tagInterracial LoveJohn & Sue Ch. 5

John & Sue Ch. 5


Sue handed me the envelope and left the house. She had been crying I could see by her red-rimmed eyes and the sniffles as she walked away from me. My anger was still alive and in the front of my thoughts. I went to the desk in my den and sat down.

I started to read the letter she had written me. As I read I realized that she was spilling out everything that she had been doing for the last year, or almost everything anyway. I stopped reading and went over to the bar. After making myself a very large bourbon and coke I then sat back down and began to read again.

A while into reading her 'confessions' I found that my tears were interfering with my ability to read well. I had to get a grip on myself! This must have been hard for her to write to me, telling all like she was. As hard as it must have been for her, I was finding out that it was extremely hard on me to read about her sluttish actions.

Parts of the letter had caused my heart to pound, beating in a rapid rhythm. I had cold sweats, and was shaking. I couldn't tell if it was from my anger towards her, or something else.

I learned how Greg, the photographer, had managed to seduce and blackmail her with the drugged tea. How my boss had started this whole mess due to his desire of having my wife. How that bastard Greg had used my wife as his personal whore.

Through my tears and torn heart I realized that I still loved Sue. Why, I wasn't sure, but I did still love her. How she really felt about me, I didn't know. I had questions about how we could go on as a married couple, or even if we should try. Would she still 'need' strange cocks? Would she be satisfied with just having me? Could she ever go back to being a happy devoted housewife?

I knew that the road ahead of us was going to be a long and torturous one. I only hoped that if I decided to try to salvage our marriage that Sue would still want to be my wife, and only have me as her sexual partner from now on.

The other questions I had were about Greg. Why hadn't he tried to take her again? What was he waiting for? I knew that he couldn't stay away from his number one slut. When would he or his cohorts try to do something? What would they do?

The other problems could be managed somehow. We could act surprised about any discoveries of those films and pictures on the Internet. We could even come up with a blanket story to dismiss any questions. Since I was going to be looking for another job I decided that if we stayed as man and wife we should go far away.

Sue stayed away for six hours or so. When she got back we didn't talk about anything. I went for a long walk, thinking back over our past lives and the good things about our marriage. I guess I was trying to wipe out all of the images of the last days and the words both spoken and unspoken between us.

When I got home Sue had cooked up a good meal. We ate in silence, Sue not eating much at all. After dinner we sat in the living room and began the first of many long talks. We were trying to find out about each other's thoughts and feelings without being confrontational. It was a very difficult discussion to start, and even harder to stay calm while hearing things you expect to hear, but don't want to hear.

"Sue, where do I stand in your life now?" My question was I suppose, for my ego. I needed to hear her say I still counted in her life.

"John, I have always held you in the number one place in my heart and in my life. I know that what you have learned about me in the last days have been a shock to your system. Please remember that I have been forced, always forced to do these things. I will admit that when I am in the middle of it all I get lost in the feelings running through my body. The effects of the drugged tea are still haunting me I think."

"How long do you think that the feelings the tea has given you will last? Any ideas at all what I should expect? I still love you Sue, but I could not go on in our marriage if I thought that you would start to look for cock elsewhere. I need to know how you can possibly rebuild my trust in you."

Sue had tears welling up in her eyes. I felt like a heel for throwing out my mistrust in her since I knew that she was being sincere, but I had to know what she would think and how she would react. I had no guilt in this whole mess, only Sue did, and that wasn't actually her guilt. Unless the fact that she hadn't come to me in the very beginning and said something to me about the situation she was in.

"John, I don't know how you can sit there so calmly, talking about the things I have done to you, to our life together. I can't think of any way to prove to you that I won't stray or cheat on you. You have seen me doing things that most men would have shot or for sure, left their spouses over. Why do you still want to try to save our marriage? Why would you be able to still love me after all of the things I have done? I have been the biggest slut in the state for Greg, and I never really tried hard to refuse his requests or orders. I should have fought and resisted more than I did."

