tagIncest/TabooJill Ch. 10

Jill Ch. 10


Jill stood outside her car for a moment before walking into the banquet hall. In less than a month, she had experienced so much... all because of this stupid bachelorette party.

She wasn't sure why she hadn't worn her contact lenses. She knew she needed her glasses to drive, so rather than lose them; she left her glasses in the car, just to be safe.

Jill had given her sack full of party favors to Tammy, the maid-of-honor, and Tammy wrote Jill a check for the full amount.

"What's this?" Jill asked, looking at the check.

"We didn't expect you to spend a thousand dollars of your own money on a sack full of dildos and vibrators, Miss Jill." Tammy smiled. "You just had to do the dirty work of getting them. I'm impressed. You found every one on the list! I hope it wasn't too much trouble."

"It wasn't what I expected, I can tell you that." Jill answered.

Tammy knew exactly what Jill meant. She had seen the video of Jill be fucked in every possible position by a half-dozen men. Some of those men would be at the party performing as strippers, and she wondered if Jill was going to let loose and provide an encore.

The women attending ranged in age from 18 to 68 years old. Jill took comfort in knowing that the dildos were kept secret, as not everyone was going to get one. Instead, most of the evening was spent with the forty women in attendance sharing stories with the bride-to-be on every topic revolving around a good marriage. The food was excellent. The dessert was classy. The drinks were free. Jill wondered how in the world a 20 year-old could afford to throw a party, as the bride-to-be insisted on paying for everything herself.

After about three hours, Tammy and some of the banquet hall staff carted in a few serving tables with party favor and gift bags. None of them were big enough to conceal some of the toys she had acquired. Jill peaked inside one of the bags and found condoms, male porn magazines, lubricant, and coupons to an upscale day spa.

A few of the women seemed to know there was more planned for the evening, but didn't say anything. Most of the older women and a few of the younger ones took the opportunity to take their gifts, say their goodbyes, and make it an early night.

The rest of the women, including Jill, took seats close to the dance floor.

The banquet hall staff cleared off the tables, but kept the bar open. Jill looked around and counted just over a dozen women remaining, including Andi and the other bridesmaids.

Tammy had the staff dim the lights and turn on a disco ball over the dance floor.

"Okay, ladies. We all know that if the guys can have girls at their bachelor parties, they'll want them to be strippers." Tammy said as she walked to the center of the dance floor. "Some guys will want them to do more than strip, and I think that's okay -- as long as they don't mind if we want the same."

The bride-to-be stood up and next to her maid-of-honor. "I want you to have fun tonight. But whatever you see here, stays with you. Okay?" All of the women nodded, not knowing exactly what she meant. Jill knew they were about to find out when Tammy held up a green wristband.

"If you see a green wristband, the guy is recently-tested and disease-free." Tammy said sternly. "If you don't see one of these, lick, suck, and fuck at your own risk."

"Oh, and one more thing," Tammy added. "Put these on and leave them on until you step out of the building." Tammy held up a mask similar to those worn at Mardi Gras. On one of the tables behind Jill, there was a pile of more masks, each varying slightly from the other, but whose purpose was identical: a very feeble attempt at anonymity.

Tammy dragged a chair to the center of the dance floor, cueing the banquet hall staff to start the music. The bride-to-be quickly took her seat as the first three male strippers strutted onto the dance floor. She put on her mask and jokingly licked her lips while rubbing her breasts and pussy through her blouse and skirt.

The music was loud, but not deafening. The strippers weren't much for dancing, as they mainly strutted in time with the music and allowed their groins to sway in an exaggerated manner. They also wore masks, which covered their foreheads, eyes, nose, but left their chins and most of their mouths exposed. The G-strings they wore left nothing to the imagination, barely covering half the length of their half-erect cocks. All three of the men had shaved their chest and pubic hair, and lathered their bodies with suntan lotion or baby oil. The obligatory bow tie and cuff links completed the ensemble.

Tammy grabbed a microphone. "We all know the bride-to-be worked in the film industry." Two of the strippers took hold of either side of the chair and carefully lifted the chair and turned the bride-to-be so her back was to the other women. The strippers stepped away from the chair and closer to the women in the audience. As they gyrated their hips, one of the strippers allowed his cock to come unsheathed. He made no effort to tuck it back into its hammock.

Jill couldn't be sure without her glasses, but the stripper with the free-hanging dick looked like Wayne, one of Andi and Mark's friends. The other strippers then stepped out of their G-strings, exposing thick, half-erect examples of the male anatomy.

