tagIncest/TabooJessica's Naked Mother

Jessica's Naked Mother


"Anyone in there?" Jessica knocked at the door to the bathroom. She was in a rush to use the mirror since she had to get ready to go out with friends. It wasn't that big a deal, just a little group that she still kept in touch over the last five years since high school, but she liked being punctual.

"I'm in here," answered Candice, Jessica's mom, "but you can come in, its ok." Jessica felt relieved after a moment of pure frustration, and walked in quickly, shutting the door behind her.

"That's good, cause I really need to get ready to go out tonight," she said, walking over to the mirror and taking a look over herself. After a moment her eyes locked on to movement in the mirror, and noticed her mom's reflection. Candice was sitting up in the bathtub, which was full of water, reading a book. Her long brown hair was up in a bun and she had her legs crossed, but she was completely nude, her two large breasts in full view. Something like annoyance swept over her. She turned around in a huff, looking at her with a piercing look and her hands on her hips. Candice didn't react, giving Jessica a moment to notice her smooth her mom's long legs were. Jessica cleared her throat, and there was still no response.

"Mom!" Jessica said in a bark. Candice looked up and smiled.

"Getting ready for a night out?" she asked in a pleasant voice that clearly indicated she did not notice her daughter's level of frustration.

"Yeah, I'm trying to! But when I ask is anyone in there, I meant "anyone in there naked". Why didn't you say you were taking a bath?"

"Well first I didn't want to keep you from getting ready to go out, but also I wanted you to know I don't mind if you see me naked."

"You don't mind?!" Jessica said exasperated.

"Yeah, I mean I want to be proud of my body. I'm reading this book that talks about having a healthy body image, and one thing it says is to be comfortable being naked. It even suggests walking around the house naked."

Jessica could tell her mom was really excited because her eyes always get really big and her voice gets a little higher when she talks. She'd been in a real low place recently, a bout of depression really effecting her, and so to see Candice excited about something again was nice. She was torn, knowing whatever she said next may determine both how her mom's mood and feelings go and whether or not she sticks with the nude thing or not. After another seconds hesitation, she opened her mouth, but then Candice spoke up again.

"But if you'd rather I not, it's ok," she said, her voice dropping. Jessica could see her mom's excitement deflating rapidly, her shoulders dropping and even her cheeks and eyes going back to their depressed look. It was like she'd given up happiness all over again, and Jessica couldn't bare to watch it happen again.

"No no, I don't mind, if you think it will be good for you, then go for it mom." Jessica had said it before she could change her mind, not wanting her own discomfort to stop her mom from finding something positive in her life. It felt like she was jumping out of an airplane when she said it, but the look of joy and excitement that lit up Candice's face when she said it made it worth it. Jessica found herself smiling at her mother's look of joy, watching her stand up and step out of the bathtub.

"Oh thank you, thank you Jessica, you have no idea what this means to me!" she said, putting her arms out and leaning forward to give her daughter a hug.

"Mom!" Jessica said quickly.

"Oh sorry, right," Candice said. Jessica turned back around, shaking her head with a resigned smile, not noticing her mom drying off quickly. Just as she was applying foundation to her face, she felt something soft and warm pressing into her back, then arms wrapping around her. As Jessica was wearing a top that wrapped around her neck and was braless, her back was bare and she realized, as her mother's happy face appeared above her shoulder that she was feeling Candice's bare breasts against her bare skin, and that the two points poking a little were her mother's nipples. At the same moment her mom was hugging her, pulling Jessica's firm ass right against her mother's bare pussy.

"Mom!" she said in an alarmed and annoyed tone.

"What sweetie?" Candice chirped, looking into her daughter's eyes in the mirror.

"You're rubbing your tits against my back."

"Oh I'm sorry," Candice said happily, giving Jessica a long, thankful kiss on the cheek and a tight hug before letting go. "I just love you so much!" Jessica realized immediately another potential problem in that her mother was a very touchy-feely sort of person. Her love language was physical touch, always giving little hugs and kisses, shoulder rubs and running her hands on people. That Jessica was not really that type of person had during her early teens been something Jessica had battled with, but had come to accept as a difference. Now she was going to have to contend with this from her naked mother, and was very ready to tell her forget it; that is, until Candice's next comment.

