tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJoe's Art Lessons

Joe's Art Lessons


It was really a dare to myself to see if I would actually go through with it. I was on campus at a large Midwestern university for a graduate seminar that lasted three weeks. Being from out of town, I was staying in a large residence hall. I had some extra time in the evenings, so I was looking for something to do, but I never expected anything like this!

One day while on a break, I went to the campus coffee shop. I saw an ad in the campus newspaper for models for a drawing class. The ad said that nudity may be required, so only those with an open mind should apply. Now, I'm not a model by anyone's definition, but I try to take care of myself, and I've got a pretty decent body. Mostly, the thought of being nude in front of a group of total strangers appealed to my exhibitionist side! I immediately tried to dismiss the idea, and put the paper aside.

The more I thought of it, the more it really appealed to me. I mean, when else would I get the chance to legally be naked in front of a room full of people who I would never have to meet in public again? My cock began to grow hard as I thought of it, and I suddenly became aware of the fact that I was in khaki shorts in the middle of a coffee shop with a growing hard-on! Flustered, I reached for the paper, and promptly spilled the tepid coffee on my lap! A girl at the next table began to laugh, but her friend jumped up to the counter, grabbed a handful of napkins and brought them over to me.

"Are you ok?" she asked, trying to help me out.

"I'm fine, just clumsy!" I replied, completely embarrassed by the way the coffee had soaked my shorts right in the front. To make matters worse, the girl was a total knockout. With her blonde hair, and tight white button up shirt, she was an eyeful!

"Here, um, these might help" she offered the napkins to me, hesitating because my hands were in my lap, so to hand them to me it looked like for a second that she was going to help apply the napkins to my wet groin. She became flustered, and actually blushed a little as she just handed me the napkins.

I looked up to thank her and caught a glimpse of her fabulous tits constrained by the white blouse. Blonde hair and green eyes with a stunning figure! I noticed that her eyes were focused on my stain, which had completely soaked through to my briefs, and had turned my shorts semi-translucent. My recent hard-on had subsided, but I still had a pretty good bulge which was stretching the material, and I'm sure she got a good eyeful. I tried hard not to notice her stare as I used the napkins to soak up the cold coffee.

"Wow, I really made a mess!" I said awkwardly, feeling like a total fool.

"Oh, don't feel bad. It could happen to anyone!" she said. She flashed me a brilliant smile and went back to her table with her friend who was still laughing at the whole thing.

I promptly got up, and walked back to my dorm, with the book bag awkwardly in front of me the whole way. But I kept thinking back to the feeling of having the hot blonde see my cock through the shorts, and I found myself working up the courage to display my cock in public. Could I do it? I thought I'd investigate it more to see exactly what it was like before I made up my mind.

After changing into dry clothes, I walked across campus to the art building and found the room advertised in the paper. As I entered, I noticed a row of lockers that divided the room from the larger area beyond. I walked around and there was a larger area with several easels and drawing tables arranged in a circle around a small platform in the middle of the room. There was one barstool on the platform, empty. I assumed that this was where the model must sit, and the students would draw from the tables. As I looked, I thought of what it would be like to sit there naked with a bunch of students staring at me, looking at my body, and drawing me from every angle! No hiding, no concealment, just total nudity. Wow, I was not ready for this!

"Are you looking for Dr. Locke?" asked a voice behind me. I turned and saw, to my surprise, the girl from the coffee shop! "Oh, hi!" she said with a smile that indicated she was really happy to see me again.

"Hi", I stammered, "I, um, was actually just..."

"Are you our new model? I really hope you are, you'd be so fun to draw!" she said. Then I think she realized that she might be a little too enthusiastic and she immediately began to blush again. "I mean, you would be a great model, because you're so fit, not that others aren't fit, just that you, well -- you know", she stammered becoming more embarrassed by the double meanings in her words.

I felt bad for her, and wanted to relieve the awkward situation, "I'm thinking about it, but I want to be sure you don't have any coffee anywhere nearby that I might knock over!" I replied, getting a immediate brightening of those green eyes of hers as she smiled.

