tagSci-Fi & FantasyJezebel's Tale Ch. 24

Jezebel's Tale Ch. 24


Chapter 24 – Weres vs. Elves

Joseph roared as he pounced down out of the tree on his prey. His large sleek body was pure black. The Alpha of the Northwest pack heard his Weres closing in as he tore into the deer's neck and ripped out her throat. He roared again, he lived for this. For the hunt and running with his pack. He was suddenly surrounded by Werebears, Werewolves and others of his pack, come to share his kill.

He took the first and choicest part as was his right as Alpha and the one who took down the prey. He stepped back, his tail swishing back and forth as he moved to the side to enjoy his prize, and watch over his pack as they ate. He could smell the deer and his pack mates. But Joseph did not smell what came up behind him. The coward approached him from behind and slashed deep into his unguarded neck.

Joseph tried to roar, but no sound came out and a fierce pain struck his neck then slowly faded as his lifeblood ran on the forest floor. He was however able to swipe his paw just once before he died. That had been enough to expose and kill his cowardly murderer.


Jezebel sighed. Things had calmed down and Katrina had stopped her sniping comments. She only almost killed the bitch a few hundred times or so. Just when she didn't think her new place in life was so bad. Patricia had enjoyed watching her grind her jaw in frustration, but at least she hadn't contributed to the stupidity.

Another good thing that happened today was Natalie had found some help to take over part of the book keeping. She had decided she liked the more active role of the new responsibilities rather than being buried at her desk under paper all day. So she handed off most of her old ones. A tall Angel named Eric. He had unusual black hair for an Angel and green eyes. She was wondering if sexual harassment laws applied to Angels and was making plans if they didn't.

She was a succubus and couldn't help it, she loved sex with the woman in her life, but there was no way that Daniel could keep them all satisfied in the cock department. Hell it was impossible for one man to satisfy a succubus even one on one, much less two other mates and visiting females. It was just how it was.

She smiled remembering that in the past her inner succubus tendencies had played hell with relationships in the past, jealousy, anger, and hurt feelings. With Sandy all that is in the past now, the Witch understands her and still loves her for it. She giggled, realizing Sandy might not take a little more cock around the place amiss for the Witch's own needs as well.

She watched as Natalie walked quickly into her office, the Angels face was pinched with worry. She looked up and waited wondering what happened now.

Natalie said, "Amy is calling an emergency council meeting, something about one of their Alphas getting killed from the Northwest pack. Joseph I think was his name. She is keeping them from going after the Elves and killing the whole tribe but this needs a quick resolution. Or she will join them. She insists it can't wait until Saturday, the Northwest pack is a powder keg ready to blow right now."

Jezebel said, "Alright, let's see what we can do to avoid a slaughter, and figure out what the story is."

Jezebel stopped in the kitchen and grabbed a coffee. There was only one other thing that would wake her up and she didn't have time for it right now. She sipped her coffee as she walked over to the meeting room. The rest of the council was there and currently getting settled in their seats. She saw Sandy wink at her, I guess Sandy had played taxi to get them all together fast.

As soon as they were all seated Amy started talking, all anger and business.

Amy said, "This is intolerable, but I gave my word so I am here. The interspecies issue is about one of my Alpha's for the Northwest pack being assassinated by one of the Elves. I need this council to find out who hired the elves and turn over that person to me for judgment. I can promise you a week, but after that I won't be able to hold back Joseph's pack.

"They will hunt down all the elves and only allow them to die after giving a name. I can identify the tribe for you, since the assassin was killed while committing his crime. I suggest this be handled as quickly as possible to prevent escalation."

Amy's face twisted at her last words. Jezebel had the feeling that she wouldn't mind a little escalation, and only the strict adherence to rules the pack set kept her from doing so right this second. Amy was applying that same attitude toward the rules that formed the council. That said she kind of had the same feeling about it. Fucking Elves. Of course she was a little biased having been targeted by Elves herself in the past.

Jezebel agreed after seeing the evidence the perpetrator would be given over. Patricia and Katrina both felt that justice should be seen to by the council as well the investigation, but were outvoted by the rest of us.

