My name is Steve and I am writing this story to tell other people that if you don't have any hang-ups or jealousy, inviting another person or persons into your sex life can be a very erotic experience. My wife & I had a three way experience with another man a few months ago and ever since we had planned for another get away to the city and hopefully have another sexual encounter like our first one.

I am 44yrs old and Jill is 48, blond hair, 5'7", 150lbs, with 36c tits that are as firm as any 25yr old & all covered in a beautiful golden tan.

After we arrived in the city and into our hotel room, Jill told me that she had some shopping to do and would be back in about two hours. While Jill was away shopping I decided to get some rest & eventually dozed off. I woke up when I heard Jill talking to someone in the hallway outside our room, when Jill came in she told me she was talking to a couple of guys that were here for a baseball tournament & they wanted to know what the happening places were in town, she told them that we were going to the stampede club and they were welcome to come with us if they wished, they said they would let us know before we went out.

After Jill had her bath she told me she was going to show me what she got while she was out shopping. She went into the bathroom and came out about 10 minutes later, what a site for sore eyes, she had on a short sun dress with a low cut front that showed of her cleavage and a pair of black stockings with built in garter and thong panties. I started to feel my cock stirring & she said save it big boy you'll need all your sexual energy before the night is over, then she gave me a little laugh and a horny little wink.

We decided to have a couple of drinks & smoked a joint to get a bit of a buss on before we hit the town. I went in the washroom to have a shower and get dressed before going out. While I was in the shower the guys that Jill was talking to came over to see if the invite was still on for the stampede club. When I came out of the shower I could hear Jill talking to someone & heard one of the guys ask if that smell in the room was what he thought it was. I came out just as Jill was telling them that we just had a couple of drinks and a joint. Jerry the oldest of the guys asked if Jill and I would like to smoke another one before we go out. Jill said as long as we opened the sliding doors to the balcony to air out the room so it wouldn't drift out into the hallway. After Jill introduced the guys to me, we smoked the joint had another drink and then headed out to grab a cab and head for the Stampede club.

On the way to the club Jill asked if the guys were married, Jerry then spoke up and said only when we're home and laughed. When we got to the club it was getting crowded and we found a table at the back of the club next to the dance floor. Blair the youngest and best looking of the three ordered a round of shooters & I ordered a round of drinks, after downing these we were starting to get a good buss on. Lenny the quiet one of the three asked if anyone wanted to go outside for a joint everyone was game but I decided to stay at the table and save our chairs so Jill, Jerry, Blair & Lenny went outside, while they were walking out I noticed Jerry put his arm around Jill & whisper something to her and then let his hand slip of her shoulder and down across her ass.

About 15 minutes later everyone came back in and I ordered another round, as we sat around talking and just getting to know each other, the band started to play and I asked Jill up to dance, while we were up dancing I asked Jill what Jerry whispered to her and she told me that he said that I was a lucky guy to have a woman as sexy looking as her and if he was me he would have me back in the room screwing my ass off. I asked Jill if she was insulted by his remark and she told me that he said it in a joking way & that she took it as a compliment.

After a couple of dances we went back to our table and Lenny ordered a round of tequila shooters and Jerry ordered a round of beers, when the drinks came Blair asked Jill up to dance, as they headed to the dance floor Jerry the joker of the three told Blair to keep his hands to himself and Jill shot back and said to Jerry that she will decide if he will keep his hands to himself and gave a little sly smile and winked at me. We then all started giving catcalls and laughed. As I talked to the other two they said that I was some lucky son of a bitch to have a woman as easy to get along with as Jill is, Jerry said that if someone said that to his wife she would probably slap their face, I told Jerry and Lenny that I was married before and had a real stuck up bitch for a wife and that she would have done the same thing.

While Jill and Blair were up dancing, Jerry asked another women up to dance and the four of them danced side by side while doing the bump and grind with each other and acting the fool on the dance floor, I could see that Jill was having a good time with Blair & Jerry on the dance floor. When the song came to an end the woman that Jerry was dancing with went back to her seat and Jill, Jerry & Blair stayed on the dance floor and had another dance with just the three of them, While they were frolicking around on the floor, Lenny asked me if I wanted to go outside and smoke a joint, so I waved to Jill on the dance floor and motioned to her that I was going outside with Lenny she nodded her head and out we went.

When we come back in there was a slow dance playing and Blair was sitting at the table and Jerry & Jill were on the dance floor. When I looked for Jill& Jerry on the dance floor I couldn't see them right off so I took a walk to the washroom and there they were dancing back in the corner of the floor away from everyone, Jerry had Jill pulled real close and was feeling her ass as was Jill his & necking up a storm, well I tell you the site of them was making my dick start to stir. I quickly went to the washroom and went back to our table, Jill & Jerry were back at the table and were all laughing at a joke that Jerry just told. I sat down and asked Jill if she was enjoying herself, she said that she was getting awful horny with all the booze and dope that was smoked, I asked her if maybe we should head back to our room for a drink.

