tagBDSMJess Pt. 03

Jess Pt. 03


Lisa returned to the lounge, sat down on the sofa and crossed her legs. She felt the power of someone who was in complete control. Jess and Tom were her prisoners and totally at her mercy. She'd never had a prisoner before. Her younger sister and boyfriend were desperately craning their heads to watch her every movement, their eyes searching for the smallest sign of what she might do and therefore what their fate would be.

Their bodies were completely intertwined inside the small heavy cage; they had to be to fit into such a small space. Tom was lying on his back on the bottom of the cage with his knees drawn up and Jess's butt resting down on the side of his head. The combined effect of Jess's butt and the cuffs that locked his hands and feet to the bars was to render him completely immobile.

Jess's position was just as tight. When Lisa had closed the lid of the cage, Jess had been forced down on to her boyfriend. She was now pinned to him with no possible way to extract her head from between Tom's thighs. At least her hands and feet were unchained and she was just able to reach one hand up through the bars to the big gold padlock that locked the cage.

"Whenever you're ready Lisa." Jess panted as she rattled the lock.

"I'm not ready." her sister replied from the sofa.

Jess was just about to start yet another argument with her older sister when Tom started kissing her again between her legs. Unable to move, Jess had no way to stop Tom's advances, so she tried to ignore the fact that Tom's lips were inside her and to continue the discussion with Lisa.

Lisa just sat there and watched the look in her sister's eyes with amusement. At first they were determined, but then she looked distracted and had to refocus. She was distracted again and her mouth opened and she quietly moaned. Jess's eyes were still looking at Lisa, but were no longer focused on anything. A smile came across Jess's lips and she closed her eyes and moaned again. She started to thrust her hips as much as the small cage would allow and cry out in pleasure.

Lisa walked over and sat down on the cage above her euphoric sister. One of the cage bars ran right beneath her, pushing the denim up between Lisa's butt cheeks. It felt nice, but evidently not as nice as the feeling of Tom's tongue.

Lisa looked down at her sister who was still shaking with sexual excitement. "You wanted to say something to me?"

"Yes, what, no..." the response from the brunette in the cage below was unintelligible.

"Well now I know how to win any argument with my feisty little sister." Lisa smiled as she left the room and listened to their conversation from the hallway.

"When's your sister going to unlock the cage?" Tom mumbled into Jess's underwear.

"If you'd stop jacking me off then I could ask her!" Jess snapped and then tried, but failed to fart into Tom face.

"She's your sister." Tom continued.

"Yeah, but amazingly she doesn't lock me in a cage with a sex crazed guy very often."

"Me sex crazed?"

Yes, Jess could feel the pressure inside her and so used her feet and butt to clamp down on Tom's head. Perfect, he was in place and facing right into her. She held him firmly and farted.


Tom struggled, but the combination of restraints held his nose firmly in the danger zone. Jess had everything locked down, including his cock that was once again held firmly in her mouth.

The smell was now dissipating, but Lisa could still smell it as she walked back in. She stretched her arms out wide and put her hands on her hips, giving a lovely stretch of her back.

"Small cages are such a test for any relationship, aren't they." she joked.

Jess was now consumed with a mix of anger and arousal. "Lisa, the padlock!"

"No, I'm keeping you locked up for another twenty four hours at least."

"Lisa!" they both begged in unison as Lisa sat down on the sofa as if she had all the time in the world.

Lisa indulged her sadistic side for another ten minutes before slowly unlocking the cage and lifting the heavy lid. Jess immediately climbed out and ran off to her bedroom, while Tom remained helplessly cuffed at the bottom of the cage.

"Can you unlock these cuffs as well?" Tom asked, his body aching even more as he watched Lisa stretch her lithe yoga body, the large bunch of keys jangling in her hand.

Lisa closed the lounge door and played with her long blonde hair between her fingers as she walked back towards the cage. The sly smile on her face made Tom feel even more vulnerable, especially as she was focusing on his naked erect cock. Lisa's boots squeaked as she stepped inside the cage and used the toe of her boot to play with his manhood. She then crouched down over Tom's naked body and with Tom's hands still firmly chained up, she ran her fingers around Tom's lips.

"These really have an effect on my sister." she observed as she pushed her fingers inside.

