tagLoving WivesJessica's Big Dick Adventure Ch. 06

Jessica's Big Dick Adventure Ch. 06


I offered Luis a drink and he accepted. I said, “I wasn’t sure if you drank since you didn’t order anything to drink at the restaurant.”

Luis reminded me that the legal drinking age was 21 and he didn’t want to be embarrassed by being asked for proof of age.

I asked him what he would like and he said that a vodka and tonic would be good. I went to the bar to pour the drinks but couldn’t find the vodka. I knew we had just purchased a large bottle but it was no where to be seen.

I called out to Luis; “I can’t seem to find the vodka. Would a gin and tonic be OK?”

Luis said that a gin and tonic would be fine. I made his drink and poured myself another scotch.

We sat down and talked a bit. At first we discussed basketball but the conversation shortly turned to Jessica.

Luis said, “Man, your wife is hot! I’ve never had a women come on to me that strongly and I’ve had more than a few make passes.”

I told him that she was surprising even me by her bold behavior.

Luis said, “Alan, you are one lucky man. Your wife is beautiful, she has a body that doesn’t quit and she’s obviously hot and horny.”

I told him that she had become a new person since our first experience with a threesome and that she seemed to have become obsessed with big dicks.

Luis said, “Well if she likes big dick, wait till she sees what I have for her!”

I said, “Judging by your overall body size I can only imagine what the size of that thing between your legs must be.”

“I’ve been told before that its very large,” said Luis. ”I don’t say this just to brag. I’ve actually had quite a few women refuse to take me after seeing the size of my cock. No woman has ever been able to take it all the way into her mouth. A couple have licked it and jerked me off. A few even managed to get 5 or 6 inches in their throat. Some let me fuck them, but I never got the whole length of my cock into them. I once had two hot girls jerk and lick me together. That was great.”

I told Luis that I wished I had his problems.

Luis said, “No you don’t. I have lots of women come on to me but almost all of them realize, after seeing my cock, that they have literally bit off more than they could chew. I’ve never had my entire dick inside a woman. You have. That’s something I envy.”

“Well, maybe your luck will change tonight,” I told him. “Jessica is cock crazy. The bigger the dick the hotter she gets. Who knows? Maybe she’ll be the one to take you all the way.”

Just then we heard Jessica call down the stairs, “OK boys. I’m ready. Cum and get it!”

We finished our drinks and went up the stairs to see what Jessica had in store for us. Jessica called out again, “Hurry up and get your big hard dicks in here. I’m ready for some action!”

We entered the bedroom and my wife was standing in front of the bed wearing a long, semi-transparent, black negligee. She had a large drink of clear liquid in one hand.

I now realized where the vodka had gone. The bottle was sitting on one of the night tables next to the bed and Jessica was drinking it straight. It looked like she had already put quite a large dent in it, in a very short amount of time. Jessica put the drink to her lips and took a long swallow. She was drinking straight vodka like it was water.

She said, “OK Luis, its time for me to see what you’re packing. Get those clothes off!”

She spoke with a drunken slur. She was more bombed than I’d ever seen her. She looked at me as said; “You too honey. Get your clothes off and let’s get busy!”

Jessica watched intently as Luis and I removed our clothes. She sipped from her drink as she watched. Luis and I remove our shirts. Jessica whistled as they came off. I’m in good shape but Luis was an athlete and was very muscular.

Jessica set her drink down and walked over to me. She gave me a long kiss while rubbing her hands over my back and squeezing my butt. She then walked over to Luis who had stopped disrobing to watch us. As Jessica turned her attentions on Luis I finished taking my clothes off and sat in an armchair in the corner to watch the action.

My wife stood in front of Luis, still in high heeled shoes, and her eyes were level with his chest. She placed both palms on his almost hairless body and ran her fingers over the muscles of his chest. She oohed and aahed over his firm hard-muscled body and really gave him an ego massage. She ran her hands up and down his arms.

Jessica said, “My what big muscles you have!”

Luis said, “The better to hold you with,” and smiled.

Jessica tilted her head back and Luis leaned over to kiss her. They kissed long and hard.

My wife then stepped back and said, “I want to see it all. Take off the rest of those clothes. Show me what you’ve got for me in those pants.” Jessica sat down at the foot of the bed to watch Luis finish disrobing.

