Jeremy's School Bully


"DON'T YOU EVER BITE ME!!! YOU FUCKING LITTLE ASSHOLE, IF YOU EVER BITE ME AGAIN I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU!!! YOU STUPID LITTLE SHIT!!" Lana was rubbing her breast where he'd bitten her, but no blood was showing. Lucky for Jeremy he hadn't had the strength to bite her hard enough to break the skin. She kicked him hard a couple of times for emphasis as she rubbed her hurting tit. Jeremy could feel his cheek swelling as he huddled on the floor with his arms protectively over his head, while this Amazon of a woman towered over him. She halfheartedly kicked him once more then put her hands on her hips and with a slight chuckle said,

"Damn but you're a feisty one. I do believe that you may have more spunk than Chuck had last year. I'm really going to enjoy breaking you in. Girls it's been a long summer and I didn't get near enough action, so I think it's time me and this little boy got a bit closer." Jeremy heard her three henchwomen snicker again so he peaked up at Lana out from under the protective covering of his arms. Her long shapely legs still went up to disappear under the edge of her short pink dress, the pink dress that was so form fitting there was no way he could miss how it bulged out in front of her crotch. He flashed back to this morning and remembered seeing something of a bulge in her panties when he looked up her dress right after they had collided and the cold realization of what he was looking at washed over him. "But I don't want to do him out here in the hallway. Bring him in the girls' bathroom."

Lana walked further down past Jeremy's locker to where the flickering fluorescent light was struggling to illuminate its end of the hall. She turned right and disappeared through a doorway. Two of the girls grabbed Jeremy and drug him down the hall. They followed Lana into a small pink tiled girl's restroom with three stalls and three sinks. There were crumpled paper towels on the cheap parquet floor and dust bunnies the size of mice in the corners. The circle bulb fluorescent fixture screwed to the ceiling provided a meager amount of light, barely enough to get the job done.

"Strip him." Lana ordered. Jeremy started to struggle like mad, but it didn't do him any good. He was pretty sure that the ones stripping him were 'normal' girls, but there were still three of them and they kicked and punched him into submission, then easily stripped him naked.

"Take his clothes and stand watch outside the door."

A red headed girl said,

"Awww Lana, we want to watch!"

"Another time maybe, but right now I need you to guard the door. If you want you can hold the door open a little and listen." They all smiled and trooped out the door, leaving Jeremy naked on the floor in front of the bulging Lana. She stood there for a few moments and just watched him as he cowered on the floor. He could see in her eyes that she was enjoying her superiority over him. As he looked at her, his eyes kept involuntarily slipping from her face down to that pink covered bulge. She was breathing heavy and her cheeks were flushed with excitement for the act that was about to start. His eyes slid down to her bulge again and there was no doubt that it was getting larger, growing right along with the building excitement that was causing her boobs to heave. Lana unceremoniously pulled up the hem of her dress, hooked her thumbs in the top of her panties and pulled them down until her cock popped over the edge. She continued to slide her hands in until her thumbs reached under her partially swollen member and she used them to flip her rather prominent ball sack out over top of her panties as well. It hung below her penis, swollen and full of her come. Her prick was about three quarters hard, long and thick. It was a cock that any stud in a porno film would have been proud to display.

Jeremy couldn't take his eyes off of that massive member and as he watched it fearfully she clenched her muscles to make it jump. With each contraction of her muscles it grew harder and harder until it stood almost straight out from her curvy body.

"I'm going to fuck you." Lana said simply, and with no more inflection than she would have said 'the sky is blue'. Her womanhood stood out from her body and it moved slightly with each of her heartbeats. "I'm going to push my cock through your tiny asshole, force it all the way inside until you are quivering around the base of my massive prick. Then I'm going to hold myself there deep inside of you and relish in my complete domination over you. After all, the act of fucking someone is so very dominant, and that is exactly what I intend for this to be. I'm going to enjoy your warm body enveloping my turgid fat fuck stick until I can't stay still any longer, then the fucking is going to start. It will start off slowly at first, my thick womanhood sliding out to the rim of the head then I'll shove myself fully back into your protesting body. You may whimper and beg me to stop, but I won't. I'll keep sawing this conquering hunk of dominating woman's flesh in and out of your helpless body as long as I can hold out from an orgasm. Then when I can't possibly hold out any longer I'm going to come hard, as deeply inside of you as I can get. After that you will be my new little fuck bitch and anytime, anywhere I'm horny, I'm going to fuck you, again and again. I just thought you should know my grand plan. Oh, and the fact that there isn't one damn thing you're going to be able to do about it."

Tears were welling up in Jeremy's eyes. He had to escape! He couldn't let this happen! He made a desperate lunge for the door, but Lana had done this before, and anticipating his move cut him off. He hit her long legs and bounced back onto the floor where she pounced on him. They rolled on the floor and he struggled in vain to escape her. She was an accomplished wrestler, older, bigger and stronger than Jeremy. He didn't stand a chance, but he struggled anyway.

