Their lustful eyes were riveted to my round fleshy mounds as they jiggled free of the cups. I blushed with embarrassment as Danny pulled me back and reached around holding my heavy sacs in his hands offering them for their inspection.

My emotions ran wild during those few seconds as Danny's strong hands manipulated the spongy flesh of my big tits as the boys eagerly watched in fascination. The scene humiliated me and thrilled me all at once. I felt so cheap yet so hot that I could excite them so much just showing them my tits.

My inner thoughts were soon interrupted by Danny. "Stand up and strip for us Jen," he whispered.

Starting to lose my nerve I turned my head and peered over my shoulder at him dumbfounded. His expression was now stern.

"Go on, I know you want to, so don't give me that look," he scolded.

I just stared at him tears welling up in my eyes realizing that I would do anything for him, but was too afraid of the consequences to move.

"Jen, what's the big deal, you do it with Steve and Danny all the time," Jim laughed as he lit up the pipe and handed it to Zack.

I sat there stunned as I tried to cover my large breasts with my arms. My face flushed, tears rolling down my cheeks as I became consumed in embarrassment.

"Strip for us and we won't tell anyone else," Danny assured me as he caressed my neck.

"I can't trust any of you," I protested tearfully trying to pull away from him.

"If you go along with it I'll make sure they keep quiet, OK?" he promised.

I sat up on the edge of the couch with one arm over my breasts confused and flustered. With a tear dripping from my cheek I timidly scanned the lustful faces of the boys. Billy and Josh seemed like children though they were my age. They both just sat there on the floor staring wide eyed at me not uttering a sound. Zack, a 20 yr old Junior, leaned against the hassock with an amused expression. Jim seemed so cool about it and observed me knowingly making me even more anxious if that was possible.

Steve handed me the smoking pipe which I took with my free hand and took two big hits from it before giving it to Danny. I had never wanted to be high so much as that moment and when Danny offered me the pipe again I accepted it without hesitation. I took two more hits off the pipe and felt renewed courage in the hazy rush.

This time when I looked at their anxious faces I felt a twinge of excitement as I had with Steve at the lake. I knew what they wanted and I knew I was just too weak to stop.

Silence befell my audience as I stood up and dropped my arms to my side allowing them all to see my big supple breasts hanging from my small frame. There eyes on my perfect breasts made me feel sexy and beautiful. I didn't know why, but I wanted them to see me naked. Without any prodding I unsnapped my skirt and lowered the small zipper on the side. Slowly I slid the garment over my full hips and let it fall to the floor around my bare feet.

"Yeah, that's it," urged Jim.

Diverting my eyes from the ogling boys I slipped my fingers under the waistband of my cotton panties and hesitantly peeled them down over my plump ass cheeks down to my knees before letting them go.

As I straightened up I watched them join my skirt at my feet and I stepped out of them. I just stood there staring at my skirt and panties laying in a heap at my feet as the boys erupted into cheers and catcalls. Nervously giggling I struck a little pose with my hand on my hip flashing them a somewhat timid smile.

"Shit, look at those TITS!" exclaimed Billy staring excitedly at my big tits hanging heavily from my petite frame .

"What a piece o' ass," yelled Zack.

I struggled to appear unfazed by their obscene comments forcing myself to laugh at their jokes to hide my humiliation.

"Dance for us Jen!" Danny shouted over the raucous boys.

I glanced back at his unyielding expression and then turned back to face the horny guys. Not knowing what else to do I began to move timidly to the Metallica CD that still pounded through the speakers of Danny's stereo.

"Come on, get into it!" Zack demanded as the others clapped and screamed. .

Embarrassed, I began to sway and shake my shapely ass to the music which drew hoots and more catcalls from the excited boys.

"Go baby go," Jim screamed encouraging my sexy dance.

Boldly I twirled and then jiggled my hips and floppy tits as I smiled at them seductively. My sudden antics brought a roar from them which heightened my drug induced confidence as I continued my lewd dance for their amusement.