Luis lifted one foot at a time and removed his shoes and socks. His feet were enormous. I didn’t know that they made shoes that large. He then unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and pulled them down. As he straightened up Jessica got her first full view of his cock.

It was huge. Incredibly, impossibly big. He wasn’t even hard yet, but his flaccid cock put a normal man’s fully erect dick to shame. Jessica stared slack-jawed and wide-eyed at Luis’ mammoth fuck stick.

Luis broke the silence. “So Jessica, what do you think of it?”

Jessica reluctantly tore her eyes away from his gigantic tube steak and looked up at his face. She smiled and said, “My what a big dick you have!”

Luis said, “The better to fuck you with. Do you think you can handle it?”

Jessica said, “Well, I don’t know if I can take that whole huge fucker of yours but I’m willing to die trying!”

As she spoke, Luis’ cock started to get a little thicker and a litter harder. I could only guess at how big it would be when fully erect. Jessica must have been thinking the same thing as she got up and walked over to the night table. She lifted her glass and drained it down. She then refilled it from the bottle and took another long swallow before setting it back down and turning to face us.

She walked back over to Luis, who was still standing there waiting to see what would happen next. Jessica sat on the edge of the bed, held up her index finger and beckoned Luis to come closer.

Luis walked forward and stood in front of her. With her seated on the bed and Luis standing in front of her his dick was level with her face. Jessica leaned forward, stuck out her tongue, and took one long lick of his cock like it was a popsicle.

Without using her hands she continued to lick his dick as it gradually started to stiffen. She reached up and placed both hands around his immense cock. Her hands did not cover its entire, semi-hard length. She slid one hand over the other, gently rubbing his dick from base to head as it continued to slowly rise to erection.

She stared at his huge dick, totally focused on her task. She was totally oblivious to anything other than getting it to expand to its fully erect state.

As Luis’ cock started to stand up on its own, Jessica found it unnecessary to lean forward to reach it with her tongue. It stuck out far enough on its own so that it was just an inch or so away from her lips. She stuck out her tongue and licked up the drop of pre-cum that had formed on the tip. My wife circled her lips with her tongue, savoring the flavor.

Jessica said, “Mmm, tasty. Yummy, yum, yum.” She then continued to thoroughly lick the head of his dick as her hands pumped his almost fully erect shaft.

She continued this for a while as Luis’ cock grew to its full size. I watched from my seat with my own cock stretching toward the ceiling. Luis’ dick had grown to a size at least a few inches larger than Rick’s big dick. It was considerably over a foot in length.

As Jessica lifted it up to lick his balls, Luis’ cock spanned the entire length of her face and extended beyond the top of her head. It was unbelievable. I never would have thought that it was possible for a cock to get that large, yet it wasn’t out of proportion to his body. When I looked at Luis standing there naked with my wife orally loving his erect dick I realized that it fit his body.

If you put it into perspective to his body size he just looked like a guy with a big hard dick. If you took into account his 7 foot height though, that big dick of his became incredibly huge. Whereas Rick’s dick looked out of proportion to his body, Luis’ dick was just the right size for his body. Luis’ body was so big however, that his dick was actually bigger than Rick’s! And here I was watching my wife rub, lick and worship it like she had entered nirvana. She was in big dick heaven and was personally servicing the king of all big dicks.

Jessica placed her lips on the huge head of his cock and kissed it. She kissed all around the head and down and up the shaft. My wife pushed her lips against the head of his cock and took in a bit of the tip. She let it slide back out and immediately slurped it back in.

She repeated this a few times, mouthing the head with her lips and licking the tip with her tongue. Each time she did this she took in a fraction more of the head. After a few minutes of this she finally took the entire dick head into her mouth. I could see the movement of her tongue through her cheeks as it circled the huge head of Luis’ cock.

What an amazing site! There was my wife, sitting on the edge of our bed, in front of a gigantic black man whose dick head was in her mouth. Extending out between her lips and his body was over a foot of thick black cock!

She sucked on the head of his dick with absolute abandon and the look on her face was that of pure ecstasy. She slid her mouth forward and took in a couple of inches of the shaft along with the head.

