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Jeremy's School Bully


Author's Note: Jeremy is an actual person that requested that I write this fantasy down for him. He was specific about the situation, but left the rest up to me. This is a story with a very strong 'dominance' scene and should only be read by person's who find those situations erotic. Nothing new to my stories.

Jeremy hopped off the bus in front of his new school. He lived close enough to walk, but had decided to ride the bus instead. He wanted to see what it was like, because he'd never rode the bus at his last school, he had always walked. The school was a hulking sandstone building that loomed over the small front lawn like some mid-evil wyvern, gobbling up children every morning only to puke them back out onto the lawn in the afternoon. Over the years acid rain made long dark streaks of black and brown down its façade making it look as if Mother Nature had raked it with her claws. It was a post war building, but instead of looking like the World War II era building it was it looked more like it was built just after the Civil War. Students of all shapes and sizes were streaming from the busses into the warm fall sunshine only to be swallowed by the front doors into the gloomy interior. Jeremy fell in line with the rest, his backpack slung over one shoulder and a half sheet of paper clutched in his right hand. On the paper was written his class schedule, locker number and the combination to said locker.

Jeremy wasn't a big kid. He had a lean, almost thin, build on a 5'9" frame with slightly unkempt short brown hair that hung down near his eyes. A pair of straight leg jeans hung on his narrow hips, topped off by a green Polo shirt knock off, (Mom wasn't about to drop the cash for the real thing!) and his feet were covered by a rather stylish pair of black high top Converse gym shoes.

The basement floor of the school, where his and all of the freshman lockers were located, wasn't overly crowed. He was a late transfer senior so even though he was over 18 years old, he was stuck in the basement with the freshmen. There were no longer any classes held in the basement due to some mold issues, but it was generally accepted by the principal and teachers that the students could be down there long enough to get in their lockers for books and such, though neither he nor the teachers would venture down there unless absolutely necessary.

It was the first day of school and Jeremy was on the lookout for any big boys that could be potential bullies. After all, the main reason he was here at Granger High School was because he'd had a bully at his old school that made his life miserable each and every day for his entire time there. The bully was named Billy Thornton, but all of his victims called him BB for 'Billy the Bully'. Goofy? Sure, but accurate. Billy had caught wind of his nick name through one of his cronies who thought it was a reference to B.B. King, the great blues legend. So after the crony related the story to Billy, Billy roamed the hallways as though he were a superstar while searching for one of his usual victims.

"Hi, I'm Barbra." A chipper voice said from behind Jeremy's locker door, causing him to jump. "Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you." The voice said as he peeked warily around the edge of the door to see a rather cute brunette smiling at him.

"That's Ok, uh...I startle easy. Comes with the territory, I'm Jeremy" He replied with a sheepish smile and awkwardly stuck out his hand. Barbara took it and smiled broadly as she said,

"Hopefully we'll have some classes together since the freshman class is kind of small this year."

"Maybe," Jeremy said, "but I'm a senior so it's not too likely."

"Oh! I'm sorry, I just assumed that since you were down here with me you must be a freshman." Chagrined Jeremy looked at the floor and replied,

"Yea, well I transferred into Granger kind of at the last minute so I'm down here with the freshmen I guess."

"I didn't mean anything by that, I don't care if you're a freshman or a senior, I still think you're cute!" She blurted out. Then she turned red and hurried off down the hall and up the steps. Jeremy stood in the quickly emptying hallway with his mouth hanging open. After a few seconds a big goofy grin spread across his face. He was only 20 minutes into his first day and this was already shaping up to be a much better year than last year. He grabbed is books, slammed the door on his locker and pelted up the stairs behind Barbara.

Don't Count Your Chickens...

Jeremy was hurrying to class. The first bell had already rung and the second one, which meant that anyone getting in homeroom after that bell would be counted tardy, was going to ring any second. He was looking down at that damned half sheet of paper as he rounded a corner at a half trot and ran face first into the breasts of a really tall girl. They both bounced back and fell to the floor on their butts with books scattering around them. A unified gasp went up from the three girls attending the one he'd just knocked off of her feet.