After a few moments I felt hands on my ass and I peeked back to see Danny now on the edge of the couch behind me. I stopped dancing as his hands began to kneed my supple globes. He kissed the small of my back as I stood motionless and out of breath, my tits heaving on my sweaty chest. The softness of the kiss calmed me for a moment, but then I could feel his lips move lower and his tongue graze along the crack of my ass. His wet tongue sent shivers through me and caused me to shut my eyes and brace myself with my hand on his shoulder. After the initial shock of feeling his tongue there I reopened my eyes to see the four guys in front of me leering at my body, watching everything Danny was doing to me.

I was overwhelmed with embarrassment and then fear as I realized that Jim had his cock out stroking it. His cock was very long and thick and seemed to be getting bigger before my eyes. He saw my eyes focused on his big erection and immediately stood and approached me in silence. I looked up at him somewhat startled as he approached me. What confidence I had had quickly dissipated as I stared fearfully at the lust in his eyes. When he reached me he didn't hesitate at all taking one of my pliable breast in his hand and squeezed it while jerking his huge cock with the other. As Jim massaged my breast I could feel Danny's fingers reach through my slightly parted legs and press against my moist slit. His fingers slipped between the delicate lips compelling me to clench my eyes shut and sway against their hands. Disoriented I lost my balance and in reflex placed my hands on Jim's shoulders to steady myself. Taking this as an invitation he moved closer and suddenly kissed me. At first I tried to avoid his lips trying not to succumb, but then he pinched my nipple tightly between his thumb and forefinger and I groaned with the sudden twinge. Opening my mouth allowed his tongue to plunge between my lips and I instinctively returned his passion as he wrapped his arm around my waist. As we embraced Danny pulled his fingers from my now drenched hole and sat back to watch while Jim's cock now rubbed along my slit as we kissed.

"Holy shit!" Josh yelled as he sat up to get a better view.

"Fuck her Jim!" shouted Zack.

I peered over Jim's shoulder with heavy eyes as his cock rubbed against my clit just staring at the three horny college boys sitting there watching me. I felt like a tramp, a whore, and tried to summon the strength to resist him. I could not.

He laid me back on the couch between Danny and Steve. I looked at Danny hoping that he would put an end to this, but he just sat there motionless, an expression on his face that I had never seen before.

I stared questioningly at Danny for a moment until my attention shifted to Jim kneeling between my open legs. I watched submissively as he dragged the head of his huge dick up my slit. while Steve played with one of my tits . Suddenly he slapped the rigid thick shaft against my clit making me flinch and utter a long groan. I gazed up at him with my legs widely spread around his hips as he smiled wickedly, "Tell me to fuck you Jen, how much do you want it?" he teased.

I just laid there unwilling to say the humiliating words he wanted to hear. "Tell me Jen," he insisted as he maintained the pressure on my swollen clit with his heavy cock.

I wanted to resist him, but my body was betraying me. I didn't want to have to say it, I didn't want that at all. I couldn't believe he was doing this to me and that Danny was letting him.

"Fuck me," I whispered timidly.

"What Jen?" he laughed, "I didn't get that".

Frustrated I shamefully shouted, "Fuck ME!"

"Ok Jen, I'll do ya, but you have to do everybody," he demanded.

My eyes widened like saucers for a second as I stared into his amused face and then at Danny who just sat there still staring at me mysteriously. I didn't know what I should do though I knew I wanted Jim to fuck me. My eye lids dropped and I gazed at his cock, "ok" I agreed tearfully in desperation.

Without another word his big cock began pushing into me. The others had gotten up and stood around Jim watching his cock plunge deep into my cunt. Despite the shame and embarrassment of all of their eyes on me I wanted it. Something deep inside of me needed it desperately.

As he began to thrust into me Danny got up and went somewhere, being too distracted by the sensations as Jim rammed faster and faster into my hungry hole. His immense pole filled me completely bringing me close to cumming and I instinctively began bucking to meet each thrust taking him deeper than I had ever experienced.

"Fuck Me - Fuck Me - FUCK ME JIM!!" I screamed overwhelmed by the sensations building in my pussy. Suddenly his thrusts quickened sending me over the edge and my cunt spasmed and gushed on his incredible cock just moments before he pulled out and shot gushers of cum on my stomach. Wiping his cock on my thigh he smiled down at me as the others looked on in utter silence,

"That was unbelievable," he puffed still somewhat out of breath.