"I can't help but feel so hopeful and free!" Candice said excitedly, stepping back just a little from her daughter. "I feel like a weight is gone and I can just be who I'm supposed to be. I can't believe just taking my clothes off has made me feel so much better!"

Jessica sighed and smiled. These were words that she had been sure she would never hear from her mom again, and again she knew that she was making the right choice. She had gotten used to all the touching before, so she could again. Taking another deep breath she turned around and faced Candice.

"Well I'm really happy for you mom. If it makes you feel so good, I'm excited for you." Jessica decided she was just going to face her discomfort head on, knowing that it would be the fastest way to grow accustomed to something. She also knew that if she at least pretended to be comfortable with her mother's nudity it would help Candice tremendously. Oddly enough Jessica realized she was eager for Candice to stick with the nakedness, knowing her mom might forget how good it was making her feel. She knew that actively showing her mom with physical touch would be a challenge but ultimately the best way forward. So she threw open her arms and stepped forward, giving her naked mother a warm embrace.

"Oh thank you sweetie," Candice said, putting her arms around her daughters neck while her daughter pulled her forward with her hands on Candice's bare lower back. Jessica had given her mother many hugs, but she had never felt so keenly aware of how her breasts felt pressed against her mother's, or whether or not their tummies pressed against each other like they did now. She still felt a certain, if not disgust at least discomfort, in feeling her mother's body like this, but she pushed that down and tried to think about how nice it would be to have Candice smiling and talking regularly again. Candice gave her daughter a joyful kiss on the lips before letting go.

"I'll clear out of here and let you finish getting ready. I'll be down stairs if you need me!" Jessica watched her mom nearly skip out of the room. She laughed to herself and got back to primping.

Smooth, creamy white naked ass is what greeted Jessica when she entered the kitchen. Candice was bending over, apparently looking for something in a low drawer. It was like Jessica hit a brick wall and was temporarily stunned, because all she could do was stare at her mom's round bare butt. Her cheeks were spread apart enough that she could see her whole crack and also a little bit of her pussy as her legs were spread apart a little. While her eyes narrowed in on her mom's holes, she knew that scenes like this were going to be playing out every day. She forced herself to stare even longer on purpose at her mother's round ass, trying to force herself to be more comfortable. If nothing else, she could admire the fact that her mom really did have a fantastic ass. Her mom found what she needed and stood up, turning around with a wooden spoon.

"Oh, hi! Didn't hear you come down. Have you been standing there long?" Candice asked hesitatingly. She had a strange look on her face and was gripping the spoon tightly.

"No, I just walked in," Jessica lied. "I'm getting ready to go now."

"Ok honey, give me a kiss," her mom said, and they embraced again with a soft kiss. "Have fun out there," Candice said, giving Jessica a playful slap on the ass.

"Hey!" Jessica said, her body tensing for a moment. Then she melted into a smile when Candice giggled. It was like music to her ears. "You too!" Jessica replied, reaching down and giving her mom's naked cheek a squeeze. She pulled away before Candice could retaliate, grabbing her purse and walking out the door. As she got in her car, she was still shocked that she'd touched her mom's bare ass. She knew her mom would be pleased, and she found it had been more fun than uncomfortable.

The night was fun but uneventful. She wasn't sure why but she decided against going home with a great looking guy. Instead she got home in the middle of the night, most of the lights off in her house. She came into the living room and found Candice asleep on the couch, of course completely naked. She had one leg propped up and the other hanging off the side, her legs spread apart about as wide as they could be. Jessica had a clear view of her mother's pussy. Again it was like she was stunned because all she could do for at least a minute was stare at her mother's naked slit. After a little while it occurred to Jessica that only waking her up was going to make her move, and that she could be like this all night. She went to the bedroom and grabbed a blanket, laying it gently down on her sleeping mother, then went to bed herself.

