tagSci-Fi & FantasyJinzōningen: Tigress

Jinzōningen: Tigress

bySean Renaud©

"You won't be disappointed in me sir. I'm everything you could ever want." Lisa purred stepping down from her pedestal and over to John. She had shoulder length curly black hair, full pouty lips and an equally voluptuous figure. "I cook, I clean and in the bed room I do whatever you want." She rested one hand on his chest and gently dragged her hand down until her fingers were resting on his belt buckle. "You can stop right here. Those other bitches are inferior models."

John smiled softly looking Lisa up and down. She looked like someone's mother, in the good mid eighties sitcom way. A MILF through and through who clearly spent a lot of time on her make up and even though she was wearing a plain yellow sundress and an apron she was definitely prepared to go a couple of rounds in the bedroom judging by the high heels she was wearing. Lisa flashed a quick smile and slipped behind John wrapped her arms around her his chest and rested her chin on his shoulder. She smelled faintly of strawberries and vanilla. "What do you say?"

John closed his eyes for a moment. "We'll see, but I'm not through shopping yet." Lisa suddenly went cold and rigid against and then pulled away stepping up onto her pedestal. John tried to look away before Lisa's vacant stare focused on the door waiting for the next potential customer.

Lowering his head John hurried into the next room where a young Latina was dressed in a blue and white cheerleader out fit. She was holding perfectly still with her pompoms on her hips until John stepped into the room and then her eyes lit with excitement. "John, John he's our man, he'll make me cum yes he can!" She shouted shaking her pompoms and perky body every direction. She ended with one hand on her hip and the other held straight over head.

The Latina skipped over to John and jumped into his arms wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck leaning close enough to kiss but stopping when her nose brushed against his. "I think you should take me home, you'd like that wouldn't you? Fuck a nice young thing." She almost kissed him then brushed her cheek against his until her lips were pressed against his ear. "My name is Jynx and I like it when guys get a little rough. You can do it all. Choke me. Spank me. Pull my hair." Then she lowered her voice to a husky whisper. "Fuck me in the ass." John smirked reaching down and taking a hold of Jynx's surprisingly firm rump. Twisting around he slammed her up against the nearby wall and she only moaned in response. Her grip on him tightened and she whispered one word. "Harder."

"Wow. Down girl." John hissed. He had to get her off him or he'd end up drilling her right through the wall without giving a shit who might see him.

Jynx hesitated for a moment then released him and eased to the floor backing away. She pouted over her shoulder making certain two sway her hips with each step until her skirt was up over ass. "You know I don't mind if you want to bring home one of the other models. We can entertain ourselves while you're away. Keep the motor running. Think about it!" Jynx returned to where she'd been when John entered the room, pompoms on her hips staring at the door waiting for the next client to enter the room.

John was already halfway to the next doorway though refusing to look back. The next door opened into some kind of green house. Light mist sprayed him as soon as he entered the room. "I wonder what they keep in here?" John wondered aloud walking along the path through the room occasionally staring at the various plants and trees.

He almost didn't see her. He probably wouldn't have seen her if she hadn't locked her bright green eyes on his when he glanced over at the fern she was hidden behind. Unlike the first two women this one was naked or as close to naked as a woman covered in fur could be. She was covered from head to toe in thin layer of fur, a white under belly the rest of her orange with black stripes. Her ears weren't where they belonged or the right shape, they were large triangular ears on top of her head and they swiveled toward the slight sound of him gasping. "Mrow?" She stepped from behind the fronds sinking to all fours in the process revealing the long tail that had been hidden behind her back. "Purrrrhaps you'd like me."

John froze in place. He'd never seen a woman at all like her. She circled around him rubbing her face against his calves finally coming to a stop in front of him nuzzling his crotch affectionately. He could feel her purring but he couldn't hear it. Without thinking he reached down and ran his fingers through her hair. It nearly matched her fur, shoulder length but black with orange streaks instead of orange with black stripes. "Choose me." She purred again turning away from him. She turned away from him lowering her head to the floor and raised her rump up lifting her tail.

Beneath her tail the woman's lips were swollen, red and glistening wet. "Please." She brought one hand between her thighs spreading her lips open for his inspection. "Don't keep me waiting. I'll be a good pussy cat."

"Sold, sold, I want the cat girl." John shouted.

"I have a name." She purred looking between her legs.

"Sorry what's your name?"

"Whatever you want it to be." She purred. "But they call me Tigress."

"Sounds good Tigress. Let's go."

"Yes sir!" She exclaimed. Tigress opted to remain on all fours crawling towards the next door with her tail up in the air. If his eyes hadn't been locked on her upturned backside he might have noticed the blue skinned woman pleading with him from the next set, the pale redheaded vampire stalking the abandoned street set or a set of six inch tall fairies locked in a bird cage but he was completely enthralled by the slinky sway of her furry hips.

The thing that finally snapped him out of his stupor was the sound of a woman speaking. "Do you plan to rent or purchase Tigress?"