My heart was tearing. She was trying so hard to understand my thoughts. She had made up her mind that I would leave her. She was probably thinking that I was going to try to hurt her emotionally or worse, physically. I had to dispel her worries, but I also had to let her know about my anger towards this mess our lives had become.

"Sue, sometimes a rape victim assumes that they didn't try hard enough to resist their rapist. That is common, to my understanding. You have been victimized in a serious manner for over a year. You felt that you couldn't tell me, or anyone about your 'problem'. You will need to have counseling, as much as I will. I still love you Sue. That is why I am willing to try to save our marriage. Why I am willing to try and save you. I need you Sue. You have been the center of my universe for the whole time we have been married, and if I lost you now it wouldn't be a life I would be willing to live."

Sue jumped up and ran from the room. She went to the bathroom and locked herself in. I could hear her sobs. She stayed there for an hour before finally coming out. She looked composed, barely.

"Sorry John. I wasn't expecting you to say that you still loved me. It was what I longed to hear, but I couldn't handle the things that I have done to our marriage by my silence about the mess I was in. You are too good of a man. I don't deserve you. Does this mean that you forgive me for being such a whore? For being such a slut?"

"Sue, you have been forced to do the things you have done. Greg needs to go to jail at the very least, for his blackmailing of you. He drugged you and then used you in the most insidious way that one person can use another. I can't say that I won't have problems with the memories of your actions in front of my eyes, but I want to try to go on with you as my wife. Can you be happy with just me? No other men, just me, forever?"

Sue broke up crying. She had a small smile on her face, but the tears ran freely down her cheeks, causing that smile to be very bittersweet. My heart hammering, I finally reached out to her. My arms open to take her in to me. She leapt up and fell into my arms, hugging me tightly. Her tears were now running down my cheeks, intermingling with the ones from my eyes.

As we held each other, I felt a stirring down below. My cock was firming up, getting hard. Sue felt my hardness there, and sat back a bit looking into my eyes.

"Do you want me John? Can you make love to me? Will you love me? I will let you have me anyway you want to take me. You can have any part of my body you desire, I won't hold anything back from you from now on. The only thing I would ask is that you make love to me, not a vengeance fuck. I couldn't handle it if all you did was try to take it out on me by fucking me with anger."

My emotions were mixed up. I wanted her, but I wasn't sure that I wouldn't get angry about everything and end up hurting her like the last time. My indecision was excruciating. I finally decided that I wanted to make love to Sue, not 'fuck the whore'.

"Sue, will you make love with me?"

The question hung in the air for a bit before she responded.

"Yes! I will make love to you John. I have wanted to do just that this whole time. I need you John, as much as you need me."

Her arms went around my neck, her lips brushing over my face. I hugged her tightly for a moment, and then backed off to lightly hold her. I had no anger at this moment in time. I wanted to make love to my wife.

Her lips were on mine, her tongue insistently probing for access to my mouth. I let it in and felt her light caresses. My tongue fought with hers a second, then she relented and my tongue then explored her mouth. Her hands were busy with the front of my shirt, unbuttoning, pulling, and baring my chest to her.

Her fingers caressed my nipples, and soon her lips were sucking on them. Her teeth lightly nipping then tongue smoothing over the slight pain. She had always had the knack for knowing how to turn my nipples into an erogenous zone.

My hands were not idle all this time, her blouse was falling off her shoulders, and her bra was loose. My hands soon had her naked on top. My fingers lightly pinching her nipples, rolling them back and forth in a loving way.

She had started to move down on me, now concentrating on my pants. I was still playing with her breasts, feeling their softness. Her nipples were hard as rocks.

She kissed her way down my chest, onto my stomach. Her tongue played with my bellybutton for a bit, as she opened my pants up and slid them down my legs to the floor. I rose up to help her get them off of me.

My underwear had gone with my pants, so my hard cock was exposed to her. She had a grip on it and then began to lightly stroke me. Her other hand moved down to my balls to caress and play. Soon her mouth was over the head of my cock. Her lips parted, and as she started down on me her eyes made contact with mine.

