tagIncest/TabooJill's Eighteenth Birthday Ch. 03

Jill's Eighteenth Birthday Ch. 03


I didn't think I'd ever woken up to a more enjoyable feeling. Actually, I knew I hadn't. On one side of me was my cousin Jill, on the other was my younger sister Kelly. All three of us were completely naked and covered only by the blanket we shared. The girls were snuggled up close to me and the their warm bodies were more than enough to keep me as stationary as possible so as not to wake them.

Despite any niggling worries I'd had about how the two of them would take to me having sex with both of them, it turned out not to be a problem. They'd even been comfortable enough with the whole thing that we'd ended up all sleeping together.

Because there were three of us we'd taken the mattress on the floor of the main room in the basement instead of my bed. It wasn't that it offered more space, both options left us a bit crowded, but more that if one of us did fall out for some reason there was only an inch or two to go.

After a few minutes I became aware of my sister slowly waking up beside me. She shifted around at first and pushed the blanket away from her, then stretched out and rolled over until she was halfway on top of me.

"Good morning," I said.

"Mmm, morning," Kelly responded.

"You sleep okay?"

"Yes. It figures, the one night I wouldn't mind having a little trouble drifting off and I sleep like a baby."

She kissed me softly, using the opportunity to swing her leg over mine and climb fully on top of me. My cock started swelling to life as she straddled me pressed her pussy firmly against my crotch.

"And they say guys are constantly horny," I murmured.

"It's not constantly," she protested. "It's only 'cause I woke up naked next to you. It wouldn't be fair to expect me not to get a little excited."

"I'm only teasing, and I like it when you're horny anyway."

Before long Kelly had something to really grind against as my erection grew to full strength. I knew she was getting as turned on as I was since her pussy juices were leaking across the length of my cock and lubricating it before I was even inside her.

She was definitely more aggressive than Jill, more certain of what she wanted. Rather than detracting from the image of my little sister, it actually added to her appeal. Part of her energy apparently came from me being her brother, and I loved knowing that I was the only one who could ever produce those particular feelings in her.

"You think we could have sex before Jill wakes up?" Kelly asked. "Get away with it without her even knowing."

I glanced at our sleeping cousin who appeared no more awake than she had been a few minutes ago.

"Guess we could find out," I said.

Kelly was already adjusting her position before I finished speaking. She grabbed my cock and held it steady while she lowered herself onto it, her wet pussy eagerly accepting me inside.

"Ooh, I love that feeling," Kelly moaned.

"What, sex?"

"Sex with you," she clarified. "Having my big brother in me, it's so, I don't know, bad. Naughty. Something like that. I can't think of the right word."

"I know what you mean."

As she worked her way down my shaft she wiggled around and sent all kinds of different sensations through me. The mattress even started to bounce a little beneath us as she built up a fairly constant rhythm. It was probably that movement that finally woke Jill up.

"Aw, you guys didn't even wait for me to wake up," Jill said, followed by a small yawn.

"We couldn't wait forever sleepyhead," Kelly teased.

Kelly still rocked gently on top of me, though she had slowed down when Jill spoke.

"Did you even wait two minutes?" Jill asked.

"Probably not quite that long," I said.

Jill kicked off the blanket that had gotten piled on her somewhat when Kelly climbed on top of me. It struck me once again just how amazing my life was that morning as her naked form was revealed. I kept flipping between wishing I had a way to record everything and wondering how I could possibly ever forget any of it.

"Maybe I should just leave you two alone then," Jill said, moving to get up.

"Ah ah, stay," Kelly said as though instructing a disobedient puppy. "I've got a better idea."

"What's that?" Jill asked.

"Have you ever tried any... oral sex?"

"You mean like a blowjob?" Jill frowned in confusion.

"Kinda, except the other way around."

It even took me a moment to catch what my sister was suggesting, Jill was a little slower. Once she did she looked from me back to Kelly.

"You mean like right now? While you're..." she squeaked.

"Yep," Kelly said with a wide grin. "Come on, may as well try it while I'm here to make sure he does it right."

Ignoring the jab at my sexual abilities wasn't all that hard since I knew for a fact Kelly had no idea how good I might or might not be.

