Jinglin' Spurs


But then she would remember the look in his eyes; they seemed totally incapable of deception. Rose knew deep down that Lucky was a man of his word, and if he didn't show up tonight, he would definitely be here in the morning. She had found a nice simple dress in Lou's wardrobe, and she and Lou had spent the past couple of days making alterations to it so that it would fit properly.

Rose longed for Lucky's touch. She looked in the mirror and wondered what he saw in her. She knew she didn't have the beauty of the other girls, her face was simple, and plain. Where the other girls were busty and curvy, she was almost willowy.

She could still remember the first time Lucky had touched her breast. Where the other men had been, rough and intimidating, Lucky had been gentle and tender. He had never made any comments about her small breasts. Rose was amazed at how caring his work worn hands had felt on her body.

Looking at the clock again, she sighed softly.


Lou looked up as the door opened and she smiled. "Howdy Lucky, I was wondering if we would see you tonight."

Lucky blushed slightly. "Well, uh, I wasn't sure if I should come tonight."

Lou's bosom shook as she laughed. "She's up there, waitin' for ya."

"Thank you Lou." Lucky tipped his hat and went towards the stairs.

"Lucky," Lou called after the cowboy, "Rose told me about tomorrow, I think that is sweet what you're doin' for her." Lou's voice turned stern, "You hurt her, and I'll come after you myself."

"Oh no Lou!" Lucky shook his head solemnly. "My intentions are purely honorable."

Lou shook her head and laughed softly to herself as Lucky continued up the stairs. From anyone else the idea of taking one of her girls for a picnic and having honorable intentions would have sent Lou to the floor in convulsions of laughter. Coming from Lucky, it was a whole different thing, Lou believed him.

Lucky knocked on Rose's door softly.

"Come in," Rose's voice was soft and gentle.

Lucky stepped through the door and removed his hat, and held it in his hand. "Howdy Rose."

"Lucky!" Rose's face lit right up. "I was beginning to wonder if you were going to show up tonight."

He looked down at the floor, and rolled the brim of his hat in his fingers. "Well, I didn't know if would be right for me to show up tonight considering I will be calling for you in the morning. But then I thought you might have thought I had a change of mind about tomorrow, and so I thought I best come on over and at least pay my respects."

Rose got up from her chair and walked up to Lucky. "Well, I had hoped you would come tonight. I've gotten kind of used to you showing up here. And it's perfectly fine for you to show up here tonight."

"Thank you Rose, I appreciate that." Lucky felt his apprehension melting away.

"Would you like to get in bed?" Rose's voice softened as she looked into his green eyes. She had always liked how his eyes looked, deep green with little flecks of amber.

Lucky nodded, as he sat down on a chair and pulled his boots off, and sat them off to the side. He stood up and was surprised when Rose began to unbutton his shirt.

She looked into his eyes. "I always wanted to do this, undress a man, I hope you don't mind."

"No Rose, I don't mind." Lucky felt his heart pounding.

Rose slowly unbuttoned his shirt. She could see where someone, most probably Lucky had re-sewn buttons on his shirt. She smiled at the thought of Lucky taking needle and thread in hand and making repairs to his clothing.

After she slipped his shirt off, she hung it over the back of the chair in the corner. Rose then undid his belt, and then buttons on his pants. She pulled them down to the floor, and lifted his feet one at a time, and then hung the pants over top of his shirt.

She smiled at the sight of him in his faded red flannel long underwear. Rose started at the top button and began unbutton them slowly, one at a time.

Lucky could scarcely breathe as he felt Rose begin to undo the top buttons of his underwear, working her way down from his neck to his waist. He could feel his manhood begin to swell, the farther down her hands went the more swollen he became.

Rose smiled as her fingertips brushed against his hardness. She was glad that she was having this effect on Lucky. She felt a warmth building between her own legs, in her mind Lucky was no longer a customer, he was her lover and she wanted to please him more than anything.

She pulled the underwear off and let it fall to the floor. After Lucky was completely naked Rose took a step back, and removed her frilly robe and hung it at the end of the bed. She pulled the comb from the back of her head and let her reddish brown down, shaking her head and let the hair fall over her shoulders. Reaching behind her, she began to untie the corset that she wore.

Lucky could hear his heart beating in his ears as he watched Rose slowly undressing in front of him. He was surprised at how long her hair was. Although he had had his share of women in places like this, he had never seen a woman completely naked before. As Lucky's eyes drank in the sight of her naked body he felt his erection swelling even more.