Luis said, “Pretty good. Plenty of women haven’t even gotten that much in but I had hoped that you’d be able to do even better.”

Not one to pass up a challenge, Jessica placed her hands on Luis’ hips. She pulled him slowly forward and managed to get a couple of more inches of the shaft in her mouth. She slid her lips up and down those thick six or so inches and I could hear her humming to herself as she did so.

Luis looked quite pleased and impressed as Jessica placed both hands on his immense shaft. She started to pump it while continuing to suck on the top half a foot of dick. Jessica pulled her mouth completely off and looked up at his face while continuing to pump his cock with both hands.

My wife licked her lips and said, “So, how did I do?”

“Great,” said Luis. “You’ve managed to take as much as anyone else ever has.”

Not satisfied with only being as good as someone else, Jessica said, “Well, that’s not good enough for me. I want to set the record. I’m going to take more of that big, beautiful cock into my mouth than anyone else ever has or ever will. I’m going to blow you like you’ve never been blown before and when I’m done I want you to fill my mouth up with your cum. I want you to send your jizz shooting down my throat. Just let me get a bit more lubrication first.”

Jessica stood up shakily and walked over to the night table again, leaving Luis standing there with his dick sticking out. She lifted her glass and quickly finished what remained (which was quite a bit). Jessica had enough alcohol in her to get an elephant drunk. It was amazing she was still on her feet.

My wife walked over to me next and got down on her knees between my legs. She said, “Your turn honey. Let me give you some mouth action before I take another try at Luis’ big monster dick.”

She leaned forward and licked off the drop of pre-cum that had emerged from the tip of my dick. Luis sat down on the bed to watch the show.

Jessica grabbed my stiff dick and guided it to her waiting mouth. She wrapped her lips around my engorged cock knob and started sucking. My meat slipped easily into the back of her throat and Jessica started pumping her mouth up and down the shaft in an ever-quickening rhythm. I started to raise and lower my hips meeting her pump for pump, fucking my cock into her face.

She placed her hands on my thighs and pushed up, removing her mouth from my cock. She lifted my dick up and pressed it against my stomach as she leaned forward and licked my balls. She licked every inch of my nut sac and then sucked my balls into her mouth.

Letting my dick drop back down Jessica pulled it to her face and licked the swollen knob. She leaned forward and swallowed the entire shaft into her throat. As big as I was she probably found it easy to swallow my length after having just had Luis’ monstrosity in her mouth. While she blew me, she slipped a hand down her body and started to massage her pussy through the negligee.

She had my cock deep in her throat and was masturbating at the same time. She started to cum after just a few minutes and I barely managed to hang on myself as she moaned around my dick which was stuffed down her throat. I was determined to make this incredible blow job last as long as possible and to put on a good show for Luis at the same time.

Jessica continued to pump her mouth up and down the entire length of my shaft, thrilling my dick beyond compare. Luis watched intently with one hand on his cock gently masturbating it. While he enjoyed watching the action I could imagine that he also regretted the fact that he never had the kind of treatment that Jessica was giving me. That he never had his own gigantic dick deep throated by a hot babe the way Jessica was blowing me.

Jessica continued to swallow the entire length of my tool right down to the root. She sucked and sucked and at the same time brought herself to another orgasm. She reached up and rubbed my nuts while she continued to fuck the entire length of my cock with her mouth.

I said, “I’m ready to pop honey. I can’t hold back much longer.”

Jessica stopped her frenetic dick sucking long enough to say, “Give it to me babe. Shoot your cum down my throat. Spray me!”

I did. I started immediately shooting all over the place before my wife had a chance to get my cock back in her mouth. Luis had the voyeuristic opportunity to see several long streams quickly shoot out to cover Jessica’s face before she stuffed my erupting dick back in her mouth.

She took me deep into her throat as I continued to shoot cum. I filled my wife’s mouth with jet after jet of sticky, creamy jizz.

I came in buckets and Jessica swallowed hungrily. I had so much cum that it poured out of the corners of her lips despite her best efforts to swallow it all. She continued to suck more and more jizz out of me.

Jessica sucked, squeezed and stroked my dick until she worked the last of my load out and then she sucked harder, as if hoping to get more. The sensations were incredible. Her hot sucking action sent me flying high.