Slowly the sight her her mother naked around the house became a little less strange. She made it a point never to look away when an especially compromising position was in view but rather continued the practice of staring longer. She really was getting used to it, and she could tell her mother appreciated it. Candice was happier than ever, seeming to find great relief in being naked in her own home. Jessica was surprised and mildly amused at how immediate her mom would strip off her clothes when she got home from work, sometimes leaving a trail halfway across the house of blouse, skirt, bra and thong laying about. No, seeing her mom naked did not make her uncomfortable after a while, but touching her mom was still a different story.

Knowing that her naked mom was going to be giving her just as many hugs and kisses as before didn't make it any less strange. One morning Jessica had been sitting at the table eating breakfast while looking at something on her phone. Then she felt warm softness on the back and sides of her neck and felt her mom kiss her on the top of her head. Jessica turned her face only to find her cheek rubbing against Candice's large bare breasts. The feeling itself was not that unpleasant but the fact that it was happening made Jessica's body tense up. She did her best to play it off, not wanting to start her mom's day off with being pushed away, but that still did not prepare her for when it happened again and again on a regular basis. Every so often Candice would give her a hug or kiss from this position and her perky nipples would graze Jessica's skin. Once Jessica involuntarily turned and her lips actually touched her mother's nipple. In that instance Candice apologized profusely, making Jessica respond by insisting how little she minded. She even, in a moment of rashness, gave her mom's breasts a squeeze to down play the whole thing. Jessica definitely wondered what made her do that later. Other times were not as up close but no less strange and intimate.

One evening Jessica was watching tv when Candice walked in and sat down on the couch with her. She had gotten home from work not long before and as normal had stripped quickly out of her clothes. She was clearly tired and during the commercials told Jessica about what an exhausting day it had been.

"You know what I could really go for? A foot massage. Would you mind?" she asked turning her body so her feet were up on the couch. Jessica had given her mom plenty of foot massages, but this would be the first one since she had taken up nudity. Ever striving to make her mother's new life style at least appear to be perfectly normal, Jessica agreed, although she had her own misgivings to push through.

Candice giggled with glee and put her feet on Jessica's lap. Jessica was wearing a loose sort of skirt that had ridden up her legs quite a bit, so her mom's feet were on her bare upper thighs. Jessica knew she wouldn't have thought anything of it had her mom been clothed, but the fact that her mom's cool feet actually felt rather nice on her skin made her even more trepidatious. She knew that if Candice picked up on even the slightest hesitation that she would likely pull away, and in Jessica's mind possibly lead to her questioning the whole nude thing itself, so she quickly took her mom's feet in her hands and one at a time gave a long, deep massage. Candice was sighing and cooing the whole time, squirming on the couch which only drew more attention to her naked body. Jessica noticed at one point her mom's fingers lingered over her breasts, making her wonder momentarily if her mom was getting some sort of sexual charge out of the experience. Before her feelings could catch up to this thought Candice's hands had moved, and the tv made the thoughts quickly fade away. Her mom could tell when her hands became tired and pulled her feet back.

"Thank you darling, that was wonderful," she said with a bright smile. "Now its my turn to return the favor." Jessica saw the bright smile on her face and only felt some hesitation. Her mom was really fantastic at foot massages after all, and that was enough for her to turn towards her mom and put her feet up on the couch. Candice sat up and spread her legs wide apart, one leg propped up against the couch and the other sitting over the side. There was her mother's smooth, bare pussy with no obstruction. Jessica's eyes focused on it, going over her mother's now familiar folds, lingering as she had trained herself to do by this point. Only her mother's fingers slipping over it caused Jessica to look up.

"I'm sorry honey, is this too much?" Candice asked in a concerned voice. Jessica had two sudden realizations, that she had only been staring before at her mother's private areas when she wasn't looking, and that she needed to come up with a reason immediately as to why she was staring.

"No no mom, really, I don't mind. I didn't mean to stare, I just-" she paused, her brain racing. "was impressed at how smooth you look down there and-" she stopped again for a moment, "thought it looked nice." The words had barely left her lips when she was silently cursing herself out. Thought it looked nice? Her mother's shaved pussy looked nice? Jessica was left wondering what was worse, that she had said it or that she knew that she had suddenly picked up on the beauty a woman's vagina could have. Her heart leapt for a moment.

"Well thank you," Candice said with a shy grin, her face flushing red. Jessica knew that her own face must be just as red, and a long moment lingered when neither woman moved.