She reached out, took his hand and led him to her bed. Rose liked how his body felt next to hers. With Lucky she felt safe, and secure. This wasn't a feeling that she had felt very often during her adult life, and she liked it.

"Rose," Lucky's voice was barely above a whisper. "Can I ask you a question? It's sort of personal I guess."

"Yes, you can ask me a question." Rose was curious about what Lucky may ask her.

Lucky felt his cheeks grow warm, and he took a deep breath. "Well, when me and Earl were ridin' back to the ranch a week or two ago he told me something, and, well, you're the only one I can think of that might have an answer."

"Okay tell me what Earl told you." Rose put her hand on Lucky's erection and slowly began to pump it back and forth.

Lucky enjoyed the feeling of Rose's cool hand on his warm manhood. "Well, uhm, Earl said that Budge told him that there is this foreign princess in the Pleasure Palace in Cheyenne that will take a man's privates into his mouth, and well, take care of him that-a-way. Do you think that is true?"

It took all of Rose's willpower to suppress a giggle. "Well Lucky, I sort of doubt that there is a foreign princess in the Pleasure Palace in Cheyenne, is that what you wanted to know?"

Lucky felt like he was beginning to dig himself into a hole that he had no idea how to get out of. He sighed softly, "Well yeah, sort of..."

"Oh, I see," Rose tried not to laugh, and to sound understanding, "You want to know about the other part of the story."

Lucky nodded. "Well, I just never heard of anything like that before..."

Rose kissed Lucky softly on the lips. "Yes Lucky, sometimes some women will do that to a man, take his," she paused for a second, "Manliness into their mouths and let them finish that way. There is a word for it, fellatio."

He repeated the word over and over in his head, "That a kinda queer sounding word."

"It's Latin." Rose smiled. "Would you like me to do that to you right now, take you into my mouth, and let you finish like that?"

"Well uh..." Lucky didn't know quite what to say, he had been hoping for an answer, but had never expected for Rose to offer to actually do it for him.

"I don't mind Lucky, especially for you," Rose's voice had changed to almost a purr, the thought of Lucky's manhood in her mouth excited her, "I would like to Lucky."

Lucky held his breath as he felt Rose's lips move slowly down his body, her hand still gently stroking him slowly back and forth. He could feel her breath on his erection, it felt cool against his hot flesh. A soft moan escaped from his lips as her tongue swirled around the tip of his member.

Rose tickled the underside of his erection with the tip of her tongue. She looked up momentarily at Lucky's eyes, pleased with what she saw. She placed the tip of his hardness against her lips.

Very slowly she began to take him into her mouth. She liked the taste, he tasted manly, but clean. Gradually, as her mouth moved back and forth, she would take a little more of him, deeper and deeper. She wanted Lucky to feel good, she wanted to do this for him. She never liked doing this to other men, but Lucky felt special. Rose was pleased that she able to give him something that he had never had before.

Lucky had never felt anything like this before, the feeling of her lips, and her tongue moving over his hardness was unlike anything he had felt in his life. His body felt alive with electricity. When her mouth down over his erection he could scarcely breathe, it felt incredible.

He wasn't sure what he was supposed to do. All Lucky knew is that he had never experienced anything like this before in his life. Her mouth felt so warm, and wet on his member, he watched her head move up and down, he felt her hand fondling his balls gently. Lucky reached down and began to tenderly stroke her hair.

Rose liked the feeling of him filling her mouth, his rubbery head rubbing over the roof of her mouth, she quickened the pace when she felt his hand on her head.

"Oh my God Rose, I can't hold it back," Lucky warned, but the warning was too late, for he had scarcely uttered his words before he felt manhood erupt, sending his semen flooding into Rose's mouth.

Rose felt his treasure explode from the end of his member. She liked the slightly peppery tang of his juices. She continued moving her mouth back and forth over his shaft until he began to go soft.

"Well Lucky, did you enjoy that?" Rose smiled as she looked into Lucky's eyes.

"Oh Rose," Lucky's voice was still shaking from his orgasm, "I don't know what to say, I have never felt anything like it."

Rose kissed Lucky softly on the lips, and that was something else she never did with her other customers, only Lucky.

