tagLesbian SexJill Ch. 06

Jill Ch. 06


Jill lay motionless for several minutes. The sunlight warmed her face, causing her to open her eyes, and then squeeze them shut. She could tell by the pleasant smell of the sheets that she was in her bed, in her home, but she had no recollection of how she got there.

She slowly sat up, sliding her legs over the edge of the bed. She was completely naked.
Jill stood up, felt dizzy, and sat back down on the bed. She stretched her arms out in front of her. Bruises. She looked at her legs. More bruises. Her stomach twisted, causing her to sprint to the toilet.

"What did you bastards do to me?" Jill said as she wiped her mouth with toilet paper.
She felt as if she had the worst hangover of her life. Her body ached as if she had been in several fights all night, which would explain the bruises. As she looked in the mirror, she noticed a pink spot on her right thigh. It could have been a mosquito bite, but it had been too cold for mosquitoes. She had been stuck with something. Drugged.

The events of the previous twelve hours hit Jill like a bullet train.
"Oh my God! They filmed me!" Jill realized. "And I didn't even put up a fight."

She stumbled back into the bedroom and found her damp clothes on the floor, next to two large dildos and a piece of paper.

"Red, you did fine with Friendly. I'm sorry I couldn't get there sooner to stop him. He won't bother you no more, as long as you stay away. You got what you wanted for your party, and then some. Stay away. Please. If you don't, you might not come back home. D."

Jill crumpled the note and ran back into the bathroom to throw up again.
"How much come did I swallow?" Jill whispered.
Whatever drug they had used numbed the pain they inflicted upon her. Now that the drug had worn off, she felt everything as if it were all happening at the same time.

She had a flashback of the night before. Were there four men? Eight? Sixteen? How many times had they taken her? How many ways?

Jill sat naked, in shock, for nearly an hour, when the phone rang.
It was the realtor's office. They had been calling all morning. They needed Jill to show a house in her area – in an hour – if she wanted to keep her job.

She really didn't want to do anything, but she needed something to take her mind off all of this. Jill showered and dressed conservatively, in an effort to cover most of the bruises on her body. Her lightly tanned legs rarely required stockings or pantyhose, but given the bruises, she felt it was necessary today.

An hour later, Jill was standing in front of the house for sale. It started raining, so Jill went inside and sat on one of the few remaining chairs left in the living room. The owner had staged the house with furniture, but decided she needed the furniture in another home she was selling. All that was left was a bed in the master bedroom and two large chairs in the living room. Jill loved the feel of the overstuffed chair, and allowed herself to fully relax inside it. She closed her eyes for what she thought were only seconds.

A loud crack of lightning and the boom of thunder shook her out of her sleep.
The prospective buyer was a no-show. Jill looked at her watch.
"Five o'clock?" she gasped.
She called the office. No answer. They were either out showing property, or gone for the day.

Jill made the rounds through the house, turning off lights and locking doors.
As she stepped out the front door in the pouring rain, a black Mercedes pulled up behind her car. Jill waited for a moment, her umbrella not doing its job.

An Asian woman, probably in her 30's, wrapped a raincoat around her as she quickly dashed toward Jill.

Jill turned toward the house and quickly unlocked the door so they could both step inside.

"I'm so sorry I'm late," the Asian woman said as she took off her high heels inside the door. "I'm Kyla," she said with an outstretched hand.

"Jill," said accepting her handshake and apology. Kyla looked to be of Thai or Philippine descent, but was obviously fully westernized in her appearance and manners. Jill also noticed the buttons on Kyla's blouse were misaligned as if she dressed in a hurry, and that her bra was unclasped in the back.

"I just came in, I mean from, a meeting that took longer than expected. I'm so glad you waited." Kyla smiled and revealed a perfect set of teeth.

"It was no problem, really." Jill said as she grabbed her notebook. "Shall I show you around?"

Kyla nodded and followed Jill through an expert showing of the property. As Jill followed Kyla up the stairs, she noticed the unmistakable smell of sex. A small trail of come formed down Kyla's inner thigh.

"May I use the restroom?" Kyla asked.
"Of course." Jill said, holding back from saying that she knew the feeling of needing to use the bathroom after a good fuck. Come had a way of leaking out at the most inopportune times.

A few minutes later, Jill heard the shower being turned on. It was unusual, and a first, but Jill decided that with as strange as her life had been the last few weeks, she shouldn't be surprised. After about twenty minutes, though, Jill thought she should check on Kyla.

When Jill knocked on the bathroom door, there was no answer. Jill opened the door to see Kyla wiping steam off the mirror and stepping back to admire herself.
At 5' 1", Kyla was very petite, but also very well proportioned. Her all-over natural tan was perfect. Her wet hair, slick and straight, was pulled back flat against her back. Kyla's hips were wide for her size, but still very attractive.

