tagLoving WivesJessica's Big Dick Adventure Ch. 03

Jessica's Big Dick Adventure Ch. 03


I drove on the way back home. Sitting next to me, in the front seat, Jessica went on and on about what a great time she had.

"Oh honey, thank you so much for sharing me with Rick and Bill. I loved Bill's big dick and Rick's enormous fuck stick. But most of all I love you and your fabulous cock. I had the greatest time of my life. All those big throbbing boners just for me. All three of you with enormous erections."

Jessica continued on enthusiastically. "You got hard for my body. You got hard looking at my face and my mouth and my tits and my pussy and my legs. You all came for me. I made three big boners cum. You came on me! You came all over me and I drank it all up. I licked it all off. I drained three hard cocks dry."

"Then you all fucked me silly," she continued. "You filled me up and you came on me again and again and again! I LOVED IT! CUM ON ME. CUM ON MY FACE. CUM ON MY TITS! CUM ALL OVER ME! You all had so much JIZZ in you and I SUCKED IT ALL DOWN! My tummy is filled with the cum from THREE BIG DICKS. I LOVED IT!"

I couldn't believe it. Jessica's raving on and on about our adventure was getting me all worked up again! My dick was starting to tent up my pants. It was getting hard for the third time tonight!

Jessica noticed the growing bulge in my pants and reached over to rub my dick through the material. My wife, the reigning cum sucking Queen of the Universe, had probably planned the whole thing. She had probably hoped that my hearing her speak so brazenly would get her what she craved... another load of cum to drink!

I kept my attention on the road as best I could while Jessica unzipped my pants, reached in and hauled out my third boner of the evening.

Jessica started to gently glide her experienced fingers over the length of my shaft. She massaged my balls then rubbed her way up and down the bottom, middle and top of my shaft. She then teased the crown with her incredibly talented fingertips.

All the while she was massaging my dick with her hand she continued her soliloquy. "Ooh, you're so hard again. I love it. I love your big hard dick. You're as hard as an iron rod. You got hard again just for me. A big hard boner just for me to suck off until you cum in my mouth again." Jessica then leaned over and lustily licked off the drop of pre-cum that had emerged from the swollen head of my newly aroused dick.

"Careful honey," I said, "I don't want to get us into an accident." Jessica sat back up but kept her hand on my dick, teasing me with her fingers.

She said, "OK babe, but you're off the hook only until we get home 'cause I can't wait to taste you again. I'm going to milk every last drop out of you."

After cumming twice already I knew it would take quite a bit of coaxing for her to get another load out of me.

Finally we pulled into the driveway. Jessica didn't even wait for me to turn the engine off before leaning over and taking the head of my cock into her mouth. She then applied that incredible vacuum-like suction she was capable of.

I turned the engine off and Jessica sucked my dick in and out of her mouth. Occasionally she would remove her lips to lick the head and entire length of my cock with her tongue. I guess by now I shouldn't have been surprised by anything Jessica did, but here I was getting a first class blow job. Here I was getting sucked off by my wife while sitting in our car in the driveway of our house! Out where any of our neighbors could walk by and see what we were doing. Granted, it was very late and unlikely that anyone would be out, but the possible risk of getting caught just added to the excitement.

Jessica continued to lick me, suck me, blow me, and generally give my dick a complete workout in her mouth. Normally I wouldn't have lasted this long but having cum twice already I had quite a bit of staying power. My balls probably needed the time to make another load for my wife's insatiable appetite.

Jessica stopped long enough to say, "Come on honey, give me another mouthful of jizz. Give me your love juice. Cum in my mouth, baby!"

Jessica held my dick with one hand and rubbed it over every inch of her beautiful face. She pushed herself up on one arm and used her other hand to slip her dress down so that her boobs stuck out. She leaned over and pressed her tits around my cock and slid them up and down. She fucked my dick with her tits.

