tagGroup SexJessica Gets Tricked

Jessica Gets Tricked


Jessica's body was soaked with sweat. Her freshly high-lit hair was already damp and she wasn't sure her thick mascara wouldn't start running down her cheeks. It was one of those 'sticky' days, as she always thought of them. Hot and humid without a cloud in the sky. The kind of day where a white tank top and her Daisy Dukes were the only option. Forget the bra and panties, she knew they'd be coming off soon anyway.

She sat on a shabby, second hand couch in the middle of nowhere staring at the cracked tile floor of Jack's one room shack, hoping a roach didn't decide to join her. Her eyes fixed on the small, dirty mattress in the corner.

"This better end soon," she thought. "It's bad enough I have to fuck this guy, he could at least get some air conditioning." "How could this sad sack of shit afford to lend me that money when he lives in a dump like this?"

The abrupt arrival of his voice nearly surprised her out of seat. "I don't actually live here, it's just a fuck pad," he stated rather calmly, as if he'd said it a hundred times before.

"He must have seen the look on my face," she thought, "I better start playing my part." She forced herself into an absent minded calm and smiled at him seductively, almost submissively. He was carrying two popsicles that looked homemade.

"What's that?", she asked with a giggle.

He ran his eyes over her body, blatantly pausing on her erect nipples. "Popsicles silly, you looked a little hot."

She looked down and realized her sweat soaked breasts were in full view through her now see-thru tank top. She knew this was her opportunity to get things over with and began to pull it off.

"Whoa," he laughed. "Slow down sweetie, we've got all night." "Here, eat your popsicle and we'll talk about your little situation." He stuck out his hand as a 'trust me' smile crept across his middle-aged face. She studied it for the first time and decided things could be worse. He was about as average as the come, if just a little homely. And he wasn't exactly in shape, but at least he wasn't dirty and overweight.

Jessica sighed, accepted her 'gift' and thought, "What the hell is there to talk about?" "I know what happens when girls owe this creep money, everybody does, that's why he only lends it to hotties like me."

Jack slumped back in a torn leather recliner across the room and eyed her with an eerie lack of lust. Jessica decide to kick it into high gear and began fellating her icy treat. She started by slowly running it over her bright red pouty lips. Then she seductively tongued it while slowly lifting her eyes and shooting her best 'fuck me' look at him. It actually didn't taste that bad at first, like cherry Kool-Aid. She sucked it slowly into her mouth, letting out a slow moan. She pushed it at the inside of her cheek, making her face bulge slightly. Her gaze intensified as she slowly withdrew it, then made an exaggerated popping noise as it exited her warm mouth. Then she rhythmically pistoned it between her lips a few times before noticing that the heat from the air combined with her playfulness was making it melt faster than it should.

When the coolness began to pass from her lips down to her belly and spread throughout her petite, yet voluptuous body, she noticed an odd salty aftertaste. This brought her out of her tease and left her with a quizzical look.

"What did you use to make this?", she asked.

"Cherry Kool-Aid," he shrugged.

She raised a skeptical eyebrow, looked back at the deformed popsicle and gingerly put it back in her mouth. Just as she began to suck on it, waiting to see if the saltiness could just be either her own sweat or imagination, he smiled an evil smile and said, "And my cum."

Her body froze. Her eyes grew wide and, with the popsicle still in her now gaping mouth, all she could think to do is stare at him, hoping he'd laugh and tell her it was a joke. It wasn't. He made her this special treat days ago, jacking off five times into the little plastic popsicle mold and mixing it with some cherry Kool-Aid. What he didn't tell her, and what was now making his cock try to stretch through his jeans, was what else he added to the mix.

Jessica felt her face flush and her body actually get hotter than it already was. She whipped the 'cumsicle' at his head and jolted up from the couch. But before she could decide whether to run out of the house or beat him senseless, she felt her knees go weak and fell to the floor at his feet. She tried to push herself up, but her arms gave out as well. She lay on her side on the dingy floor, barely finding enough strength to roll her head back and look up at him.

He lazily rose out of his chair and kneeled next to her. He put a hand on her forehead and lifted one of her eyelids with his thumb, examining her like a doctor. His sudden triumphant laugh frightened her to her very core. She'd never felt more helpless or confused. Though she was perfectly conscious, she had absolutely no control over her body.