"That's it! Struggle as hard as you can! Nothing turns me on like taking a guy against his will. I want you to hate it! I want to break you like a wild horse, by riding you into submission!" Jeremy could feel the hard cock pressed against him growing even bigger with her excitement. He still struggled, but he couldn't keep it up. He was getting tired and Lana sensed it. She hauled him up off of the floor and shoved him against the wall. Kicking out of her pumps so she could have a better angle at his ass she leaned in close and said,

"See, I told you I'm going to fuck you and now it's about to happen, but first I want you to feel it." She pulled his hand around as she kept him pinned against the wall with her body and forced him to feel her throbbing prick. "Feel how big it is? How hard it is? I want inside of you so bad it's aching like hell right now, and I'm so thick and long that it's going to really hurt when I get my wish and enter your little asshole." Jeremy made a strangled sound that was half a sob and tried to pull his hand away from her swollen member. "Ah, Ah, Ah...don't let go. When you let go it's going to dive into you! It's going to burrow deep inside you and eventually squirt its seed into you. Maybe if you hold on to it tightly that won't happen...but don't count on it!"

Jeremy had rested a little and started to struggle with all his remaining might. He pushed back off of the wall as hard as he could, but Lana just rammed him back against it even harder, so hard that it knocked the wind out of him. He gasped repeatedly as he tried to catch his breath. Then he heard Lana spit and her hand slipped between them. Jeremy couldn't catch his breath and couldn't summon anymore strength to fight.

"It's time." Lana said in a husky, lust filled voice, and Jeremy felt his ass cheeks parted by the engorged head of her member. She held him tightly against the wall as she found his clenched sphincter with the spit slippery tip of her prick and pushed. Jeremy gasped, finding his breath as her unwanted invader pushed his asshole in, then began to spread it open. Her spit helped it to slide deeper and wedge its way in until, after about thirty second of pushing the head finally popped inside him. The pain that came with the invasion of his ass helped Jeremy to find new strength as he tried to twist away from Lana. Lana scrambled to keep her hold on him as he squirmed and wriggled in the vain attempt to escape her clutches. Then without warning, she shoved her hips forward and thrusting with all her might, skewered him upon her throbbing hunk of girl cock.

"ARRRRRRRRRRGH!!!" Jeremy cried out loud as her hips impacted his buttocks, the full length of her member buried inside of him. Impaled on her womanhood he felt like a fish on a spear. He couldn't move as she pressed him tightly against the cool tile with her body. While he stood there trapped between her and the wall, the part of her that was buried inside him felt like a steel rod sticking into him, a steel rod that throbbed with each of her heart beats. She clinched her muscles like she had when he'd watched her earlier and he could felt her cock twitch deep within him. She kept him trapped against the wall as she moved her hips in a small circle, making his insides move with her, emphasizing even more how deep she was inside him.

" feel good! You've got to be the tightest ass I've ever had the pleasure of shoehorning my fat prick into." Her store bought boobs were pressed tightly against his back and he felt them squish around as she wriggled against him, grinding her hips against his butt in pleasure. She had him pinched between her and the wall and true to her word she was relishing in her dominance over him. "I'm so deep inside you. I'm all the way in and even though you struggled with all of your might there was nothing you could do to keep me from taking you, to keep me from shoving this big cock into your ass. MMMMM...I'm just soooo deep." She groaned as she ground herself against his butt some more and started to make little pumping motions.

"Ugh...Ugh...Ugh" She was so deep in him Jeremy couldn't help grunting with each of her little thrusts. His ass was aching horribly and each time she moved pain shot through his ass and lower back. It might have felt wonderful to her, but to him it felt like she had parked a semi truck in his ass. His face was pressed against the tile and he could feel the wetness from his tears of pain making the wall slippery. Jeremy thought about Barbra, the girl he'd met just this morning, and how nice she'd been to him and now here was Lana with her big girl cock buried in his ass using him for her perverse pleasures. Jeremy suddenly felt defiant when he thought of Barbra. He wanted to be with her, not this girl who dominating him, by fucking his ass with her prick.

"You're a fucking bitch and I'll never let you break me!" He gasped out through clenched teeth.

"Oh...Ho, he has found his voice." Lana said mockingly. "You're right about the first part! I am a fucking bitch. I'm the bitch that's fucking you with her fat girl prick right this second, but you're way wrong about the second part. Now that I've established my dominance over you by fucking you against your will, it's only a matter of time before I break you completely. It may take a month of these little trysts, but eventually I'll have you sucking on my tits willfully while I pound the hell out of your tight little ass. You'll take one look at me across a room and your ass will loosen, eager for me to fill you up. You'll become addicted to me and follow me around school willing to do anything to get my cock buried in your tight little rump."