It felt weird being on the opposite side of an issue from Patricia for Jezebel. Although she did feel comforted when Sandy and Tony voted the same as her and Amy. She remembered on the island when Patricia said she was more ambitious than she was. Was this part of it? Trying to increase the power of a council that was meant only to guide and keep peace between races? Maybe she was over thinking it.

Once the council broke up her, Amy and Sandy headed into the lounge area. Amy filled her in on the tribe of Elves and where they were. It was a foregone conclusion that Sandy had never been in Fremont National Forest. They were given precise GPS coordinates where to wait to be contacted by an elven scout. The forest was way too large to even begin to try and find a small settlement out of the way of things, probably surrounded by concealing magic too which would make it harder.

She tried to get Sandy to stay home for this one but failed. She knew Witches were incredibly vulnerable to Elven magic. Sandy couldn't even detect much less stop it. But then things would probably be even, if she could see the Elves anyway.


Sandy grinned as she watched Jezebel walk up in her tight white t-shirt. Her breasts were a large enough D cup to be very close to the next size up, instead of the normal C cup she wore outside the club. The shirt was cut off showing a few inches of Jezebel's tight stomach. The jean shorts she had on were way too short and cut at an angle. Her succulent ass cheeks hung out the back and barely covered the front. Her long hair was in a cute pony tail.

Jezebel said, "See if those fuckers can sneak up on me now. Of course if they can I'll totally get a complex about it."

She snorted. Jezebel's answer for undetectable Elves was to get them to feel a little lust. That would put them on her radar, no matter if their concealment magic was active or not. Assuming of course they get out of the house with her looking like that. Sandy considered it but they really did need to get moving. Plus there was that nice plane ride to Oregon and nothing to do...


Jezebel knew she had to put this look together more often if that's how Sandy would react to it. She was almost glowing as they rented a car with a GPS with the looks she was garnering. Her inner succubus was purring at the lust and attention of most of the people around her.

She had gotten so used to dressing down to be taken as a serious college student she had forgotten what a thrill it was to be viewed as a sex object. Her succubus aura started to caress the lusting humans around her and she had to bite her lip and exert control.

They got the car keys and took off before Jezebel started an impromptu orgy and got on the road. She felt a little ashamed of herself. She hadn't started a public orgy since she was nineteen. That's what she gets for suppressing it most of the time, although the people around her wouldn't know it. She supposed she could dial it back until they got close, but then, what fun would that be?

The drive was a little over an hour before they pulled into the camping areas. They would have to walk a couple of miles now to get to the precise coordinates. It took close to an hour to get there following winding trails two miles was a lot farther than two miles. She watched Sandy use her power to pull a picnic basket from the mansion's kitchen they had prepared.

She wasn't sure how long they would have to wait. It was a very nice area, if you liked the woods and camping that is. Jezebel was more of a city girl. She noticed Sandy was enjoying herself though.

Sandy shook her head, "It's not the woods. It's you that makes me smile. If it wasn't for the plane ride... You feel more natural and happy this way. You know for college you do need that serious look to be taken... Well seriously. But as an Arch and Council member, being underestimated could be a strength. And yes, I thought fast for that one, I want you to be who you are."

Jezebel kissed Sandy softly then said, "I love you too baby."

Jezebel detected lust moving toward them slowly, she looked that way and saw an Elf. He was not hiding behind concealing magic.

He said as he came up, "We know who you are and why you are here, follow me. The tribe elder will see you."

He turned around and started walking away. He was acting aloof and superior, as if they didn't matter, but Jezebel, and thru Jezebel Sandy, could feel the Elf fighting with his lust and desire to talk to them. A few minutes later they passed some trees and the continuing forest disappeared showing a clearing filled with a number of tents.

They were led to the center of the village, where an older looking Elf, and by old she meant twenty five or so, was standing there with a staff. He nodded politely at them.

Jezebel said, "We come to..."

He cut her off with a wave of his hand then said, "No games, we barter. I will give you the name of the one who hired us if you do me a favor."

She said, "And what kind of favor would that be."

