Joe & Sue


Slipping in the front door Sue straightened her sundress carefully. It was a flower print but short. Far too short for the regulations at the uppity finishing school her parents had sent her to upon her graduation from High School. It accented her legs nicely and with suitable heels made her look to be all legs and allowed her to look much taller than her usual 5 feet 2 inches.

So after being sent to the Head Master's office, she had been suitably 'reprimanded' and sent home for the remainder of the day, just like a naughty child. There were strict instructions on precisely how long her future skirts were to be, and also instructions on what to do with the eye-liner she had worn, which was also against school regulations. There was no need for worry though, as the throbbing of her reddened rear end would stand to be a pretty keen reminder of the Headmaster's expectations.

Moving stealthily to the stairs, she started to sneak up them, hoping that nobody was home. Her parents had gone away for a month, and despite her protests that 19 was plenty old enough to stay alone, they had called her father's best friend to come stay with her. It wasn't that they didn't trust her; it was that they had read one too many news articles about pretty, young girls going missing and turning up dead, if they were ever found at all.

Joe was nice enough though, and Sue didn't really mind all that much. Having met her father upon his entry into the workplace when she was still a child, he was barely into his early 30's, and really quite good looking. Pushing 6 feet, with a nice broad chest and big hands, his curly brown hair and twinkling blue eyes made him quite pleasant to look at indeed. Sue had been crushing on him for years, though she had told nobody of this fact.

Any time her parents went away, he was always the one that came to stay with her. They trusted Joe with everything, including their only child. Early on she had learned not to mess with him, as he would deal out justice swiftly, if the need arose. And while he was a good man and mostly kind to her, she knew that he would be quite unimpressed if he discovered her here, 4 hours early, dressed like this, on a Friday afternoon. Joe knew how unfailingly strict her parents were, and would honour them in being just as strict.

On the third step, she heard a soft creaking noise and froze. Biting her lip, she looked up nervously. Sure enough, there was Joe, standing at the top of the stairs, watching her with a raised eyebrow and his arms folded across his chest. "Good morning, Sue. You seem to be early today." With a poker expression, he stepped aside so she could climb the rest of the stairs. Watching the girl, as she blushed crimson, Joe was careful to maintain a stern expression. Sue had blossomed into quite the young woman, and had done so in all the right places.

And that dress! Where on earth had she managed to find something so very short, and so very tight!? Joe's eyes raked her from head to toe, resting momentarily on her breasts as she started to climb the stairs again. The cut on the neckline was modest enough, just showing enough cleavage to tease. But it hugged her breasts like a second skin, then flaring out nicely and falling in pleats to where it stopped, only barely long enough to cover her firm little behind.

Sue was a pretty average build for her size, not skinny by any stretch of the imagination, but definitely not fat either. It was that she had a perfectly full figure, with just enough meat on her bones to make her perfect to Joe's eyes. Her breasts were firm and round, a C cup, and while her bras bordered on necessary, she took care to make sure they were pretty, even though no boy had even seen one. Her life had been very sheltered and regulated quite closely by her parents. Nor had she bothered to rebel in her younger years, simply not caring enough to hurt her parents that way.

Keeping her head down, Sue came to a stop beside Joe when she reached the top step. Leaning back against the wall, he looked down at her, an intimidating hulk of man. "And to what do I owe the pleasure of your so very early company today?" His voice was low and he reached one finger forward to tilt her head back to look into her eyes. Seeing the streaked eyeliner around her eyes from tears, his eyes narrowed. "Sue, what's going on? Is that... make-up??"

Sue looked up at him involuntarily, her lower lip quivering slightly as he inspected her face. "Yes."

"Why is it all streaked like that? It looks like you were crying, but why were you wearing make-up at all? Your mother only wears it on special occasions, and if she's ever let you wear it, except for pictures, then I'm a monkey's uncle!"

Sue shrugged and tried to push past him to go to her room. "I just wanted to try something different today. Apparently it's not acceptable for young ladies though, so here I am."

Joe stopped her by grabbing her arm. "What do you mean; it is not acceptable for young ladies?" Peering down at her suspiciously, "You were sent home from school, weren't you?" When Sue tried to pull away, he grabbed her other arm and pulled her firmly back in front of him. "Just for wearing make-up!?"

