tagLoving WivesJessica's Big Dick Adventure Ch. 04

Jessica's Big Dick Adventure Ch. 04


When I got to the back yard I found Jessica standing between the two teenagers. Four hands were groping her at once. Jessica had a lip lock on John while he fondled her right boob through her dress. Carl was kissing her neck from behind and was pawing her left boob with his hand.

Jessica alternated kissing each of them while they continued running their hands over her hot body. My wife freed herself from their grip and said, "Why don't you sit on that bench over there while I get naked for you?"

John and Carl did as asked and I took a seat off to the side of the action.

Jessica stood facing them, breathing hard enough to make her tits shake and bounce. She must have been quite a sight to these two inexperienced but horny college freshmen. She stood in front of them in her fish net stockings with her voluptuous body packed into a too tight, too short, too low cut black dress.

She must have looked like a vision from their horniest teenage fantasies. With her messed up hair and an unmistakable look of lust in her eyes, she brazenly stared at the prominent cock bulges straining to break free of their pants.

Jessica placed her hands on her hips and said, "So what do you two young studs think? Want to see more?"

Without waiting for a response my wife slipped the straps of her dress off her shoulders and shook her body. This caused her tits to shake and her dress to drop down exposing her thin black lace bra. You could see her hardened nipples pressing against the thin material.

Jessica then slipped the dress over her hips and let it fall to the ground at her feet. She now stood there facing the two of them in nothing but her bra, panties, and stockings.

Jessica said, "Should I continue? Do you want to see my naked tits? Do you want me to show you my big, sexy boobs?"

Once again Jessica didn't wait for a response. She reached behind her and unclasped the hooks of her bra. It fell to the ground, joining her dress at her feet. Free from their tight restraint her tits burst out and bounced up and down.

Now my wife faced them clad only in panties and stockings. Her naked tits were only a few feet away from them. A few feet away from their dicks, which had obviously hardened to a state where they must have been quite painful, encased in the tight confines of their jeans.

"Oh you poor dears," said Jessica. "Your cocks must hurt so much being locked up like that in your pants. Here, let me take them out for you."

My wife got to her knees in front of them, placing one hand on each of their bulges and rubbing. She then simultaneously lowered their zippers and reached in to grab their dicks. She pulled them out.

Obviously inexperienced and over stimulated Carl began to cum immediately, spraying an incredibly large amount of cum straight at my wife's face.

Embarrassed, Carl tried to aim his spurting dick away from her and said, "Sorry. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean..."

He was interrupted by my wife pulling his erupting cock into her mouth and sucking him deep into her throat in one big gulp. Seeing this scene out of the hottest porno movies happening right in front of him, John also started to cum prematurely.

Jessica quickly removed her mouth from Carl's still dripping dick and aimed John's erupting boner at her wide open mouth. After the first couple of shots machine gunned between her lips she jerked furiously on his dick, causing it to spray cum all over her face.

When John's cum spurting dick dwindled to a dribble she stuffed him back into her mouth and applied enough suction to drain out whatever jizz was left in his dick. She then did the same for Carl's dick as well

Despite having just cum, both of their cocks were still hard and standing tall. I had forgotten what recuperative powers the raging hormones of youth provided. What Jessica then did caused both their cocks to expand even more.

She licked the cum off her lips and then, with her face tilted up, used her fingers to push the remaining jizz over her cheeks and into her mouth. Jessica then stood up and removed her panties and used them to wife off any jizz that she may have missed.

Jessica said, "What are you waiting for? Get out of your clothes. Judging by the size of the hard-ons you still have we're not done yet!"

When they still hesitated, too stunned by what just happened to move, Jessica said, "Let's go! I need dick and I need it now. If you won't give it to me I'll go find someone who will."

That shook them out of their trance! Both teenagers scrambled to get out of their clothes as fast as they could.

Meanwhile, Jessica got down on her hands and knees on the grass.

Looking up at John and Carl, who were pulling off the last of their clothes, she said, "John, I want you to stuff your big teenage dick in my pussy from behind. Carl, I want you to fuck my mouth. I'm going to show you two the time of your lives. You're never going to forget this evening!"

John and Carl hurried to get into position. Jessica reached back with one hand to guide John's throbbing boner into her pussy. Once John started pumping away she turned to Carl and started to rub his dick around her face taking little swipes at it with her tongue.

My wife said, "Oh yes. Yes! Fuck me with that hard dick. Screw me baby. I love cock. I love dick. I love cum. Fill me up."

Jessica then took Carl's dick head into her mouth and sucked her way down the entire length of his shaft until her mouth was pressed against his pubic hair. She pumped her head back and forth giving Carl the thrill of his young life.

Easing her mouth off his shaft she said, "OK Carl, now I want you to fuck my face. Pump your big hard dick into my mouth. I want to feel you and John filling me up from both ends."

Jessica opened her mouth wide and waited for Carl to fill her throat with his cock. He quickly obliged her and pushed his dick into her mouth and started to slowly and gently pump it in and out. Jessica, not yet satisfied, placed her hands on Carl's hips and pulled him into her throat hard and fast. He got the message and started to really fuck her face.