"Oh I want to own this little pussy." John replied. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Tigress' ears perk and her tail go from slightly curled at the tip to perfectly straight.

"Well she's one of our exotic models, that will cost you sixteen thousand credits." The woman continued. John out his hand and the woman took it and placed it beneath a machine that ran a red laser over the back of his hand. "Transaction complete. I hope you are satisfied with your purchase. Do you want her delivered or will you take her with you?"

John glanced down at Tigress who was now sitting on her haunches; legs spread indecently wide and her breasts pressed together by her arms. She didn't speak but the glimmer in her eyes said everything. "I'll take her with me." Instantly the feline beauty smiled.

"Very good sir. We look forward to your next purchase." The woman smiled at John who walked past her to the exit. The moment he passed through the door she was suddenly perfectly still staring at the doorway waiting patiently for the next customer.

"Which car is yours?" Tigress called over her shoulder. John pointed and Tigress bounded over to it. She was perfectly comfortable on all fours, he hadn't noticed before but she had shorter thighs and longer feet like a real feline. As soon as the door of the SUV was unlocked she opened the door and climbed in waiting impatiently for her new owner.

John sat down in his car and Tigress immediately started pawing at his crotch. "Please, may I?" She didn't wait for his permission though. She just unfastened his buttons and fished his cock out of his boxers. He didn't fight when the feline leaned over and wrapped her lips around his still semi-flaccid cock and started noisily slurping. Tigress bobbed up and down on John's cock occasionally coming up for a gasp of air before returning happily to her duties. Each time she went down a little farther than before until she was pressing her forehead down against his thigh. Tigress held herself like that and slithered her tongue out to brush against his John's scrotum sending immediate shivers up his spine.

One of John's hands came down on the back of Tigress' skull pushing her up and down on his cock while his hips met her lips. She didn't hesitate or gag at all, not even when he started bouncing her head off his thigh with each thrust. If she protested at all it was her insatiable hunger trying not to let him draw his cock from her mouth.

John's other hand moved toward her ripe backside pushing her tail aside. He slipped a finger into her ass and felt her tense around it. As soon as John slipped a second finger into her anus she was overwhelmed, trapped between two equally appealing feelings. She pushed back against his hand trying to draw his fingers deeper into her but that pulled her away from his cock so she pulled forward determined to keep him buried in her throat. Tigress couldn't seem to choose which to pursue and tried her best for both with increasing speed. Her own hands slipped between the soft fur of her thighs parting her slick lips and furiously rubbing her clit.

John was about to blow when an angry knock at the window drew him out of bliss. He tried to ignore it but it came a second time louder. "What is it?" He growled looking out the window and directly into the face of a police officer. "I mean how can I help you officer?"

Oblivious to anything going on Tigress continued sucking. "You can start by zipping up."

"Sorry. Tigress!" She came to a stop, looked up at the officer and then slowly let John's cock fall from her lips and slap wetly against his stomach. Her eyes remained on the officer until she was totally back in her seat and only moved then because she noticed his partner standing at the opposite window staring in.

John tried to subtly tuck his cock back into his pants and zip up. The unamused look on the face of the officer told him how radically he'd failed in that regard. "Well now sir, you know better than to masturbate in public like that don't you?"

"Yes of course officer." John replied.

"Can you think of a good reason why I shouldn't haul your ass up to county; let you spend an evening in jail?" The officer asked leaning towards the window. "You know I haven't seen a whore like her before. Sir, I'm gonna have to ask you to follow me."

"Why?" John asked.

"Do you want to come down to the precinct or do you want to follow me?"

"Follow you." John said.

"Good." The officers got their car and drove a few blocks away to an old garage pulling into a secluded corner. "Okay sir, now I want to see what this slut of yours can do or you can spend the night in jail."

"Get out of the car and do what he says." John said with a sigh.

Tigress's ears drooped slightly but she didn't say anything to John. She smiled and slipped out of the car. "What can I do for you officer?" She purred almost as enthusiastically as she had for John.

"I've never seen a whore quite like you before." The officer grabbed her by the chin and slammed her back onto the hood of the SUV. Tigress winced but she didn't fight back. "That's good; you're an obedient little whore." The officer brought his other hand between her legs. "She's wet too, just begging for a good dicking, don't you think so?" The officer turned toward John who stared angrily for a moment then turned away. "Don't be like that. I'm just gonna give her a quick fuck and then you can be on your way. Isn't that better than a night in jail for your stupidity?" John lowered his eyes. "That's what I thought."

The officer unzipped his pants pulling out his cock. He brushed it up against Tigress's slit. Without saying another word the officer slammed his cock into Tigress rocking the SUV beneath her. His partner stood back watching silently for a moment then he unzipped his pants gripped Tigress the hair and forced his cock down her throat.

John closed his eyes but he could still hear Tigress. Her mewling was mid way between pain and pleasure. The two officers ravaging her body were however halfway to rapture. It took the pair a few minutes before they came flooding the cat like beauty from both ends.