In horror he looked at her face which was a red mask of fury surrounded by beautiful blonde hair. Not only did he get a good look at her face with those piercing blue eyes, but he also got a great shot of her crotch beneath the low cut, skin tight, short pink dress she was wearing. Where her long legs met were a pair of matching pink panties that seemed to have a rather large bulge to them. Her legs were incredibly long and ended in feet covered in three inch black leather pumps. She looked like she was going out on the town instead of just to class.

"What the fuck is your problem?" She yelled at him as one of her friends helped her to her feet and the other two grabbed Jeremy by the arms and yanked him to his. She stepped up to him and without hesitation punched him hard in the stomach as the other two girls held him helpless between them. "I'll teach you to watch where you're going!" she spat and hit him hard two more times. Each blow reminded him of good ole BB, she wasn't quite as strong, but she was close. The girls holding him suddenly dropped his arms and he landed hard on his knees in front of the towering girl.

"What's going on here?" Said an approaching voice from down the hall,

"Oh Miss Kline! We bumped into each other and it seems that since I'm so much bigger than he is I've knocked the wind out of him." Lana said in a voice positively dripping in fake concern.

"Lana, are you sure that's what happened?" Miss Kline asked suspiciously.

"I'm sure he'll tell you the same thing Miss Kline." The obvious threat in her voice was not lost on Jeremy. After all he'd been to BB's school on 'How to Survive Life with a Bully'. With his arms holding his stomach and his eyes looking at Lana's pump clad feet as they swam in his tears, he nodded his head yes. He heard steps moving closer and heard Miss Kline say,

"I better help him to his class..."

"Oh no Miss Kline! I feel responsible for him, please let me help him!" Miss Kline hesitated then said,

"Very well. I have to say Lana, you do seem to have turned over a new leaf. You're being positively helpful. It seems that the counselor Richards was right. I'm glad we've given you another chance instead of expelling you."

"Me too!" said Lana in fake gusto. "Once Mr. Richards and I got something straight between us we communicated much better and I saw how important it was for me to graduate before I turn 20." An odd look passed over Miss Kline's face as she considered Lana's strange turn of phrase, but she shrugged and went back to her own class room.

Lana spun back around and grabbing Jeremy by the front of his shirt hauled him to his feet.

"Don't think that just because you answered one little question right I'm going to let you off after what you've done!" She hissed in his face. Then she leaned closer and said quietly into his ear, "I saw you get a good look at my crotch. No one looks there without some consequence." Lana held out her hand and one of her girls pressed a half sheet of paper into it. She looked down at it and said, "Locker 426. I believe that's in the Dungeon. I'll see you there at the end of school. Don't try to duck me or it will go even worse for you when I catch up to you later. And I will catch up to you."

Lana released Jeremy's shirt and turned away to leave as one of her girls started to hand him his books, but the girl let them fall to the floor just as he reached for them. All four girls laughed as they walked off down the hall leaving Jeremy in tears, gathering his stuff off of the hallway floor. The second bell rang as scurried off, late to homeroom.

One Long Assed First Day

Jeremy's homeroom teacher cut him a break and didn't mark him tardy, but that was the last thing that went right that day. Well almost the last thing. At lunch while in line getting his food, if that was what you could call it, Lana walked into the room and it seemed as though her eyes immediately fell on him. It was like having a hungry tiger staring at you. She gave him a radiant smile, a big wink and mouthed the words 'See you soon!' to him across the lunchroom.

Normally having a six foot plus tall blonde with a figure any girl would be envious of smile and wink at him would have made his entire week, maybe his year, but in this case he could still feel his stomach aching from the punches she landed to his midsection only hours earlier. While distracted by Lana he didn't notice that the mountain of a boy in the football jersey in front of him had stopped moving. Jeremy ran into him and spilled most of his food down the boy's back. The boy slowly turned around as he felt his back with one hand, the disbelief on his face quickly being replaced with anger.

"Did you just dump your entire lunch down my back?" He said slowly and menacingly.

"Not my entire lunch...I'm really sorry, I wasn't looking and ..." That was all he got out as Mountain Boy dumped his own lunch over Jeremy's head. He then dropped the lunch tray and drew back a boulder sized fist in preparation to crush Jeremy's astonished face. Jeremy tired to back up, but bounced into what could have passed for mountain boy's twin in another football jersey who grabbed him by the shoulders. 'Shit! Nowhere to go!' Jeremy screwed his eyes closed and waited for his world to explode.

