tagGroup SexJesse's Story: A Woman's View Ch. 06 Pt. 2

Jesse's Story: A Woman's View Ch. 06 Pt. 2


This is Jesse's story; these will be her words, her thoughts, her emotions. My sole purpose is to present her story to the reader in a readable manner, in an accurate manner, with no editing by me. She made me promise to do this, as she asked, and I promised. I always keep my promises to Jess.

Her Story

Teri's visit; Part II

Teri and I were leaning against my car waiting for Ray to exit the terminal, both of us keeping an eye out for the 'curb cops'. He spotted us, and one at a time, we hugged and kissed him. He and Teri stood on the curb, as I threw his bags into my trunk, talking all of the 'long time, no see' stuff.

"Ray, you're in your office tomorrow like usual?" I asked adding, "And you're golfing on Saturday, right?" He answered yes to both questions, his eyes asking why I was asking.

Shutting my trunk, I told him that the days were his; that I had taken some time off, and that Friday and Saturday, Teri and I were going to flea markets in the area, "treasure hunting," laughing.

"I'll drive," I said, telling him to get in the back seat. He opened the door and climbed up into my SUV, somewhat surprised when Teri jumped into the back seat with him.

"Okay," he said, "what's up with you two hell-raisers?" sensing that he was the only one in the car that didn't know the game plan, and of course, he was right.

"You know how when you come home from your trips, you're ready to screw, primed to screw because you've been away all week?" I said to the rearview mirror, looking at his face in it, seeing his perplexity.

Slowly, looking between Teri and me, Teri just smiling and looking out of her side-glass, "Yeah.....why?" he said, hesitantly.

"Well, Teri and I have plans for you tonight, so why don't we get that first climax out of the way," adjusting my rearview so I had a better look into the backseat.

Hearing the magic words from my mouth, Teri now turned towards Ray, her hands reaching for his suit pants, the sound of his zipper being pulled down.

Looking into his eyes in the mirror, I said to him, "Sit back, relax, and let Ms. Teri take care of that for you." I saw the surprise on his face as Teri hauled his semi-erect dick out of his pants and lowered her head just as I merged onto the interstate.

A couple of passing trucks honked their approval.

I must say that driving, while trying to watch a porn show in your backseat isn't for sissies, but I managed somehow to get us home in one piece. It was quite a sight watching Teri suck off my husband; pretty thrilling actually, understanding a bit more why Ray likes to just watch me with others, at times.

He climaxed about two miles from the house, and by the time I pulled into the garage, she had sucked him clean and restored his dick to his pants, zipping him up afterwards.

"Thanks," Teri said to Ray, "That was fun!"

"Well, yes it was," he managed to say with a smile on his face, "but no, thank you."


Teri and I had gotten everything ready for dinner, so while Ray unpacked his bags, she and I put it all together and into the oven, high-fiving each other afterwards, the reason for which, only we knew.

I told Ray to go ahead and get a head start on his office work so it wouldn't take him as long tomorrow, that Teri and I would call him when dinner was ready. He said okay, and went into his office to do just that.

Teri took me into her arms and kissed me, which I returned, the two of us letting the oven do its thing, while we did ours, right there in the kitchen; her face between my legs and hiked up skirt, as I sat on the countertop, her hands under my ass, lifting my bush to her face. I stifled a moan of joy when my climax happened, a little one, but none are bad.

Sliding off of the counter, I took Teri into my arms and backed her into a corner while kissing her, my hand sliding down the front of her shorts until I felt her pubes, then her clit. Still kissing her, I got her off quickly, her clit very, very responsive to my strokes and touches.

Right as she got off, the oven timer sounded with a 'ding', causing us to break off the kiss, laughing.

Teri called out for Ray to join us. Taking our leisurely time with dinner, wine, and all, we sat around the table, finishing the bottle, talking, joking as friends do. I asked Ray to fire up the hot tub, and we'd clean up quickly, and join him.

"Don't forget to roll some weed," Teri cautioned after him, as he walked away from the dining room. He signaled that he heard her with a wave of his hand over his shoulder, saying "Yeah, yeah; now I've got two damned women running my life," laughing as he said it.

"And don't fucking forget it, stud," I yelled out to him, the joke in my voice.

He joined us in the bedroom just as Teri and I had gotten out of our clothes, and we talked among ourselves as he stripped as well, the three of us heading out of the slider, out to the tub. He fired up the joint, staying out of the tub for a bit, the three of us passing it around; the doob done, he got into the tub with us, the three of us feeling little or no pain, thanks to the smoke and the wine.

It was pleasant outside; the blend of night air and warm water feeling very good to our bodies, all of us letting the stone and water take us away from the stress and turmoil that was the world we lived in.

