tagGroup SexJohn Billionaire Ch. 03

John Billionaire Ch. 03


PART 3: The Hermit


Everything was calm in my home when I came through the door. Edward greeted me and Dorothy asked if I would like anything. I waved them both off with curt nods. They took the hint and melted into the background. Setting my jaw, I strode directly for my private quarters.

Taylor was still awake and curled up in my bed, sort of half gazing at the ceiling contemplatively. Her face brightened when she saw me and she began to get up to welcome me.

But then she caught the serious expression on my face, maybe even the anger in my eyes and she stopped, sitting upright on the bed with her legs tucked beneath her. "Johnny, what's wrong?" Her face was compassionate and concerned.

"Taylor, I know you were the leak to the press." She gasped immediately. I pressed on, "I don't know if you did it yourself or if George was their contact. But I know you were responsible." My voice was steel and serious.

She was instantly defensive and properly shocked. "Oh, Johnny... no! I mean, how could you think that I-" she began.

"Stop it," I cut her off. "I found out. I KNOW."

The tall, statuesque fashion model seemed to shrink three inches in a matter of seconds. I simply waited for her response as her gaze drifted downwards, her lips sagging into a pained frown. In the end, she sat down on the bed and hung her head. "How did you find out?" she asked the floor.

"That's not really the point. The question is, why?"

Taylor didn't answer. She kept her gaze on the floor, her bangs falling down and hiding her eyes as she sat still as a statue.

"Taylor, why?"

Still no answer. But a shudder went through her body.

"How could you do that to me?" I stepped forward until I was standing right next to her.

Still, she didn't answer. But after I waited another minute, silent and seething, she finally looked up at me.

Her hair was still in her face and tears were running freely down her cheeks, smearing her mascara. Her eyes had dimmed until it seemed like there was no light left in them, a navy blue so deep they almost seemed black. And in a breathy voice I could barely hear her, she whispered, "I'm sorry...."

She looked so pitiful, I didn't want to make her feel any worse than she already did. And yet the pain in my own heart wouldn't allow me to let her off that easily. So one more time I barked, "WHY?"

"I'm sorry!" she wailed, squeezing her eyes shut. And then bawling, she curled over into a fetal position on the bed, sobbing uncontrollably.

Ten minutes earlier, Kaitlyn crying while I reamed out her asshole was a turn on. Now, I felt my resolve crumbling watching Taylor like this. As angry as I was with her, I couldn't stand to see her this miserable. But I couldn't cave. And so faced with an inability to stop and comfort her and the same inability to keep pressing, I made the only decision left.

I walked away.

I'd gotten as far as the bedroom door when Taylor called out, "Johnny!"

I stopped, but did not turn around.

"I love you..." she said softly, her voice cracking.

Without answering, I gritted my teeth and opened the door. I slammed it behind me, closing it with finality.

I stalked down the hallway and went to my office. At least, it was supposed to be my office. That was where all the financial records and computer equipment were stored. But Cassandra used it far more than I ever did.

Cassandra was actually in there when I walked in, plugged into the network and catching up on a week's worth of documents. She looked up and immediately took note of the flames shooting out of my eyeballs. And immediately she asked, "Jonathan, are you alright?"

Despite what had happened between us, her first instinct was for my welfare. But this realization passed and irritably I waved her out of the office. "I need the privacy."

Unconvinced that she couldn't serve me better by staying and lending her support, she hesitated. After all, she'd always been there for me in the past. But when I waved her away again she obeyed and quickly packed her things.

Once Cassandra had left, I settled into the luxurious deskchair she'd just vacated, feeling the warm leather surrounding my body. And staring into the far wall, I began to recall everything that had happened to me, starting with Nicole, continuing on to Paris and Cassandra, and finally to my long time friend Taylor.

It had all started with Jonathan Kendall's will and this inheritance. It had already killed my father and now I truly began to wonder if I'd also inherited a curse.


The knock at the door shook me from my reverie... mostly. I'd been such a fool, running around like a chicken with my head cut off ever since I'd left my old apartment to go to lunch at Geno's Café with Taylor. In fact, since the news broke about my inheritance, the only time I'd stopped to think had been those first few days holed up inside my own home.

Staying inside and ignoring the rest of the world was starting to sound like a very good idea. Hell, staying inside this office so I could ignore Cassandra too didn't sound too bad.

The knock sounded again, louder this time. This time I completely returned to the present and called out, "Come in!"

