tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJerking Off for the Mailwoman

Jerking Off for the Mailwoman


I'd never had an interest in public exposure until I first saw Susan the mailwoman.

Around 5ft10ins, with blue eyes and blonde hair that was tied up in a poneytail which peaked out the back of her blue baseball cap, she was the highlight of my morning every day.

With shimmering bronzed skin from all the hours out in the sun delivering the mail, Susan had a curvaceous and athletic body.

Wearing her tight blue shorts, her supple legs and perky butt were always a pleasure to see while her tight, red polo shirt accentuated her breasts.

On warmer days the shirt moistened a little with sweet allowing the outlines of her nipples to poke into view.

Susan had a gorgeous smile and would always greet you with a hello or a cheery wave as she made her deliveries and to say she was an improvement on my previous elderly mailman would be a major understatement.

Anyway before I go on a few, necessary, details about myself. I'm Carl Johansson. I'm 40 and work nights in a factory hence I'm always at home mid-mornings when the mail arrives.

Divorced with one child, like I said at the start I'd never had any inclination to expose myself in public until Susan the mailwoman came into my life.

Susan had been bringing the mail to our street for a couple of weeks and since the very first day she'd got my attention.

Regular as a clockwork she'd arrive around 10am and I'd make a point of being in my yard or sat on the porch to afford an excuse to keep an eye on her as she made her way from door-to-door.

'Hello Mr Johansson,' she'd say as she bounded up the short path to my house before exchanging some brief remarks usually about the weather and then handing me my mail.

As she turned to walk away I'd find myself transfixed but the gentle jiggle of her butt under those tight shorts.

Each morning I'd find my dick getting harder and harder as 10am neared and by the time Susan was at my house it'd be all I could do to avoid appearing to have a tentpole in my shorts.

One morning I was feeling particularly aroused and decided to do something about it.

Susan was seven or eight houses away from mine and, with a sudden burst of adrenaline, I made my way to behind the gate that seperated my property from my neighbors.

Made of wood, the gate was six feet high and no-one could see me from behind it.

I unzipped my pants and pulled out my bulging cock which already had some moist pre-cum dripping from the end such was my excitement.

I peered through one of the gaps in between the slats of the gate and began stroking my dick as I watched Susan who had stopped on the sidewalk and was rummaging in her mail trolley for her next delivery.

I tugged my cock faster and faster as she went next door. My heart beat pounded in my chest with the growing thrill of masturbating in the open air albeit relatively safe in the knowledge that although I could see her Susan couldn't see me.

By now the mailwoman was making her way up my path and I was gripping and tugging my swollen cock as hard as I could.

Susan was three feet away from the gate putting a letter in my mailbox when I could hold off no longer.

With a final long tug, my dick exploded cum onto the gate. It was the best orgasm of my life and I had to bite my lip to prevent myself screaming with pleasure as wave after wave of thick, white cum sprayed out of my cockhead.

Susan had started to walk away as I began to regain my senses. The cum was dripping down the gate and onto the ground collecting in a sticky puddle that you could perhaps just make out under the gap at the bottom.

The mailwoman glanced back in the direction of the gate but I was sure she hadn't seen anything or maybe she had? That thought made something click in my mind and things changed forever after that.

The next couple of days I repeated the same routine of hiding behind the gate and peerring though at Susan as I timed my cock stroking to cum as she was at her closest to me.

Now don't get me wrong, each time was great but I couldn't quite get the same rush that I had on the first occasion.

What was different? Then it dawned on me. It was the risk of being seen.

The first time it was all new and, although I was pretty confident I couldn't be seen behind the gate, the element of daring had played a big part in my excitement.

I had to face the fact that I was turned on by the possibility of being caught jerking off and with that in mind I decided I needed to take things up a level.

The next day, as Susan arrived in the street, I postioned myself at my front window wearing nothing below the belt.

The ledge of the window was about four inches above my waistline so I was fairly sure my rapidly stiffening cock was out of view to passersby.

However, that didn't stop my heart from feeling as if it was going to burst out of my chest as I gripped my dick and started to stroke, all the time keeping my gaze firmly fixed on the shapely mailwoman.