I almost shot off with that look. She had never looked into my eyes when blowing me and the effect was so sexy. She was conveying to me that her love was for me; this act was for me, that her love was for me. She had managed to show me this with the sole act of looking into my eyes as her hot wet mouth engulfed my rigid cock.

Her mouth went down my shaft, taking in all of me in one steady stroke. I had never felt her lips on my pubic hair, with my cock buried in her throat. Not like this anyway. I had expierenced a blowjob like this, and was lost in her now expert oral abilities. I was soon on the edge of shooting off. I warned her, trying to let her know. I didn't think that even now she would let me shoot off in her mouth.

She redoubled her efforts. Her head bouncing up and down my shaft, lips tightly gripping. My legs began shaking, my cum boiling. I soon started to go over the edge and her lips once again were at the base of my cock. For the first time in our married life, making love, I came in my wife's mouth. Down her throat shot my hot load of seed.

She kept her lips locked on my shaft until my cock stopped delivering its contents. Her eyes never left mine. A single tear fell out of one eye and rolled down her cheek. Her head began to bob up and down again, with slower and softer movement. Her tongue was rolling around and fondling my still hard shaft as her lips tightly held me in.

At one point, as her head reached the downward end of a stroke I felt her tongue shoot out and caress my balls. The feeling was electric. I felt my cock throb and gain in hardness, not that it had gotten soft at all yet. This was something new too.

I knew that she had many more ''talents' now, but the way she performed on me let me know in no uncertain terms, that she was doing this all for me, and me only. She kept up eye contact, and as she would do something, I could see her eyes conveying her love for me. Had I had any doubts before now, they would surely have been erased by the look she gave me. I had no doubts at all.

I soon pulled her up to stand before me. My cock raging hard, and bouncing around like a straw in a stirred drink. I pulled her pants off and naked she stood before me. Her hand covered the tattoo on her breast. I pulled it away and looked at her. Honestly, at this point, I hardly noticed the damning words permanently emblazoned on her. Deep down I knew that they were not true words at all. I saw her hard nipples, the soft swelling of flesh, and its significant other proudly sticking out beside it.

I stood up and we walked over to the couch, where I laid her down. I put one of her legs over the back of the couch, and the other was draped over the coffee table. I put a pillow under that leg to give her comfort. Her spread open legs gave me a perfect view of her pussy. I had never seen it look so delectable. I knelt down and began to kiss up her legs, alternating between left and right as I went. Soon my tongue was caressing her pussy lips. Her wetness showing, her lips beginning to spread open with desire.

My tongue began to stroke up and down the length of her, even going down to her rosebud. I was being daring, and had decided to go farther than I ever had, but only as far as she would let me go. After all, a bit of shyness had been shed by both of us at this point. I felt that we could go farther than we had before without problems.

Soon her hips were moving up and down trying to keep my tongue in a certain spot. I was resistant to let her lead at this point, wanting to tease a bit first. I took her legs in both hands and pushed them up and over so that her knees were alongside her breasts. She gave a look of concern for an instant, and then closing her eyes, let me continue.

Her anus was now in a position for my roving tongue to explore. This was something, deep down that I had always wanted to do. Fear of her rejecting it as perverted or sick had always stopped me from trying. Now, though, I was going to take that chance. It ended up being a very good choice. We both loved the act, and I especially loved the way she came under my ministrations.

As she came down from her orgasm, her hands pulled my body up and on top of hers. Hugging me she whispered in my ear.

"That was wonderful, what you did with your tongue. I wish that you had done that years ago. I love you John."

"Sue, I didn't think that you would have liked it, let alone let me do such a thing years ago, but I have always wanted to do that. I found out that I really like doing that, so I am going to want to do that in the future. I love you too."

As we held each other I felt my cock begin to throb, still hard, still needing relief. Sue reached down and as she spread her legs, she guided me into her hot, wet, and amazingly, tight hole. The warmth was delicious. My cock was in fully and I ground against her clit for a bit before slowly pulling out. I soon had a rhythm going, driving in deeply, grinding a bit, and then slowly pulling away. Soon we were both at that point of no return. Her orgasm took over and she shook, holding me tightly against her body. My orgasm followed shortly afterwards, and I filled her with my gift.

