tagNovels and NovellasJen's Story Ch. 2

Jen's Story Ch. 2


Chapter 2: Skinny Dipping at the Lake

During the last week of school Danny called me and asked me if I'd like to skip school and go with him and his friend Steve to the lake for the day. During the summer months we all hung out at the lake, but while school is in session it's usually deserted. The prospect of laying out in the sun by the lake sounded like a lot more fun than sitting in class so I enthusiastically accepted his invitation.

Steve didn't go to our high school and I had never really met him before. Like Danny he was a highly ranked wrestler in our state. I assumed that was how they knew each other. He was a pretty good looking guy, quite big, broad shoulders and very tight butt. I remember thinking how hot he was when I would see him at matches.

When I arrived at Danny's house the next morning I found Steve sitting on his car waiting for Danny who apparently was still inside getting ready. As I approached him I began to feel kinda shy being alone with him for the first time.

"Hi Jen," he said as he smiled at me walking up the driveway.

"Hi," I said cheerfully. "Where's Danny?" I asked stopping a few feet from where he sat.

"Oh, he'll be out soon, he's getting the cooler," he explained.

I stood there a little awkwardly with one hand tucked in the pocket of my cut- off shorts as I held a tote bag with my towel and stuff with the other.

"It's great out today, the lake is going to be fun," I said trying to keep the conversation going.

"Yeah, it's going to be great - Danny and I thought you'd like it," he said still sporting a big grin as his eyes wandered to my chest. My big round melons were concealed by only my bikini top and a thin t shirt. I noticed right away that my tits had distracted him and I laughed inside. As we continued to make small talk his eyes struggled to keep eye contact and I thought "Wow, he's checking me out!"

A few tantalizing moments later Danny came out of the house lugging a cooler which was obviously full. He loaded it into the car as we got in and soon we headed off to the lake which was about twenty minutes away. Steve sat alone with the cooler in the back seat with me sitting in the front next to Danny as he drove. After a few minutes Steve lit up a joint and once he had taken a deep hit off of it handed it up to me. I had smoked pot a few times before, once with Danny and few times with my friend Erika so I knew the procedure and took a hit before handing it to Danny. We continued to pass it around the car while talking and laughing about various topics. I started to get pretty high as we approached the lake and was giggling and laughing at nearly everything they said.

When we arrived at the lake I headed down toward the little cove which had the best place for laying out while Danny got a blanket from the trunk. The guys followed behind carrying the cooler, one holding each end, as I reached the little grassy knoll where Erika and I often sunbathed in the summer.

I kicked off my sandals and left my bag by them before walking toward the large rocks at the edge of the lake a few feet away.

I stepped up on a rock and surveyed the area. "It looks like we're the only ones here," I yelled gleefully. "Yeah, we've got the whole place to ourselves," Danny said laughing as they set the cooler down by my stuff. Turning around I realized that they were just a few feet away now and giggled realizing I didn't have to yell.

They laid the blanket out as I dismounted the rock and we all lay down on it while Danny opened the cooler and handed us each a beer. We laid there for awhile just talking and drinking enjoying the beautiful morning. As the sun got higher in the sky the guys removed their shirts and I took off my t shirt and shorts. Clad now in just my little bikini made me a little self conscious around Steve. He seemed to never take his eyes off of me as I applied suntan lotion to my legs, stomach and upper chest. Though I had planned to lay on my back I opted to lay on my stomach feeling a little more secure with my breasts concealed beneath me. I could still feel his eyes on me which both flattered and unnerved me.

We sunbathed for about a half hour or so and then Steve suggested a swim. I readily agreed feeling pretty hot and groggy from laying in the hot sun.

"Man, there's no one here, let's go skinny dipping," suggested Steve as I stood up trying to adjust my eyes to the glare off the lake.

Startled I glanced back at him and then at Danny assuming he was kidding. "Yeah Jen, it will be fun," smiled Danny.

"No way," I exclaimed staring at Danny in disbelief. Danny took me in his arms and kissed me and then gave me one of those cute smiles of his. "I can't do that with him here," I whispered.