Jill said that we should invite the guys back for a nightcap. I asked the guys if they would like to carry the party on back at the room, they said sure but they wanted us to go back to their room. I called a cab, when the cab arrived Jill sat in the back seat with Jerry and Lenny while I sat in the front with Blair and the cabbie. It got awful quiet in the back seat, so I turned to take a look at what was going on and to my surprise Jill was sitting in the middle and Jerry had his hand between her legs and was playing with her cunt, Jill was obviously enjoying it because she had her head back and looked to be breathing quite hard.

While Jerry was feeling up Jill, Lenny was passed out and didn't have a clue what was going on. When we arrived back at the hotel I went to our room while Jill went with the guys back to their room, I told Jill I'll just be a few minutes and to enjoy herself, she gave me a kiss and said that she thought that the guys would see that she was looked after. At that last remark I new that Jill was in for a wild night & that she was game for any thing. I decided that I would take some beer and a bottle of wine for Jill so it would at least look like I went back to our room for a reason.

When I went to join them in their room I noticed the door open a crack and then I heard what seemed like a lot more than three guys in the room. I opened the door and walked in and was introduced to Arnold & Greg a couple of fellow baseball players that happened to see us get back from the club and decided to pay a visit & have a drink. I looked around the room but didn't see Jill anywhere so I asked if Jill stepped out and Blair said she was in the washroom so I sat down and talked to Arnold, he was a 41 yr old black man and very friendly to talk to.

About 15 minutes have passed and I was into a conversation with Arnold about hockey when Jill came out of the washroom and sat next to me, she stuffed something into my pants pocket and told me it was a little present, I pulled out what she put in my pocket and found that it was her panties and very wet panties, she then got up and went over to talk to Greg, that's when I noticed Jerry coming out of the washroom, then it dawned on me what Jill was doing in the washroom for so long. After awhile Lenny spoke up and suggested we do something to brake the boredom so he brought out a deck of cards and then Jill spoke up and took me by surprise when she suggested that we play strip poker, everyone went quiet and looked my way to see my reaction, I shrugged my shoulders and said why not.

Before the game started Jill came over and whispered in my ear that she wanted her panties back, she then stepped into the bathroom and slipped her panties back on. When she came out of the bathroom she winked at me and said she needed all the extra help she can get. The first hand Greg was the winner and the rest of us took our socks off except for Jill, we decided that where Jill wasn't wearing socks we would let this one slide. The next hand Greg won again, we all took off our shirts and Jill turned away from everyone then reached up under her dress and slipped her panties off, everyone went silent and watched Jill as she threw her panties on the bed, Jill spoke up and said what's the matter hasn't anyone ever seen a woman take off her panties before.

The next hand Jill won and everyone except for Greg took off their pants, Greg being the winner of the first two hands only had to remove his socks. I looked around at everyone and noticed that every man there had a ragging hard on and Arnold was without a doubt the largest of all, by the bulge in his shorts he must be at least 10". Jill had a hard time concentrating on her dealing and looking at all the hard cocks ragging in every ones shorts, when she looked at Arnold's crotch I could tell it was having an effect on her on the way she was squirming around and the flush look on her face.

The next hand Lenny won and every one except for Greg took off their underwear & Jill reached up under dress and slipped out of her hose, all the guys were horny as hell and were making remarks how they wish their wives were so open, at this remark Jill told them if there was any little bit of jealousy it wouldn't work & that means from both husband and wife. All that was left was Jill, Greg & Lenny with Jill & Lenny both down to their last piece of clothing, Jill got three of a kind and Greg got two pair, just when Jill thought she won, Lenny laid down a full house.

Up to this point nobody seen Jill unclothed as she took everything else off except her dress. Jill then stood up in front of everyone and seductively slipped her dress off her shoulders and let slip to the floor. At this point Jill picked up her cloths and went to the washroom. We all thought myself included that everything was coming to an end, when Jill reappeared in just her garter hose and asked if anyone wanted to play another game. Lenny spoke up and said that he should be the one to suggest what game to play seeing where he was the winner.

Lenny suggested that we play five card stud, winner gets Jill first. We all looked at Jill to see her reaction, she nodded her head and said "gets me for what", Jerry spoke up and said to Jill, gets to fuck you that's what. Jill dealt the cards and Arnold won the first hand.

Jill took Arnold by the hand to the other bed, Arnold laid back on the bed and Jill straddled him and hung her 36c tits in his face and Arnold sucked and nibbled on them until he had Jill moaning, Arnold then moved up her body until his leaking cock made contact with her tits, he started rubbing his gigantic fuck pole all over her tits. At this point Jill was totally out of control and Arnold spit between her tits to get them well lubed and then started slowly fucking her beautiful tits at first nice and slow and then picking up the pace while Jill opened her mouth to take the giant black dick into her mouth.

The scene before us was incredible & it wasn't long before Arnold spread Jill's legs and slowly started sliding his big black hose up and down her sopping wet slit. Jill was screaming at Arnold to drive his big black cock into her fuck hole. Arnold slowly pushed a couple inches into her wet cunt and then pulled it back out then pushed a little more into her until his big black balls were resting on her ass, at this point Jill told him to ride her hard and fast and don't pullout until you shoot your delicious wad up my cunt. While Jill and Arnold were fucking, we all started to stroke our cocks and Lenny moved over to Jill's face and fed his cock into her mouth.