"Never! I'll never be like that for you!"

Lana changed the direction of her womanly pole and began rubbing the head of it against Jeremy's prostate gland. As soon as she did the pain took a back seat to the sudden pleasure that began to expand from his loins.

"I was going to wait to do this because I enjoy taking a guy again and again, breaking him slowly, but you've really pushed my buttons. I want you addicted to me right now!" She snaked her hand down in front of Jeremy and felt his penis. "What is this? You're starting to get hard. That means you like what you're feeling. Too bad it's such a small penis, the girls might have wanted to play with you when I wasn't using you, but that's not too likely with this thing."

Lana pulled him from the wall and keeping her member buried in his aching ass, turned him around. She pushed him the few steps to the sinks and made him bend forward at the waist.

"Grab the sink and look in the mirror." She ordered. Jeremy did and he could see her pretty face over his head as well as some of her cleavage. Lana began to pump him. Hard thrusts that made her boobs bounce. She kept working his prostate as she thrust, working to make him excited. Jeremy was entranced as he watched this pretty girl pumping and fucking him. He could see in her face that she was getting close to an orgasm, and he couldn't help being fascinated, because being a virgin he'd never seen a girl have an orgasm before. As he watched conflicting emotions roared about inside him. He wanted to see her have an orgasm and the fact that he was part of that orgasm turned him on, but she'd just took him. He hadn't got to have a say in his part of helping her to her orgasm. Her hands squeezed his hips as she sawed her throbbing hunk of woman meat in and out of his gripping ass faster. He could feel his sphincter moving with her thrusts. She changed her angle and started to really show a lot of attention to his prostate. Jeremy's own hard prick responded by jerking and throbbing with each of her trusts, then from out of nowhere his body blindsided him with a crashing orgasm. His penis squirted its approval in quick hot jets onto the cheap parquet floor.

"Ohhhhh...shhhhhhhit! Ugh...ugh...ugh...ugh!" he moaned out.

As soon as Lana heard him come she buried her cock in his ass. Grinding her hips against his butt cheeks she worked to get every inch of her swollen womanhood deeply into his still spasming rectum and shot her first load of spunk into him as she cried out,

"Mine! You're mine! You're my new little fuck bitch! Ugh...Ugh...Ugh...I'm going to fuck this...anytime I want! Oh hell...I love shooting my load in a new guy!" When Lana finished she collapsed along Jeremy's back for a moment as she caught her breath.

With their orgasms behind them they had very different reactions. Lana was an old hand at fucking boys and she was pretty much taking it all in stride, after all it was just another score to her. She pulled her slowly deflating prick from her new boy's ass and began to tuck it back in her panties. She straightened her dress and slipped back into her pumps. When she looked over at Jeremy, he was sitting on the floor with his arms around his knees as the tears of shame streamed down his face.

"Don't worry baby, you'll get used to it, me using you. You're going to have more sex this year than any other guy in the building. Hell, any other ten guys in the building!" She chuckled and continued, "You'll also get used to the size of me and then it won't hurt as much. As a matter of fact I think tomorrow we'll start with another session in the morning before school and then do it again after school. Twice a day should get you used to me in no time. Next week we can start having quickies at lunch and maybe even some in between classes."

"It would be easier for me if you'd just beat me up and take my lunch money." Jeremy said with a sniff. Lana looked surprised then laughed.

"I don't want your money, silly, I want that nice tight little ass. I'm one horny girl who needs to fuck a lot and you're who I'm going to fuck this year. Unless I find another ass I want, then I'll fuck you both, because I can't seem to ever get enough. If I didn't have to get home I'd fuck you again right now, but it's probably a good idea to let your ass rest anyway." She turned to leave the restroom then stopped, looked over her shoulder and said, "By the way, what's your name?"


"See you in the morning, Jeremy. My new little...boyfriend."

With a big grin she blew him a kiss and left room. A second later the door squeaked opened and his clothes were thrown in on the floor to the accompaniment of girlish giggles from outside. The door closed for the final time. The only thing that broke the silence was an occasional sob or a sniff from Jeremy. He wondered if he could still transfer back to his old school where his ass would only get beat instead of fucked.

He knew that he was going to have to walk home and he was in no hurry to face the usual 'How was your first day?' questions at the dinner table. Of course with one look at him they would know that it didn't go real well. He took plenty of time to get a grip on himself, then after a while he gathered up his clothes and got dressed. If it hurt his ass to stand and walk, how was he ever going to make it through tomorrow? As he left the girls restroom a tear escaped his eye. He sighed and thought, 'This is going to be one helluva long year.'

When Jeremy got back outside into the sunshine he felt better and decided that, Barbra or no Barbra, he was going to have to ask his parents to transfer him back to his old school. It would be a bit of a fight, but it was the only thing he could do. The only way he could escape Lana. He trudged off toward home and with each step his aching ass firmed his resolve even more.

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