Jack put his grinning mouth next to her ear, "I slipped you a roofie baby!" "Don't worry, you'll be asleep soon, and debt free before you know it."

Jessica's eyes opened slowly, almost by themselves. The first thing she saw was the chipped paint of a dirty white wall. It took a few seconds, and a slight rush of blood to realize her head was upside down. She blinked a few times and felt a cool night air pass over her naked body.

"Why am I naked?", she thought. "Where am I?"

She tried to lift her head, but it felt something pull at her hair. She also suddenly realized that her legs were spread and somehow lifted into the air, though no one was holding them. Her body began to tremble as she noticed the only things touching her were some sort of padding around her neck, a rope around her waist binding her wrists behind her back, and a leather strap around each ankle. Her bewildered mind began to race, knowing she'd never been this exposed while also not knowing how she ended up this way. While definitely scared, she somehow felt sexy, even a little turned on. She also realized that nothing was beneath her. The odd sensation of being suspended had begun to sink in when she heard footsteps and a door slamming shut.

"H-h-hello?", she stammered. Silence. "Where am I?" "Jack?"

"That's right cutie," he said with a fatherly air. She saw a bright flash and heard the distinct sound of an instant camera.

He was quickly standing at her side, smiling down at her like a pet. All she could see was his face and slightly hairy chest, yet something told her he was naked. That thought was confirmed when she felt what could only be the head of an engorged cock lightly brush her shoulder.

He held a picture in front of her eyes. She almost didn't recognize herself. There was a foam collar around her neck connected to the floor by a thin piece of rope. A long piece of leather was running from each side of it to her ankles, spreading her legs and pulling them back. She was hovering about three inches above the dirty little mattress she saw earlier. The rope around her waist was attached to a ring in the ceiling. Additional ropes from her ankles also extended to two more rings. And her long hair was loosely fastened to a hook in the floor.

Her mind suddenly felt as though it was being being ripped in two. One side was thinking only of escape, the other of being ravaged. Her surprisingly wet pussy began to tingle. She tried again to move her head and failed. "What's going on?" "What did you do to me?"

"Nothing," he said with amusement. "Yet."

She couldn't think of a worse thing to hear. "Yet?", she wondered. "What was he waiting for?" "What was he planning?" "Why'd he do this?"

"You don't have to," she meekly uttered.

"I don't have to what?"

"This, you don't have to do this," she pleaded. "I knew what you wanted when I came over, and I was going to let you."

"Let me what?", he chuckled. His smile spread into a toothy grin. Jessica finally realized the power he held. The word 'let' was no longer part of her vocabulary. He could do anything and everything he wanted. But what did he want? Her heart began to pound. Her breasts trembled with fear. She closed her eyes, trying to understand, trying to figure out if he wanted to hurt her, just fuck her, or both.

"This is a game to him, a fucking game," she realized. "Should I play along?" "What does he want to see from me?" "Fear, anger, excitement?"

She heard his feet shuffle, felt a hand on her cheek, and something else resting on her chin. She quickly opened her eyes and saw his ass hovering over her. Then she felt his balls brush her nose as he took a half step back and rubbed his cock on her lips. It all happened so abruptly that her body reacted before her mind knew what was happening. Without thought, her tongue was gently lapping at his head. A wave of excitement rolled from her confused mind to her mouth, then pulsed over her hardening nipples before finally stopping at her moistened pussy.

"That's a good girl," he moaned.

Jessica found herself becoming compliant, but not quite submissive. "Maybe this is it," she thought. "If I can please him quickly, it'll be over." She tried to forget about being drugged and restrained and concentrate on her own 'pleasure'. Though she didn't do it for just anybody, sucking dick was something she always enjoyed. She liked to feel her lips stretched, her mouth filled. The feeling of power over a man and his orgasm. And she quite enjoyed the taste of cum.

She decide to focus on that last thought and let her body take over. She flicked her tongue hard over the tip of his cock, just once, then closed her lips around it and givingly began to suck. Her tongue rolled around the tip, tasting his precum, hoping it was a sign that he had a short fuse and it would soon be over.

Then he rested his hands on her cheeks and slowly pushed his rigid meat into her mouth. She knew where he was headed, and tried to breath through her nose and relax her throat. Soon, his pubic hair circled her mouth. His balls tickled her nose and her gag reflex finally kicked in, causing him to twitch and tickle her throat.