I returned his smile realizing that he really meant it. After a few moments he got up and went to the bathroom and Zack took his place now naked and ready. As Zack got into position Steve moved to the end of the couch and leaned back apparently to watch the show.

Zack stuck his cock into me easily and began to fuck me in earnest. I just laid there biting my lower lip as he pummeled my poor little pussy. "I don't even know this guy," I thought to myself. Zack and I had never even exchanged words and here I was laying naked on this old couch spreading my legs for him as he rammed his cock into me. Lost in my own thoughts I closed my eyes - my mind quickly focused on the sensations in my pussy. As I felt another orgasm beginning to spark he suddenly pulled out shooting his load on my stomach and tits.

Frustrated I lowered my legs so that my feet were on the floor and rubbed myself as he got up and stepped back flopping into the chair. Josh and Billy approached me and stood at my feet jerking their hard cocks as they watched me play with my cum drenched pussy and tits. They seemed uncertain or maybe nervous about touching me and I gave them no sign of encouragement hoping they would just jerk off. I turned my head and looked at Steve who was still sitting at the other end of the couch. He too was masturbating. Our eyes met, and I knew what he was thinking, what he wanted. Without a word I got on my hands and knees and crawled between his legs taking his rigid cock into my mouth. I sucked Steve's cock furiously trying to make him cum oblivious of the others watching me. Soon I felt a hand on my ass and then a hard cock stabbing at my slit trying to find the opening to my sloppy cunt. I glanced back and there was Billy trying desperately to find my hole, but before I could say anything Josh's erect penis was in my face. I looked up at him as the head of his cock brushed against my cheek. I clenched my lips together in refusal, but it was too late anyway as Josh's cum sprayed onto my face and hair. I turned my head away quickly disgusted that he had cum all over my hair and in anger tried to kick at Billy to stop what he was doing. Just then Steve sat up and pulled my face back to his crotch.

"Suck it," he said impatiently holding my head with both hands while he forced my mouth onto his wet cock. While I was sucking off Steve Billy suddenly found his mark and pushed his cock into my well used pussy without warning. Startled, I tried to move away from him, but he grabbed my hips and ground into me so that all I managed to do was wiggle my ass a bit only exciting him more. Realizing I could not fend him off I offered no more resistance allowing him to ram his cock into me at will.

As Billy hammered me from behind Steve fed me his rigid cock. Each time Billy slammed into me my plump ass cheeks jostled from the force and Steve's cock was shoved deeper down my throat making me choke and drool uncontrollably. When I didn't think I could take any more Billy finally pulled out of my sore cunt and unloaded all of his cum on my quivering ass. Moments later Steve pulled my head down and held me there while he shot his juice deep down my throat. When he was spent he let go of my head allowing me to sit back and brush the matted, cum drenched hair off my face.

Steve got up from the couch and began to dress. At that moment I became aware that the others had all left except for Danny who was standing there just a few feet away jerking off staring at me as if in a daze.

"Jen, g-get on the floor," he croaked.

The look in his eyes scared me and when I didn't move he grabbed my wrist attempting to pull me up off the couch.

"No," I cried fearfully trying to twist my arm from his grasp.

When I didn't budge he jumped up on the couch and stood straddling me taking a fist full of my hair in one hand as he jerked his cock over my face with the other.

"Open your mouth," he demanded as he pulled my head back by my hair. "Do it you little SLUT!" he shouted. Tearfully I slowly opened my mouth diverting my eyes humiliated that he would treat me this way. "LOOK AT ME BITCH!" he screamed. Terrified and confused I gazed up into his icy stare, my scalp aching, and began to cry as he ejaculated in my mouth and all over my face.

He immediately jumped off the couch, grabbed his clothes and angrily stomped upstairs as I sat there bawling, tears mixed with his cum flowing down my face. I was devastated.

After a few minutes I collected my clothes and still naked tried to wash off as much of the evidence of what I had done that afternoon as I could using the sink in the workshop. Once I was dressed I slipped out of the house and walked home.

As I walked home tears once more began to flow down my cheeks. I had never seen Danny like that I thought tearfully. I knew it was now over between us and I didn't understand. Why had he wanted me to do those demeaning things? I had tried to please him and now he hated me for it.

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