They lay there quietly, Lucky had his arm around Rose, she was running her hands over his chest when she suddenly looked up at Lucky. "What's your real name Lucky?"

"Evan," Lucky replied softly. His real name almost sounded foreign to his ears, he hadn't used the name in almost nine years. "Evan Robert Jenkins."

"Why do they call you Lucky?" Rose wanted to know more about him, and she didn't quite understand why she had asked him.

"Well, just after I had left home." Lucky began, "I got me a job on a spread in West Texas, I was the cook's helper. I heard that the boss would pay two dollars for breaking a horse, and hell, all I was making was a dollar a week, plus room and board. Well the cook had him what he called a slop chest, it was full of old boots, and clothes. Well I found me a pair of boots that half-a-ways fit, and I went over to the corral and asked if I could give it a shot. Well, all of them Tex cowboys started laughing, and then this one leads over this black stallion, I found out later that his name was El Diablo Del Norte, Northern Devil, or Devil from the north. Well as green as I was, I had no idea what that horse was, he was a horse that couldn't be broke."

Lucky looked at Rose. "I'm not borin' ya, am I?"

Rose shook her head "Oh no, please continue." She laid her head on the pillow next to Lucky's shoulder and just listened.

"Well, they sat me atop of this buckin' son of a gun, and when they opened the gate to the stall all hell broke loose. I never knew I could move in so many directions at the same time. That damned horse was enjoyin' what he was doin' to me, I'm sure that I had been able to see his face that would have seen a big smile. Well hell Rose, I didn't know up from down, all I knew is that I was going to die. A smarter man might have tried to bail off that horse, but not me. He would come straight up offa the ground, then his front legs would hit the ground, and then he would twist his hind end around. Finally after I had been on that horse for close to an hour I got throwed against the fence. Well it seemed like an hour, they told me that I was only on there for about 10 seconds. I hit the fence, and damn near knocked myself out. Well, 'bout this time the ranch boss had come over to the corral to see what all the whoopin' and hollerin' was about. He looked at Diablo, and then down at me and said you're lucky that that horse didn't stomp ya. One of the other cowboys then said, well someone get Lucky up and get him a drink. And ever since then, I've been called Lucky."

"I always wanted to ask you that," Rose's voice sounded sleepy, "I love your real name, Evan."

Lucky just held Rose tightly in his arms, he had a warm feeling all through his body. He didn't remember falling asleep, and neither did Rose.


Lou looked up at the clock. It was getting late, no one had come in for a while. She was feeling tired, and decided to lock up for the night. If someone wanted something, they could always pull on the bell cord that rang a little bell in Lou's room.

She blew out the lamps in the parlor area, locked the front door, and made her way up the stairs. Lou looked at Rose's door, and thought for a moment. She couldn't remember Lucky leaving.

After she knocked softly, she opened the door. Lucky and Rose were sound asleep. Rose was cuddled next to the lanky cowboy. Lou had a strict rule, no men in the rooms after closing time.

She could see the smile on Rose's sleeping face. Lou cursed her softhearted nature as she quietly slipped back out of the room. Any other girl Lou would have raised holy hell. But Rose was different. She barely brought in enough money to pay her expenses at the house. There were the other things she did; she sewed well, helped Lou with the financial affairs, and she was good with the girls when they were having problems.

Two small tears formed in the corner of Lou's eyes, seeing Rose and Lucky sleeping like that brought back memories of a handsome young man that was killed in the War between the States.


Rose slowly awoke, the feeling of Lucky's arm around felt very comforting. The light in the room was the orange pinkish color of the early dawn. She looked at Lucky's face and smiled. He looked so serene, so calm. Then the reality of the scene hit her, Lucky was still in her bed.

"Damn," she whispered under breath, "Lou will have my hide if she catches Lucky her in bed."

"Lucky." Rose gently shook the sleeping cowboy's shoulder. "You have to wake up."

"Huh?" Lucky shook his head, and then rubbed his eyes, and looked at Rose with a slightly confused look on his face.

"You have to get up," Rose whispered, "If Lou catches you up here she'll be madder than a wet hen."

Lucky shook the cobwebs from his head, then he realized where he was. "Damn Rose, I didn't mean to fall asleep."

Rose smiled, and then kissed Lucky on the cheek. "I fell asleep too." She cast her eyes down at the bed. "But I'm glad you did."

"Well I hope my bein' here don't cause you no trouble with Lou." Lucky blushed as he climbed out of bed and began to get dressed.