He shrugged, "I am not sure yet, except to say it will not be against your nature to do so."

She said questioningly, "So if I decide I can't do it, you will decide on something else?"

He said, "Yes, although I kind of doubt that will be an issue, a I said we would not ask you for something against your nature or morals."

She said, "And this favor, it needs a time limit."

He smiled and nodded, "Indeed, I would not enslave you. That would be against your nature. Do you agree?"

She looked at Sandy and the Witch shrugged, which meant she couldn't read the guys intentions but saw nothing harmful in his suggestion. She considered, it was probably a fair enough price. They are mercenary. She didn't think she would get the information for free after all.

She slowly nodded, "Done, one favor to be specified later which I can refuse if unreasonable or against my morals."

She felt something settle on her and seep into her body. She realized she was now bound to do one favor, if she reneged on it the magic would kill her. Well not directly. It would actually try to take her magic away. She would die without it.

He smiled then and said, "The demon that hired this done is Niklis. You will find him in Portland."

He then turned and bowed at Sandy. "Most Witches avoid us like the plague. You are brave to come here, though we mean you no harm, ever."

"Unless of course, someone pays us," he added with a twinkle in his eyes.

Jezebel shivered. Was that supposed to be comforting? She saw him wave his staff at them. She felt dizzy and her eyes blurred, when things settled she was standing with Sandy next to the rental car. She hoped powers that strong were limited to the leaders. Otherwise they had been drastically underestimating the Elven race. Of course, if they did all have that much power she would already be dead.

Portland was unfortunately far across the state, luckily Sandy had been there a few years back so they returned the rental car and they went to Portland through Sandy's portal. Finding a demon in Portland? That was easy for a succubus like Jezebel, who could reach out so far with her senses. Finding a specific demon? Jezebel sighed.

Whenever they found a demon to talk to they were nice enough, for a demon that is, although a few were actually very friendly. At least until her and Sandy asked about Niklis. Then they became rude and dismissive. Who was this guy? It's like these demons are protecting him. Or scared shitless of him maybe?

She almost giggled at the relief she felt when she detected an Angel, if someone had told her that would happen a year ago...

She tracked down a diminutive Angel, about 5'1". The Angel had the usual blonde hair and blue eyes for the race. After she got over the shock of meeting her Arch she told them the club that Niklis usually frequents. She also described him. 6'4", red hair, grey eyes. Jezebel thought it shouldn't be too hard to pick out someone that tall.

The bouncer was a low level demon and almost tried to stop her, until she got close enough for him to pick up her power. He just backed up and kept his mouth shut. She had a disturbing thought when they entered the gentleman's club, when had she become the man? She used to hate it when the Angels showed up at her club, and now that was her. She heard Sandy giggling next to her.

Sandy said, "Nope, you are sexier. Plus you're not here to kill anyone or intimidate just for kicks."

She nodded thoughtfully, but still felt funny about it. She looked around and didn't see him anywhere but it was still early in the night, only 8:30 or so. There were a couple of other demons here but just the bouncers and bartender, no succubae. Perhaps it was habit but she put out tendrils to all the customers without thinking about it. Then realized it was probably a good thing, it disguised why they were there if it looked like she was there to feed.

It took a few hours before he showed up. She brushed off a number of lewd drunken advances using negative sexual energy as she rarely needed to do during the wait. But it never fails. This also seemed like a rougher bar than where she worked, she had already minimized three incidents and gotten nods of thanks from the bouncers.

Although they looked a bit confused to her as well. Since she had to spend life force to do that. She was still gaining in life force over all, but succubae are not known for their generosity.

But he finally came in and they watched as he headed to the back. Jezebel felt his energy and sort of locked on to it with her senses. As long as he didn't get over a mile away he would not get away. Does he work here? He did feel powerful to her. Perhaps he just did what he wanted?

They waited for him to come out and sit at a table, but as they were about to rise but one of the dancers walked up to him and just started dancing, it was obvious no money was being exchanged for the service. They decided to wait for the song and when it, and the dance, ended they went over to his table.

