tagMind ControlJohn Smith Inc.

John Smith Inc.


The sequel to "A Gift from my Father"

On the surface John Smith Inc. looked like any other "white collar" firm. It occupied all the floors of a small low rise in the suburban office park of Mountain View CA. Professional dress codes were maintained, and no one would guess what they really did. If anyone were to ask they were told personnel and property management. What almost no one was prepared for how all that was about to dramatically change.

It was true, that was essentially what they did, although it didn't barely cover all the pies John Smith had his fingers in. Since the beginning, John Smith made a commitment to his agents to take care of them during their transition period. That usually included housing in some cases, electronic equipment, (cellphones, computers, printers, etc.), often transportation, (including automobiles, air and train transportation), but most importantly, human resources issues and taxes.

John Smith & Associates now had almost 500 agents. If you included the support staff, JSA employed over 650 people and needed many more. In addition to managing the homeless shelters and skate parks, they had their hands in so many other business and ambitions to take on more, the small staff was no longer capable of dealing with the day to day business.

It was also important to stay out of the crosshairs of local government, law enforcement and the IRS. Not that they were doing anything illegal, although they did bend the rules just a little.

Considering the firm's main purpose was to support the activities of John Smith and that of his agents, and the new master and mistresses of the rings, until they were ready to break off on their own. Normal office culture would be bent if not completely broken.

It made more sense now to incorporate, which was long overdue. If they were to grow and expand, that meant hiring almost a hundred new employees. These employees would be accounting people, clerks, IT specialist, secretaries, HR specialist and security personnel, to name the most obvious, including experienced corporate officers and capable managers. The first thing was a change of leadership at the top.


Stepping out of the elevator and into the new offices only recently inhabited the new CEO, strolled across the marble floor, her designer heels clicking loudly as she past the large receptionist desk. Three young pretty receptionists busily answering phones, typing into their computers, pausing for only a moment to admire the tall thin redhead as she passed, on this third day of tenure.

Tammy Bowen entered her office and before she could hang up her coat, her secretary brought in her a cup of coffee and handed her a tablet while he slipped quickly into her chair, turned on her computers and organized the few items on her desk. He was very efficient and within thirty seconds was out of her way as she scrolled through the screens on the tablet, then sitting in the plush white leather executive chair. Tammy had found him a few years ago and couldn't be without him.

As he knelt before her, she opened her legs, hanging one over the arm of the chair while the other rested on her secretary's shoulder. He used long tongue strokes, kissing her and licking around the diamond stud attached to her labia which seemed to glow with its own light. He found delightful to touch with his tongue but knew not to bother it too much. It didn't take long for her to have a delightful and efficient climax. Just as smoothly he used a towel to pat her dry and then used in on himself. Standing he asked, "Will you be having cock this morning?" Already firm, tenting his trousers, he was gifted in that department, too.

"Is this data the most current," she asked as eyed the tablet, clicking back and forth between the many pages. "Yes, of course," almost insulted by the question. He stood not as tall as she, due to her six-inch heels.

"What time am I addressing the department heads?" She asked pivoting towards her computer looking at her calendar seeing the event just as he replied. "Ten AM, Ms. Bowen."

"Damn it." She said, as she fondled him through his pants, he was hardening nicely. She really wanted to be fucked this morning.

"I'm afraid that I am going to have to postpone that," she frowned, squeezing him harder, he moaned softly. Releasing him she knew there would always be time for that. The new report changes her time table, she will need to rewrite her presentation and she only had an hour.

He was disappointed. He was more than simply her secretary, she always made him feel special. His former boss and CEO, taken him for granted.

Tammy, Ms. Bowen, did not. She seemed to know what it was like to have to please an executive, and not simply by sharing sex. Although he seemed to be a gay man, he was truly bisexual, particularly when it came to Tammy.

Sitting herself down, Tammy began to altered her PowerPoint presentation. She made a few key changes here and there, as a result of the new data she'd received.

Seated in the large plush conference room were all the department heads, eight in all. This being John Smith Inc., it was a diverse group of five women and four men. Tammy had met all of them separately, at the beginning of the week, this was her first department head meeting. She had worked hard on her presentation. Hating long boring meetings, she planned on sandwiching the more mundane with the more exciting as she outlined her plan for the John Smith Incorporated. However, the numbers she reviewed threw a monkey wrench into her plans, she'd need to work faster.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I had a formal presentation planned." She pointed to the cover slide of her presentation but shut it down. "As many of you know John Smith and I go all the way back to the beginning, and he's giving me carte blanch to make any changes I deem necessary. The truth of the matter is that we are growing, you all are aware of that, and growth is a good thing. But we're not keeping up! What is the problem? Can't we find people who want to work?"

She looked at the human relations director, Estella Cruz and waited for an answer. Estella was unaccustomed to being put on the spot like that but was very prepared. She explained that they were in the process of interviewing several candidates, in fact they were bringing on a new hire today and moving forward with another.

"This process is too slow, no offense to you Estella. But we need to bring almost a hundred new people before the end of the year just to keep up with the support of our current agents in the field and Mr. Smith is expanding his field agent corps rapidly. I don't want us to be the bottleneck."