"Now Chuck, that's no way to treat a new kid." Jeremy heard Lana say in a smooth voice. He took a chance and opened one eye to just a slit, still expecting to see Chuck's fist hurtling toward his face. What he saw actually terrified him even more, if that was possible. Chuck was looking at Lana and his face had gone completely white. Without her pumps they would have been pretty much eye to eye.

"LLLLana! I...I...I didn't see you there!" The boy who'd been holding Jeremy turned him loose so quickly that he stumbled for a second, causing the boy to catch him and stand him up again, being sure to keep Jeremy between himself and Lana.

"You weren't looking. You should look around more, be aware of your surroundings, it might even help you on the football field Mr. Big Time captain, maybe then you wouldn't miss so many tackles." Lana said in a lazy manner. As she continued her voice hardened and began to drip with menace, "This little boy is mine. I expect you to leave him alone. Do you understand?" Lana asked as she subtly pressed her hand to her crotch for just a split second. "Or am I going to have to remind you where you belong in the school pecking order?" Chuck had noticed the quick touch to her crotch and he violently shook his head no as he said,

"NNNo Lana! I know where I belong! I don't have to be reminded!"


Lana turned and walked away from the boys. Her long legs disappeared up under the edge of her dress to make a firm round ass of themselves, an ass which swayed enticingly as the heels of her shoes clicked away on the grimy linoleum floor. Under normal circumstances the boys would have ogled her hot body every step of the way, but instead these two boys breathed a huge sigh of relief, as if a confrontation with a grizzly bear had just narrowly been avoided. Jeremy looked at the white faced Chuck and his friend, but neither one would meet his eye. Jeremy finally got his courage up enough to ask them,

"What's wrong, what have I gotten myself into?" But they wouldn't reply. They simply ignored him as if he didn't even exist.

The End of the Day

Jeremy walked down the third floor hall like a death row convict walking the Green Mile. There were four flights of stairs, two landings and three more hallways separating him and Lana, nowhere near enough to give him any comfort. As he trudged toward an almost certain doom he remembered two important things he'd learned in BB's school on 'How to Survive Life with a Bully'. One is that it is never worth it to try to avoid your meeting with a bully. They will keep their promises about catching you later and you do indeed get it much worse, because by then they have made it their mission to deliver the missed torture, ten-fold. Second is that occasionally they forget about the meeting themselves and you can get off scott-free. Jeremy was fervently praying for the last.

Hallways and steps slowly slid past him like some inanimate funeral procession in reverse. He desperately wanted to stay in one place and yet it was as if time and space were working against him by propelling him toward Lana against his will. His brain screamed for him to run even though he knew it was useless. He walked down the last set of steps to the hallway containing his locker. He took each step down ever so slowly, allowing him to see just a bit further down the dimly lit hallway. One of the tired old fluorescent lights buzzed and flickered fitfully at the end of the hall, bringing to his over active mind scenes from just about every B horror movie he'd ever seen. At long last he reached the first step where he had a clear view all the way to his locker. To his amazement no one was waiting there for him. Jeremy jumped the last few steps and broke into a dead run. Sliding to a stop in front of his locker he shoved his hand into his pocket as he desperately dug for the accursed half sheet of paper that had started all of the problems today. He yanked it out too quickly and only succeeded in ripping it in two. He pulled the remaining piece out of his pocket then fumbled desperately to put the pieces together so he could read the combination. Left 36, right 24, left 36. 'Now why the hell couldn't I remember that!' he thought with scorn. Blessedly the locker opened on the first try. He slung his books into the bottom of the locker, slammed the door, turned and bolted face first into Lana's waiting chest.

"Can't seem to keep your face out of my tits can you boy? Where do you think you're going in such a hurry anyway? You have a date with a beautiful girl right here in this hallway. I should think you would be lingering around to keep that date." Lana purred softly. She extended her right hand to caress Jeremy's cheek which caused him to involuntarily pull away. Lana's face contorted and with a loud thwack the palm of her hand impacted the side of his face, snapping his head to one side as lights exploded before his eyes.

