tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJim and Alicia Pt. 05

Jim and Alicia Pt. 05


Chapter 10 -- The Ultimate Revenge

Calling right as she saw him walk through the door, Alicia had an evil smirk on her face, knowing this single phone call would get the ball rolling on the night's festivities.

Jim picked up on the fourth ring and was breathless as he answered.


"Hey baby!" came Alicia's voice, chipper as hell.

"Hey you, are you comin' over tonight?" he asked.

Alicia grinned evilly to Sophora and answered Jim.

"Absolutely, you deserve some pussy after having to be alone for three days!"

Alicia rolled her eyes as she said that, playing into the idea that she didn't know Jim was a skeez. Sophora covered her own mouth so Jim couldn't hear her laughing, but the plans the girls had made for him were too good to not be amused with.

Alicia told Jim she was gonna take a shower and that she'd be right over, and to prepare for a night he'd never forget. She knew exactly what to say to get Jim turned on and ready for anything, but what he didn't know was that he was to be on the receiving end tonight.

As Alicia hung up the phone, she and Sophora both burst out laughing.

"This is gonna be SO good, he has NO idea!" Alicia nearly squealed.

Capturing Alicia's small frame in her arms, Sophora planted another kiss on her friend's lips before whispering, "We have to do this right. If we don't catch him completely by surprise, he'll probably get pissed. And if that happens, then we'll only have each other to fuck from now on."

"Gee, shucks," Alicia said before grabbing two handfuls of Sophora's gorgeous ass and laughing.

The girls shared another kiss before going into Alicia's room to pick out her sexiest outfit.


After digging in Alicia's closet for the better part of ten minutes, Sophora finally exclaimed, "Got it!"

Alicia stood in anticipation of what her friend had chosen for her, and was stunned when Sophora held up a short black leather mini skirt that, once she donned it, almost came up to the bottom of Alicia's ass. Next came a black corset with red laces, which pushed Alicia's medium-sized tits up and out, causing even Sophora to drool a little bit. High-heeled leather boots and some blood red lipstick and Sophora was ready to send her friend on her way.

"I'll sneak in when you're giving him the massage, just leave the back door unlocked," said Sophora to Alicia, and she got a firm nod in response.

"Do I have everything? The oil, the ropes... you're in charge of fucking him, though... I don't trust myself enough to be able to hang on once he starts bucking like a bronco," Alicia said, and both girls laughed aloud.

"Okay, wish me luck!" Alicia exclaimed as she headed for the door, carrying the small bag that held the essential items that would make tonight possible.

"Good luck, sexy... see you soon," was Sophora's answer, and Sophora blew Alicia a kiss and winked at her.


Alicia let herself into Jim's place and smiled when she saw him.

"Hey you!" she said.

Jim was in awe, as he looked Alicia up and down.

"Goddamn babe, I didn't know you owned that kind of clothing," he said as he ran his hands over Alicia's ass, loving the feel of the leather beneath his fingertips.

Alicia beamed and said, "Yeah, I can be wild at times."

"I guess so..." Jim finished with, as he rubbed his chin with his hand, wondering what Alicia had in mind for the evening.

"So okay, tonight is gonna be special... I'm gonna strip you down, oil you up and give you a relaxing massage. A sensual massage," Alicia huskily whispered, putting the accent on the word 'sensual.'

Jim smiled big and offered, "I'm game!" and he took Alicia's hand and walked her to his bedroom, still hardly believing the sight before him.

"What's in the bag?" Jim queried, and Alicia shrugged and said, "The oil, no big deal," and she smiled at Jim.

"Get naked and lie face down on the bed, I wanna make you feel good tonight," Alicia sweetly ordered.

Jim did as he was told and sighed loudly, adding, "I need this so badly... I think I deserve it."

"You couldn't be more right," Alicia said, almost so Jim couldn't hear.

"Close your eyes and relax baby, I'm gonna make this a little kinky," Alicia informed Jim, and he just chuckled at the idea.

"Just whatever you do, don't open your eyes," Alicia said and she began by tying the four pieces of rope to the bedposts on Jim's bed. Not having actually tied him down yet, Alicia said, "Okay, don't freak out."

Jim was a little confused, but stayed put, and smiled once he realized Alicia was tying him up.

"Wow hun, this is so unlike you..." Jim mumbled as he felt his dick jerk beneath him.

"You have no idea, sweetheart," Alicia said as she finished tying the last rope and checked it to make sure he couldn't get free.

"Try to wiggle free," Alicia said, "I wanna see if I need to tighten the ropes more."

Jim tried and tried, but he couldn't get loose.

"Perfect..." whispered Alicia, and she retrieved the massage oil from her bag.

Alicia removed her boots and climbed onto the bed, straddling Jim's ass as she squirted some oil into her hand. She rubbed her hands together to coat them and then started on Jim's shoulders.

"Ohh god that feels so good," Jim moaned quietly into the pillow.

"Remember, eyes shut at all times... I want you to relax," reminded Alicia.