Somewhat hesitantly, but with Kelly tugging on her arm until she gave in, Jill positioned herself over my face with one knee on each side of my head. She had to shift forward a little once she started lowering her body toward me to get us lined up properly, but we soon got that sorted out. Soon enough her pussy was hovering just above me.

I placed my hands on Jill's hips to help keep her steady, then carefully extended my tongue. My cousin was still a little too far away to reach her properly, but I managed to flick my tongue across her pussy and make her jump slightly at the sudden contact.

"Down a little more," I said.

"Okay, I just don't want to, you know, squish you or anything," Jill said.

"Don't worry, I'm pretty sure I can take it."

I guided her as best I could with gentle pressure on her hips until she was very nearly sitting on me. She was close enough now that I could lick her pussy easily and I proceeded to do just that.

What I quickly discovered was that Jill was facing the wrong way. Or, more to the point, any girl I'd tried this on before had been facing the other way relative to me. It didn't change the basic premise of what I was doing, but it did mean a couple differences. In particular her clit was down toward my chin rather than being closer to my nose, which was a little disorienting. I hoped I could still do a decent job at least partly because I didn't want Kelly to think that I actually did need her help.

As I worked on Jill's pussy, Kelly started moving on me again. She had stopped while we were getting Jill settled and the feeling of being inside my sister had almost become a background sensation to me. I had remained hard through that interval and she could immediately continue where she left off.

For several minutes my focus was solely on those two parts of my body, my tongue and cock, and the two pussies attached to them. It didn't even occur to me right away that I was having sex with two girls at the same time, something I'd never done before. And that the two girls in question were my sister and cousin? I absolutely would not have predicted this situation even a few days ago.

However strange the situation might look even to myself in the recent past, I was loving it. Kelly kept rocking on top of me while I buried my tongue in Jill's pussy and I could hear the occasional moan from above me. Knowing that they were enjoying it as much as I was just made the experience even better for me.

It turned out I really wasn't doing such a bad job on Jill since she was the first of us to cum. It was another one of her silent orgasms that I was getting familiar with at this point. If not for her legs tensing up on either side of my head and a small gush of girl-cum flooding my mouth I might not have even noticed until she abruptly rose off me and sat down heavily on the mattress beside my head.

"That was pretty hot to watch," Kelly said. "Think I'm gonna cum soon too."

She leaned forward and braced herself on her arms now that she had the room to do so and used the stability to fuck me harder. I reached up to cup her breasts in my palms and play with her nipples, giving her a little bit of extra stimulation to get her over the edge.

Kelly buried her face in my chest as she came, purposefully muffling any sounds she made. I stroked her hair through the whole thing and while she recovered. Finally she straightened up and, disappointingly, climbed off me.

"You're close right?" she asked almost as an afterthought.

"Yeah, kinda," I said.

"Good. Jill, come over here," she said, beckoning to our cousin.

I assumed Kelly was going to let Jill finish me off, or something like that. Instead Kelly grabbed my cock and started jerking me off without seeming to have any intention of Jill taking over. The two of them whispered conspiratorially together and I heard a couple small giggles coming from them.

"I'm coming," I warned them once I felt the familiar sensation inside me.

The two girls leaned over me and Kelly actually aimed the first shot at Jill, catching her across her cheek with my cum. The rest of my semen landed mostly on their breasts as they pressed together directly above me.

It was unbelievably sexy to see them both with my cum sprayed across their breasts and I felt like my erection wouldn't even begin to soften if I kept staring at them. Then Kelly moved toward Jill and licked at her cheek, cleaning her off in an unnecessarily provocative way.

"Oh god, cut it out. That's not even fair," I said. "I'm never going to want to get out of bed at this rate."

"What do you mean?" Kelly asked in a fake, but not unconvincing, tone of innocence.

As though it was perfectly normal Kelly turned back to Jill and kissed her softly. Jill looked a little embarrassed but returned the display of affection, getting into it more as it went on. All at once they couldn't keep it up any longer and collapsed together in a fit of giggling.

"Very amusing," I said.

"It was kinda," Kelly said. "It's amazing how little it takes to fascinate you."

