Joe's Art Lessons


"Notice how the oil catches the light, everyone," Ron instructed. Every eye in the room was watching the oil stream down my rock hard penis. Jenny used her left hand to gently stroke the shaft, and worked down to my balls, cupping them gently to catch the oil. I moaned loudly as she rubbed in the oil on my pulsing manhood. Clearly, everyone in the room was feeling it too as I heard several gasps from the girls as they watched my highlighted cock being stroked right in front of them.

Her hand left my dick but she continued to stream the oil as she moved to my side. The stream shifted to my abs and Jenny began to rub oil on my chest and stomach. She then worked up to my neck, and down my arms. It was an incredible feeling as I tried to remain in my original pose and she lubed up my entire body. Then she knelt in front of me and oiled up my legs all the way down to my feet. Finally, she stood up and bent over in front of me.

Her perfect tits were shining through the thin white shirt she was wearing. Evidently during the trip to get the baby oil Jenny had removed her bra, so I could see her tits perfectly as the light was turning her shirt translucent. She looked at me with those huge green eyes, and licked her lips as she once again directed a stream directly on the tip of my cock, splashing some of the oil on her shirt causing it to become fully see-through in areas.

Pre-cum was beginning to seep out of my tip now, and Jenny moved to the side so the rest of the class could see me fully oiled up.

"Now class, if you want to get a better view you may approach the model one at a time," said Ron who was still standing at the back with his arms around the red bra girl.

I just sat there engorged and throbbing as the first of the girls made her way up to me. She kneelt down and stared at my cock from about six inches away. It took all my willpower not to shove it in her face! She slowly slid one hand across her breasts as she gently moaned. "Can I touch it?" she asked in a faltering voice.

"You can reposition it to get a full view if you wish," answered Jenny with a smile at me.

The girl took one finger and lightly touched my balls. She traced my bulging veins up the shaft of my penis and then circled the tip lightly. As her finger left my hole a steam of pre-cum arced out and she slowly drew it out several inches before it broke. She then took her finger into her mouth, and moaned softly as she tasted my juices. I was in heaven!

When she stood up, another girl was already approaching. This was a redhead who stood directly in front of me, bent way over and inspected my dick from the top. Her red hair cascaded over my penis and I felt the flick of her tongue as she ever so briefly licked my cock tip. "Hands only please," intoned Jenny, who was enjoying the moment. "We don't want to end up making him cum -- yet!" With a sigh, the redhead moved back to her seat.

The next girl to examine me was bolder with her "repositioning" of my shaft. She wrapped both hands around it and gently stroked up to the bright red top of my penis. She stroked me just once, which I was both thankful for and aroused by. As she stood up to go another girl had already approached. They collided momentarily, and the new girl reached up to cup the other girls breasts briefly. I was not sure I saw it until the first girl smiled and let her hand slide across the newcomer's ass as they parted.

"Okay class, I think it's time to come to the climax of the session," announced Ron as he moved back to the front of the class. "Jenny, if you would be so kind to do the honors?"

"Let's see if we can get you positioned better for this," Jenny said, guiding my legs. She basically put my legs at a wide V angle spread out to the floor, forcing me to lean back on the stool. Of course the desired effect of this pose was that my hard cock was now pointing up to heaven as my back arched over the stool. In fact she positioned me leaning back a little too far, and I almost fell back off the stool! "Um, perhaps we better get some volunteers to help out our model," Jenny said, with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

Immediately two girls hands shot up and they came up to assist me. Jenny positioned them on either side of me, holding me up from the back on either side as she reclined me further back into the girls arms. If either of these babes felt awkward, they certainly did not let it show. In fact, both sets of hands kept massaging my back as I was forced to give up control to these girls for my balance. I glanced to my left as the brunette leaned forward to take a blatant stare at my hard erection. Her perky tits were framed wonderfully with a low cut pink t-shirt. I could tell that she was aroused by her nipples protruding from the cloth.

I turned my head to the right and was rewarded by a face full of tit! This devilish babe had deliberately positioned her right tit over my arm, so it was fully on my chest, and when I turned I ran right into the wonderfully cushy tit, while the other tit pressed into my back. She had me cradled between her boobs, and her right hand was working its way up and down my ass!

Jenny asked the remaining girls to gather round, and I managed to look up enough to see a bunch of hot women looking at me as my dick was pulsing with anticipation. The two girls who had "bumped" into each other earlier were looking at me, but I noticed that both were flushed with excitement, and the buttons on the first girls shirt sure seemed ready to pop!

"I'm going to begin to stroke our model so that he will finish with a nice action shot for you to draw. As with any action, you will want to mentally capture the moment so that you can draw it in detail later," Jenny instructed the girls. "You will want to be sure to watch the way the tip of the penis grows as he gets ready to cum!"

She handed the bottle of baby oil to the redhead, and told her to keep me lubricated as she knelt down in front of my rock hard cock. She gently took my penis in both hands and linked her fingers around the shaft as her thumbs moved in circles under my tip. The redhead began to pour the oil on her hands as she moved them up the shaft, making an incredible sensation that chased through my body. As I looked down, I was keenly aware of the faces of the girls just inches away from my dick as she stroked me harder and harder.

I could not hold on any longer, and I began to thrust my dick into Jenny's hands as she stroked me up and down. The girls were all watching me as I felt cum begin to surge up my shaft. Suddenly I erupted in a jet of semen that shot high into the air and splashed on my chest, neck, and arms. "Ohh, that's nice!" Jenny moaned as she continued to stroke my penis. I shot another load just as high as the first, and then a third that seemed to go even farther! She just kept on stroking, and I continued to spurt cum on my abs and on her hands.

"Wow, you were good!" Jenny purred to me as she slowly rubbed cum all over my penis.

I was suddenly aware that I had ejaculated in a room full of complete strangers, and I felt great! I stood up and the girl with the red bra began to clap. The rest of the girls joined her, which was totally embarrassing for me. I was the one who had just cum and they were basically thanking me for it! Wow!

It was indeed a session that I will never forget!

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