I quickened the pace of my tugging as Susan strode along from house to house dropping off letters and the occasional parcel.

As she got closer and closer I could feel the cum building up in my balls as my cock twitched in anticipation.

And then it was time. Susan was heading up my path and we locked eyes.

Seemingly unaware of what was going on just below her sightline, she waved and mouthed "good morning."

With my free hand I waved back and at that moment the first pulse of cum fired out of dick and smacked onto the wall.

Two more thrilling pulses followed as my sexual excitement reached a height exceeding anything I'd experienced before.

Still grasping my cock, I watched Susan make deliveries to a few more houses and then head out of view at which point I moved away from the window.

As I cleaned off I basked in the incredible rush I'd just enjoyed but I knew if I was going to repeat, or even better it, I was going to have to take the ultimate step and expose myself to my mailwoman.

How was I going to do it? How would she react? Would see call the cops? All these thoughts buzzed through my head for days while I formulated my plan.

I decided if I was going to do it I may as well go all in so ideas of dropped towels or other "accidental" exposures were quickly cast aside.

No. If I was getting my cock out in front of Susan then I was going to make it clear to her that I meant for her to see my manhood.

The day arrived and I could barely contain my excitement as 10am approached.

I had stripped naked and was sitting in my living room with my dick already rock hard in eager anticipation of what was to come when Susan came into view pulling her mail trolley behind her with a broad smile on her face as usual.

I got up and headed to my front door which has one way glass in it that allowed me to watch without being seen.

Slowly I stroked my cock as the mailwoman grew closer to my house.

Such was my excitement I had to be careful not to pull to fast and make myself cum which would have ruined all my plans.

Once again my heart was pounding and pre-cum was dripping from the end of my cock as the moment of exposure neared.

Tantalizingly Susan stopped at the foot of my path to chat to a woman who was walking a dog.

For what seemed like an age I stood there pulling on my swollen cock while they talked.

Then the woman set off again and Susan was heading up towards my house.

I gulped and took a deep breath. It was time. I turned the handle and began to pull back the door all the while still stroking my dick with my other hand.

Susan was two feet away from the doorstep. Part of me couldn't believe I was doing this but I was and I loved it.

The mailwoman looked up and we met eyes just as I flung open the door completely.

'Morning,' she started to say before nearly choking on her words as she got her first look at the naked and aroused man standing in front of her.

She gave out a little yelp of surprise and I, by now furiously tugging on my dick, for a second feared the worst.

Then she broke out in a grin and gave a sexy chuckle. 'Morning Mr Johansson. Nice cock. Pleased to see me?' she said.

Feeling the rush of my life I yanked my dick as hard as I could and a shot of cum fired out hitting Susan on the thigh.

I kept pulling as my cock pulsated and my balls twitched like never before. Another stream of thick, sticky cum shot out and then another.

I could hardly breath as a fourth and final load left my cockhead. Momentarily I closed my eyes before opening them and starring at Susan.

She was still beaming that radiant smile of hers. My cum was glistening off her thigh and dripping down her leg in a trail leading down to her boot.

Nonchalantly she handed me a letter then, with both her hands now free, gave a couple of claps of applause.

'That was fun,' she said, 'Do you have a towel so I can clean off your special delivery?'

I nodded and motioned for her to come inside. She followed me closing the door behind her.

Still naked, I found a towel and took it to her. As she cleaned my cum from her leg she said, 'I wondered when I'd get to see the full show.'

Puzzled I replied, 'What?'

'Well,' she continued, 'I've seen the pools of cum under the side gate and the other day I could have sworn you were jerking off in the window so I was kinda hoping to see your cock up close sometime.'

Taken aback, I mumbled a response that even I didn't understand.

'Don't worry. It's ok,' she said. 'I won't tell anyone on one condition.'

'What's that?' I responded.

'I get a repeat show sometime but with a bit more warning so I can fully enjoy it,' she said.

Needless to say I readily agreed and since then I've cum for Susan the mailwoman many more times.

I've also had some other fun exposing my most private of parts and jerking off in public but that will have to wait for another day.

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