Jack decided to leave it there for another second before pulling out. He did, slowly, then stared down at her, enjoying his position of power as she caught her breath. He smiled down at her and playfully slapped her cheeks with his cock.

"You like sucking dick, baby?"

She hesitated, not sure how to answer. "Yes," she whispered.

He pinched her nose shut. "What was that?"

"YES," she shouted.

"I bet you've done it a lot." "I wouldn't be surprised if you sucked every dick around here."

She felt her cheeks get red. She knew what he wanted to hear, but didn't want to give him total control by lying and telling him yes. She felt very dirty already, but not yet fully degraded.

He smiled and said calmly, "Don't worry, you'll get your chance."

Confused, she tried to ask what he meant, but as soon as her mouth opened he plunged his cock back in. She gagged and tried to spit him out. He pulled slightly back then forced himself down her throat. He repeated this over and over, fucking her mouth and throat with abandon. No one ever took her like this and it seemed to make her excitement grow. The sense of danger began to fade, she tried to clear her mind and wished she could touch her aching clit. He pistoned faster and faster, tightening his grip on her head. He suddenly let out an animal-like grunt, pulled his cock from her mouth and began spurting cum all over her face. It hit her cheeks, her lips, her tongue and her forehead. It just kept coming, coating every inch of her face. He eventually finished with a loud sigh and left his softening cock resting on her forehead. Cum rolled down her face and onto the floor. She wanted more and couldn't deny it. She rolled her tongue over her chin and upper lip. She even tried to stretch it to her cheeks, tasting as much as she could.

Then she felt him walk away. She heard the sounds of him wiping himself off and getting dressed. An awkward silence filled the air. Not even the sound of his breath was apparent. Her tried to move her head side to side, trying to see anything she could. Some kind of cloth landed on her face and she smelled her own scent.

"Sorry," he said with a laugh. "I forgot to bring a towel, so you're shirt will have to do."

As he 'cleaned her up', she felt her anger rise again.

"Is that it?", she heard herself say. "Had enough of your little game, you sorry fuck!" She knew it was a mistake, but couldn't control herself. She also knew her anger didn't come from the way he used her shirt, or her mouth, but her own unfulfilled needs. It was bad enough when her selfish boyfriends left her desperate for an orgasm, but to be left wanting by a man she didn't even want in the first place was enough to really piss her off.

He lightly ran a finger over her pussy. "Aw, did this turn you on?", he taunted. He rubbed her own pussy juice on her lips and laughed uncontrollably. "I don't give a shit what you want, you little slut." "Or should I say, little whore?" "That's what you are now, isn't it?"

Her anger turned to embarrassment. "I'm not a whore," she said more to herself than him.

"Sure you are." "You knew you couldn't pay back that loan." "Which means you knew you'd have to come over here and give me something else." "Right?"

She shook her head and lied, "No, I was going to pay you back, I swear." "I don't just sleep with anybody, and I'm not for sale!" She knew that only the first half of that statement was still true and tears of frustration began to roll down the side of her face.

He wiped them away and said reassuringly, "Now, now, I don't like my bitches to cry." "We wouldn't want me feeling guilty about this, would we?"

"I'm not your bitch!" "Let me go and there won't be anything to feel guilty about," she pleaded, knowing it was useless.

"Well, you're right about one thing, there isn't anything to feel guilty about." "I'm simply collecting on a debt." "You're wrong about the other thing though, you are my bitch, at least until you're done paying off what you owe."

She accepted that it wasn't over, but still didn't fully understand what he meant. "What are you going to do?" "Please, I just want to know what you want." "I can make you happy, just untie me."

"You don't get it cutie." "I'm already happy, I got what I wanted." "Sure, I would have loved to find out whether your pussy tastes as sweet as it smells, or maybe even fuck that tight little ass of yours, but my happiness is no longer important."

She never let anyone fuck her in the ass and felt briefly repulsed until the rest of his words hit her - hard. He wasn't going to be the last to use her. Her eyes got big, and she let out a whimper. "No," barely escaped her feeble lips.

"Yes," he sarcastically replied.

Her chest felt heavy. Her breath became erratic. She felt helpless and started to squirm, causing her body to sway.

Jack laughed again and gripped her shoulders, steadying her.