"Never pull away from me! Never! Do you understand? I'll beat you unconscious if you ever do that again!" She hissed. The other three girls snickered at him as he rubbed his stinging cheek and slowly nodded. He didn't make eye contact, but instead stared at her heaving breasts and the cleavage they created in their pink confinement. Lana could tell where he was looking and said to him.

"You like em don't you. You want to touch em, I can tell." She took her hands and cupped her boobs, squeezed them together, then bounced them up and down a little. They were pretty big, but not too big, round and firm. Jeremy had known they were store bought from the first time his face had impacted with them early this morning, but store bought or not they were damn fine. "Mr. Richards paid a lot of money to get me these boobs and I never once let him touch them." Jeremy's head snapped up and he looked into Lana's eyes at the mention of the school counselor's name. "Oh, you're a quick one." she said with a sly smile. "I can see by the look in your eyes that you know how I didn't get expelled from school this year, and you're right, but I bet it's not quite the way you're thinking." She smirked at Jeremy and bounced her breasts a couple of more times. "I might let you touch them though...if you ask right. Go ahead...ask me."

Jeremy stood there hung on the horns of a conundrum. Lana was nothing like BB, he had basically just wanted to beat the crap out of him and take his lunch money. Jeremy knew Lana wanted something but he wasn't sure he understood what it was. She was pretty enough that she didn't have to beat the crap out of some guy just to get him to feel her tits.

"Ask me!" she repeated sternly. Jeremy finally stammered out,

"C...Can I touch your boobs Lana?" Quick as a lighting strike she slapped his other cheek, though not as hard as the first time. Jeremy's head swam again as she demurely said,

"You have to say please first!" Jeremy rubbed his other cheek as he looked at her warily. This was absolutely the most bizarre situation he'd ever been in with any girl. He didn't need to be beaten to be talked into playing with some girl's boobs. Heck, with his limited experience he'd be happy to play with any girl's boobs, even if she wasn't as pretty as Lana. "I'm waiting!" she said impatiently.


"Please what?"

"Can I please touch your boobs Lana?"

"Sure!" She said enthusiastically and shoved him hard back against his closed locker door. With a long leg on either side of his, she stepped up and pushed her tits into his face, rubbing them firmly against him. She was being a little rough, but they still felt wonderful! So wonderful in fact the he began to show his appreciation by saluting her with a tent in his pants. She held onto Jeremy's upper arms, pinning them at his sides as she worked her tits in his face. A voice off to the side said,

"Lana, he's getting a woody, but it looks kinda small." Jeremy could hear the smile in the voice.

"I don't care about his prick, it doesn't matter what size it is, it's hard because he likes my tits. Nothing quite like some nice soft boobs in your face, Hummmm? They feel soooo damn gooood!"

The rubbing became rougher and turned more into a grinding. Jeremy had to time his breathing so that he could snatch a bit of air whenever his face wasn't covered by a breast. He could feel her hard cloth covered nipples poking at his eyes as they went back and forth across his face. What she was doing was sexy as hell but kind of scary at the same time. She was in such control, something he'd loathed about BB, but with Lana it was erotic and the more she controlled him the harder he found it to breathe due to his excitement as much as her smothering breasts.

"I know they feel good for you, but these tits are also kind of dangerous. After all if I wasn't careful and lost control of myself I might accidentally suffocate you." Sudden dread coiled in Jeremy's stomach as she pressed her firm tits harder into his face. She worked the cleavage tightly over his nose so that it was deep between her breasts. Jeremy struggled trying to turn his head from side to side, but no matter which way he turned her flesh was there to seal off his nose and mouth. Lana was working hard to hold him and he could hear the strain in her voice as she said,

"Struggle all you want...you can't get away. You're mine...to kill if I want ...right now."

Blackness was starting to engulf him as he turned his head to one side and in an act of final desperation, bit the flesh that was there. Lana yelped and jumped back. Jeremy gasped for breath, then his cheek felt like it imploded as his head whipped around to smack against the locker door. Jeremy slumped to the floor almost too dazed to understand what Lana was screaming at him.

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