"Dr. Locke has another lab right now, and will not be back until the class tonight. But I'm the assistant, and I'm sure that you would be perfect for the job!" she said. She gave me some paperwork to bring back and told me to be there at 9pm. "You can wear anything you want because the actual session will be... Oh, um, you do know that this.." she stopped mid-sentence, obviously uncertain how to proceed.

I played along, "I know that this is... what?"

"Well, you'll be... um" she stammered.

I could not help but be aware that we were alone in a room discussing my potential nudity, and that she really was a dynamite girl. Her tight white blouse could not conceal the fact that her breasts were firm, and her nipples were beginning to poke out just a little as she became flustered. I was hooked!

"Yes?" I prompted, with a tease in my voice.

"Oh, damn it, you know what -- nude! You will be nude." she blurted out as she looked away.

"Well, I can't say I've ever done that before, but I guess that is why I'm here." I replied.

She looked at me quietly, and then said "You will be good, won't you?"

I wasn't really sure what she meant, but I didn't have time to question, since the door in the outer room opened and several voices of students could be heard coming in. She told me that she would see me at nine, and then walked off to prepare for class.


As I got ready for that night, it seemed that nine o'clock would never come! I alternated between embarrassment and excitement as I contemplated the multiple scenarios for the evening. Of course, many of these involved the hot blonde with the green eyes, whose name I still had not caught. Her tan legs and firm breasts filled my mind as I worked out, trying to pump up as much as possible since I would be on full open display later that evening.

I continued to think about it as I went to the showers. I washed myself very thoroughly and began to apply the shaving cream to my balls. I shaved them carefully, prepared to show off for a room full of strangers.

When I showed up at the art building all the lights were off except a few in the hall for nighttime illumination. I still could not believe the circle of events that day which had brought me to this point. I stood outside the door for a minute, realizing that I was about to take off all my clothes for a group of total strangers! I opened the door and tried to be as confident as possible as I walked in.

"You must be tonight's model," said the young guy who was standing next to the lockers. He was mid 30s, with wild hair, goatee, and thick black-frame glasses. "I'm Dr. Locke, but you can call me Ron," he said shaking my hand. I was struck by how casual he was, and how much at ease I felt around him.

"Jenny has told me all about you, and she thinks that you will be perfect for tonight's session," he said.

So now I knew the name of my mystery girl! I thanked him, and he took my papers and simply put them in the locker and pulled out a check for me for the session. "This is for tonight -- you might get more jobs if it all works out, which I think it will!" he said with a glance at my body. "You can disrobe in that room, and there is a gown for you to wear to the podium. I'll pose you once we get going."

I tried to be more cool than I felt as I wen into the room and took off all my clothes. There was a white robe folded on the bench that I put on. Then it was time. I was about to walk into a room full of people and take off my only clothing, a simple robe! Could I go through with this? I took a breath and opened the door into the room.

There was some general conversation going on among the students as I walked in. I felt the room go quiet as every eye in the room turned to look at me. I felt a sudden fear as I saw the group. There were about ten gorgeous girls, who looked like they just stepped out of the college issue of Playboy! The only other guy in the room was Ron, and he was grinning like a cat that just found a new toy!

Then I caught sight of my friend Jenny, who flashed a brilliant smile at me and I knew that this was going to be a night to remember! I walked up on the platform, and stood there for a minute unsure what to do next. I glanced at Jenny and she motioned for me to go ahead and take off the robe. A few of the girls giggled as I began to untie the strap, and then I just stood there for a second, looking right at Jenny as I opened the front of the robe.

I really felt daring and bold as I exposed myself to her, with so many people looking on. My cock was not erect, but it was full of blood and feeling rather large. Her eyes slipped down from mine and grew wide as she stared at my penis. I guess the other girls were suitably impressed as well, as the giggles turned into silence. One girl gasped just a little and said "Oh, my!"

Ron just stood there with a big smile on his face as his arranged show took place. I dropped the robe to the floor and stood next to the tall stool.