Edward popped in. "Sorry to bother you sir. But Miss Brynn's car has arrived to return her home, and she wanted to speak with you before she left."

I sighed and sank deeper into my desk chair. "Tell her I'll call her later." And with that I swiveled around, looking away and effectively ending the conversation. Behind me, I heard the door close.

I didn't really intend to call Taylor. After all, what would be the point? How could I ever trust her again? Maybe she had been sincere in her feelings for me. Maybe not.

Certainly, I had been a casual friend and a convenient fuckbuddy who didn't complain for years. Only when I struck it rich did she suddenly want to be in every moment of my life. First she wanted people to reference her as my girlfriend. Then she wanted to spend the night with me after years of always heading back to her own apartment after she was done using me.

How could I NOT believe everything had just been an act to get at my money and leech some media exposure?

I spun my head in circles for the next hour, and at some point I figured if I kept up my obsessive attempts to understand, I might actually go insane. It was quite late in the evening, and after my stomach started growling I decided to get dinner now, lest I have to wake Dorothy to get something to eat.

I ate and then eventually, sometime around midnight, I finally exhausted myself and collapsed into bed, sleeping fitfully.



Consciousness seeped into my brain slowly, and through my still-closed eyelids I could see the red haze of morning light. And as various nerve endings awoke along my body, I felt a familiar sensation.

Someone was sucking on my dick.

Before the sandy crust would allow my eyelids to open, I smiled and reached up a hand to touch Taylor's head. And under my fingers, I felt the tight locks of her braids as they ran past her scalp and longer towards her shoulders.

Wait, Taylor had short hair. Cassandra?

The morning sunlight blinded me for a few moments as I cracked my eyelids open, but eventually I was able to focus on the blonde braids and lower down see Kaitlyn's smiling face stretched wide by my cock in her mouth.

Supple touch, no teeth, ticklish tongue along the sensitive underside of my shaft... she was getting MUCH better at this. I glanced over her skimpy lingerie set, bra and panties designed to be seen and be seductive, and then another figure caught my attention and I almost crawled out of bed in surprise.

There was a cute redhead sitting in the plush armchair next to my bed, clad only in the thin cotton of pajama shorts and a tank top. Her large breasts strained at the thin fabric, threatening to snap the delicate shoulder straps. Looking upwards I finally recognized the youthful face as Lindsay, Kaitlyn's best friend whom I'd met at the Reynolds' house party.

She was breathing heavily with one hand in her shorts, frigging constantly and her nipples were hard cones poking through the thin fabric of her tank top. And then Kaitlyn made another long sucking motion as she shoved more and more of my meat into her mouth until I felt the head nudging into her throat.

Still inexperienced, Kaitlyn gagged and then popped off me, flashing me a silly grin. "I'll learn, I promise. We'll just have to keep practicing and practicing until I get it right!"

I just nodded my approval and held her head when she went back down on me. And this time, Lindsay spoke up. "Go ahead and try your hand now. But remember, keep your grip loose enough that you don't hurt him."

On command, Kaitlyn brought up her right hand, circling around the shaft and pumping slowly while her lips stayed up around my crown. Lindsay kept up her instructions while Kaitlyn worked closer and closer to bringing me off.

"So I'm guessing Lindsay is the reason your technique has gotten so much better?" I queried, grunting lightly.

Kaitlyn popped off me just long enough to say, "Yeah. Her boyfriend is older and experienced and Wilmer's been teaching her for years."

"Years?" I turned to Lindsay. "How old are you?"

Lindsay went bright red. "Uh... uh... Kaitlyn's mistaken. It hasn't been that long. We've only been officially dating since I turned eighteen."

"Right..." I muttered, then grunted as Kaitlyn's tongue hit a sensitive spot. Whatever Lindsay was teaching her, I wanted her to keep it up. I leaned back into my pillow and just enjoyed the blowjob, my hand resting on Kaitlyn's head.

The hot nymphet moaned happily as I pressed her further down around my cock, forcing her to take more and more of me until I was wedging part-way into her throat. She gasped for air, gagging slightly. But despite the tears of minor pain trickling from her eyelids, her vermillion gaze was bright and aroused.

I let go of her head and she pulled back for a moment, inhaling sharply. "Gawd, this is a great cock." And once she got her wind back her hot little mouth was around my dick once again.