We lay together for a while and then Sue started in on me again. Her blowjob was insistent and she had some kind of idea in her mind. I could see her internal fight with some feeling she was having. Soon her mind made up, her actions became even more urgent. As I gained another erection, her bobbing head slowed a bit. Then she pushed me up and back on my back on the couch.

As I waited, she moved up and over my once again raging hard cock. She squatted over it and began to lower herself down. As she came down towards the head of my cock, she spread her ass cheeks with her hands.

"I want you to put it in my ass John. I want you to make love to my ass with your hard cock."

I was stunned. I had only just had her ass the other night, in anger. I had hurt her and caused her to bleed. She was now offering it up to me to take. As she lowered down the rest of the way her breathing became slower and more controlled. When the head of my cock touched her asshole, she gave a small shudder. I think that she was having a small orgasm, or perhaps a bad memory.

Even though my cock was still wet from her loving blowjob, it wouldn't go into her ass at all. I finally slid down and began to lick and tongue her asshole as she squatted over me. Her breathing became faster and I felt her orgasm again. Soon her asshole was very wet with my tonguing, and I slid back up to position my cock at her rosebud. This time it slipped in with a pop. The head opening the way for the rest of my hard long shaft to follow.

After a quite a bit of small strokes, I was fully inserted into her very hot, very tight ass. Sue still had finite control over the actions between us, and as we got used to my cock being in her ass, she began to stroke in and out. Her strokes soon became full depth and faster. I placed my fingers at her pussy lips and began to play with her. I inserted two then three fingers into her very wet pussy. I could see our combined juices beginning to flow out of her.

I was fully into her ass by this point, and her action had sped up until she was riding me like a bucking bronco. My fingers were fully in her and as she bounced up one time, I added another finger to the mix in her pussy. I now had four fingers in her and they were stroking in and out.

Her voice caught me off guard when I first heard her. We hadn't been talking at all at this point. It took a moment for her words to register to my brain.

"All of it, John, put in all of your hand." Her hand grabbed my wrist, and she started to plunge it in and out of her pussy. I slowed her action on my hand down and then slowly worked my thumb into her now very tight slit. She all of the sudden grabbed my hand hard and proceeded to plunge in deeply into her pussy. I don't think that I could have stopped her if I had been able to. My wrist was buried in her, and I made a fist out of my hand. I could feel my knuckles bumping into something almost hard. Her womb?

I placed my other hand near her pussy with my fingers on her clit and began to lightly stroke. Her bouncing action on my cock had slowed down to a small up and down movement.

It was still very stimulating even if it wasn't as much movement as before. My senses were engaged also by the fact that I had my whole hand in my loving wife's pussy, and she evidently liked it, a lot.

I began to get bolder with my free hand and started to lightly pinch her hooded clit. I rolled it between fingers, gently. Her motion ceased at this point, and thinking that I had hurt her I removed my hand. She cried out, not wanting me to stop what I had been doing.

"OH! God! John, do that more, I want more of what you were just doing!"

I quickly put my fingers back on her clit and rolled that hooded button. She put a hand on that one and began to push harder on it. I started to roll that little bud even harder. Soon she began to shake and shake hard. Her whole body was convulsing, her ass muscles gripping my cock to the point of being painful.

As she came, a flood of juices flowed around my hand in her pussy. They began to drip and then run onto me. I scooped some of it up and tasted it. It tasted just like her pussy, so I began to wipe and clean up her juices. Her orgasm this time went on for minutes. Soon my cock in her ass exploded, and I was stunned. Sue went off into another strong orgasm. I was trapped under her, and not of a mind at that moment to go anywhere anyway. I began to pull my hand out of her and she went off yet again. As my fingers left her pussy, she moaned and grabbed my hand, forcing it back into her pussy again. I ended up 'fisting' her for quite a while. She had continuous orgasms. My cock finally softened and fell out of her ass. Sue finally came down from her orgasm. She collapsed on me.

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