tagIncest/TabooJill's Eighteenth Birthday Ch. 02

Jill's Eighteenth Birthday Ch. 02


The first the thing I felt that morning was a hand on my shoulder shaking me vigourously. I didn't immediately know who it was, only that I wasn't ready to get up yet.

"Go 'way," I mumbled.

There was someone in bed with me, Jill I assumed without opening my eyes. After having sex yesterday I hadn't been all that surprised when she followed me to bed. All we had done was sleep though.

"Come on Nick, you guys have to get up now," Kelly said.

I repressed a sigh at my little sister's insistent tone.

"Don't wanna," I protested eloquently. "Go bug Angie."

"She's already up. Everyone else is except you two. You're just lucky I'm the one who got here first, Angie was threatening to get her camera."

That wasn't necessarily a joke either. As much as I could probably trust my older sister not to do anything too stupid with incriminating pictures of Jill and me, I really didn't want to take that chance.

"Alright, alright," I said. "We're coming."

"Good, breakfast is pretty much ready and someone else is going to be checking on you soon. I'm going to go let them know you're coming," Kelly said.

"Hey Kelly," I said, stopping her on the way out of the room. "Thanks."

"You're welcome."

She gave me a little smile before turning back toward the stairs. Once my brain started working I realized just how lucky I was that she was on the ball. I should have thought things through better, or at all, instead of going to bed with my cousin like nothing could possibly happen. Just because it was unlikely any of our parents would have come downstairs to wake us up didn't mean I should have ignored the possibility. I didn't really know for certain that they would react badly, but I didn't need to take that risk. Especially if what went on between me and Jill never happened again.

I turned my attention to the sleeping form of my younger cousin beside me. Only just eighteen and the youngest of all of us, she had definitely done some growing up in the past couple years. She looked so beautiful lying there unmoving except for her gentle breathing, and that was something I wasn't afraid to admit to her anymore. For a long time any visible interest in my sisters or cousin had resulted mainly in teasing, but Jill had changed that.

I pulled back the covers down to our waists to reveal more of her form. She had stripped down to her panties last night, leaving herself almost naked. Even just looking at her now I could feel my cock stiffening a little at the sight.

We didn't have all that much time I knew, but I couldn't help myself. I gave one of her breasts a gentle squeeze then traced around her nipple with my fingertip. It was amazing how easily I had gotten used to the idea of touching her like that.

"Jill," I whispered, secretly hoping she wouldn't answer right away and give me a little more time.

"Yes?" she said right away with no hint of sleepiness.

"You were awake the whole time," I accused her.

"Mmm, maybe," she giggled. "I didn't want to get up though. Feels so nice here with you."

She opened her eyes and rolled over fully onto her back. I still had my hand on her breast and she made no effort to remove it.

"Don't worry though," she said. "I'm not going to get all clingy on you or anything. This can be the end of it if you want."

I'd been waiting for her to say something like that. Not that I'd had all that much time to think about the future, but I didn't need that much.

"I don't mind if you want to be a little clingy," I said.

They weren't the words I really wanted to say, I didn't even know what those words would be. Jill knew I meant though and her face lit up as the impact hit her. Whatever the original plan had been, I didn't want that morning to be the end. She clearly hadn't wanted that either even if she had been prepared for that scenario.

"Good," she said simply.

Jill pulled me down so she could kiss me. I let her for a moment, then reluctantly sat up.

"We really need to get moving," I said.

"Yeah, I know," she sighed.

Dressing was kind of confusing as pieces of clothing were scattered all over. I had my bag of spare clothing I'd brought with me right by the bed which helped some. Jill took one of my shirts and grabbed her jeans from beside the couch where we'd left them last night.

Together we made our way upstairs where the rest of the family was waiting. Since we were, in theory, celebrating Jill's birthday I guess they felt it wouldn't be right to start breakfast without her. Probably she would actually have preferred if they hadn't worried about that just this once.


I was the first to leave the breakfast table, arousing no suspicion since I tended to eat fast anyway. Retreating to the basement I sat down heavily on the couch and spent a couple minutes staring off into space.