I took that as a good excuse to get up. The girls immediately moved into the middle of the none-too-big mattress, wrapped in each other's arms. I couldn't help stopping to watch them for a moment and had to force myself to move on before I stood there all day. Two naked girls cuddling together was better than most anything I could think of for holding my attention.

My older sister Angie seemed to still be asleep as I entered my bedroom. She'd chosen to take my bed last night since I wasn't using it. I moved quietly through the room trying not to wake her while I gathered my clothes. Despite my efforts I heard the unmistakable sounds of movement from her direction, and when I turned toward her she was looking back at me.

"You guys are kinda noisy for so early in the day," she said.

"Sorry, Kelly jumped me. Wasn't anything I could do," I said as I struggled into a pair of pants.

"Yeah right, more like you didn't want to do anything to stop her."

"That too."

"Oh well, gives my imagination something to do anyway."

I noticed that while one of Angie's arms was in plain sight, the other was buried under her blanket and there were signs of movement around her waist-area.

"My imagination's pretty good sometimes," Angie said, following my gaze.

I shook my head. "Every now and then I get reminded just how weird this all is. I don't think I ever saw you masturbating before this weekend, now it's not even a big deal."

"Enjoy it Nick, you have something good going on that a lot of people don't ever come close to. And I don't mean because it's your sister and cousin you're with."

"I know."

Even with occasional moments of weirdness, I didn't regret anything that had happened this weekend. I was happy, Jill was happy, Kelly was happy, and Angie got to perv on us. It seemed like a good deal all round.

I sat down on the bed by Angie's legs as she continued getting herself off. It wasn't a frantic, desperate thing for her, but just a calm and inevitable process. She didn't seem to mind me watching her either, if she did she could have just stopped or asked me to leave.

"You really get off thinking about us?" I said.

"What can I say, I'm a little fucked up. You of all people should already know that."

"Aren't we all," I muttered.

"Could be. Anyway, what are you doing in here when you get be out playing with Kelly and Jill?"

"Those two are gonna drive me crazy. There's no way we'd ever get dressed if I stayed with them and in theory we still want this to be kind of a secret."

Angie raised an eyebrow at me. "You think you're safer in here?"

"Well, yeah. I guess I do for right now."

I should have known better. All I had done was goad her into action.

With an exaggerated sigh Angie sat up, letting the blanket fall away from her chest. She was topless underneath the covers and her breasts were left completely exposed to me. After pausing long enough to make sure she had my attention she swung her legs off the bed on the opposite side from me and stood up.

My older sister was wearing nothing except for a pair of panties that weren't doing much to cover her butt. She bent over slowly and took far longer than necessary to pick up her shirt before putting it on. It came down only far enough to not quite reach the top of her panties and left a slight gap of exposed skin. She didn't seem to mind that her legs were still bare.

"You shouldn't ever think you're safe around me, dear brother," she said.

"I should have learned that by now," I agreed.

Angie left the room without dressing any further, leaving me alone with my thoughts. I couldn't help feeling like I needed to go after her for some reason. She hadn't been upset or anything, so it's not like I had to apologize. Maybe it was just a reaction to seeing her very close to naked a moment ago.

Whatever the case I finished dressing and made my way back to the main room where Kelly and Jill were still curled up together.

"You going to come join us?" Kelly asked.

"I'm afraid if I do then I'll never get up again," I said.

"We'd have to eventually," Jill mumbled.

Kelly had Jill cradled in her arms and was stroking her hair with a loving, almost motherly, expression on her face. It was so hard to tell that they were only a month apart in age just then, Kelly seemed like she must be older than that. She had certainly been acting as the more experienced of the two the past couple days.

"You talk with Angie?" Kelly asked after a moment.

"A little."

"You gonna have sex with her too?"

She asked the question so casually it was hard to believe I'd heard correctly.

"Uh, that wasn't what I got out of the conversation," I said. "Unless you know something I don't."

"Not really, but I think it would be good. Then all four of us would be doing it. It'd be better that way."

"Okay, even ignoring most of the objections I could raise to that, I've seen no real indication that she wants to. What am I supposed to do, just ask her if she wants to fuck?" I said, deliberately using the harsher language to try and make my point.