Sue heaved a great sigh, wriggling in his grip, trying to pull herself free. "If it had been just the make-up, the headmaster would have made me wash it off and let me stay. He says that my dress is too short to wear in public! That a nice girl wouldn't even own such a dress! But that's why I wore tights with it! They reach my knees, and allow me to remain respectable, even with a short dress!"

Joe turned her around and pushed her in the direction of the family room. "So, you were sent home from school for dressing like a tramp." His voice was cold, and she nodded once, obviously miserable. "How well do you think your father would take the news, if it were he who was here, instead of me?"

With that question, Sue whimpered softly, but did not answer. Pushing her into the room, he shoved her so that she sat down hard on the arm of the armchair. This caused her to cry out and jump right back to her feet again, fresh tears filling her eyes. Joe stared at her, not quite able to hide his shock at her reaction. "I want to know what the hell is going on and I want to know the whole story, NOW!"

Joe sat in the armchair, and pulled her hard onto his knee. Sue started to cry softly, and despite his obvious irritation with her, he cuddled her into his chest comfortingly. In a shaking voice, she regaled him with her morning. Shortly after first period had started, she had been called to the Headmaster's office. Her attire had been noticed, and it was not suitable attire for young ladies to wear in public. Having been forced to read the dress code to the Headmaster, she had been reminded afresh that her dress was a good 5 inches shorter than the accepted length, and that such blatant disregard for the rules deserved punishment.

Sue had expected lines, or something of the sort, but the head master had directed her to lean across the edge of his desk. Having heard stories of how the head master could get to be very unpleasant when crossed, she had obeyed without hesitation. He stepped up behind her, advised her to hold on to the desk, and to count out loud each time. Then he had pushed her dress up so that her bum was showing. At this, Sue had stood up, starting to get frightened, but he simply pushed her back across the desk, with the warning that if she moved again, he would make sure she couldn't move.

So she had lain across the desk, chewing her lip as he pulled her tights and panties down to her knees. The next thing she knew, pain exploded across her rear end and she had screamed, both from shock and from pain. His idea of punishment was to give her belting, with a thick leather belt that must have been in one of the drawers of his desk; she certainly hadn't seen it in the room before she had lain across the desk. Terrified now, she had stammered out a faint "One, sir." As soon as she did, he brought the belt down again, harder this time.

This lasted for what seemed like hours to her, though in reality it had only been for 24 strokes. 4 strokes for each inch her dress was too short, and 4 for the make-up. By the time he was done, she was a right mess, sobbing helplessly into the desk and barely able to speak. He had allowed her to remain lying across his desk until she had started to calm down again. Telling her to fix her outfit, he had sent her home for the remainder of the day, since no good girl ought to remain at school dressed like such a harlot.

Joe rubbed her back soothingly as she told him her story. "So, you were punished by the school for your behavior, but you were not shown why dressing like that is a bad thing." Picking her up, he stood her in front of him, his eyes raking her from head to toe. "Now I know your Father would feel obliged to punish you as well, so since I am here in his stead for the next few weeks, I will have to in his place." Joe stood suddenly, towering over her, even in her high heels. "Perhaps I will show you WHY good little girls do not dress that way."

Sue backed away, her eyes wide as Joe stalked her. "It is quite mean you know, to tease men that way." Gesturing at his crotch, Joe's face had taken on a slightly sinister look. Sue chanced a glance and was surprised to see a large bulge in his jeans. "Showing off your perfect little body, but never allowing them a sample of it; you really do have this punishment coming, you know." Sue stopped dead, having backed right into the wall, her jaw dropping as Joe towered over her, glaring down at her.

Without warning, he grabbed her around the waist and swung her over his shoulder. Ignoring her struggles to get down, he carried her to the master bedroom, where he was sleeping while her parents were away, and tossed her down on the bed. "Oh Sue, I have wanted to teach you this lesson for quite some time. Who knows? You might even learn to enjoy it."

With those words, he flipped her onto her belly, and unzipped her dress with ease. "No need in ruining a perfectly good outfit after all. It does make you look SO inviting." Sliding the dress down the frightened girl's torso, he threw it aside and flipped her back over, pulling her to him and kissing her roughly, claiming her lips for his own.