Before long Jill came down the stairs and sprawled across my lap as though I wasn't even there. My shirt was too big on her and came halfway down her butt when she stood. I pushed it up a little and rested my palm on her tummy just to feel that contact between us.

"I'm glad you don't regret what we did," she said softly.

"Me too. I worried that I might at the time though. Having sex with my baby cousin seemed like it could have been a bad idea, but I really don't think it was. Not anymore."

"So you think we'll do it more?"

"I hope so."

That seemed to satisfy her and she relaxed as we listened to the sounds of activity upstairs.

Once they finished eating Angie and Kelly joined us, but didn't immediately settle in. Kelly had sort of a weird look on her face for a second when she looked at me, then it was gone. I wasn't entirely certain I hadn't imagined it.

"You guys wanna go swimming?" Angie asked. "Me and Kelly are going to hit the pool."

I glanced at Jill who just gave me a shrug, leaving it up to me.

"Yeah okay, why not," I said.

It was a little early in the year for swimming, or it usually would be. It had actually been pretty warm the past week or so and would probably make for decent swimming weather. Even given the outside temperatures I didn't expect the girls to all bring swimsuits. I was wrong though.

Maybe it was the sort of thing they all worked out ahead of time, or perhaps it was coincidence. Either way each of them apparently had a bikini with them. It wasn't such a bad deal I guess since I got to watch them, I was just hoping our parents wouldn't decide to hang around. I knew I would have a hard time behaving myself around Jill if she was wearing so little, and my sisters to a lesser extent.

I followed the girls out to the pool in the backyard after putting on an old pair of shorts I brought along. Unlike them it was complete luck that I had anything suitable; my packing methods were rarely anything more complicated than throwing some stuff in my bag and hoping it worked out.

Watching my cousin dive in to the water was a fascinating experience now that I didn't have any real reservations about checking her out. My sisters also looked quite good in what was little more than soaked underwear. I wasn't quite so open about ogling them, but I still felt more free about it than I ever had before. Sex with Jill had really changed some things for me mentally, more than I had realized at first and yet not as much as I had feared it might.

For the first few minutes we all just kind of swam around getting used to the water, which was a little bit on the cold side. It wasn't too bad though.

Jill and I sort of drifted together toward the side of the pool after the initial novelty wore off. Her breasts were just above the waterline and her top was clinging in a way that made it very hard to look anywhere else.

"Like my suit?" she asked.

As if she couldn't guess.

"Yeah, it looks nice on you," I said.

"Does it really look nice, or do you just like it 'cause it doesn't cover very much?"

"Both," I replied without hesitation.

"I can live with that."

I reached out to adjust the material of her top where it was a little crooked, more to cop a feel then because it bothered me.

"You have to be good," Jill whispered, not looking nearly as bothered as she tried to sound. "We're not exactly in a very private area here."

"I could always drag you back down to the basement," I said.

"And I'd be okay with that except...." She glanced toward the house. "We have to pretend things are normal, at least while our parents are so close by. I know they're planning on having birthday cake for me and maybe other stuff at some point. They think I didn't see, but they're not that good at surprises."

I was noticing more and more that she had a kind of nervousness when she talked with me. It was only subtle, barely noticeable, but it was there. It was like she kept expecting something bad to happen and wasn't quite sure where it was going to come from.

"Hey come on, I know that," I said. "I'm not going to let anything happen. It's just that after last night, I can't help wanting to be close to you."

"You really mean that, don't you." Jill tilted her head curiously as she spoke, as though only just realizing it.

"I do, I care about you now maybe more than I ever did before. I would have been happy just staying in bed with you all day if we could get away with it. And we don't really have that much time together."

Neither of us could know what would happen after the weekend was over and we had to go our separate ways again. Maybe Jill would find someone else and part of me hoped she would, she deserved it. Another part of me remembered just how good it felt to hold her and didn't want to give that up. What we were going to do was something that would have to worked out over time, there was no point worrying about it too much right now. Except maybe that I should take advantage of what time we had.