"I've always wondered what it'd be like to be fucked by a dick that big," Mrs. Paladino whispered to Jill. Jill was taken by surprise at the 55 year-old woman's comment.

"Our bride-to-be would like to thank you all for your advice on how to pleasure a man," Tammy continued. "But I think you'll see, she's already a pro in that area."

The three strippers stood in front of the bride-to-be, shoulder-to-shoulder. The women in the audience watched as she leaned forward and took the first stripper's cock in her mouth. She sucked hard, then let it pop out of her mouth so she could lick the shaft, then his balls, and then took half his length down her throat. He became instantly erect and stepped aside.

She took the next stripper's cock in her mouth and eased his full length down her throat and kept it there for a few seconds. As she backed away, she reached up and massaged his balls, and then took his length down her throat again. Within seconds, the stripper's tool was pointing toward the ceiling.

The third stripper's cock was much thicker than the previous two. The bride-to-be could barely get her mouth over the head of his flaccid member. She used both hands to stroke him rather roughly, then pulled his thickening tool from her mouth and rubbed its saliva-covered head on her lips, nose, and forehead. The dick seemed to double in girth almost immediately.

"Ladies, our bride-to-be is a recently retired fluff girl." Tammy said, unbuttoning her blouse. "She's probably sucked more dicks than all of you put together. But she's never been allowed to take them all the way to orgasm -- until tonight!"

Tammy stepped off the dance floor, picked up a long box, and then stepped back under the disco ball. "Don't worry. She doesn't get to have all the fun. If any of you can suck a dick as good as her -- or can make our strippers come in any other way -- you can win one of these little numbers." Tammy pulled one of the large dildos from its box. Mrs. Paladino leaned towards Jill. "I want one of those."

"Ladies, allow me to bring out the rest of the entertainment. Have a good time!" Tammy guided a half-dozen more men in line in front of the bride-to-be. One-by-one, she brought them to erection. The first three strippers walked up to the three closest women and swayed their erect cocks inches from their faces. Two of the women just smiled toward each other and laughed, but the 18 year-old reached out and pulled one of the strippers by his dick toward her. The stripper grimaced in pain as the inexperienced girl dug into his foreskin with her teeth. He withdrew his cock from her mouth, smiling uncomfortably, and stepped aside to another girl.

Jill knew the next girl was her daughter, Andi.

Andi took half the stripper's length down her throat before bobbing her head up and down, and tilting her head left and right with each bob.

"Oh my god, Andi." Jill said under her breath.

The stripper opened his mouth as his legs began to shake. He held his hands on his hips, ensuring that whatever this girl was doing was completely voluntary. Andi engulfed two-thirds of his long tool down her throat and locked her lips around his shaft. He came quickly. The stripper waived at Tammy.

"It appears we have our first winner!" Tammy exclaimed. "Pick your prize, sweetheart."

Andi chose one of the biggest dildos in the collection. "Congratulations. Nice choice." Tammy added. "Want another one?"

Each of the strippers took a few moments to dance in front of each of the women. If the women were interested in becoming part of the show, all they had to do is lean forward and take a cock in their mouths. If they didn't want to participate, the stripper politely shook their hand and stepped to the next woman.

Andi let a few more of the strippers go by, but stopped a particularly large black man. He was big in every respect, and was endowed with the largest dick Jill had ever seen. Jill suddenly realized she had seen that black monster before. Andi was blowing Dee.

As good as she was at sucking dick, Andi could not seem to make Dee come. He leaned forward and said something in Andi's ear, and then stepped aside to the next woman.

Jill looked at the next few men in line. She immediately recognized Andi's boyfriend, Mark among them. She was so absorbed in watching Andi blow Dee and now Mark, she barely noticed Mrs. Paladino on her back on the table behind her. Wayne had a calf in each hand as he buried his fat dick in her 55 year-old hairless pussy.

Wayne called over to Jill. "What do you say, Red? You want to go next?"

"No thanks." Jill smiled politely. Her pussy was uncontrollably wet. She knew she had soaked her panties.

Jill stood up and quickly walked to the restroom.

She looked in the mirror and removed her mask, the outline of the mask remaining on her face. She entered a stall, sat and peed. She peeled off her panties, patted her pussy dry, and then stepped out to find Mark waiting for her.

"Getting ready?" Mark asked, eyeing the wadded panties in her hand.

"Go away, Mark." Jill answered, dropping the panties in the trash.

"I know you want it, Red." Mark said, as he stepped closer. His large dick bounced before her.

