tagIllustratedJill Ch. 07

Jill Ch. 07


Andi appreciated the fact that her aunt never gave her a hard time about saying "exactly" where she was going, as long as her aunt knew how to reach her. Andi could stay out all night most weekends, checking in several times during the night to let her aunt know she was okay.

She pulled her skirt up, zipped the hidden side zipper on the waistline, and adjusted the belt. Tommy had licked her to orgasm for the third time this afternoon, and his jaw was tired. Andi liked Tommy because he was happy with a simple blowjob, and wouldn't turn one down, no matter where Andi wanted to blow him.

She had decided to go out without a bra or panties and the feeling was exhilarating. Her breasts didn't require the support of a bra just yet. The fabric of her tiny sport shirt slid across her nipples as she moved, constantly reminding her of her naughtiness. It seemed to leave her groomed pussy perpetually wet.

Andi had experimented with thong underwear, and found they weren't very functional. Soft cotton panties were a must for her period, but the rest of the time, she decided she would just go "commando." She liked the open-air feeling, especially while wearing a denim skirt.

She thought again about her promise to her mom.

Jill sat with her on the eve of her 18th birthday and pleaded with her to do her best to remain a virgin until she was married. Jill gave her permission to do anything else with boys, knowing she would probably be asked to blow whatever boyfriends came along. She didn't know Andi would exploit the loophole in her promise, and engage in anal sex. In Andi's mind, whether in her mouth or in her butt, she was just making the guy feel good enough to stick around.

Her reward was a boy's mouth on her clitoris. While she wondered what it would be like to have a thick cock shoved deep inside her pussy, she was happy knowing she could have an orgasm without having to worry about accidentally becoming pregnant.

Jill liked Tommy as a "friend with benefits," but she really had a thing for Mark. She wished that he didn't have so many other girlfriends. If he were only able to keep it in his pants, Mark would be marrying material. He came from a wealthy family, he was handsome, and he was very well endowed. He just liked to fuck a little too much to stay with just one girl.

He had dated Andi for a few months without seeing other girls, but when their relationship bordered on becoming sexual after her 18th birthday, Andi told him about her promise to her mom. Mark became frustrated and soon cheated on her -- a lot.

Andi, in turn, decided to get even, and propositioned Mark's friend, Wayne. Wayne was a very big boy. He was also in possession of a very fat dick. Andi had handled a few penises before, but wondered when they got older if they were all as big as Wayne's. She had absolutely no idea how to perform oral sex on a guy, but Wayne was patient. He taught her the basics, and as best she could, she learned to suck and swallow.

It was Wayne's idea to suggest Andi try anal sex in an effort to win Mark back. He even introduced Andi to a few other friends that were much less endowed, so she could experiment.

Every boy that Wayne introduced to Andi was kind and gentle. Andi became very good at oral sex, both giving and receiving. The boys all understood that her pussy was off limits for fucking, but her ass was ready and willing.

Eventually, Andi became so accustomed to anal sex that she wanted to let Wayne try stuffing his fat dick up her ass.

At first, it hurt as much as it did the first time someone shoved a dry finger in her ass. But after several tries over several occasions, she could take half Wayne's length and his full girth.

Mark's cock wasn't quite as fat, but it was still big, and a little longer. She knew that he had probably fucked at least a dozen other girls from the time they had first dated. She suspected that Mark knew that she had just as many guys in her mouth and in her ass during the same amount of time. Mark and Wayne were still good friends.

None of the other girls Mark had been with were really into oral or anal sex, so the thought of fucking Andi in the ass -- and her liking it -- intrigued him.

Over the past few weekends, Mark fucked Andi's mouth and ass a dozen times, and she kept coming back for more.

Andi adjusted her denim skirt as she walked into the hardware store where Mark worked part-time.

"You're early," Mark said from behind the counter. "I don't get off for another hour."

"Really?" Andi asked. "I thought you might want to get off sooner." She turned around and bent over at the waist, allowing a clear view of her firm ass and thighs.

She pretended to be looking at something on a lower shelf, but stood up abruptly as an old man with a plunger walked by. Andi smiled shyly, and then proceeded to walk around the store, flashing her bare ass in Mark's direction as he handed the customer a receipt.

Mark was quick to follow the customer to the door. As the old man left the store, Mark locked the door and placed the "Be back in 15 minutes" sign in the window. He turned around and Andi was nowhere in sight.