My cum hungry wife then said, "Jizz me baby. Cum on my tits. Coat me with your juice." She spoke loud enough that I was very glad it was late and no one was likely to be out and about.

Jessica leaned over and took the head of my dick in her mouth and sucked hard. At the same time she pressed her boobs against the sides of my dick, released them and then pushed them together again.

While fucking me with her boobs she continued to apply non-stop suction to my dick head. She looked up at my face and licked her lips. She was giving my dick the time of its life between her fabulous tits.

"Jizz me," said Jessica loudly. "Spray me with your hot cum." And I did.

I came for the third time that night as she spoke, shooting a streamer of cum up through her tits and onto her neck. Jessica immediately leaned over and slid her lips down the entire length of my bursting boner. She was deep throating me while I came!

I didn't have much jizz left in me but Jessica took what she could get with gusto. She drained me dry yet again. I didn't think I'd be able to cum again for a month.

Jessica kept mouthing me while my dick deflated. She didn't give up until I was completely limp. Then, reluctantly, carefully, she put my dick back in my pants and gave it one last kiss.

She then zipped my pants back up and said, "Thanks stud. I had a great time tonight."

Catching a glint of movement out of the corner of my eye I looked up just in time to see two shapes I vaguely recognized. They ducked behind some bushes at the side of our house.

I said, "The evening may not be over yet, babe. We may have had an audience just now. What do you think? Are you ready to take on a couple of more big dicks? Young ones?"

Jessica put her boobs back in her dress and we got out of the car. I looked up and down the street and at our neighbors' houses to make sure that none of our neighbors were watching.

I said, loud enough to be heard by our Peeping Toms, "Go on inside honey. I just want to check on something out front."

Jessica started slowly toward the front door and I walked to the street in front of the bushes, blocking any attempt at escape.

I turned to face the bushes from the street and said, "OK guys. I know you're hiding behind that bush. Come on out."

As I had figured, instead of coming out to face me, the two voyeurs tried to flee toward the back. They ran head on into Jessica who had approached the bushes from the rear while I distracted them.

Realizing they had been caught red handed and recognized, they stood there no longer trying to get away. As I walked over to join them I recognized John and Carl, two college freshmen from our neighborhood, who were back from school for the summer.

I heard Jessica say, "So did you enjoy the free live peep show?"

Carl muttered something I couldn't make out and John said, "We didn't see anything, honest we didn't."

Jessica said, "Really? You didn't see me take my husband's big dick down my throat? You didn't see me fuck his cock with my big boobs?" To emphasize her words Jessica cupped her tits from underneath and jiggled them up and down.

Still too embarrassed at getting caught, John and Carl didn't yet realize that Jessica was teasing them. They must have been thinking that we would call their parents and get them in trouble.

Carl said, "Really, we were just walking by. We didn't see anything like you said."

"Well then," said Jessica, "I guess I'm just going to have to show it to you again! My husband is too spent to help out. Mind if I demonstrate on your tasty young dicks?"

Taken by surprise at this turn of events both John and Carl looked at me to see my reaction. They were probably thinking I was about to beat the crap out of them.

I said, "Come on out back boys. My wife is still horny and I don't have the energy left in me to screw her again. I'd consider it a favor if you'd fuck her for me... Oh, by the way... When you cum, make sure you empty your loads on her face and tits. She likes that."

While I talked to them Jessica took a couple of steps forward and placed a hand on each of their groins and rubbed their dicks through their pants. Jessica said, "Ooh, you're both so hard. Let's go out back. It's a warm evening and no one can see us back there."

John and Carl, in unison, said, "Yes Ma'am."

Jessica kicked off her high-heeled shoes and the three of them walked out to the back yard. Jessica was in the lead and sashaying her butt as she walked for the benefit of the two teenagers. John and Carl looked to be a bit weak in the knees as they stumbled along behind her; eyes were glued to her curvaceous figure.

I took one more look around to make sure that no one had seen us, picked up Jessica's shoes, and then followed to watch the show.

To Be Continued...

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