And when my hips began shaking and my breath was coming in shorter gasps, Lindsay moaned and worked her own clit even harder. Kaitlyn was moaning as well at hearing me approaching eruption, now speeding up faster and faster and gripping me tighter and tighter the way she'd first attempted on me so long ago.

At this moment of climax, though, such a rough approach worked out just fine. I grunted and twitched as my balls uncoiled and blasted a torrent of cum upwards through my shaft. A moment later, the geyser burst forth and began spewing into the back of Kaitlyn's mouth. She squealed and immediately began swallowing happily.

The sound of my grunting was joined by a cry of pleasure from Lindsay as she came as well, and together our sounds filled the room while I continued to spurt down Kaitlyn's throat.

When she had milked every drop out of me, Kaitlyn sat up with a smug look on her face. "Much better," I conceded with a satisfied expression.

Still thoroughly aroused, Lindsay clambered onto the bed next to her friend. "Can I have a taste?" she husked, a desperate look in her eyes.

Kaitlyn half-freaked out, gazing right at me expecting some judgement and looking embarrassed.

"Trust me," Lindsay intoned. "He won't mind." And she took Kaitlyn's head in her hands and extended her tongue to seek out every trace of jism left inside of Kaitlyn's mouth.

I almost got hard right away seeing the hot teenagers swapping spit. And even when all semen had to have been used up, Lindsay moaned and kept up her passionate liplock while Kaitlyn moaned in further arousal.

Kaitlyn reached down with her hand, searching momentarily before she found my wet cock and she began to stroke me urgently. Lindsay grinned into their kiss realizing just how horny Kaitlyn was at this point, and she reached around to unclasp her blonde friend's bra. I moaned inside my own throat watching the soft cloth cups pull away, loosening but not coming off until Lindsay dragged the bra straps across Kaitlyn's toned arms.

Kaitlyn's gravity-defying tits spilled out and then I was taking over. I moved Kaitlyn around until she was flat on her back, then reached down to drag her panties away, leaving nothing but a fully nude and hairless young sex goddess in my bed.

"Gawdamn, I want your cock," the blonde gasped.

"And you're gonna get it. All of it."

Lindsay crawled back into her chair to enjoy the show while I stripped away my boxers from around my knees. And settling between Kaitlyn's hips, I pulled the toned and tanned teen towards me as I slowly buried my pecker to the root inside of her.

The blonde teenager was still as tight as last night, and the pressure on my rod was absolutely intense. She groaned as the thick tool stretched her innards, her hands on her own tits rubbing and caressing while I drilled down and then out in slow rhythm. Last night I'd been in a lust-filled rage, reaming out this girl without any caring. This time I wanted to go slower, almost to the point of making love, but not quite.

Kaitlyn, however, had other ideas. "Fuck my little pussy," she begged. "Fuck me harder..."

"Carve her out. She likes a little pain," Lindsay offered from her perch next to us. I nodded my understanding; I remembered from last night.

And so I pulled back and thrust forward harshly, banging my crotch into hers. And then I did it again, adding more and more power to each thrust. "Harder! Harder! Ohhh, hurt me, John! Pound the shit out of me!"

"I'm gonna pound you, Kaitlyn," I growled down at her. "I'm gonna fuck you so hard you won't be able to walk at all this afternoon. I'm gonna split you open and then fill your tight little hole with all my cum."

She just squealed in delighted anticipation.

So with a tight grip on Kaitlyn's delicate shoulders, I was actually flinging her light body down against my crotch as my legs drove me forwards, crashing our pelvises together and promising that her pubic bone would be bruised by the time we were done. And after another few minutes of pounding the shit out of her, Kaitlyn's back arched off the bed and she cried out to the world that she was cumming.

I fucked steadily through her climax, and when Kaitlyn came down from her high she whimpered happily, "Mmm... fuck, that's great..." Kaitlyn let out a long sigh. And then craning her head up with her green eyes sparkling in the sunlight, she asked, "Wanna fuck my ass again?"

Lindsay sat up straight, disbelief clear on her face. "You did NOT."

"Sure did," Kaitlyn retorted. "He took that virginity last night!" Kaitlyn giggled and then moaned as I banged into her extra hard. "Fuck my ass, John!"

"Anything you want, sweetie." With a wicked grin, I slowed down and kept drilling her pussy while my arm reached out to my nightstand. I had a bottle of Astroglide just in case, no need to improvise with peach-scented lotion this time.