She had their undivided attention. As she hoped everyone was staring at her, her eyes met everyone of theirs, and then her eyes glowed orange for about two seconds. She watched everyone else, as each one responded as their eyes glowed orange for a second and then a smile crept across each face. She had them. No one realized what had happened, but they were all eager to follow the lead of their new CEO.

"Things must change, people. If we work hard, the rewards will be great." She asked if there were any questions. No one had any, they all applauded enthusiastically as Tammy smiled and left, the meeting was over. They all knew what they had to do.


All departments had meeting with their group leaders, it was stressed that team work was essential and would be rewarded. Each department head had the undivided attention of their managers, when their eyes flashed orange, seconds later the flash was returned.


Through out the company as work groups met new instructions were disseminated eyes flashed unnoticed by everyone. Things were about to change dramatically.


Things began rather innocently, then began to snowball.

In the customer service department, the lead clerk sighed heavily, "This cellphone account again. I hate working with these guys." Suddenly inspiration hit her. "Hey, Jim! If you take this account from me, I'll show you my tits!" She and Jim had been working together for over a year and if they each hadn't already been in a relationship would have likely been dating.

"Ugh! No way!" Jim replied familiar with the account, not consciously registering how strange the offer was. "Not that I don't want to see your tits, I know they must be awesome, but you'll need to do better than that. How about at blow job and show me your tits?"

She countered, "Only if you cum on my face!"

"Deal!" Jim said.

Thinking that she had made the deal of the century, Julie wheeled her chair to him, Jim stood and dropped his trousers as Julie pulled her sweater over her head and quickly pulled off her bra.


Watching one of her many porn films on his computer, Nate was slowly stroking himself. Who would have dreamed that the new CEO of the firm he worked at was a former porn star, having won several accolades for her work including "Best New Starlet".

His boss choosing that moment to enter the office they shared, seeing the porn on his computer and her assistant stroking himself. She paused and then immediately recognized the woman getting her pussy eaten. Something inside changed. Instead of being upset, seeing the piles of work she'd left for him had been completed, she startled him by getting on her knees and saying, "You need to be rewarded for getting all that work done so quickly," and taking his average size cock in her hand a began licking it before engulfing it completely.

As the video continued to play in the background, it revealed the cute blonde with big tits engaged in a sixty-nine was indeed their new CEO.


Joe was running late. He needed to get the last order picked up and on his truck in order to make his connection at UPS. He'd been doing this job for over a year and understood the system. He could have UPS pick it up, but he'd miss the small window getting it on the right truck without paying next day rates.

"Anita, I need that package now or I'll miss my window," Joe said.

Anita worked in IT Services and had reimaged a new laptop and had upgraded a new cell phone for Dennis Sour. She was a typical IT tech; her world was most important and other people's deadlines didn't matter to her.

"It's not ready." She said as she was still tinkering with the software. Sour was an important person in the organization. She needed to make certain the software was installed correctly.

"Fine. You could have told me, bitch. You're always making me late."

If Anita was offended you couldn't tell. She simply smiled and continued working.

"Nothing to say for yourself, well fuck you!"

Before she could become angry, something changed as did her response. "Promise, promises!"

"Really?" Joe replied, as he looked at Anita who only smiled.

Rushing to where she was working, he pushed her forward and she bent over presenting her ass. Kicking her feet apart, he pulled her yoga pants down. Her panties were soaked, he quickly discovered. Pulling out his hard cock, he wasted no time shoving it into her wet hole from behind.

Anita had been married for six years and had always dreamed of having rough sex from her husband, but he was always so kind and considerate, the thought never entered his mind.

"Yes, fuck me! Fuck me like the bitch I am!" Anita squealed as she came.

After leaving a large deposit in her married pussy, and Anita vowing never make him late again if he promised to fuck her often like he just did.


There was a knock on her door. "Enter," she said without looking up.

The large blonde woman, often referred to as "big boned" took two steps into the office, before adjusting her blouse, unbuttoning the first five buttons. She'd already discarded her heavy bra, allowing her large bosoms to swing freely with each step.

"Good Afternoon Ms. Bowen." She said, walking up to the desk where Tammy continued to work. Tammy had learned long ago, it was fine to work comfortably in ones' office, unscheduled visitors got what they got. She was typing away on her portable keyboard, her shoeless feet propped on her desk, keyboard in her lap.

"Good Aftern...Eloise, what can I do for you?" She paused, seeing the girls had made an appearance. Next to cock, tits and pussy were tied for second place.

Eloise ran the shipping and receiving department with a staff of four men and two women. She was nervous for many reasons and berated herself for being so bold as to bring idea to her new boss, but she didn't understand why she felt compelled to expose herself.

She hesitated, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have come." She pulled her blouse closed, turning crimson at the presumption that her new CEO would like her tits.

Setting her keyboard aside revealed that Tammy had neglected to wear any panties today, her pussy was exposed and looking very inviting to Eloise. "I think you should cum, that is after me." Tammy said as she spread her legs wider and fingered her wet pussy.