"So what do you two chickadees have up your sleeves, if you had sleeves, that is," Ray finally said.

"Nothing much other than we plan on having our way with you tonight; we plan on you servicing us with that big 'ol cock of yours, baby," I answered for Teri and I.

Looking first at me, then at Teri, he asked, seriously, "Rick okay with this, Teri?"

"When I told him this afternoon what Jess and I had in mind, he only had one thing to say," Teri answered.

"What was that?" Ray had to finally ask seeing she wasn't volunteering anything more.

"Have fun, honey, tell those two to take good care of you" "and oh, by the way, Rick said to say 'hi'," she replied.

Ray stayed silent for a long time, processing what he had just heard us say.

Then, with a dead-pan expression on his face, he simply said, "Damnit, I knew I should have bought a lottery ticket today!"

Ray reached out to the both of us, taking our hands and pulling us closer together, the three of us; he put an arm around the both of us, and we sat there for a long time, the silence broken only by the sounds of night from the woods behind our house.

Teri and I snuggled against Ray's body, snuggled under his arms. Our hands finding each other's in his lap, we let our fingers play with the other's, feeling the edge of his pubes as we did so. As his manhood awakened, we took it into our hands, both of us, and touched, fondled, stroked it into the hard monster that it can be.

Wordlessly, we stood and exited the tub, silently drying our bodies. Ray just smiled and watched as Teri and I dried each other off, our touches lingering in those special places.

Ray later told me that when he saw our interaction on the deck drying each other, he knew, then, that Teri and I had been with each other sexually, and that he felt gladness in his heart for the both of us.

I locked the door behind us and closed the blinds, as they climbed onto the bed, Teri kissing him and caressing his hardness, at the same time. I turned on the dim lights and turned off the overhead, and walked to the settee that faces the bed on my side.

Sitting, I watched with interest and with lust as they loved each other, as they touched each other; Ray looked at me, raising an eyebrow in a questioning manner, I simply said, softly, "No, baby, not yet, I'd like to watch for a while if that's okay," my hand already running through my pubes, the dampness barely felt but there.

And I did watch; I watched as their passions overtook their beings, I watched as he pulled her on top of him as he laid on his back, gently lowering her by her hips until she enveloped his shaft completely, the pleasure spreading on both of their faces. And when they came, I did as well, my body shaking with pleasure.

Teri collapsed onto Ray's chest, his manhood staying inside of her, a smile of satisfaction large on her face. I climbed into the bed with them, snuggled up to Ray and Teri so that my body faced his side, my wetness against his hip, my arm thrown over Teri as she lay on Ray.

I don't remember how long we laid there, the three of us, but I do remember Teri rolling off of Ray, his dick slipping out. She took him into her mouth, sucking him hard again, as he and I kissed tenderly, lovingly, our passion mounting. When he hardened, she backed away so he could mount me, my legs wrapping around the back of his thighs, entrapping his hardness inside of me, our climaxes coming quickly and at the same time.

After a long restful period for us, Teri leaned over us and kissed us both, saying goodnight.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"To my room; Ray's home and this is his space," Teri answered, standing at the doorway.

"I don't know, Teri, you can do what you want, but our bed is certainly large enough for the three of us," I said, looking at her.

She walked back to the bed and climbing onto it, she lay on the other side of Ray, her hand over mine on his chest, the three of us falling into a very restful sleep.


Friday and Saturday, during the day, Teri and I did the flea markets and antique stores, Ray did his thing. Those nights, we did him, he did us, and we did each other, much to his ringside delight.

Teri and I found that we had a mutual enjoyment of being fucked, doggy-style, while we went down on the other. A very nice combination of sensations, we agreed. She also confessed to me that I seem to have unlocked a side of her she didn't know existed.

"Rick's going to love the fact that I like eating pussy," she laughingly said. Looking at me seriously, now, she added, "and I'm so damned glad that were my first taste of pussy, Jess, thank you for that," kissing me sweetly afterwards.

Then, she went down on me, right there in the living room, thank you.

All too soon, Sunday morning arrived and leaving Ray deep in well-earned sleep, I took Teri to the airport.

We hugged tightly at the curb while her luggage was checked curbside. Stepping back, but her arms still around me, she just looked at me for a bit, and then kissed me, a nice kiss to my lips.

"Think about coming out to see us, will you? You and Ray, or even you by yourself if you get crazy with work and he's too busy to take time off, okay?" she said softly.

I promised I would, and I did, about six months later. Teri says that Rick still smiles when he talks of my visit with them that week. I visited alone, Ray at a convention, and Rick had a great time with Teri and me.

Teri and I had a great time with ourselves as well, a really great time.

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