I reached out underwater to place my hand on Jill's leg, maneuvering to the inside of her thigh. She gave me a look immediately that told me I wasn't behaving the way we'd just established I should. She did not, however, make any move to stop me.

"Thought you were going to be good," she said.

"I said I wouldn't let anything happen to you," I corrected, "and I plan on sticking to that. You can't expect me to go straight back to platonic mode though can you? No one can see what we're doing."

Well, Angie or Kelly could if they came near enough, but no one inside the house would notice anything more than Jill and me talking to each other.

"I guess I did say you could touch me anywhere you wanted didn't I?" she said.

"You said something like that yes."

I continued stroking her smooth, wet skin until she stopped looking so anxious about where we were. I didn't want her to be uncomfortable, I wanted her to enjoy herself.

Jill's bottoms were tied together at each hip by strings which made the next step a little easier. Her eyes opened wide as I gently tugged on one of the knots until it came free. I tried to smile reassuringly at her since I wasn't going to remove them completely, just give myself better access.

With her bottoms now hanging only half-attached there was nothing in the way of my fingers getting to her pussy. I rubbed up and down her slit at first, just toying with her for a little while. With no previous experience in the matter I wasn't really sure how lubrication worked underwater and figured it was better to take it slow. It was hard to tell if she was actually wet when she was so, well, wet.

Once I judged it to have been long enough I tentatively pushed one finger against her entrance. It went in without difficulty and encouraged me to keep going. When it was halfway in I pulled back out most of the way and added a second finger.

Jill had given up any form of protest and stayed more or less still with her eyelids partly shut. Occasionally she would breath a little harder at something I did, but mostly she remained silent.

I really shouldn't have been surprised when my sisters wandered over to where we were. If anything it was more surprising they'd left us alone for so long.

"If you guys were just going to stand around and talk you might as well have stayed inside," Angie said. Then she grinned as she saw where my hand was. "Or maybe you're not just talking."

"What do you... oh," Kelly said, a little slower on the uptake.

Again the was a flash of... something across my younger sister's face as she realized what I was doing. I couldn't tell exactly what emotion it might be, but it didn't seem good. As quick as it came it was gone and she looked more or less normal again.

"You'd think you could keep your hands off her for an hour or two," Angie said.

"Turns out I can't," I said.

Jill was keeping out of the conversation, but she had turned when Angie and Kelly approached making it harder for me to keep my fingers moving inside her. I slowly managed to guide her into a better position by applying gentle pressure with my hand. Once I had her where I wanted her I sped up the movement of my fingers significantly, causing her to moan softly.

"I think I'm gonna head in," Kelly mumbled.

She swam away without saying anything else, but I was becoming convinced there was something she didn't like about the way Jill and I were acting. She had said she was okay with it though didn't she?

I watched Kelly go as I absentmindedly kept finger-fucking my cousin. She grabbed a towel from a pile by the side of the pool and dried off a little before walking back into the house.

Angie was watching as well and had a thoughtful expression on her face. I was about to ask what she was thinking about when Jill distracted me by grabbing my arm tightly. It appeared that she was having another of her bizarre, silent orgasms as once again she made absolutely no noise. The way her fingernails dug into my skin along with her facial expression made me pretty confident that was what was happening anyway.

I withdrew my hand as Jill finished cumming and waited for some kind of comment from Angie. My sister was still looking lost in thought however, it must have been something important.

"Nick, I think you need to go talk to Kelly," Angie said eventually.

"It's about me and Jill isn't it?" I said. "There's something that's bothering her."

"I think so yes."

"Okay, well what is it? Because I thought she was fine with the idea."

"Just go talk to her. You'll work it out."

"How about you do it since you have a better idea what's going on?"

"It'd be better if it was you," Jill cut in.

I turned to her and found that she too was staring after where Kelly had disappeared inside. Apparently both she and Angie were seeing something that I hadn't quite grasped yet.

"I'll make this simpler," Angie said. "Go find your sister or I'll find something heavy and beat you over the head with it."

"Fine," I said. "But if I make things worse it's your fault.