"Okay class, here we have a great body to work with tonight. I want you all to remember the your techniques as you begin to sketch," Ron said coming up to the podium. He motioned for me to sit on the edge of the stool, with one leg on the second rung and one on the lower rung. He then reached out and moved my arms into a position that was placed one had on my right hip, and the other had on my left leg. He pushed on my back forcing me to sit up straight, and then angled my head to the left. At that angle I was looking directly at Jenny, which I don't think was any accident on his part.

As I sat there I was keenly aware that several eyes were on my cock. It was not hard, but was definitely swollen from all the attention at this point. Jenny had a lusty look in her eyes, as she blatantly stared at my dick. Ron continued to make minor adjustments to my pose, nudging my shoulders into the right position for his class. Then he did something completely unexpected and reached between my legs and grabbed my dick! "Class, I want you to pay close attention to the way the light casts shadows on his penis," he said as if he were teaching a math lesson. "I'm going to move it over to this side, but notice that it will eventually drift back to it's normal position," he said, moving my rapidly swelling member back and forth slowly.

I was frozen with mixture of embarrassment and excitement as I glanced at the girls who were watching this with wide eyes. One of the brunettes with pouty lips was starting with her mouth open and I saw her lean forward which brought her tits right up on the desk. The ample cleavage was threatening to spill out as she slowly moved her tits back and forth on the desk, letting the surface provide a massage for her nipples.

"Now perhaps you will notice that the penis will be constantly changing during the drawing session," Ron intoned as he continued to move my dick from side to side, "this is perfectly normal. Our friend here has complete control over his body, except for the penis. It will grow and shrink on its own, so don't worry if it gets hard, and don't be disappointed if it goes limp. You just have to watch it closely and remember the position you want to draw it in. However it is a good idea to see it from all angles to be able to draw it better," he said with a playful tug on my cock, which was becoming hard now.

Oh my God! Here I was sitting nude in front of a room full of hot women and this guy is playing with my dick! I did not know whether to be embarrassed or angry, but I had to admit to myself that it was certainly arousing!

"Can I get a closer look at it professor?" asked a student in the back.

"Of course!" Professor Ron replied, releasing my cock and positioning it just as he wanted it. "Anytime you want to get a closer look or see a different angle just come on up," he added.

I could not see her as she approached me from behind, but I could tell that everyone else was watching her to see just what this adventurous girl would do. I tried to remain as still as possible as I heard her come up behind me. Just as she passed behind my back I felt a light tracing of her fingernail along my ass and I had to bite my lip to keep still. Evidently this was going to be a challenge! The next thing she did was to stand right in front of me, staring into my eyes. This girl was a beauty! Her long, jet-black hair framed a perfect face, with rosy red lips that just begged for something to stick between them! My cock began to spring to attention immediately. She kept eye contact as she began to slowly move her body lower until her chin was only about 12 inches from my shaft. I could feel her breath on my tingling balls, and I could not keep from staring into those beautiful, devilish eyes.

Just then she lowered her gaze to rest on my cock, "I see what you mean about it changing shape Professor," she purred. "It's pretty erect now!"

"Yes, and everyone notice how the scrotum hangs down," answered Ron, who was evidently enjoying himself quite a bit. "If it changes temperature, it will also change shape."

Suddenly, I felt a cool sensation as she gently blew right on my balls! Oh My GOD that was intense! I gasped as my cock grew even more rigid. My balls tightened and I looked down as she continued to blow directly on my testicles.

"I want to see too!" exclaimed a voice, and suddenly there were several young women gathered around me peering at my cock and balls. In fact, I went ahead and turned my head to see that every desk was vacant and all the girls were grouped around me. Several hands rested on my arms, and upper thighs as they leaned in. I glanced down to be rewarded by the sight of more cleavage than I have ever seen in one place! The brunette who had been clandestinely rubbing her tits on the desk was hovering in the second row, which caused her to really lead forward as her voluptuous tits edged their way out of her button up shirt. I could clearly see the red bra she was wearing, and her dark areola were just on the edge of busting out! I was not the only one enjoying the show, because I saw the professor staring right at her with a calculating look in his eyes. He then looked at me, and smiled, and I knew that this was much more than a posing session!