Sue had stopped fighting when she hit the bed, too confused and frightened to try to get away. This was turning into such a terrible day! When she had picked out that dress this morning, she had in no way known that it was going to cause such problems for her! If she had, she would have left it in the thrift store where she had found it! Even if she had been secretly crushing on the man for years, Joe's sudden turn of behavior left her feeling wrong footed and scared. Nobody had ever seen her without her clothing on for as long as she could remember, and she was not sure she liked the idea now.

Joe was kissing down her neck by this point, shoving her bra strap aside and kissing where it had been, down until he reached her nipple. Reaching behind her, he unsnapped the bra with ease, and slid it off of her arms without hesitation. "Please..." Sue found her voice now as he started to pay homage her pert little breasts. "Joe... what are you... you can't do... Oh!"

Her nipples had instantly stiffened upon contact with the cool air and Joe kissed first one, and then the other. Taking one between his fingertips, he started to pinch it, and pull on it, not enough to cause serious pain, but hard enough to cause her to cry out. The other he sucked into his mouth, rolling it around with his tongue and biting down on it, just enough to cause her to try to twist away from him. "Oh but I can, and I will!" Joe said this as he kissed across her breasts from one nipple to the other, trading so that he was on the other one and teasing the one he had been sucking.

Sue twisted half-heartedly underneath him, not sure what to think of the new sensations flooding her body. It was embarrassing, the way he was suckling her breasts, but it felt so nice! Sue couldn't even work up whatever it would take to tell him to stop. For one thing, she knew that it would do no good; for another, she was starting to wish that he would never stop!

All too soon though, he pulled away, leaving her with a faint feeling of disappointment as he kissed down her body. Reaching her tights, he pulled them down and tossed them over with her dress. After admiring her pretty purple panties for a moment, he pushed her legs apart, kissing her pussy over the panties and causing her to jerk away suddenly, startled. Grabbing her hips, he pulled her firmly back into place, "You know how the headmaster said he would make sure you couldn't get away if you didn't stay still?" Joe looked up at her, his eyes narrowed, "If you don't stop trying to get away, I will make sure you cannot get away, do you understand me!"

Sue whimpered softly, nodding frantically. She did not dare to tell him that she had not been trying to get away; he had merely startled her. But Joe had looked back to her panty-clad pussy again, and had buried his face in it, sniffing long and deep. "Oh baby, you smell SO good...! And wait, what's this damp spot?" Joe stuck his finger under the edge of her panties, rubbing it along her slit. "Oh well then, perhaps you are beginning to enjoy this after all, baby girl."

Grinning up at her in delight, he jerked her panties off of her, burying his face back into her pussy once more. Licking lightly along the neatly trimmed slit, he murmured into her skin, "That's a good girl," and started to eat her damp little pussy out. This caused Sue both confusion and pleasure. As he pressed his face into her slit, sucking and nibbling lightly, she writhed on the bed, moaning softly. Finding her clit, he kissed that, and sucked it into his mouth hard. Sue gasped and tried again to pull away, her feelings of pleasure nearly overwhelming her senses. But Joe did not notice this time, as he had not let go of her hips.

The harder her sucked on her hard little clit, the more she wriggled and moaned. Letting go of her hips, he reached up and started to tug on her hard nipples again, pinching them roughly, almost hard enough to leave bruises. But Sue no longer minded, as she was quickly losing all traces of inhibition. Her mind still told her that this was a bad thing, but her body had stopped caring. She did not want him to ever stop, and she grinded against his face almost eagerly as he drew her nearer and nearer to the edge of her first orgasm.

Suddenly he stopped. In fact, much to her dismay, he got right up off the bed. But this was merely to pull his own shirt off and undo his jeans. Dropping them to the floor, he pulled his boxers down too, and reached for her, tugging her over to the edge of the bed, now just as naked as she was. "This is supposed to be punishment, and here you are, getting all the pleasure!"

Sue's face fell further, as it became obvious that he was not going to finish what he had started. But then he straddled the bed, his large cock dangling in front of her eyes. "Wait, but Joe..." That had to be at least 7 inches long and 2 inches thick at the base and it wasn't even completely hard yet! There was no way she could put that in her mouth!