In the meantime John continued to plow his way in and out of her cunt for all he was worth. Jessica was buffeted back and forth between the jackhammering she was receiving from both ends.

After quite a good bit of this, Jessica pushed Carl back and crawled forward off of John's dick. "OK, time to switch," she said. "Carl, I want you to fuck me as hard and fast as you can. Batter me with your ramrod. John, come over here where I can get that big beautiful dick of yours into my mouth." Jessica was obviously running the show and both teenagers hurried to obey.

John and Carl got into position and proceeded to fuck my wife hard and fast from both ends. Having just cum shortly before, the two teenagers had plenty of stamina left and were able to keep this frantic pace up for quite a while longer.

They kept fucking and Jessica urging them on. On and on it went. John and Carl were having the experience of a lifetime and Jessica was getting what she needed. Cock! Hard cock fucking into her from both ends.

Jessica came repeatedly under the insistent assault of two hard, tireless teenage dicks. Finally, sensing that their orgasms were eminent, Jessica squirmed out of their grasps and kneeled between them.

She looked up and said, "Come closer. Bring your big dicks over here and jerk off on my face."

Jessica leaned her head back and Bill and Carl started to pump their meat over her face. Jessica reached down with both hands and started to frig her clit.

In just a few seconds Jessica came. John and Carl continued to beat their meat and rub their dicks in my wife's face. They were obviously determined to make this incredible, once in a lifetime experience last as long as possible.

Jessica came again saying, "Oh, oh, oh... Yes, yes, yes... Jerk off on me. Rub your big dicks on my face. Cum on my face. Give me your cum. Jizz me. Hose me down good. Spray me with your cum!"

Jessica placed her hands below her big tits and pushed them both up to her face as if in offering to the two horny teenagers. She alternately licked each nipple.

"Give it to me," she pleaded. "Please... Give me your cum. I need your juice. Cover my face and tits with your yummy cock cream!"

The sight of my wife holding her tits up to them, licking her lips, and begging for cum finally drove them over the edge. They both came at the same time. Jizz flew everywhere! Gobs of cum landed on her cheeks and on her lips (which she immediately slurped up).

Their dicks kept spurting. Jizz juice landed on her tits and nipples. More hit her face. One huge gob landed on her right eye, sealing it shut. Jessica started to massage the cum into her breasts as the teenagers continued to coat her with their seemingly endless supply of sperm. My wife eagerly lapped up any cum that came into reach of her out thrust tongue.

Their squirting dick's supply of cum finally stopped shooting like bullets and slowed to a steady continuous flow and then, finally, a dribble.

Jessica reached up with one finger to wipe the cum off her eye. She held the cum covered finger in front of her face and examined it, turning it around and around, licking her lips in anticipation. She then ran her finger over her lips as if applying cum colored, cum flavored lipstick to them. Once her lips were thoroughly coated with jizz she stuck out her tongue and licked it off. She then stuck her finger in her mouth and sucked it clean.

"Rub your dicks into my tits," said Jessica. "Massage your cum into my boobs with your cocks."

John and Carl obliged her by mashing their cocks into her breasts. Jessica leaned toward Carl and sucked his half-deflated dick into her mouth and sucked him dry. She then sucked his balls into her mouth and gave him one last thrill. Jessica then turned to John and did the same for him. She sucked his dick dry and then mouthed his balls.

The teenagers stood there with their dicks gradually softening as Jessica held up her tits again and squeezed them together.

She said, "I want you to remember this. I want you to remember my big tits covered in YOUR cum for the rest of your lives. I want you to remember the thrill of jerking off in my face and coating me with the jizz from your big dicks. I want you to remember how I deep throated your cocks. I want you to remember how it felt to fuck my pussy. And I want you to remember what I'm about to do..."

Jessica then lifted her nipples to her mouth and licked them clean. Letting her tits drop, she scooped the two large cum loads off her face with the fingers of one hand. She held out her other hand, palm up. She scraped the cum off her fingers into the cup formed by her upturned hand. She continued to do this until all the cum was off her face and sitting in a pool in her hand.

My wife then leaned forward and lapped the cum out of her hand with her tongue like a cat drinking from a bowl of milk. She slurped it all into her mouth until she had licked her hand dry!

John and Carl stood there watching my cum-hungry wife acting like the most brazen slut in the world. They stood there with their dicks hanging limp, too flabbergasted to even think of putting their clothes back on.

Jessica, having finished her meal, stood up and grabbed both limp dicks, one in each hand, and squeezed. Kneading them and pumping them to see if there was any life left in the two cocks.

Jessica said, "Oh well, too bad. Maybe we can do it again some other time. Whenever you screw anyone else I want you to remember what it was like to have me so that you have something to compare your experiences to. So that you know what great sex should be like. If anyone ever gives you as great a thrill as I just did I want you to come tell me about it. I might just have to give you each another shot at me to show you that no one can fuck and suck dick as good as me!"

Having said that, my wife turned away and walked toward the house. She left John and Carl standing there naked with their mouths gaping wide open.

I picked up my wife's shoes and dress and said, "Why don't you two keep my wife's panties and bra as a sort of souvenir to remember her by?" Then I followed Jessica into the house.

To Be Continued...

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