Lisa stretched her grey knitted top down over her shoulders to reveal her cleavage held in place by a red bra. Tom looked up at her clear blue eyes and swallowed on his dry throat.

"You'd better hope Jess doesn't find out, or you might be the one locked in here."

Lisa smiled as she pulled her fingers out of his mouth, stood up and stepped out of the cage. She then slowly freed Tom from the handcuffs and foot cuffs and watched, without helping, as he struggled painfully out of the cage.

"Can you undo these mitts?"

"Yes, of course, I have the keys."

"OK, will you?"


Lisa tingled with excitement as Tom pushed her back against the wall and held her there with one mitt either side of her body. He was a tall athletic guy. She looked up at his eyes and then down to his tensed biceps and erect cock. 'Oh fuck' she breathed as Jess opened the lounge door and Tom quickly stepped back.

Lisa had then left and Tom had agreed to take Jessica out for lunch in return for her freeing him from the mitts.

That evening, Tom had taken the red eye flight to the US for work. He had returned early on Saturday morning, arriving back at the flat just as Jessica was waking up. She came out of her bedroom wearing a short black nightdress and with her unbrushed hair covering half of her face. She wore smudged eye shadow on barely open eyes.

"Hi," she smiled as she fidgeted nervously in her doorway, "come look at this."

Tom followed her into her darkened room filled with a combination of perfume and her scent. The curtains were still drawn and clothes were strewn around the floor, but in the middle of the room Tom could see a new heavy steel stool.

The base of the stool comprised a shiny metal disc, above which a single steel leg rose up to support the seat. The leather seat was round and had a small backrest. The only unusual feature was a section cut out of the front of the seat, like someone had taken a bite out of it.

"I've lots of work to do this weekend," Jess said as she caressed her new stool, "perhaps you can be with me and inspire me."

"By being part of your furniture?"

Jess nodded and a big grin crossed her sleepy face. She then showered and dressed in a short blue floral summer dress which reached down revealingly between her breasts. She put her hair up in pigtails which only emphasised the look of pure innocence. She leaned forward a little and gave him her best sexy pout.

The effort really wasn't necessary as Tom would have happy have let the cute brunette lock him up in anything, while wearing anything. He stripped down to his black boxers and sat down on the base of the stool with his arms and legs wrapped around the steel leg that supported the seat. He wasn't surprised to find that his neck fitted perfectly into the part of the seat that had been cut out and he sat there looking towards the backrest, with his chin resting on the black leather seat.

"My head will be between your legs." Tom smiled, faking surprise.

"Oh, really?"

"Also, what if I get bored and leave." Tom teased.

Just looking at Tom's muscular body wrapped around the stool was turning Jessica on. With the steel leg now hidden, it looks as if his strong body was actually supporting her seat, maybe in her next design it would. She quickly collected everything she'd need to secure him before he realised quite how cruel this position would be and change his mind.

She first used her 'D' shaped bike lock to secure Tom's neck to the single steel leg. Tom soon realised that this stopped him from pulling his neck back out of the hole in the seat and because the hole in the seat was too narrow for his head to fit down through, this meant that his head could not be separated from the leather seat.

The bike lock alone was enough to connect him permanently to the stool, but Jess continued. With Tom's arms wrapped around the stool's steel leg and back around his body as far as he could reach, Jess padlocked a chain around one wrist and then passed the chain around his back and locked the other end to Tom's other wrist.

Her third and final design feature was a length of chain that she padlocked around his waist then wrapped around the stool's steel leg and then wrapped around his ankles where she used another padlock to secure his feet together. Now his waist, his ankles and the leg of the stool were all joined together.

Tom's body was now helplessly wrapped around the stool's leg with his entire body underneath the seat. The only part of him that wasn't under the seat was his head that poked through the seat cushion.

"It's beautiful." Jess exclaimed as she grabbed her phone and took a picture of her 'steel, leather and sexy guy' sculpture.

"'It's?' beautiful?" Tom questioned, conscious that he was part of the sculpture.

"Try and escape." Jess asked as she took a movie as she walked around.

Tom sat there helplessly as Jessica dragged him over to her desk and eased herself on to the stool. She pulled up her dress so she could see his bodiless head now resting between her thighs, his nose only a couple of inches from her white cotton underwear. Tom looked up at the girl with the pigtail hair, whose eyes were now focused on a book on the desk in front of her.