"Yes," Kelly said simply.

I wasn't convinced, but I was having difficulty forming a coherent argument. It didn't seem like my position should have been particularly hard to defend. At least Jill wasn't openly siding with Kelly, but she wasn't helping me out either.

"Angie wasn't wearing much when she came through here," Kelly said. "Did she let you see her naked?"

"Kinda. Almost," I admitted.

"Has she ever done that before?"

No, she hadn't. Not on purpose. Maybe Kelly was actually on to something. I was pretty sure it still wasn't as simple as she made it sound though.

"Fine, I'll see what she says all right?"

Kelly stayed quiet, which I took as being agreement from her.

I took my time walking upstairs and working out what I was going to say. I had no idea how I was going to start this conversation with Angie, maybe I should just bring her back down and let Kelly explain it.

Eventually I located my older sister out on the back deck leaning against the railing and staring off at the distance. She was still wearing only her shirt and panties, seemingly oblivious to anyone who might see her.

"You look good in those," I said, coming up behind her.

"Such a perv," Angie said, rolling her eyes. "But so am I, so maybe I shouldn't complain."

"You could have put pants on," I pointed out.

"I could have. I don't think you really want me to though, not if I know you half as well as I think." She smirked. "Unless you're worried about one of the parents seeing me. You think they'd suspect something just because I'm wandering around in my underwear?"

"Probably not."

"At worst I'll get told to go get dressed and that'll be the end of it. You staring at my ass on the other hand, that might attract some attention."

"It's a nice ass."

"I know."

Angie walked toward me and pushed me back to the wooden bench set against the wall. As I sat down on it she swung her legs on either side of mine and straddled my lap facing me.

"What would you do with it if I let you?" she asked softly.

"Uh, what?"

"My ass, what do you want to do to it?"

She pulled my hands down to her hips, then moved them to her butt. It didn't take any more prodding than that for me to grab her ass and squeeze gently.

"I really am kind of worried about getting caught now," I said.

"Don't worry, I'm keeping watch," she said, as if that solved the problem. "I want to know what you'd do."


"Sure, whatever." She leaned in close to whisper in my ear. "Would you stick your dick in it?"

"I'd definitely consider it."

Whether or not this was just Angie teasing me, I was getting seriously turned on by it. She was even grinding slowly on my lap and she had to be able to feel my growing erection.

"'Cause I know you haven't been using condoms with the other two, and there's no way I'm letting you get me pregnant," she continued in a voice that just kept getting sexier.

"So wait, is this not hypothetical anymore?"

"It never really was."

I let a finger travel down between her butt cheeks, pressing her panties deeper into her crack. Her asshole was there somewhere if I could manage to find it through her underwear. I was really starting to believe that she was serious about having sex, even the anal part.

"Did you work everything out with Kelly ahead of time?" I asked. "You two seem way too in synch this weekend."

"Didn't you know? We're telepathic," Angie giggled. "I know exactly what she's thinking. Right now it's mostly about Jill's boobs. We need to be careful or we'll have a little bisexual nympho on our hands."

"There are worse things in the world," I said offhandedly.

Obviously my sisters weren't actually telepathic, but they seemed far too close to it for comfort. Was Kelly actually thinking about Jill that way? It was possible that Angie, once again, had just picked up on something that I hadn't. The girls had definitely looked cozy, all snuggled up together. Naked.

"Now you're thinking about it, aren't you," she said.

"Yeah." I nodded.

I was getting more and more horny the longer we sat there and I'm sure Angie could tell.

"Maybe you should take me down to your bed now."

"I would, but you're sitting on me."

She got up and I followed her inside and back down the stairs. I watched her ass pretty much the whole way; her panties were covering even less of it now thanks to my efforts and, unless it was just my imagination, her hips were swaying more than they normally did.

Kelly and Jill were right where I left them, and Jill's soft snoring told me she had drifted back to sleep. Kelly on the other hand opened her eyes as we passed and gave me what I could swear was a wink.

Having slowed down a little, I was a couple seconds behind Angie walking into the bedroom. As soon as I got through the doorway she tossed me a small object that I only barely managed to catch. It turned out to be a bottle of lube.

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