By now Jill was out of her mind with lust & Lenny was fucking her mouth like it was a cunt and Jill was loving every minute of it & every inch. Lenny started pumping his cock faster and harder into Jill's mouth until he shot his load deep into her throat, Jill was trying to swallow all of it but there was just to much and some of his spunk dribbled out of the corners of her mouth. Jill pulled her mouth away from Lenny's dick and by the way she was bucking her hips up to meet Arnolds and screaming "fuck my horny cunt", I new she was on the brink of a ball busting orgasm.

Arnold pumped her fuck hole about four or five times and let out a loud grunt and we all knew he was pumping his sperm deep in Jill's womb. After Arnold withdrew his massive black fuck pole from Jill's gapping hole Greg took his place and Jerry slid his cock into her mouth. Jill was in a fuck frenzy humping her pussy up to meet Greg stroke for stroke, this went on for about ten minutes and Greg was spewing his nuts in her now sloppy sperm filled cunt. Greg pulled out and Jerry pumped his cock a couple of hard strokes down her throat and then pulled out jerked off all over her face and tits.

I then moved up to her mouth and fed my dick slowly down her throat until my balls were against her cheek. Meanwhile Blair told Jill to get on her hands and knees, she turned around all the while keeping my cock in her mouth. Blair moved up behind her and reached between her legs and got some spunk from her cunt to lube his shaft and her asshole. Blair slowly put his cock in her ass, as he was getting her asshole ready for a reaming I could tell by the way Jill jumped on my cock that it was hurting her and I said to Blair maybe you shouldn't fuck her ass where I was the only one that has ever fucked her that way, then Jill popped my cock out of her mouth and told Blair not to stop. Blair started stroking his fuck meat slowly in and out gradually picking up the pace until he was slamming his dick in and out of her stretched asshole. At this point I couldn't hold off any longer and spewed my nuts down her throat. Everyone was quite and all you could hear was Jill screaming at Blair to fuck her ass harder and the slapping of Blair's groin against her ass.

Arnold moved up to Jill's mouth & started to inch his monster dick into her mouth just as Blair and Jill started cumming, the bed was rocking and squeaking so loud that I thought the bed would break. At this point the booze and the dope was really taking effect on me so I asked Jill if she was ready to go back to our room, she looked at me out of the corner of her eye with Arnold's dick in her mouth, I new she wasn't ready so I went back to our room and Greg left for his while Lenny & Jerry we're passed out on the other bed sexually drained. I figured Jill would be back as soon as Arnold emptied his nuts down her throat.

When I got back to our room it was around 3am. I woke up when Jill came into the room, it was 6:30am, she told me she had a surprise for me, I looked up at her she was naked except for her garter hose, she was covered in cum, in her hair, on her face and her hose were all ripped and cum soaked, cum was still running down her thighs. She laid down on top of the bed beside me and spread her legs. She had love bites all over her tits, her thighs, her belly & her cunt was saturated with fuck juice.

She looked me in the eye and told me that she wanted me to lick the cum out of her pussy, I looked at her & said I didn't know if I would like that or not, she said to me that don't knock it until you try it. I got down between her legs and took a good close up look at her cum soaked cunt, it was oozing cum in a steady stream, I said to myself here goes nothing and I dived right into her sloppy fuck hole face first. I thought it would taste all funky but was surprised, it didn't taste bad just a little salty and musky.

I licked the length of her gapping slit and sucked her clit until she had another wild orgasm, I then moved up her body and cupped her ass cheeks in my hands and drove my now ragging hard on up her ass, my cock slid in easy & I knew more than Blair fucked her ass just by the ease that my dick slid into her. I pumped her ass for a good 20min, when Jill started to cum I had a hard time holding on to her, I never seen Jill so horny & her orgasms so intense, that I couldn't hold out any longer and my cock started spitting out load after load of spunk deep into her saturated bowels. When we finally caught our breath she pulled out a joint and we smoked it. Jill asked me if I thought she was slut fucking and sucking all those guys, I said that it was as much of a turn on for me as it was for her.

She then told me that after I had left she doubled fuck by Jerry and Lenny, she said that it was a real turn on to feel two guys one up her cunt and one up her ass. I asked her what she thought of the experience and she told me that it was the wildest experience she ever had but that it isn't something that she wanted to do all the time, only once in awhile if the opportunity comes along. Jill said she lost count how many times she cum and how many guys she serviced, she told me her whole body was sore and that she needed to soak in a bath for about 2 hrs. After Jill had her bath we got dressed and went out for breakfast before returning home.

While we were eating Jill told me that when she went outside with the guys to smoke a joint they spiked the joint with ecstasy and that was why she was so god damn horny & I told her she was always horny & she didn't need that stuff to help her along, she smiled and said that she couldn't argue about that. Next trip we are planning to invite Sharon a friend of Jill's along with us. What will happen, who knows, but one thing I will say is that Jill and Sharon has had a three way one time before with a friend of Sharon's & they were also intimate with each other during this.

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