The officer was still zipping up his pants when he walked and stuck his head through the window. "Well that's a mighty fine bitch you got there. Take care of her and next time make sure you get home before you try her out!" The officers were both laughing when they got back in their cars and drove away.

Tigress slipped back into the car licking her lips clean. "Would you like me to finish up?" She didn't sound nearly as excited as she had earlier. John shook his head and drove home. The entire trip home Tigress kept trying to slip her hand into his lap but he kept swatting her away.

John pulled into his garage and the moment he opened the door a woman dressed in a transparent blue night gown ran up and kissed John on the mouth slipping her tongue into his mouth. "You've been gone so long, I missed you. C'mon in let me pour you a drink and give you your afternoon lap dance. And then. . ." The woman's voice trailed off when she caught sight of Tigress crawling in behind John. "And who's this little hussy?"

"Oh her?" John stepped out of the way motioning Tigress past him. She crawled past him and curled around the blond woman's legs. "Julia, this is Tigress, Tigress this is Julia."

"She's cute; it's been a while since we had a threesome. I'll have her ready for pick up in the morning." Julia said.

Tigress ran her fingers slowly up Julia's thigh. "She's old." Tigress commented off hand.

"She's actually staying." John said.

Julia's bright blue eyes instantly went cold and dark. "Oh." She stepped away from Tigress. "Let me go get your drink. Will we still be having that threesome?" Julia asked icily.

"No. You won't be needed at all tonight. You can just go down to the basement and spend sometime on your charging station. Oh and download the entire deep throat chronicles series. Tigress does this thing where she takes me in her throat and scrubs my balls with her tongue." John boasted.

Julia tried to force a smile onto her lips but the expression she managed was closer to a snarl. "Is that all?" She was already stalking away from John angrily when she asked the question and John shrugged. He wasn't sure when or even how she was asking him rhetorical questions but he didn't mind at the moment. "Get upstairs Tigress, since you've already been fucked in two of your holes I guess I should claim the only thing you have that's left untouched."

Tigress smiled sadly. "I'm sorry about that." Tigress pouted making her way up the stairs and into the bed. "You aren't mad are you?"

John rolled his eyes. It wasn't her fault at all, he'd let the officers use her. "Of course not." He was a little annoyed though. He pulled his shirt up over his head and tossed it aside then started pulling down his pants. It was insulting that they'd just upped and used his property but at least he hadn't been thrown in jail and they could potentially have confiscated her if they'd really wanted to. Besides it was silly for him to be jealous about someone touching his things. He thought he'd gotten past things like that when he was still in grade school.

"Are you sure?" Tigress purred and swiveled her ears back towards him. She folded her arms up and placed her head on them swishing her tail back and forth enticingly. "Come on. Fuck me, you know you want to. You want to make me scream and squeal don't you?" Tigress smirked.

John smiled. It was silly. She was his and that was the last time anybody else would touch her without his permission. Besides John was having a hard time keeping his cock under control, it felt like a dowsing rod being drawn toward the dark puckered hole at the base of her tail.

He gripped her tail and lifted her up slightly before bringing his lips down to her ass and cramming his tongue into her. "Ooooooh, nobody's ever done that before!" Tigress cooed. She pushed her hips back towards his invading tongue.

Once John felt her loosen slightly he stood behind her aiming his hard cock at her and pushed. "Does it hurt?" He whispered. Tigress' fingers dug into the sheets pulling it up off the bed.

Tigress looked back at the man who purchased her bit down on her lower lip and nodded. "It hurts, your so big in my tight hole but don't stop. I exist to please you." Her tail wrapped around his waist urging him forward. John hesitated for a moment then pushed until his cock slipped into Tigress then holding her hair in one fist, her tail in the other he started pounding her from behind.

She closed her eyes and bit down on her lower lips whimpering with a bit with each thrust. Gradually her whimpers turned into moans and her moans became a purr. She was purring so loud John could feel it. Tigress reached between her legs cradled his balls. "Come for me, you know you want to." She bit down on her lip and started pushing back against him.

John tightened his grip on Tigress' tail. He didn't notice or care that she stopped purring and went silent for the last few moments until he came. "Thank you." Tigress whispered wriggling out of his grasp and gently kneading her tail. "I hope I pleased you."

"Turn around." John smeared his cum coated cock against her face. "You did okay. I'm gonna go take a shower you can go out back and hose yourself down." He was already out of the bed so he didn't see the flicker of disappointment in Tigress' eyes. She obeyed him, slipping from the bed to all fours and crawling out back. "When you're done with that you can wait at the foot of the bed, I like to get a blow job when I wake up."

John slept well that night but he woke up around three in the morning with the strangest feeling that he was being watched and when he woke up the next morning it wasn't to Tigress sucking his cock. It was to breakfast in bed from Julia while Tigress simply looked on with a slight smile on her face.

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