As she worked the tight muscles in Jim's upper back, she heard a slight rustle from outside the bedroom and knew Sophora had let herself in.

To keep Jim from hearing Sophora approach, Alicia began cooing quietly, mumbling encouraging words, telling him how he was "so strong" and "very sexy" with his nice physique.

Alicia peeked over her shoulder and saw a smiling Sophora walking closer, wearing the strap-on from before. Without making it seem too obvious, Alicia used only one hand to massage Jim as she handed Sophora the bottle of oil.

Climbing off of Jim's bed and mouthing the words, "Lube it," Alicia smiled at Sophora and blew a silent kiss to her through the air.

"Just relax hun, this is gonna be great," Alicia kept telling Jim, and he was as relaxed as he could possibly be at the moment.

Jim's eyes were still closed so he had no idea anybody but Alicia was climbing onto the bed again, this time a little lower than before. He shrugged and figured Alicia was about to massage his lower back.

Tensing a little at feeling a light slap on his bare ass, Jim asked, "What are you doing next?"

"This!" Sophora said loudly, and she shoved half of the fake prick deep into Jim's ass.

Jim's eyes shot open wide as he screamed in pain. Fighting against the ropes as hard as he possibly could, Jim began to beg.

"Please no, stop, holy fuck, it hurts, please!!" and Jim bucked his ass, but Sophora held on tight.

The more Jim fought, the more the cock worked itself into his asshole, and the more pain it caused him.

Jim was quickly exhausted with fighting, so he eventually conceded and lay facedown, held by his restraints and cried as Sophora gave his ass a royal fucking. She was merciless, and scratched her nails down Jim's back, causing him even more pain.

He continued to whimper and every now and again would ask, "Why are you doing this? What did I do??"

Alicia walked over to the crying Jim's head and said, "Look at me, you dickhead. You let me think you loved me, and you go and fuck my friend? How was getting your dick sucked by a man? I hope you liked it, cuz I won't be sucking it EVER again!!"

"Me neither!" Sophora chimed in, and she laughed as she felt Jim's ass repeatedly tighten on the toy, unsuccessfully trying to force it out.

"You deserve everything you're getting, Jim... you really had me fooled." Alicia was mad, but she was also very hurt. She almost felt bad for Jim, but knew he needed to get a taste of his own medicine.

Sophora stopped fucking Jim abruptly and said to him, "Now are you gonna be so quick to fuck an innocent girl and get her to fall for you, and then fuck other people without her knowing?"

Jim was panting loudly, both at having just been fucked hardcore and from his earlier sobbing.

"Alicia, I'm so sorry, I never meant to hurt you. Sophora's so sexy, I couldn't help myself!" Jim offered as an apology.

Alicia thought for a moment and said, "Nope, not good enough... Sophora, please continue!"

Jim thought for a second and mustered up all his courage to whisper, "Please..."

Neither girl knew what he was asking for, so Sophora asked Jim, "Please what?" and she leaned forward some, pushing more of the toy inside Jim's abused asshole.

Getting no answer, only a loud groan, Sophora asked Jim again, "Please what??" and she began pulling the toy slowly out.

Jim sighed loudly and said as clearly as he could manage, "Please... fuck my ass. Alicia's right, I deserve this, and I want to pay for what I've done."

Alicia looked at Sophora, and Sophora at Alicia, and they both just stared at each other, unsure of what to say.

"Hello? I know you're still there, I can fucking feel it in me!" Jim was getting impatient. He had allowed himself to sound quite gay, and wanted a response of any kind.

Sophora shrugged and said to Jim, "Beg for it..."

Not thinking he would do any such thing, Alicia's eyes widened when she heard Jim say, "I need to feel that cock in my ass... fuck me raw... please?" He was really almost pleading.

"If I lengthen your ropes a little, will you promise to get up on your hands and knees for a properly-angled fuck, or will you try to get free?" Alicia inquired Jim.

Jim scoffed. "I just asked her to fuck my ass and you think I'm gonna try to get away?"

The girls looked at each other and answered in unison, "Yes."

"Well I won't," Jim said, "it doesn't hurt that much anymore... and I want to enjoy it."

"If you say so," Alicia said, and she added about two inches of slack to each rope, giving Jim just enough room to climb up onto all fours, the fake cock, and Sophora, still connected snugly to him.

Taking a few deep breaths, trying to relax his ass for what he knew was coming, Jim whispered, "I think I'm ready... but don't go slow, I deserve every bit of pain I feel right now."

Jim thought that'd soften the girls' attitudes a little, but he was quite wrong.

"I know what you're doing, you moron, and it won't work... you're getting fucked!" snapped Sophora, and she grabbed Jim's hips and began plowing him anew.

"Ohhh my god, oh no, fuck, yesss... aggghhhhhhh mmmmmm, yeah, fuck it," Jim moaned out loud, not really sure of what he was saying. "This is incredible, don't stop! Deeper! I need more! Ohh mmmmm yeah, take my ass, rape me!!" Jim continued.