Jezebel asked, "Niklis?"

He said, "Yes, who are you?"

She asked, "Can we sit?"

He inclined his head to the chairs and they sat down.

She said, "You know about the council yes, heard of Tony in NY?"

He nodded, warily now.

She said, "The Were Amy demanded you be brought in for a challenge, or she will basically declare war on the Elves you hired, and then probably come through here like a hurricane looking for you."

He snorted, "Fucking Weres. That asshole got what he deserved. I don't owe them a thing."

She shrugged, "Funny thing, I was sent to enforce it. My advice would be not to fight me, if you do you'll be low on energy when you face the challenge, you really don't want to do that. Hell, from what I can feel you might even win the challenge. But you don't really want to face me and a Witch."

She felt so awkward, some enforcer she was. She felt there was more to the story though, he was too calm right now to be a bully, even if annoyed a bit. No, he gets silence from the city and free lap dances for another reason, she could see it, just not define it.

He sighed and his voice was flat and devoid of emotion despite his words, "Why the hell not. Let's go. Maybe I'll get to kill another of the fuckers and still walk away."

When they got up to leave and the bouncers saw they started to move forward but Niklis waved them off. What did this guy do?

When they got to the privacy of an alley Sandy opened a portal to the little cabin in the woods where the last challenge had taken place and Jezebel used her amulet to tell Amy they were there with Niklis, the demon who hired the Elves as she explained what she found out through the day.

It was an awkward couple of hours waiting. Niklis was quiet and to Jezebel talking felt like walking over a grave with him in the room. When Amy got there she was accompanied by Thomas and another Were, presumably from the Northwest pack.

Amy said to Niklis, "You know why you're here?"

He nodded and said, "Do you?"

She just glared at him. "Did you have Joseph killed?"

He smiled, and then nodded very slowly.

The challenge can begin. Jack is the Northwest pack second.

Jezebel watched as Jack rushed Niklis, just before he reached the demon fire burst around Niklis and Jack jumped to the side and down but was badly burned anyway by the reckless use of life force. Niklis was strong, but Jack was stronger as they grappled and fought. It was over quickly but not for a supernatural fight as they traded punches and throws at almost a blur for a full minute.

Niklis was doing some good damage with his strength but Jack was just too fast for him and got in a lot more hits. Niklis was a bloody pulp when he dove forward and grappled with Jack. Jack started twisting Niklis's head to snap his neck, but Niklis put the rest of his life force into a large burst of fire right before the loud crack of his vertebrae was heard. Jack, held tightly in Niklis's death grip could not get away.

Jezebel watched as they both burned, leaving nothing but ash when the intense quick fire went out. Her first angry thought was how in the fuck was this justice. But then she remembered Weres were animals at heart, filled with primitive instinct.

She nodded once to Amy in respect and Sandy read her heart's desire and opened a portal for home. She needed to get out of there before Amy could ask her to join in a celebration. She wasn't in the mood to celebrate. Her being involved had kept the deaths down to the combatants in the challenge, but it felt like an empty victory.


Sandy took her upset lover back to their apartment, not the mansion. She wasn't quite as upset as Jezebel. It was more of a nebulous wrong feeling. They were missing part of the story, the weird way the demons in Portland were so deferential to Niklis was just... Unheard of.

Sandy held her necklace and thought to Natalie, "Can you look into Portland, a demon named Niklis. Find out whatever you can, he is dead from the challenge but I think Jezebel needs to know why the other demons treated him so well and with deference, can you do that?"

Natalie replied, "Yes, I will try to have something by tomorrow."

Sandy knew the point was moot, maybe they should have done this when they got the name, but they were required to bring him in, he did do it, no matter what his justification or other actions might say about him. She found though she needed to know too.

She took Jezebel to the shower and they cleaned each other up. They kissed softly but there was no heat in it, her lover was really upset, and she could tell Jezebel didn't know why. Sandy did, it was a strange mixture of the violence, Jezebel was tired of death, and the questions surrounding Niklis. After they dried off they headed for bed. Sandy spooned up close, holding Jezebel as they slowly went to sleep.

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