By the time I came back down to earth she was cleaning up the extra cum that had escaped her lips by scooping it up with her fingers and licking them off.

Jessica scooted around to face Luis and made sure he got a good view of her slurping down the last of my load. Luis watched her intently while stroking his boner, which stuck straight up out of his crotch and looked for all the world like a rocket ready to take off.

Jessica laid face down on the floor and started to slide and squirm her way across the few feet from me to Luis who was still seated on the bed. She was like a snake slithering across the ground after her prey. She was showing to Luis that she was his to command. She was displaying total subservience to the sexual lust that consumed her.

She reached Luis and started licking her way up his feet, legs, and thighs. His legs were so long that this took quite a while. When she finally reached her goal she stopped to take in the view.

She knelt in front of him, one arm resting on each thigh, and looked up at his balls and cock shaft. His huge member stretched out and up above her as it pointed to the ceiling. From her point of view it must have appeared like a skyscraper rising above her.

Looking up high at Luis’ face Jessica said, “I’m ready now. I warmed up with my husband’s big dick and I’m ready to take on your huge fuck stick. I’m going to give you the blow job of your life. I’m going to suck your gigantic meat log into my mouth and thrill you like no one ever has or ever will. I’m going to suck you till you cum. I’m going to drink every drop you have and then you and Alan are going to fuck me till I pass out.” Jessica leaned forward and started lapping Luis’ large nut sack with her tongue.

Luis said, “That’s it, baby. Lick my balls. Worship my big dick. You know you love it.”

Jessica stopped licking for a second and smiled up at Luis. “You know it, stud,” she said. “I’m cock crazy and I love your huge fucking balls and big dick. Tonight I’m your suck and fuck slut.”

My wife went back to lapping Luis’ balls with her tongue. She worshipped at his balls for a good five minutes before trying to suck those huge orbs into her mouth. His nuts hung heavy below his dick looking for all the world like they belonged on a bull instead of a man. The cum load they held had to be sizable. I was capable of producing quite a bit of jizz myself and those baseballs had to be nearly twice the size of my own fairly large nuts.

With some effort Jessica managed to get one of Luis’ balls into her mouth. I should mention here that my wife has very full lips and a very sexy, wide mouth. She was built for cock sucking. I don’t think there are many women who could have gotten that huge nut into their mouths.

My wife rolled that ball around the inside of her mouth, sucking and teasing it with gusto. She let it pop out and gave his other nut the same loving treatment. If Luis’ balls weren’t filled with cum before, they sure were by now. Jessica churned them up and excited them. She was determined to make sure they produced every drop they were capable of. She wanted a large load to eat when Luis came.

Having finished with his balls, Jessica turned her attentions to his cock shaft. Starting at its base she licked all around its girth, working her way slowly upwards. She continued licking her way up and stopped just short of the crown, more than a foot from where she had started.

She placed her lips sideways against the shaft and mouthed his dick. With her head turned sideways she slid her lips down the shaft and licked her way around to the other side. Mouthing the other side of his shaft Jessica slid her lips back up, once again stopping just short of the crown.

For Luis it must have been maddening. He was receiving the ultimate pleasure from my wife who was sucking his shaft like a demon. At the same time she raised the stakes by teasingly avoiding the most sensitive part of his cock, the head.

Jessica continued to suck her way up and down the sides of his shaft, thoroughly wetting his dick with her saliva. By now so much pre-cum had emerged from the tip of Luis’ dick that it had started to seep down the sides of the head and was threatening to spill out over the crown.

Jessica removed her lips from Luis’ tremendous throbbing boner and, looking thirstily at the pre-cum coating the head of his cock, licked her lips. Still looking at his dick she spoke as if addressing his cock directly. “Is that yummy appetizer for me? Did you make so much jizz for me that you couldn’t keep it all in?”

Jessica continued to watch the pre-cum seep out of the tip and add to the already healthy amount coating the entire head of his dick.

Luis said, “Go for it, Jessica. Its all for you and there’s plenty more where that came from.”

Jessica extended her tongue and gingerly took a little lick of cream. “Mmm, mmm, mmm,” said Jessica. “You taste good to me, honey. I’m going to really enjoy swallowing your load.”

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