"There wasn't any toilet paper, and I figured since it was just us girls, you wouldn't mind." Kyla said, completely unashamed of her naked body. She turned and allowed Jill to see every inch of her. Kyla smiled as Jill's eyes momentarily sought out and locked onto Kyla's pussy.

"You like girls?" Kyla asked, invitingly.
"No, I'm not a lesbian, sorry." Jill answered, uncomfortably.
"Neither am I." Kyla said. "I just figured you might be, though, the way you were looking at my pussy. It's okay if you want to look at it. I look at it all the time."

"It's very pretty." Jill felt obligated to say. It was, in fact, possibly the prettiest pussy Jill had ever seen, not that she had seen that many. Kyla's mound was hairless, with no signs of stubble. The lips were almost non-existent. The clit was barely visible, tucked away between two smooth halves of her peach.

"My husband paid for the electrolysis on my pussy. I'll never have to shave it again." Kyla said proudly as she caressed her mound. "Touch it." Kyla invited as she leaned back against the bathroom vanity. "Really, you have to feel how smooth it is."

Jill couldn't help herself. She was curious not only about the feel of this woman's pussy, but of this woman's intentions.
"That IS smooth!" Jill whispered.
Kyla put her hand on Jill's and guided one of Jill's fingers down and between her lips. Jill's finger was drenched in Kyla's wetness immediately.
"Oh, that feels so good." Kyla purred. "Don't stop."
"I think you've got the wrong idea, here..." Jill started.
"I think I have the right idea! Make me come and I'll buy this house." Kyla gasped.

Jill felt dizzy. "I don't think so." Jill withdrew her hand. "Please, I don't..."
Kyla grabbed Jill's hand and placed it back on her pussy.
"Make me come, please... I'm so close." Kyla begged.

Jill paused for a moment, knowing the feeling of being so close to orgasm only to be denied by a selfish or "tired" partner. It didn't happen often, but when it did, she excused herself to the bathroom to finish herself.
Jill slid two fingers inside Kyla's pussy, and rotated her thumb over Kyla's swelling clit.
Kyla pulled Jill's face to hers and kissed her deeply. Jill returned the kiss, and then withdrew enough to look down. She could not believe hers was the hand finger-fucking this woman.

"Oh shit! Oh fuck!" Kyla gasped. Her stomach tightened as Jill easily slid her pinky finger in her asshole. Jill didn't know how many loads of semen had recently been deposited in Kyla's rectum, but she imagined it must have been many by the way the come was dripping out of her.

"What's all this?" Jill asked, as come dripped on the bathroom floor.

"I had to fuck my way out of speeding ticket." Kyla said between gasps. She pulled Jill's hand further into her pussy. Jill curled her fingers slightly and pressed steadily on Kyla's G-spot, causing Kyla to convulse into a strong orgasm.

Kyla released Jill's hand, and pulled Jill's face to hers. They kissed deeply for almost two minutes as Kyla's orgasm subsided.

"I was running late as it was when I got pulled over by this black cop with an attitude." Kyla said as she dressed. "He was really giving me a hard time, so I jokingly offered to blow him. The next thing I know, he has me on my hands and knees in the back seat of his patrol car, taking his time poking and prodding my butt. Lucky for me, my husband has been fucking me in the ass for years. I kinda like it. I just hate when a guy comes in my butt because it always seems to leak out at the worst moments."

Jill shuddered as she remembered Officer Friendly and his son fucking her at the same time. Kyla unbuttoned Jill's blouse and admired her large, full breasts. Jill allowed the small-framed Asian woman to kiss her body as she undressed. Kyla's lips sucked tightly around Jill's nipples while her hands ripped Jill's panties apart.

"I thought you weren't lesbian," Jill gasped as Kyla bent down and shoved four fingers of her small hand up Jill's sopping wet cunt. Jill's legs felt weak. Kyla had Jill sit on the edge of the bathroom vanity. Jill put one foot on the toilet paper dispenser, and held her other leg up with her free hand. Kyla wasted no time bending down and kissing all around Jill's pussy. When she finally rested her mouth on Jill's clit, Kyla licked quickly but firmly. Jill let out a moan as Kyla eased her whole hand into her pussy. Sooner than expected, Jill felt herself coming. Kyla pressed her tongue hard against Jill clit as her hand and face were flooded with Jill's wetness. Jill pulled Kyla's face up to hers and licked her own pussy juice from Kyla's lips, cheeks, and chin.

Without speaking, Kyla and Jill showered together, not getting out until they had used all of the hot water. Kyla could see Jill's bruises, but decided not to mention them. She had a feeling they'd be in touch, and Jill would tell her when she was ready.

The whole afternoon felt surreal to Jill. She was thankful the rain had finally stopped.
She again felt dizzy, but it passed as soon as she stepped outside the house. She managed to drive back to the real estate office followed by Kyla, and put her earnest check in the safe. Kyla was true to her word and would buy the house within the next two weeks.

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