Joey's New Pad


Joey slammed the door with his usual gusto as he came into his still new LA apartment. Life here was pretty different from back in the Big Apple. He still missed his old friends and the Central Perk. What he missed most of all was the attitude of the women. It was as if women here were from a different planet.

He grinned when he saw the table strewn with books and Michael's computer. He hadn't seen these many books since - since never, he mused. His nephew sure was a smart kid. And he wasn't a smartass. He did need some help with women, though, Joey thought, as he walked over to the window and peered out to see if he could spot his neighbor, Alex. While she wasn't quite his type, she was the closest to a sex object he'd seen since he'd moved here.

Alex was sunning on her recliner. She was wearing a bikini that left little to the imagination. She had told Joey she was married, and that her husband was out of town a lot. That, to Joey, was a perfect setup for at least a little hanky-panky. He didn't quite know how she'd take it, but what the heck - nothing ventured, nothing got, or something like that. He must ask his genius nephew how the quote went.

He tapped on the window and waved at Alex when she looked across at him. She smiled and waved back, then returned to her reading. That took Joey back a bit. He expected a bit more reaction. After all, he was the resident cool cat - the J-man, wasn't he?

He fixed himself a smoothie as he thought about how he might be able to turn on the charm. He wondered if the old 'little-boy-lost' in the big city routine would work. Or should he tell her about his vast acting experience.

Maybe he should check with his sister, Gina. She might laugh at him though, or decide to take matters into her own hands. She was a bossy bitch, when she wanted to be, he knew.

Gina hadn't changed all that much in the years since they'd last been together. Her sex drive was still enough to be noticed, even in ol' Vice City. He thought she looked pretty hot, too, although she was his own sister. They had done a bit of messing around together when they were 18, but nothing serious. Just some under-utilized hormones acting up, he thought.

Speaking of those hormones, if he didn't get some action soon, Joey knew he might go nuts, or even back to NY for a quickie on the old turf. He decided to see if Alex might be interested in the J-man. She'd be nuts to pass on that.

He quickly changed into his exercise shorts, slung a towel over his shoulder, and stepped out of his pad. He stepped back in, though, and grabbed some oil. That might help.

Nonchalantly, he strolled in Alex's direction, humming the tune from the X-Files as he did so. He did like that show. Now that was a babe he'd like
to...he broke off his thoughts as he bumped into Alex's recliner.

"I'm sorry - my mind was elsewhere. I'm just going for a swim."

"I can see. Well, have a good time", Alex smiled up at him, and continued reading.

Joey stopped in his tracks, and looked down at her. He ogled her breasts and tried to come up with a smart line, but wasn't able to think up one
fast enough. He asked her, "Why don't you join me in the pool? Maybe we can do a few laps together."

Alex put her book down, and sat up. "Now that's a good idea. I was thinking of a swim myself. Gimme a minute."

She got a towel and they headed over to the pool. She gave him a quick squeeze on the butt as she went into the shower room. Joey grinned - he had a feeling there might be something here. After a quick shower, he waited for Alex at the poolside. She walked up to him and with a glance, said "Are you sure you can keep that under control enough to be able to swim?"

Joey looked down and realized his dick was hard. He grinned, and said, "Well, it's got a mind of it's own. Especially around someone like you."

Alex smiled back and dived in. Joey adjusted his penis quickly in his trunks and dived into the pool after her. For a while, the only sounds were
those of two lithe bodies coursing through the water. The water felt good in the LA summer heat.

When Joey heaved himself upto the edge of the pool to take a breather, Alex was still going strong. He watched her body making its way through the water, and began to get hard again.

She noticed him looking at her, and swam to his side. Giving him a smile, she asked "Got something on your mind?"

He slipped back into the water. He moved close to her and held her by the waist. She made no attempt to move away, so he turned her face towards his
and kissed her on the lips. She kissed him back and ran her hand down his trunks, giving him a squeeze. Then she flipped back, and swam away, looking back at him as she did so.

Joey pushed away from the edge and followed her. She kept a few strokes away from him, leading him around the pool. Then she slowed at the deep end, and let him come up against her. He slipped her bikini bottom off, as she gripped him tightly. They treaded water while she pushed his trunks down with her toes, kissing each other hungrily.
Joey guided his hard schlong between her thighs. He used one hand to unhook her top, while the other held her close. Alex helped him position himself, and then raised herself a bit to allow his dick to slide into her all too wet vagina. Her breasts bobbed against his firm chest.

"Mmmm, so you New Yorkers can make it happen even in a pool. Push in harder, darling, " Alex murmured as she let his body guide hers to the edge until she was against the wall. Then she wrapped her legs around him and let their natural rhythms establish themselves against the gentle water current.

Alex pushed against Joey gently, feeling her willing cunt respond. She moved his free hand up against her breast. His fingers teased her nipple,
sending lightning bolts coursing through her body. She felt herself swallow some water as they kissed, but didn't care. Her body was responding in a way she hadn't imagined possible. With her husband on the road so much, she didn't get much sex. She had wanted Joey since he'd moved in, although she'd taken a bit of fancy to his nephew too.

She felt Joey tremble against her, and knew he was almost there. Then he gripped her harder, and pushed her against the wall, balancing himself with his heels. She helped him stay in a somewhat awkward position, by grasping his delectable butt, and nibbling at his ear. He shuddered and she felt a liquid that was somewhat different from the water around them run down her legs.

Joey lifted her up after a bit and set her down on the edge of the pool. He pulled her legs around his shoulders and got to work with his tongue. Alex was pleasantly surprised. Most men would have not thought about the satisfaction of their partner after an orgasm. Joey was evidently special, and she felt good. She lifted her left breast to her mouth and played with her nipples as his tongue moved her to a new high. Then she fell back and rested on her elbows as he brought her to a powerful orgasm in a couple of minutes.

He pulled himself up and they both lay there for a while, letting their bodies get some strength back.

"You do realize I'll have to send you a note about this - it's not done - having sex in public in the pool," Alex whispered as she played with Joey's
chest hair.

"Sure - as long as you deliver it yourself - and stay to take a reply from me."

They both laughed and began kissing each other again. Joey knew that the old J-man's charm was still working just right. LA didn't seem so bad after all.

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