"What you reading?"

"Shh!" Jessica pulled her dress back down over Tom's head and tucked it in under her thighs to hold it in place, "One more word and I'll gag you!"

'Jessica Law' could be uber strict.

There was very little that Tom could do other than to try and kiss her thighs, she'd pretty much taken away his ability to do anything else. His body was completely chained up and unable to move. She'd sealed his head inside her dress so he had very little to see other than her thighs and panties that sat frustratingly out of reach in front of him. Her thighs were pushed up against his ears so he couldn't hear anything. Taste and smell were also limited to the subtle scent of Jess's body. She had effectively removed all of his senses.

"OK, for the next hour you will focus only on my pussy," Jess eased herself forward on the stool so that her panties pushed against his face and pulled her brief underwear to one side, "I want your undivided worship and attention."

Tom now had a focus. He could immediately smell and taste her wet vagina and kissed it lightly. He used his tongue and watched up close the small physiological changes as her body became aroused. He knew that it would take him much less than an hour to bring her to the limit at which point she would no doubt unchain him and they would make love.

As predicted, only ten minutes later Jess was rocking forward on the stool and crying out in ecstasy. Everything inside her dress was wet, but at least Tom would soon be freed from the hot and humid cell. But when Jess could take no more, she just slid back on the seat until she was out of his reach and pushed her panties back into place. She continued her work leaving Tom still helpless beneath her.

Fuck, the stool was so well designed that the 'sitter' could chose whether it was a place of worship or simply a place of imprisonment. And Jess had decided that Tom would once again be back in the place of imprisonment.

"Jess, let's make out." he asked hopefully.

"Right I'm going to gag you."


Jess enjoyed a little panic in his voice and couldn't help but smile. She pulled her dress even further over his head and tucked it in tightly around her thighs and continued to work.

Jess was interrupted by a text from her sister who wanted to 'make sure she was OK'. Jess knew this was Lisa's code for 'I want to see what you and your twisted guy are doing'. Jess was still thinking about how to answer the text when the doorbell rang and she reluctantly slid off the stool to answer it.

Tom had no desire for others to see him moonlighting as Jess's 'stool sculpture', but there was no way he could move even when Jess wasn't sitting on top. At least he now had fresh air and he breathed it in as he waited.

Jess returned to the room with Lisa, who was again dressed in blue jeans with a fitted white woollen top and her blonde hair was up in a ponytail. She smiled with surprise as she saw the 'man stool'.

"OMG, is this where you've been working," Lisa exclaimed, "it's beautiful."

'It's'? To these girls, Tom had evidently become an object. At least he was a 'beautiful' object.

"Can I try?" Lisa asked.

Jess eyes her sister suspiciously. "Only if you keep your jeans on."

Undeterred by the restriction imposed by her sister, Lisa knelt down to inspect the sculpture, using it as opportunity to run her hands over the muscles of Tom's semi naked body. She could see that her touch made Tom feel vulnerable, but that appealed to her and she ran her hand down towards his boxers as she followed the expression in his eyes.

Lisa eased herself up over his head and took her place on the seat. Tom's bodiless head looked even cuter between her legs. His brown eyes looked up at her, almost pleadingly. She slid forward and closed her denim covered legs around his head, so close that she could feel the warmth of his face against her. Lisa didn't have a guy at the moment and was desperate for the touch of a man.

"That's enough," Jess said, "I've got to go to go out anyway."

Lisa reluctantly climbed off, her arousal cut short, but then she had a better idea. "I'll stay and look after Tom." she said with her best big puppy dog eyes.

"Sure, if I can padlock your jeans."

"What," Lisa exclaimed, not sure whether to laugh or hit or sister, "how twisted are you?"

"The stool is my property and I make the rules."

Jess thought she'd got one over on her older sister, until Lisa finally replied, "Sure, lock me up."

Tom had been watching the siblings squabble and was amused by how he'd been reduced to an object which apparently belonged to Jessica. "Don't I have a say in this?" he asked.

Jessica stopped and looked over, seemingly surprised that her stool had spoken. "No honey, you're just my property," she kissed him on the lips, "but you are my favourite thing."