I hopped out of the pool and grabbed a towel from the same pile Kelly had before following her indoors. I didn't know why Angie wouldn't just tell me what was going on. How could this possibly go any better if I was fumbling around blindly in the dark, so to speak. Oh well, all I could do was try.

I guessed that Kelly probably went to the basement and it turned out I was right. She was just coming out of the small bathroom with her towel wrapped around her as I made it to the bottom of the stairs.

"Uh, hey," I said, not knowing how to start the conversation.

"Angie send you after me?" she asked with a faint smile.

"Yeah," I replied honestly. "But even I clued in that there's something going on here. I just don't know what."

Kelly studied me for a moment, then nodded toward the bathroom.

"I tossed my suit in the shower for now, at least it won't get anything wet until I find somewhere better to put it," she said.

I took that as a suggestion, and not a bad one either. I was already dripping a little on the floor. While Kelly gave me some privacy I pulled off my soggy shorts and tossed them next to her bikini on the floor of the shower. Then I wrapped my towel around my waist and stepped back out into the main room.

Kelly had a bundle of clothing in her arms as I came out and seemed to be waiting for her turn again. I moved aside and leaned against the wall as she reentered the bathroom to get changed. She didn't close the door, I guess she wasn't worried about me peeking.

"So what was your plan?" Kelly asked.


"You came to talk to me didn't you? What were you planning on saying?"

"I... have no idea," I said. "Angie wouldn't tell me what the problem was even though I'm pretty sure she knew."

"Probably thinks I'm jealous."

I stayed silent, hoping for more to work with. And I got it.

"She's right too," Kelly said.

"You're jealous? But you're...."

"I'm your sister, I know. Can't help it. It wasn't so bad when it was only going to be a one time thing, but now it's more than that."

I wished I could see her face to face while we were speaking, it might have made things easier. Since I didn't know if she was done changing yet or not I stayed where I was.

"Are you saying you want to do the same stuff Jill and me are doing?" I asked carefully.

"I'm saying I hate that she's got something with you that I can't have. I'm saying it's not fair."

"Maybe we could work something out."

"Like what? You're going to have sex with me too? You're going to finger me when you think you can get away with it? 'Cause I don't think you want to do any of that with your baby sister."

"Jill's like a sister to me, you know that," I said firmly. "It's not that different."

"Prove it."

Kelly reappeared in the bathroom doorway without her towel. Or any clothes.

"Thought you were getting dressed," I mumbled.

"I was going to, changed my mind," she said.

My little sister stood there completely naked and not at all as shy as I would have expected under the circumstances. Maybe the point she was trying to prove took precedence over her other emotions.

I may as well have been staring down Medusa. I couldn't seem to move or think properly and Kelly gave no indication of backing off. She was right, it wasn't the same as with Jill. In the end it was the look she gave me like "I told you so" that kicked me into action.

Forcing my legs to move I backed her up against the wall and pinned her on either side with my arms. Then I kissed her, not too hard but enough to convey what I needed to. After a moment she kissed me back and pressed against me a little until I pulled back.

"Didn't think you'd actually do anything," Kelly said softly.

"Jill changed a lot of things for me last night," I said.

"Watching you two, it changed things for me too. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I even, you know, masturbated a couple times while Angie was sleeping right there beside me."

My cock twitched at the mental image of my little sister getting herself off, helped along by her being naked in front of me. With only a towel on it was going to pretty obvious how turned on I was getting pretty soon.

"And then you got jealous when you found out that wasn't the end of it," I finished for her.

"Yeah, that's about right."

"So how do we fix it?"

Kelly shrugged. "I don't know. I figured we'd probably talk about it at some point, but you were supposed to tell me that you're my brother and nothing can happen between us."

I shook my head. "I think we're past knee-jerk reactions here."

"Yeah, I guess we are. What if we just... what if we did it? Had sex I mean," Kelly said. "That could be okay right?"

"I think so," I said.

There was the off-chance that doing so would piss Jill off, but she must have known what she was sending me to. I hoped she did anyway. It was kind of weird that my primary concern with this scenario had nothing to do with Kelly being my sister.

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