Eloise smiled and felt her pussy moisten, "she was right after all, cumming here at work would be so naughty." She took a few more steps towards her boss and slid uneasily into one of the two guest chairs in front of Tammy's large desk. "I had an idea as an incentive for my people, but needed your approval," the large blonde said as she watched her boss rub her pussy. She was quickly becoming aroused as she heard the squishy sounds coming from Tammy's cunt.

"I'd love to hear about them, but first we need to attend to a growing need of mine."

Eloise didn't need to be asked, she got from her chair as Tammy did and walked over to the large couch. Tammy was dwarfed by the larger woman, coming only as high as the woman's bustline.

"Hmmm... these look inviting," Tammy cooed as she pulled out the left tit and began licking the nipple. Eloise had what the guys would call a "great rack" only she wasn't into guys. Reluctantly Tammy let the large breasts pull away from her hands as Eloise fell to her knees to begin licking her boss's drenched pussy.

Eloise had followed Tammy's porn career and had collected almost all of Tammy's DVDs. She'd fallen for Tammy in large part due to her numerous girl on girl scenes and her award-winning film, "Dykes on Bikes". Eloise wasn't very adventurous but the videos had increased her interest in getting a "Hog" herself and finally coming out of the closet.

Now she was sucking her boss's pussy, Tammy Bowen of all people. She sucked and licked this pussy as if she'd never have another chance.


It was the first day of work for three new hires, two women and one man, (Jill, Rose and Pete). Although they wouldn't be working in the same departments the new employee orientation was the same for everyone. Being a small company, everyone was pretty much on a first name basis.

Jill was hired to be the newest accountant, she wasn't a CPA, as was the case with her new colleagues, but she hoped to be one day. She was in her mid-twenties and had worked her share of dead end retail jobs before finding this one. She hoped it would be her big break. She wore her long brown hair loose today although she preferred ponytails particularly when working out. She was a bit of a fitness nut. Beneath her business attire was a hard body, honed after many hours in the gym and cross training. She swam, ran, biked and hiked. Her athletic body and smallish tits allowed her to excel in every sport she attempted. Tennis however remained a mystery to her and was her newest obsession. It was the only sport she couldn't master from the beginning and it drove her to improve. She entered a lot of tournaments hoping to learn from better players.

The newest employee to the shipping department was the big boned Latina named Rose. She had plenty of experience having worked at many large companies, this was her first stint with a small firm. She was looking forward to it. She used to chide herself for having the typical Latina body, which used to be a good thing until she reached her forties. She found herself thickening, despite what she ate, her butt seemed to grow out of nowhere and her already large tits were now huge.

His first job after college, Pete was assigned to the administrative department where he hoped to move quickly into management. It was a clerical position, but you had to start somewhere. His father had encouraged him to go white collar after he'd spent so many years as a successful sales representative. Pete was a natural, loved the detailed work and excelled at all the Microsoft Office Suite programs. Eventually he hoped to move into IT security, but that was after a short term in administration. A huge fan of the NBA, Pete was excited that his favorite team had just acquire the skills of LeBron James, his favorite player. Pete played a little college ball but didn't have the size or skills to do better than come off the bench. He wore his tight black curly hair close cropped and his beard and mustache immaculately trimmed.

Orientation was typically what you'd expect to find. Learning the company structure, the fringe benefits, company access to the intranet, and filling out paperwork. What surprised all of the new hires, during their tour was how open and friendly all the employees were towards each other. There was even an amazing amount of touching and feeling that made the newbies a little uncomfortable.

Seeing this reaction, their HR facilitator mentioned this was a big part of the company's culture. If this made them uncomfortable, perhaps they needed to reevaluate their employment decision. She explained that employees were encouraged to use private rooms to have sex and to do it during their lunch periods or break times. However, there were many times when employees had been observed having oral sex in public areas, when only a few people were around. Management had a tendency to looked the other way, if it was discreet, otherwise employees could be reprimanded for not following the decorum.

The newbies learned the health benefits were outstanding, employees paid very little out of pocket expenses and the copays were ridiculously low. There was also a new incentive to motivate those who were less physically fit that reduced out of pocket expense to almost nothing.

After the morning of orientation, the new hires were released to return to their departments to begin to learn their job responsibilities. However, they were encouraged to meet as a group occasionally to help each other more quickly assimilate.

Over the next several days, the three new hires worked extra hard to learn their new jobs and to fit in. They agreed to meet at the end of the week to compare notes and see how the others were doing.

Thursday, Pete noticed that he was becoming more comfortable with the discreet sex that was going on around him. But, he was unprepared when his colleagues, Joann asked if she could give him his welcome aboard blowjob. She had of course had simply made that up, and Pete was tempted to take her up on it but felt a little uncomfortable and passed. He was surprised as he realized his normal conservative views on sex had seemed to have changed, he wouldn't have considered accepting a blowjob from a colleague he barely knew a week ago. Today, he was on the fence. Friday, he accepted Joann's offer and she crawled under his desk, pulled down his pants and worshiped his "Grande", while he attempted and failed to compete a report.

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