"Want to start with this one?" Jessica asked, raising her right foot.

"Sure!" Candice said in a bright voice, taking her daughter's foot and beginning to massage it.

All the worries Jessica had slipped away in almost an instant. She hadn't realized how tired her feet were, but her mother's hands were like magic, reaching deep into her muscles and relieving pain and stress. The feeling radiated up her body and she closed her eyes with a sigh. Her brain seemed to float out to sea, thinking only of peaceful images and relaxation. She let herself sink into the couch, sliding down more onto her back, her skirt collecting up around her hips and unknowingly giving her mom a full view of her thong. Many minutes passed before Candice slowly put down her right foot and moved to her left. The feeling of release was intense in Jessica, and she felt perfectly fine with leaning her bare right leg against her mother's bare leg. The softness and smoothness that she felt as they rubbed a little together only added to her state of peace.

Focusing on Jessica's heel, Candice worked out a particularly tight spot, releasing another full feeling of satisfaction in her daughter. Jessica sighed happily, her eyes still shut, and unknowingly extending her foot forward. She found herself rubbing the bottom of her foot on something very soft and warm and loved the feeling immensely. She didn't notice her mother's sigh, but moved her right foot forward so as to change her position a little more. Her toes pressed into something very smooth and firm, hot and slippery. A gasp escaped her mother's lips just as she realized something wasn't right. She opened her eyes to see her left foot was pressed on one of her mother's breasts, while the folds of her mother's pussy beginning to engulf her big toe.

"Ahh!" Jessica screamed, pulling her feet back instantly, then loosing her balance and rolling off the couch.

"Are you ok?" Candice said while laughing, sitting up on her knees, looking down at her daughter.

"Yeah, yeah, just, what the hell happened?"

"Well, first you put one foot on my breast, then you were putting your other toe on my pussy." Jessica was surprised at both her mom's use of the word and how cavalier she was in saying it. "I have to say, I didn't expect you to show how comfortable you are with my body quite so enthusiastically. I mean, I know you said it looks nice," she continued, looking down at her bare pussy, which was again on full display as she had her legs wide open, and running a finger right over her tight lips. "But I am a little shocked you went so far."

She thinks I did it on purpose, to show that I am comfortable with her nudity, Jessica thought. It didn't seem like a bad position to have, though obviously it wasn't the truth. She wondered for a second if the truth would make any sense, or if the truth would make her mom question Jessica's standing agreement to nudity. It kept coming back to making sure her mom continued to feel good about being naked around her daughter, and as nothing else she could think of would help keep this going as well as what her mom had just said, Jessica decided to go with it.

"Well..." she started slowly, "it wasn't too much, was it?" she ended on a question, throwing back to what her mom had said earlier. She found herself smiling wryly, which she knew would convince her mom even more that she'd just intentionally felt up her breasts and nearly stuck her toe in her pussy.

"Umm..." Candice said, blushing deep red, which surprised Jessica. "It was certainly unexpected, but the thought behind it is certainly appreciated." Jessica's brain rattled at this. Candice moved off the couch and put her arms lovingly around Jessica. While her daughter hugged tightly, Candice placed kisses all over Jessica's face, neck and shoulders, and lastly on her lips. Both squeezed the other tightly, and Jessica felt herself sigh as her mom got up and walked out of the room, her round sexy ass the last thing in Jessica's eyes.

Back in her room, with the door shut, Jessica began trying to process what had just happened while finding herself feeling uncomfortable in her clothes and began taking them off. Why had her mom not done anything when she was accidentally rubbing her foot all over those large breasts, Jessica wondered, as she unhooked her own bra and let it slip to the floor. Then there was the gasp when her toe had touched her mom's tight pussy lips, Jessica reflected as she unzipped her skirt, dropping it unceremoniously. And why was her mother's pussy so fucking wet? Jessica asked herself as she pulled her thong down. It left her own pussy right after she asked herself the question, and both it's momentary resistance and then the unexpected coolness on her skin as it rubbed against her told her that she had not noticed that her own pussy was quite wet as well. As if in shock she ran her fingers down her tummy, over warmer and warmer skin, and then onto her own hot folds.

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