After walking up and down the isles, Mark looked inside the break room. There, Andi had stripped completely naked, not that what she was wearing earlier left much to the imagination. She was lying on the table, legs spread, and two fingers already in her asshole. With the grace of a gymnast, she hopped off the table and unzipped Mark's pants. Within seconds, she had half his shaft down her throat.

Before he could object, she stood and turned facing away from him. She guided his cock to her pussy, rubbing the swollen head between her labia.

Mark pushed his cock into her pussy, but she quickly jumped forward enough to avoid penetration. She reached behind her and guided his thick tool to her anus, pushing herself backward onto him. With a "pop" he was inside her.

"Andi, you really need to wait until I'm off work for this," Mark feigned protest.

Andi pushed back harder until half his shaft was in her ass. Her pussy was dripping wet as she rubbed her clit and squeezed her tits while bucking backward against him.

Suddenly, an old man stumbled into the room. It was the storeowner, Mr. Genge.

"What the hell is going on in here?" Mr. Genge yelled.

Mark and Andi ignored him as Andi quickened her pace. Mark had sat on a steel folding chair, and it squeaked with every impalement Andi gave to her asshole. Mark let Andi do all the work, as she knew exactly what she was doing.

"Young lady, I'm inclined to tell your mother about this. Now, stop this instant!" Mr. Genge said firmly. Andi could see the bulge forming in his trousers.

"Mr. Genge, pull that old dick of yours out. I'll suck you off if you forget this ever happened." Andi alternated between smiles and moans.

The old man was frozen. He wasn't sure what to do. He never thought he would ever have his dick sucked again after his wife died years earlier. He knew Andi. He knew she was old enough. He also couldn't help but notice his employee was stuffing her ass with a dick twice the size of his. He quickly fumbled with his belt and zipper and waddled in front of Andi.

"That's it, pull it out for me." Andi leaned forward.

Mark stood up behind her and grabbed her hips. He was in control now, sinking the full length of his cock inside her. He watched as Andi took Mr. Genges cock in her mouth and down her throat. For an old man, he was respectably endowed and rigid.

Mark fucked Andi's ass harder and deeper than he had done before. She didn't complain or cry out in pain. He thought to himself, "whoring must run in the family" but that wasn't necessarily a bad thing. She wasn't "wife material" but she was definitely worth keeping around for a quality blowjob or ass fuck. Her mother may have had a tighter ass, but Andi put on a better show. He couldn't help but look at Andi's back, shoulders, and hips and be reminded of Jill's similar frame.

Within minutes, Mr. Genge was filling Andi's mouth with come, which she quickly swallowed. She knew the longer she kept his come in her mouth, the more likely she would be to throw up. Best to get it down quickly.

Just as quickly, she felt Mark's cock spasm inside her, followed by a warm feeling within her bowels. He withdrew his quickly deflating cock and sat back on the folding chair.

Mr. Genge, however, wasn't finished.

"Let me at that pussy of yours, Andi," Mr. Genge sneared.

"Sorry, but that's off limits. You can have my ass, though." Andi turned and offered her gaping asshole to him.

"I'm no animal or homo. I'm gonna fuck that little pussy of yours." The old man demanded. He grabbed Andi by the waist and pushed his stiffening pecker between her labia. Andi twisted and elbowed the old man in the face, causing his mouth to bleed.

Mark stood up from the chair and stood between them.

"Mr. Genge, be happy you got the blowjob. If you want to fuck her in the ass, she's offering, but her pussy is not an option. Got it?" Mark bowed his chest as come dripped from the tip of his dick.

Mr. Genge's hard-on quickly faded. "I ought to fire you!" he stammered.

Andi turned and wiped the blood from his mouth. "Please don't!" She pleaded. "Mark's not at fault here. It was my idea. I could have waited until his shift was over, but I wanted to have some fun with him. You see, I want Mark. I want to be with him and only him." Andi glanced at Mark who was listening carefully. "If Mark will stop seeing other girls -- if he chooses me -- I want him to be the first in my pussy. I'm still a virgin -- there." There was some truth in what she said, although she wasn't sure which part.

Mr. Genge's hard-on slowly returned.

"You see, I promised my mom I would wait until I was married to have regular sex. I kinda bent the rules. But I've kept my promise all this time. If Mark asks me to marry him... well, you know." Andi resigned.

The old man turned Andi around.

"Let me see that asshole of yours," he grinned as he pushed the head of his old cock against her anus.

Andi didn't hesitate when Mark put his cock against her mouth.

She was a whore, all right. Just like her mom, Jill.

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