Taylor had already emptied half of the bottle, but there was still plenty to lube myself up and also squeeze two fingers full into Kaitlyn's anus. And then with her legs hoisted up over my shoulders and Kaitlyn's hands spreading her own cheeks wide, I aimed for her brown star and then pushed.

Kaitlyn howled at the ceiling when the head popped through her sphincter. Just like last night, she squealed and clammed up tighter than anything for a moment, but as I gently traced the undersides of her breasts and rubbed her abs she slowly relaxed and allowed me to sink into her anal chute an inch at a time.

"Holy shit. I can't believe he's in your ass!" Lindsay proclaimed. "How does it feel?"

"How the fuck do you think it feels?!" Kaitlyn shot back through gritted teeth. It feels like there's a fucking baseball bat splitting me in half!" She moaned, and when I eventually got balls deep into her rectum her legs dropped off my shoulders and spread wide before me, her feet pointing off to the sides. "But ohhhh it's such a wonderfully full sensation..."

I just grunted and then began pumping her asshole with my cock. If Kaitlyn wanted to carry out a sexual investigation with her best friend, I was all for it as long as I got to be the dick experimenting on her fantastic body.

From this position, Kaitlyn was able to reach down and finger her clit while my shaft went in and out of her ass in constant rhythm. Her head lolled back and forth along my pillows as I reamed her out harder and harder.

"Damn, it hurts so wonderfully!" she groaned, the tears coming into her eyes now and dribbling down her cheeks. And as her body began twitching in approach of orgasm, I was seized with a sudden inspiration.

Kaitlyn was already breathing hard and bucking her hips at me as I drilled her asshole, and when I saw the first shudders in her chest I reached forward and gripped her neck, squeezing softly. Kaitlyn panicked at the momentary suffocation and tried to scream, but with the sudden oxygen loss her body locked up and she climaxed harder than I'd ever seen her, the violent jolt of her hips almost enough to dislodge my dick.

I let go immediately and she gasped, her mouth wide open in a wordless scream as her eyes rolled back in her head while her body continued to quake. I had already been nearing my own finish and with her entire body vibrating around my dick I lost control. And after two more thrusts into Kaitlyn's spasming ass I let loose, shooting gobs of cum into the depths of Kaitlyn's bowels.

And in the end, Kaitlyn's eyes closed down and her body sagged as she passed out.

Lindsay was out of her chair in an instant. "Kaitlyn!" she shrieked in full-blown panic. "Kaitlyn!"

She got to her friend's unconscious form and then took note of the shallow breathing and look of utter bliss on the young blonde's face. With a little fear and a lot of awe, the redhead looked at me. "What did you do to her?"

"Nothing really. I just think she had a fantastic orgasm. Give her a few minutes and she'll come around." Slowly, I pulled my softening cock out of her, followed by a trail of my jism mixing with the waterfall of girlcum flowing out of Kaitlyn's pussy.

I made mental note to have Dorothy change my sheets and staggered off into the bathroom to clean up, ignoring the teenagers still on my bed.

When I returned, Kaitlyn was groggy but awake, still blissfully floating on Cloud 9. "That was the most incredible thing I've ever felt," she gasped in amazement.

She was still half in a dream-state as Lindsay and I got her vertical. We helped Kaitlyn back to my closet and down the ladder where the two girls had obviously come in. Lindsay would take care of her friend from that point on.

I closed the trap door and shook my head at how easily they'd come in while I was sleeping. I resolved at that point to get a lock for the trap door. Not that I would necessarily prevent Kaitlyn from coming in and sucking my dick first thing in the morning. But the lock would still be nice to have just in case.


I was just getting dressed into my clothes for the day when my cell phone rang. Leaving my shirt half-buttoned, I reached out and checked the display.

It was Taylor. Filled with a flashback of the rage I'd felt yesterday, I scowled and hit END.

I finished getting dressed and then headed out to get breakfast. I found Edward and Dorothy chatting at the kitchen counter, Edward on a stool drinking coffee. Cassandra was not too far away, sitting at the breakfast table with her laptop and a half-empty plate of pancakes and eggs.

Cassandra saw me and then immediately she looked down. "Uh, sorry, sir. I'll just get out of your way."

This had to end. Just days ago she'd been a warm and affectionate woman with whom I'd shared many intimate moments. This awkwardness simply would not do. "Miss Cooper," I began sternly. She stopped and looked at me.

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