"Come on Jen, it's just Steve. He's not going to tell anyone," he said softly as he caressed my bare sides just above my bikini bottom. I looked up into his beautiful blue eyes and I could feel myself wanting to please him, but could not bring myself to agree.

Then suddenly I heard a big splash and quickly turned toward it to see Steve swimming out into the lake, his bare muscular ass flashing along the surface. My eyes locked on his tight white butt as he swam a few more yards before he stopped and looked back at us.

"This is great, come on you guys!" he screamed to us on shore.

As I stood there still uncertain about it all Danny stepped away from me and stripped off his shorts. As he turned to head to the rocks I glanced at his flaccid penis swaying between n his legs. Enjoying the show I just stood there and watched his beautiful ass cheeks flex as he climbed over the rocks and jumped into the lake.

Both boys yelled for me to join them. I hesitated a few moments debating what I should do and then gave into there urging pleas. Slowly I reached behind me and unsnapped my top to the cheers of the two boys standing waist deep in the water. Silence fell over them both as the straps slid down my arms pulling the cups from my lily white mounds allowing the boys to have a full view of them jiggling on my chest as I discarded it by the rest of my stuff. Embarrassed, I diverted my eyes from Steve's lustful stare as I slipped my bikini bottoms down my supple thighs and stepped out of them. I couldn't believe I was actually doing it. I was NAKED.

As I began to walk toward the rocks I looked in their direction again and saw that they were both watching my every move. I climbed over the rocks clumsily trying to conceal and hold my breasts still with one arm while carefully trying to support myself with the other so not to slip. I could feel myself blushing as I had to use both hands to steady myself fully exposing my swaying tits as I hopped off the rock into the cold lake. When I jumped into the ankle deep water at the lake's edge my tits bounced and jiggled as I landed and I instinctively reached up with both hands to steady them. As I did my eyes met Steve's and he smiled. Concealing only my nipples with my little hands I watched as Steve's gaze fell to my exposed sex. Blushing profusely as I realized my attempt at modesty was futile I dropped my arms to my side allowing him to see everything. I immediately glanced at Danny who stood there with a prideful smile. Playfully I kicked a spray of water at him and then took a few quick steps before diving into the chilly water.

We swam and splashed around for about fifteen minutes before I complained that I was getting cold. The guys readily agreed that it was time to smoke another joint and we waded back to shore.

When we reached the blanket I immediately reached for my discarded suit, but Danny grabbed my arm stopping me.

"Don't put that back on, let's sunbathe nude," he insisted. "It'll be cool," he assured me.

"Ok," I said hesitantly. With that we all sat down on the blanket and Steve fired up another joint.

I felt very naked as he looked down at my tits while passing me the joint, but tried not to show my discomfort. After a few rounds of the joint I began to relax a little as they told me about this really lame coach they had had in pee wee wrestling. Steve was imitating him while Danny and he engaged in a mock prematch speech. I was in tears of laughter watching their performance and at one point fell back onto the blanket with my legs spread in a fit of laughter giving both of them a full view of my open pussy. The boys became silent as they both stared at my hairy mound. When I realized what I had done I quickly closed my legs and rolled over on my stomach trying not to show my embarrassment.

After a few agonizing moments Danny suggested he put some lotion on me and I readily agreed not wanting my ass to get sunburned. He began rubbing the lotion on my meaty cheeks and it felt really good so I just closed my eyes and enjoyed his hands kneading the soft flesh. I noticed Steve was now laying on his back, his eyes closed soaking up the rays so I lay my head down and languished in Danny's tender massage.

I was feeling really relaxed until I felt his slick fingers slide into the crack of my ass and probe into my crotch. I clenched my legs together to prevent him from going any further and looked back over my shoulder glaring at him.

"No," I scolded only mouthing the word. Danny gave me a wicked smile and pressed his finger to my moist slit forcing my legs slightly open. "What are you doing?" I complained knowing that Steve might be able to see what he was doing.

"Relax Jen," Danny smirked as he pushed his finger deep into me despite my resistance

Placing a hand on my back to hold me down he worked first one, then two fingers into my wet hole. Panicked I turned my head around hoping Steve was asleep, but to my horror he was on his side with his head in his hand watching me while his other hand stroked his dick. Shocked, I stared at the cock growing in his hand and began to struggle, but quickly realized I was no match for Danny's weight and strength. Helpless I gazed into Steve's lustful eyes as my pussy twinged around Danny's persistent fingers. At that moment I was so humiliated, overwhelmed with embarrassment, but at the same instant I was becoming intensely aroused.