He let his upper body fall forward onto the bed as he bit into the pillow in front of him.

Alicia was almost furious. This was supposed to punish Jim, not please him. Then she got an idea.

"Get back up on all fours, you faggot," Alicia barked at Jim. "I can't believe you like taking it up the ass. Maybe we should call Aaron..." Alicia said that last part to Sophora, and Sophora laughed.

"No, don't stop, I'm about to cum and I haven't even touched my cock," Jim whined.

He wasn't lying. Beneath him was a sizeable puddle of pre cum that had oozed from the tip of his dong.

Alicia reached beneath Jim and touched the cooling puddle, gathering some pre cum on her fingers.

"Suck my fingers clean..." Alicia mumbled, holding her fingers to Jim's lips.

Jim tentatively stuck his tongue out and, between grunts, tasted his first taste of pre cum. To Jim's surprise, it wasn't as bad as he thought it'd be.

'Does all this make me bi?' he wondered to himself. Jim quickly snapped back to reality as he felt Sophora reach around his thigh and squeeze his shlong in her hand.

"You gonna cum for me, you queer bastard?" Sophora asked through gritted teeth, still relentlessly pounding Jim's sore ass.

"Ohhhhh yeah, I am... I'm gonna cum real soon, but..." Jim hesitated a beat; "can I be on top now?" was the response that was uttered.

Sophora stopped moving her hips and looked at Alicia, whose mouth was open in surprise.

Alicia shrugged her shoulders, annoyed by the request, yet somehow turned on as well. Quickly she undid Jim's binds and made it a point to shut the bedroom door and stand in front of it, just in case he tried to make a run for it.

Sophora and Jim both climbed off the bed, Jim's prick standing at full attention, and he tossed a towel from the floor over the wet spot he had made and said, "Lie on your back," to Sophora.

"I know how this works," Sophora snapped back, and got into position. "Alicia, I wanna lick your pussy while I do this, come sit on my face."

And for the first time since the bedroom antics began, Jim and Alicia locked eyes. A part of her felt bad for Jim, but at the same time, the other part knew he needed punishing. But why was he enjoying it so much? Was he gay? No, not gay, Alicia decided... bi, like herself.

"Get up there, you shithead," exclaimed Alicia to Jim, and he quickly obliged, straddling Sophora on the bed, lining up his well-fucked asshole with the fake cock protruding obscenely from Sophora's crotch.

As Jim slowly lowered himself onto the toy, he quickly realized Alicia was going to face him as she got her pussy eaten.

Reading his thoughts, Alicia mumbled, "You're going to enjoy it anyway, you might as well get to watch my face as I cum, too."

Jim tried not to smile at that, and closed his eyes as he concentrated on fucking himself with the strap-on that Sophora wore.

In a matter of seconds, both Jim and Alicia were moaning grunting as they built towards their respective orgasms. At one point, Alicia opened her eyes slightly to look at Jim, who was obviously wrapped up in his own little gay fantasy world, and she smirked before closing them again.

"Baby, I'm gonna cum," Alicia said to neither of her sexual partners in particular, but they both heard her and before Alicia could say no, Jim had grabbed her hand and placed it on his throbbing cock, forcing her to jerk him off.

Alicia's eyes shot open when she felt Jim's cock in her hand, but by now, she was too far-gone to care. She furiously jerked Jim's dick as her orgasm overtook her, wracking her body violently. At the same time, Jim yelled out and his balls tightened as spurts of cum ruptured from his aching piece, causing his ass to tighten around the toy, making continued movement nearly impossible.

Everything that shot from Jim landed on Alicia's tits and stomach as she continued to ride Sophora's tongue, cumming yet again, extra-excited by Jim load dripping off her skin.


Quickly climbing off the bed, slightly embarrassed by what had just happened, Alicia wiped herself off quickly with a shirt she found in the room, and she demanded, "Sophora, let's go."

"Okay, calm down, I'm going," Sophora snapped back as she climbed off Jim's bed and smiled sheepishly at him, passing Alicia to leave the room.

Alicia grabbed her arm to stop her and just looked her in the eye, letting her know not to leave the room yet.

"Jim," Alicia started with, "I don't think we can see each other anymore... you really hurt me," and she let her voice trail off.

Jim opened his arms to her and swept her up in all of his nakedness in a big bear hug.

"You know I'm sorry... I never meant to hurt you. I have no excuses... I'm sorry," Jim offered.

"Are you two done being pussies now? It wasn't that bad of a thing that happened, I'm a good lay..." Sophora said from just outside the bedroom door.

"Yeah, I'm done," Alicia answered back as she slowly removed herself from Jim's hug. "One last thing though..."

She strolled over to the corner of the room, near Jim's closet, and picked up a hidden video camera, turning it off as she did.

"This'll be a good attachment to the email I plan to send all your family and friends about how much of a piece of shit you are," said Alicia to Jim, and she smiled sweetly and turned, leaving the room, hooking her arm in Sophora's as the two girls laughed loudly.

'Son of a bitch...' thought Jim.

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