"Show's gonna start soon, so let's just get everything straight." "You're going to be my little moneymaker tonight whether you like it or not." "When it's over, you'll be free, but if you intend to say anything to anybody, forget about it now." "Not only do I have this little snapshot, but I also took a bunch with my digital while you were doped up." "And I have a video camera hidden in here." "You talk and you'll be the hottest slut the internet's ever seen." "Understood?"

She closed her eyes, still trying to think of a way out. He put a hand on her left breast, briefly massaged it, then pinched her nipple. He twisted it between his fingers and pulled up tightly.

She bit her lip and whimpered. "Yes," she said as she opened her eyes to meet his.

"Good," he said. "Now I have another question, You ever eat pussy?"

"What?", she asked. "Why would you ask me..."

She heard the door open and took a deep breath, realizing that her night was about to begin. Though she could tell by the sound of the footsteps that two people just walked in, she didn't have to ask if at least one of them was a woman.

"Oooh my!", she heard from a sexy feminine voice.

She heard what sounded like a kiss on a cheek or forehead. "Happy birthday baby," a man proudly stated.

Next she heard Jack. "Twenty each."

"Twenty?", thought Jessica. She felt insulted and even a little hurt. "I'm not only about to become a whore, but a twenty dollar whore?"

"What do we get for twenty?", asked the woman.

"What ever you want," answered Jack. "But if you're going to be more than a half hour, it's either another twenty, or you might have to share her." "And feel free to cum anywhere on her, but not in her ass or pussy, the next person might not like it."

"Might share her?", questioned the man. "What do you mean by might?"

"Yeah, this bitch loves to take it all night, so I got some more people lined up, they'll be here any minute" "But sometimes they just like to watch, you know, to get warmed up."

"All night?", thought Jessica. "How many will I have to do?" She tried to figure the math. She owed him $1500. That's 75 people. 75 fucking people! She shuddered at the thought. Jessica was a small girl and her tight little pussy could barely take it when her boyfriend wanted to fuck her more than twice in a day. She was always sore for at least 24 hours and had to suck his dick just to keep him happy. Now she'd be sucking and fucking dozens of people for God knows how long in God knows what manner. An image of herself, exhausted and bathed in sweat and cum entered her mind. Her pussy began to get wet again. "What the fuck?", she thought. "This can't be turning me on!"

Her mind was quickly snapped back to reality as a soft, gentle hand caressed her thigh. She startled and began to tremble. She never entertained the thought of being with a woman. Being young and attractive certainly brought her a few offers, and she would never judge anyone by their sex habits, but it just didn't interest her.

"She's timid!", said the woman with a laugh. The two men laughed as well.

"I'll be outside," giggled Jack.

Jessica began to panic and tried twisting away from the fingers playfully squeezing her flesh on their way up her leg.

"Wait, Jack, please," she stammered. She suddenly wanted him to stay. The thought of being alone with two strangers, one of them a woman, scared her. But what terrified her was how turned on she was getting. She heard the door close just as two large, manly hands gently, almost lovingly, massaged her breasts. The man's face appeared before her. His kind and pleasant features did little to ease her mind, but did help to subdue her sense of danger.

"Relax babe," he said. "I promised my wife a good time for her birthday." He briefly looked over his shoulder, then smiled at her warmly. "You might even like it." "Go ahead sweetie."

Just then the woman placed her hands on either side of Jessica's cunt. She lightly ran her thumbs along her pussy lips. "She's wet," the woman said with surprise and excitement.

"See, it's just sex babe," the man said to Jessica.

She closed her eyes and tried to imagine her boyfriend. He didn't like to lick her down there, and only did it begrudgingly. But at least she had some memory to draw upon. Maybe it would be enough to see her through this.

The man smiled again before turning his attention back to his wife. She pushed one thumb into Jessica, and gently rubbed her clit with the other. Then she leaned forward and began to lap at her pussy. She worked her hands and tongue in a slow rhythm. One thumb rubbed her clit, the other made circular motions inside of her cunt, while her tongue ran the length between them. As she increased her speed, the man took one of Jessica's breasts in his mouth and started sucking the nipple. Though she tried, Jessica couldn't deny how good it felt. The woman's expert attention combined with her frustration after Jack's face fucking left her aching for relief. She unconsciously let out a low moan. The man and woman both giggled.

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