She turned as if ignoring him. She pretended to wash her hands and then placed her mask on her face. She leaned closer to the mirror to check for lipstick on her teeth, cursing herself for not having worn her contact lenses.

Suddenly, Mark was behind her. He put an arm around her waist and a hand around her throat, squeezing both firmly.

"You're not going to let Andi win all the dildos, are you?" He said as he quickly turned her around to face him.

Mark lifted Jill's ass and sat her on the restroom vanity. She was afraid, but she was also unwillingly turned on. He easily entered her wet pussy. She remembered how good he was at fucking, and pulled his head closer to kiss him. Jill's toes curled in her high-heeled sandals as Mark brought her to the brink of orgasm.

Mark felt her pussy tighten around his shaft and quickly withdrew his swollen cock.

"Oh no you don't, Red." Mark warned. "You're supposed to make ME come."

Jill pleaded with him to finish, that she was so close, but Mark didn't listen. He pulled her off the vanity and turned her around so they both faced the mirror. She knew what was coming, next.

Jill arched her back as Mark twisted the head of his dick and pushed it against the bud of her anus. She exhaled as he eased in the first two inches.

"Yeah, you stretched it out a little, slut." Mark held her hips firmly. "But you're still a hell of a lot tighter than Andi."

Jill pushed back hard against Mark, and the pain almost caused her to pass out.

"You're gonna tear yourself up if you keep doing that." Mark feigned concern.

Jill pushed him back, caused her asshole to pop as his dick exited.

She turned around and squatted, intending to spit on his dick, and then on her hand so she could lubricate her asshole, but Mark had other ideas.

"That's a good idea. Suck my dick for a while. Taste your ass." Mark pushed the head of his cock past her lips.

Jill protested, but not for long. She sucked him to full erection, and coated his tool with as much saliva as she could produce. As she stood up, Mark pushed her forward and spread her legs. Jill arched her back further, angling her anus upward, allowing it to open slightly. Mark spit into her asshole just before sliding half his length inside her.

"Isn't that better, Red?" Mark asked.

Jill moaned and pushed back, causing her to fart around his shaft. She wasn't embarrassed. She was well past that.

Mark expertly fucked her ass for several minutes. Every time Jill reached down to rub her clit, Mark would grab her hand and place it back on the vanity.

As Mark's thrusts became more painful, he graciously stopped and allowed Jill to blow him, lathering his cock with her spit before putting it back in her ass. Each time, he was able to ease in a little more of his dick, until his entire length was inside her.

Jill's legs shook. She knew Mark was going to be angry, but she couldn't help it. He was actually going to make her come by fucking her in the ass. Her eyes were tightly shut as Andi walked into the restroom. Mark looked at Andi in the mirror, winked, and slapped Andi's mother's ass.

Jill opened her eyes just as Andi ran out of the restroom.

"You son of a bitch!" Jill said as Mark filled her rectum with come.

Mark smiled and laughed to himself as he washed his dick in the sink next to Jill.

Jill stood, come dripping down her leg, sweaty and exhausted.

"Come on, let's go. Time to get a prize." Mark grabbed Jill by the arm and led her back to the banquet room.

Jill suddenly realized she must have been in the restroom for quite some time, as the number of strippers now outnumbered the number of women. Several of the women were straddling strippers, cocks buried in their pussies. The bride-to-be had several loads of come deposited on her blouse and skirt. Tammy was walking around topless.

Andi had several dildos on the table next to her, and a line forming in front of her and one behind her.

The well-lit restroom was a stark contrast to the dimly lit banquet hall, and Jill had trouble walking toward the dance floor without bumping into something.

Tammy leaned toward Mark, telling him the try-outs were complete. He leaned back and said we had another winner, pointing in Jill's direction and eyeing the come dripping down the inside of her thigh.

"Sorry, Jill, I think Andi won all the dildos we had left. Who knew?" Tammy smiled as she bent down to suck Mark's dick.

Jill watched as several men filled Andi's mouth and ass with come, sometimes simultaneously. She stared as the third stripper in line for Andi's mouth looked unlike the others. Maybe older? Something looked familiar about him. She tried to get closer as he went from third position to second.

Jill still couldn't make out whom it was, as he had his back to her and was wearing a mask, tie and cufflinks like the other strippers.

She worked her way closer until she was alongside Andi -- who was obviously very drunk or high. She would talk to her about that, later.

As the older, familiar-looking stripper took his place at her daughter's mouth, Jill froze.

There was no mistaking her husband's cock, even without her glasses.

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