Looking on the internet of adult toys, I had one hand on the computer, the other hand on a banana that was inside me, me going backwards and forwards to get the feel. After so long of using fruit and vegetables and my fingers, I finally got the courage to buy myself a proper aide. I ended up on a dildo. Happy with my purchase, I went on my bed and continued masturbating, this time with my fingers, I had worn out the banana. I was in another world fingering my clit, seeing how far I could go to find my g spot. Moaning and crying out with pleasure I didn't realise I had an audience.


I screamed over and over. My cum was oozing out of me, going all over my fingers, legs and onto the bed sheets. Before I never had to worry about it as I never came all that much but this was a first.

"Want a hand?" This voice said.

Regaining my focus, hot, sweaty, hair ruffled from masturbating all afternoon, I looked up and saw my best friend totally naked with a dildo. She was of 6" tall, curvy in all the right places, her plump luscious breasts of a DD cup, her pubic hair all nice and busy for me to devour.

"Sure." I replied.

Moving onto the bed, she laid on top of me, her hands pinning me to the bed. Jessie and I began kissing, she lowering herself bit by bit, suckling and biting at my nipples, her hands moving further down my body, stopping at my clit.

"Sooo moist you are." Jessie said.

"Wait to you see me really cum." I replied.

"I saw you using the banana and your fingers but I thought you could do with this." She said holding up the 9 inch long dildo.

"Mmmmmmm orrrrrrhhhhh." I said making no sense of what I said.

I was looking at it and wanting it in me. Jessie strapped the dildo to a belt and slowly made her way into me. With only a little bit in, I was enjoying it. I was doing pelvic thrusts to get it in me.

"Aw honey, you are so easy...make me work hey?" Jessie whined.

"I can't, I want it, I want it." I replied.

She withdrew the dildo from my clit, laying back opposite me, the dildo going in her clit. Watching her go, I could only finger myself. Her moans of pleasure were indescribable. I was able to hold my orgasm while she had hers, her juices from her like it was a river. I sat up and leant forward to lick her juices. Enjoying her juices, she raised me up having me lay on my back, the dildo stroking in between my breasts, going as far as to have the dildo in my mouth.

"Suck the juices, they are better there." She panted. Eventually I had the dildo in my mouth.

Jessie threw the dildo on the floor, grabbed the massage oil that was on a table.

"I'll give you the best massage." Jessie whispered.

Putting some oil in her hands, she took an arm, massaging the arm, giving tenderly loving kisses as she went by. She followed by my left arm, then my chest, my left and right breast, my stomach, my front left and right leg before finally finishing at my clit. Jessie slowly and gently turned me over onto my back and massaged my back all the way down. I couldn't move, I was in ecstasy by the way she massaged me.

"You are so good." I told her.

"I know." She grinned leaning down to kiss me. I repeated the process by doing the same to her.

"Let's see you play with the dildo or as I like to say, cracker." Jessie said handing me the dildo.

Against the wall I sat up, spread my legs apart, got my body relaxed and cracker went in. Jessie got turned on even more, she inserting her fingers in her clit.


With cracker still inside my clit, I leaned towards her clit and sucked her cum.

Getting off the bed, we held each other kissing making our way into the shower. Not turning the exhaust fan on, we had a shower as hot as we could take it. Jessie stood up, her arms holding onto the wall, her legs spread out so she was fully at my pleasure.

"Remove my hairs. I love it when someone removes my hair." She begged. Before I did, I nuzzled my head to her pubic hair to get one last feel of them. Her hair was soft and curly. I lathered the hair with soap, massaging the soap into the hair and I grabbed the shaver. With each stroke I made, she moaned in pleasure.

"That's it, keep going." She said.

"Mmmmm, oh baby you are the best." She said when I eventually finished shaving her hair. Once all the hair was gone, I devoured her clitoris. Licking and kissing all over the pubic hair that was once there to flicking the lips of her clit and fingering even more to make her cum. I then stood up and washed her hair and soaping her body down.

"I'm gonna make you cum so bad baby." She said as she spread my legs out sitting in between my legs. Jessie began to lick, suck and eat me.


"Let it flow, don't stop." I heard her mumble trying to catch my juices. Once I was all done, all that could be heard was the hot water running and ourselves panting.

Cleaning ourselves once again, we got out of the shower and dried ourselves.

"Oh, by the way, apart from the dildo, I got other things as well." Jessie spoke.

"Where?" I asked as we walked into her bedroom.

"Lay there and see." She smirked as she went to a drawer.

One by one she removed a vibrator that was 10 inches long and 2 inches wide, genital balls that felt like a mans testicles and also another dildo with beads around it.

"You use this when you are watching a movie." She said.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" I asked.

In went a movie, us laying side by side with the beaded dildo going in and out of me, Jessie pleasuring herself with the dildo we devoured ourselves.

"Fuck, forgot one thing but I am glad I remembered now." Jessie said after we watched the movie.

"What?" I asked catching my breath.

On all fours, my crack facing her, she applied some lubricant liberally making sure I was all wet and lubed up before the vibrator went in me.


"Enjoy it baby, enjoy it." Jessie breathed jerking herself inside me.

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