Pressing it against her now tightly closed lips, Joe gave her a 'look'. "Hey now, I did it for you, didn't I? It's only fair if you do it for me!" Sue looked up at him for a long moment with her eyes wide, but then acquiesced by allowing her mouth to fall open a little. Taking full advantage of this, Joe shoved the head into her mouth, forcing it wider. "Now suck. Make me feel as nice as I just made you feel."

It was not hard to play on Sue's innocent conscience, and she started to suck the head clumsily, wanting to be fair to him, especially as this was supposed to be her punishment. Never having given head before left her inexperienced, but this was all right by Joe. It left her trainable, and he pushed forward until he hit the back of her throat, causing her to gag. Pulling out completely, he flipped around so he was sitting on the bed, and pushed her off of the bed, forcing her to kneel in front of him.

"There, that will work better, now won't it?" He smiled at her, brushing her long hair from her face as he pushed back into her mouth. "Just breathe through your nose, and try not to panic. This is the most natural thing in the world, and I know you can do it." With those words, he thrust forward against the back of her throat again, trying to get in further this time. When she started to gag, he held her pressed tight against it for a few seconds before allowing her to pull back and take a breath. Then, both by thrusting hard and pulling her forward at the same time, he pushed his cock into her throat, past her gag reflex, so that he hardened more still and got in further.

"Go on now; try to swallow it as I push it in like that." Joe moaned as he pulled her back up to let her gasp for air, "And breathe through your nose, you have no idea how good this feels!" Pulling her back down on his cock hard, he started to face fuck her, as hard and fast as if he were fucking her pussy. Each thrust he slammed into her throat, pulling down hard on her head, so that more of his cock disappeared into her throat. By now he was fully hard, and he wanted all 9 inches in her throat before he stopped this.

To her credit, Sue was honestly trying to swallow it whole, despite the discomfort caused by having her jaw spread as wide as it could be and her throat pounded so hard. Joe's eyes were closed as he thrust, and without warning, suddenly his thrust and her swallow landed all 9 rock hard inches in her throat, with his balls pressed tight against her cheeks. Looking down at her gaping mouth, and her eyes wide, with fresh tears falling from the complete cut off of oxygen, Joe pulled himself back out, pulling her up onto the bed beside him.

"Good girl! That's the way to do it! Don't worry; practice makes perfect. And we have almost a whole month to practice with." At those words, Sue whimpered, but did not say a word, as her throat was raw, and sore from the fucking.

But Joe was content; his cock was nice and wet now, and he was fully hard and ready to go. Not having been with any female for a long time left him desperate for some pussy, and he laid her on her back at the edge of the bed, getting in-between her legs. Pushing his cock against her entrance, he rubbed it the length of her slit. "This is why good girls don't dress like tramps." Reaching up, he started to pinch her nipples again. "Because then they get fucked!"

With that last word, Joe shoved in, not worried the least about the fact that Sue was likely a virgin. And sure enough, that one thrust pushed him against her cherry. Pulling back out, so that only the head was in, "Brace yourself," And Joe slammed his cock home, pulling roughly on her nipples and twisting them painfully as he tore through the membrane of her innocence.

Sue screamed as he took what could only ever be taken once. But instead of starting to pound away, Joe remained motionless inside her, allowing her tight, no longer virginal pussy time to adjust to the feeling of being so filled. Once her sobs subsided slightly, Joe pulled back slowly and started to thrust gently, leaning forward to suckle one of her nipples again, as he still twisted and pinched roughly on the other, as if trying to leave bruises behind. This proceeded to get her moaning again, and grinding back up against him. As he played with her nipples, he started pumping faster, trying to get all 9 inches inside of her. But each thrust only got him in about 6 inches, and he was starting to get frustrated.

After a few minutes of this, he grabbed a tight hold on her nipples and flipped around so that he was lying on his back and she was straddling him. Grabbing her hips, he pulled down hard as he thrust upwards, forcing her to ride him, and using gravity to get him the rest of the way into her pussy. She was moaning through her tears by this point; the endless pounding hurt her, but at the same time, it felt so nice! As he pulled her down onto his cock hard, she pressed down with all her weight too, wanting to be as full as he could fill her. As she rode his cock, she was riding a fine line between pleasure and pain. Somehow she was not sure where one sensation stopped and the other started.

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