"Pleeease, no," I whimpered ashamed at how excited I was having Steve watch me getting finger fucked. As the pot and Danny's fingers further freed me of my inhibitions I arched my back and began to grind my pussy madly against his hand. .

Sensing that I would no longer resist him Danny removed the pressure on my back. Though I was free now I made no move to escape. Instead I spread my legs obscenely to allow him to plunge his fingers deeper into my sopping cunt. Danny got between my legs and pushed a third finger up me as Steve moved closer and placed his hand on my head d as I buried my face in the blanket.

Suddenly Danny's fingers pulled out of me as I was lifted onto my knees. Startled and confused I raised my head and was about to turn and look at him when his hard cock rammed into my gaping hole. "Oh Danny!" I cried clenching my eyes shut unwilling to accept that Steve was watching. "Please, no, please.....I moaned.

Ignoring me he gripped my hips and jammed his stiff cock into me again and again forcing me to fuck him in front of his friend. Instinctively I lunged back to meet his thrusts unable to control myself as I wept in embarrassment.

"SUCK me Jen!" Steve's voice groaned above me.

Stunned I opened my eyes to see a rigid cock just inches from my face, Steve's Cock! I stared at his 8" erection as he stroked it in my face vehemently shaking my head from side to side.

"No," I whimpered still bucking back against Danny.

"Suck him," Danny insisted.

"NO, Please don't make me do that," I pleaded as Steve's cock rubbed against my cheek.

"Please Jen," Steve begged as he stroked his cock on my lips.

"Suck his cock," yelled Danny as he continued to thrust into me slamming his hips against my quivering ass cheeks.

I stared at Steve's big hard cock as he slapped it against my clenched lips. Confused and overwhelmed by my own arousal I relented opening my mouth for him. Steve fed me his cock and I hungrily sucked it into my mouth as Danny's cock set my cunt on fire.

Each time Danny rammed me from behind Steve's cock plunged down my throat. Impaled at both ends I was helpless to control either of them. I jerked back and forth, my tits slapping together under me, desperately trying to make them cum. Finally the cock in my mouth jerked as Steve grunted releasing gobs of hot cum down my throat. I had no choice but to swallow it all or I would have choked.

As Steve's dick began to wilt he slipped it out allowing me to now cry out loud as the Danny's thick cock rammed me from behind. Suddenly I could feel his grip on my ass tighten and knew he was about to cum.

"Oh Danny!" I screamed, "CUM DANNY."

He made three quick final thrusts and exploded filling my vagina with his hot cum.

I immediately collapsed flat on my stomach as Danny lay down next to me, one leg over mine, his wet slimy dick laying limply on my hip. Steve lay on my other side spent and out of it as Danny fell asleep in my arms. I lay there awake in a state of shock.

I felt like such a slut having just sucked off Danny's friend while Danny fucked me. I loved Danny and he had wanted me to do it which somehow made it ok. I liked turning him on and pleasing him and the sight of Steve watching me had done something to me that I didn't understand. I felt so ashamed that it had excited me.

We lay there for awhile until Danny awoke from his little nap. Then we all went back in the water to wash off and revive ourselves. When we got back to the blanket Steve started up another joint. Once we were high Steve started feeling and sucking my tits as Danny sat and watched. I didn't protest, but instead let him have his way with me. I gazed into Danny's eyes seeing how he loved to watch me as Steve made my nipples tingle with his mouth and tongue. I held Steve's head to my milky white breasts and fingered my wet pussy as I watched Danny's eyes feast on my exhibition, his cock growing stiff in his hand.

Before we left for home they coerced me into letting Steve put his dick inside me. I fucked Steve while Danny knelt by my head and jerked off on my face. I had become their plaything to do with as they wished. I had liked it, but as we dressed to go home I started to feel very guilty and embarrassed by what I had done. On the way home I made them promise never to tell anyone what I did that day. They both assured me that it would be our secret.

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