Tom rolled his eyes and continued to watch the action. Jessica had an open padlock in her hand and was holding it for her sister to see. After some debate, Jess bent down and fiddled with the padlock on the front of her sister's jeans and eventually stood back up, key in hand.

Lisa seemed happy enough with the arrangement and even blew Jess a kiss as she left. The cool blonde had been intrigued by how her little sister had kept an uber sexy guy in a cage and now she had him chained provocatively to a stool, in a position that could only have been designed for one purpose.

Lisa ran her fingers through Tom's dark hair as she walked around the stool.

"I guess you kissed her down there?" Lisa touched her own clit.

Tom loved it when women had control of him and this effect was amplified with Lisa with her tight body and seductive face.

"Yeah, you want me to show you?" he offered.

His words immediately increased the heat inside her. "Really?"

She looked at the padlock that Jessica had secured to the button on her jeans. She tried to undo it, but the lock was too big to fit through the button hole. Lisa looked down at her tight blue jeans that enclosed her slim waist so perfectly. 'Perfectly' may have been the word in the shop, but now they fitted a little too well. She seized the waistband and pulled down, but it was a physical impossibility to get those jeans over her hips without unbuttoning them. The only way would be to cut herself out of the jeans, but they were her favourite jeans, plus then Jessica would know.

"Don't suppose Jess gave you the key?" Lisa asked Tom.

Tom laughed and rattled the high security locks that completely immobilise his body and gave her a look that said 'you must be joking'.

Lisa smiled, this was fun, but getting head from Tom would be even better. She was wearing her sexy black silk underwear, which she could feel between her legs, but which were now unfortunately 'locked' inside her jeans. The silk was now taunting her, sliding over her butt as she wriggled and fought with the locked garment.

"Unzip your jeans," Tom purred, "and take a seat on me."

Lisa smiled and slid her butt over his head and on to the stool. The zipper didn't open far, but it was enough for Tom to get his mouth and nose inside. His lips touched her warm scented underwear and he breathed in for a few moments.

"You smell beautiful."

"Thank you."

He worked his way around the silk barrier and his lips rested on her clit. He felt a shudder run through her body and for a moment it looked as though the two of them might crash to the floor. He focused on a mental image of Lisa's face and imagined what her expression would be now based on her sexy cries of pleasure. He worked his way down to her vagina and was soon deep inside.

He could see down into the crotch of her underwear, a very dark confined space, especially now Lisa was padlocked inside her own jeans. Anything that slipped inside there would be trapped forever.

Lisa was almost spent and so he pulled out, kissing the lips of her vagina as he passed. Lisa slid back on the stool, zipped herself up and was smiling inanely. Tom rested with his head against one of her thighs as he too caught his breathe.

They chatted and joked together until Jessica returned. At which point Jess kicked her sister off the stool and sent her home. The minute the front door had closed, Jess slid back into her rightful place on the stool. The white panties were back in place of Lisa's black underwear, but otherwise things were the same for Tom, chained to the stool with a high sex drive woman treating him as nothing more than a human dildo.

Jessica had once again cocooned him inside her dress and had ordered him to kiss each of her thighs a thousand times. He had only reached seven hundred times when Jess finally slid off the stool, making sure to rub herself as much as she could against his face as her butt passed.

"Ready to make love?" she purred as she arched her back.

She danced around the room looking for her keys and then unlocked Tom's hands, feet and waist. Only his neck was still attached to the stool.

Jess lent on the stool, her butt pushing up against Tom's face, "Oops, did you see where I put the bike lock key?"

"If you stand up I can help you look."

Jess stood up and Tom climbed to his feet with his neck still trapped in the hole in the seat. Jess was laughing almost uncontrollably as she took his hand and led him over to her bed. Tom lay on his back with the stool on top of him, the seat and backrest covering his head. Jess was now too turned onto wait and pushed the base of the stool to one side so she could remove his boxers and lower herself down on to his cock.

She sat astride him and pushed down to get him deep inside her. Fuck, that was nice. She looked for his sexy smile, but his head was hidden by the seat. Tom was unable to smell anything other than the leather seat that had taken the sister's weight for most of the day, but that hardly seemed to matter as he thrust up into her until he climaxed. He couldn't see Jess, but her cries let him know that she had also arrived.

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