Rose smiled as she watched him get dressed She watched every little move that he made, the way he put his pants on, then his shirt. When Lucky reached for his boots Rose whispered, "No Lucky, leave your boots off until I get you out the back door."

Lucky picked up his boots and nodded. "Yeah, the jig would be up if I went stompin' around with my boots on."

Rose smiled and slipped her robe on. She walked over to the door, slowly opened it, and peeked out. Seeing that all was clear, she motioned to Lucky to follow her. She put her finger to her lips, and cautioned Lucky to be quiet. He nodded his head and followed Rose down the stairs.

Once out the back door, Rose looked at Lucky. "Are you still calling for me at eleven?"

Lucky was pulling his boots on and he stopped and looked at Rose. "Yes Rose, I was plannin' on it, less you've changed your mind."

Rose slowly shook her head, a look of happiness spread over her face, "No Lucky, I haven't changed my mind, I'll be ready and waiting for you."

Lucky stood up, his green eyes sparkling in the morning sun. "I uh, would like to thank you Rose for..."

Rose put her arms around Lucky and held him tightly. "Lucky you don't have to thank me for anything. And I'm glad you fell asleep and spent the night with me."

"Oh Rose." Those were the only words that Lucky could manage, he put his arms around her, and held her tightly.

Finally Rose stood on her tiptoes and kissed Lucky lightly on the lips. "I will see you at eleven."

Lucky felt his heart leap as Rose kissed his lips. "I will be here."

As Lucky walked the deserted streets back to the hotel, he felt like he was walking on air. He had feelings for Rose; there was no denying them. He hoped the feelings were mutual.

When he got back he quietly climbed the stairs, not wanting to disturb the sleeping night clerk. Earl was sound asleep and snoring. Lucky checked the time; it was far too early to begin getting ready. He pulled his boots off and lay on the bed.

Sleep didn't come for Lucky, he lay there thinking of Rose, and how it felt waking up with his arm around her.


Mentally Lucky checked everything off of the list in his head. He had taken all of Stubby's advice. The buggy would be ready for him at the livery, he had gone to the café yesterday to order their picnic lunch. Lucky had bought a new pair of jeans, and a new shirt at the mercantile.

Earl had teased Lucky good naturedly as he had gotten ready, and once Lucky was clean and dressed, Earl looked at Lucky and smiled. "I know I rib ya a bit, especially 'bout Rose. You know Lucky, I think it's a damned nice thing you're doin', takin' her out like this."

"Thanks Earl." Lucky looked at his best friend. "I appreciate you tellin' me that."


After Rose had finished with her bath, Lou had been like a mother hen. As she brushed Rose's hair Lou looked at Rose's reflection in the mirror. "I went upstairs last night, and I saw you and Lucky sleeping. You know the rules, men can spend their money here, but they can't spend the night."

Rose blushed lightly. "I'm sorry Lou, it just that we both fell asleep."

"Considering it was you and that Lucky, well that's why I didn't say anything." Lou was busy getting a couple of small knots out of Rose's hair. "And don't you let on to any of the other girls that Lucky spent the night. Lord knows then they will be all sneaking someone in for the night."

"No Lou, I won't say anything." Rose smiled at the reflection in the mirror; she was getting butterflies in her stomach. It had been a long time since a man had come calling for her.

"Rose you really are an attractive woman." Lou was looking in the mirror at Rose's reflection. "Let me get a little make up and..." her sentence went unfinished as she hurried out of the room.

Rose looked at the woman looking back at her, she remembered about what Lucky had said, about him not being a prize. She felt the same way about herself, what kind of prize was she for any man? A fallen angel, a painted lady, woman of the night. There were many names for women like her, some nice, and more that weren't. What did she have to offer any man except for sex? She felt her eyes stinging with tears, she looked away from the woman in the mirror, and Rose didn't want that woman to see her cry.

Lou sensed something was wrong as soon as she came back into Rose's room. "What's wrong?"

Rose shook her head. "Oh nothing."

"You're going to need to do better than that to fool me sister, now spill the beans," Lou's tone was compassionate, but yet firm.

Rose sighed, "I was just thinking." She looked into Lou's eyes. "What can I offer any man?"

Lou chuckled, "And just who would any man be? Are we talking about Lucky?"

Rose didn't speak. She just nodded her head and looked down at the floor.

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