"Ok, everyone back to your desks!" he exclaimed. "I'm going to come around to each of you and I want to see some good basic definitions in about 20 minutes, then we will work on highlights."

Suddenly I found myself alone at the middle of the room again, but the last to leave was Jenny, who whispered to me "You are doing great!"


"I want to see what you have done so far," announced Professor Ron and the girls each held up their sketches. As he walked around the room, he would make suggestions to the students, and I noticed that he would always position himself over their shoulder for best possible view of those young, firm tits. Professor Ron indeed! This guy was good! Several times during this session he asked if I was comfortable and if I needed a break. I assured him that I was doing just fine, which was sort of the truth. In my head I was going slightly mad from the constant arousal and the fact that I was sitting here in front of all these stunning co-eds totally buck-naked! My cock would get hard as a rock, and then after a few minutes it would begin to subside. I must have gone through the cycle from semi to raging hard-on at least 10 times during the session!

"Ok, everyone you have all done great!" Ron announced. "The next step is to do the highlights," he said. "Jenny, could you help us out here?" Jenny got up and crossed behind me to retrieve something from a table in the back. "While Jenny gets ready, I want you to remember that you are looking for highlights as the light glints off the body. Try to capture the essence," Ron instructed. I had no idea what he was saying, I was just dying to find out what Jenny was getting "ready for" and exactly what that meant!

"I need someone to move the lamps please, could I get a couple of volunteers? And Pam will you dim the overheads as we move into the highlight phase?" The room grew dark as Pam – the brunette with the big tits -- adjusted the lights, leaving pools of light on each table. Suddenly a bright light lit up one of the corners. I glanced, and I must have looked surprised because a few of the girls were giggling. But I didn't care right then. The bulging tit brunette was standing on a small stool with her whole body lit from the glow of the light behind her. Her light colored shirt all but disappeared, and her red bra was clearly visible. I could also see matching red panties beneath her shorts, as the light cascaded around her. I think that she was aware of this predicament as she seemed to take care to thrust her tits right into the bright light for me to clearly see her erect nipples.

I was a little more prepared when the next light came on, and a striking blonde had her moment in the spotlight. What was different this time was that she had a flimsy t-shirt on, and a lacy bra that completely disappeared in the bright light. Her tits were just about perfect, and they were there for the whole class to see! I didn't care at that point who saw, I was stiff as a board, my dick saluting the silhouetted beauties and those great tits!

"You are good," a soft voice whispered in my ear. I was so startled that I almost slid off the stool as I turned to see Jenny next to me, her eyes fixed on my hard cock.

"Thanks, but this is killing me!" I whispered back.

"Don't fret", she whispered in my ear with a gentle lick of my earlobe. "l'll take good care of you tonight, I promise!" Damn! Now I was flying!

"Professor, we are ready!" Jenny called out.

"Oh, um, okay," answered Ron, who was obviously staring at the luscious tits of the girl with the red bra. He walked over to her and stood behind her as he reached out and helped her adjust the spotlight to shine directly on my dick. As he guided her hands his arms were pushing her tits even further up in that tight bra making a perfect push-up of her cleavage. "That's right, just like that," he said as he looked down at those great breasts.

"Is this okay?" asked the girl on the other light. She was now to the side of the light and it caught her dynamite figure making her entire body glow.

"It's better than okay, it's perfect!" replied the professor. "Just shine it on his cock, er, I mean his penis" he said, as a few of the girls giggled nervously. I was not sure what was about to happen, but evidently the tension in the room was up for everyone!

"Jenny, you may begin," he said.

She was still standing next to me and she produced a large bottle of baby oil, which I had not noticed at this point since I was preoccupied with the sight of the girls. She moved behind my back and reached around both sides of my body to gently grasp my dick with her left hand and then positioned the baby oil over the tip of my engorged head with her right. The entire room went still as she tilted the bottle ever so slowly and began to pour a stream of clear oil on the top of my cock!

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