Johnny and His Mother


As soon as we were through with the showers and dried off I took her by the hand and led her back to the bed. As we stood next to it her eyes were as big as saucers and she aid, "John, what do you have in mind?"

"Just this Momma dear." As I pushed her back on the bed. When she was lying flat on her back I knelt before her and gently spread her legs. I then lay between them but was holding myself up on my elbows as I lowered my face to her waiting crotch. I was going to give her the most tender oral sex I was capable of.

I used my fingers to spread apart the puffy lips of her pussy exposing the well-shielded clitoris. I knew I was going to have to uncover it for my tongue to massage if I was going to be successful in exciting her. I let a couple of fingers slide up and down the sides of the clit until I was able to encourage the nub to come out to play. As soon as it exposed itself I let my tongue go to work. It didn't take much of that before Mom was squirming and moaning almost as loud as she did last night when we got back from the restaurant and hit the sack. Her pussy juices were starting to flow and I let a few fingers get wet with them and folded them into a tent style position and then gently inserted them slowly into her vagina. I could instantly feel her vaginal walls tighten around them as I thrust them in and out in a pure fucking motion.

Between my tongue working her clit and my fingers fucking her pussy she was in her glory. It didn't take long before she was once again screaming with pleasure and holding my head tight to her crotch. As soon as she came down from her orgasmic high and lay back somewhat exhausted I rolled her over and pushed a pillow under her hips. I then spread the cheeks of her ass with my hands and lowered my face to her ruby red puckered asshole. I let my tongue play all around the edges of it before slipping it in her as far as I could get it. She was tossing her ass back to meet my tongue and then throwing it forward as if she was fucking the pillow and had her second orgasm in a very few minutes.

'Damn John, this is too much. You will have me climbing the walls with any more of this level of sex."

"Hold on Momma dear."

I turned her over on her back and then once again spread her legs and lowered my face to the inside of her thighs. When I was half way between her knees and her crotch I started with licking her thighs moving from one to the other and then nipping each of them just lightly as I moved my way north to her crotch. Once again she was throwing herself from side to side and reaching down to try and put pressure on the back of my head to force it ever deeper into her pussy as I got up that far. When I was right in front of her pussy I spread its lips and let my face simply fall between them. I then ground my whole face in her warm wet pussy as she threw it down to me. I cold feel her moans starting deep within her as her next orgasm was beginning to overcome her. When I thought she was right on the verge of exploding I pulled my face away from her and raised up and rammed my now hard cock all the way in to the hilt. She screamed as if she had been shot. I began some very strong and heavy thrusting and she had her pussy coming up to match my every thrust. It only took a minute or so of that and the orgasm I had started her on with my mouth finally happened. She exploded and had her fingers digging into my back as hard as she could. Thankfully she doesn't have long nails. When I felt I was ready to join her with my own orgasm I pulled out and knelt with one knee on either side of her and reached down to my cock and simply jerked off shooting my load all over her chest from her neck to her navel. She went crazy with ecstasy.

"Oh God, John. You are way too much. I never knew sex could be so wonderful."

"Mom, it will only get better as we get more familiar with each others bodies. I promise, but there is one thing that has to change."

"What's that?" she asked.

"I have to stop calling you Mom or mother and perhaps calling you by your name. OK Karen?"

"Oh, that sounds great. 'Karen' it will be unless you want to make it 'Wonderful hot pussy' as suitable nickname.

I slapped her on her ass and said it was time for another shower.

We spent the rest of that day just laying around and chatting about a million things; the least of which was how we were going to hide, or at least mask our new found feelings for on another from all of our family friends.

She finally said, "Screw em all. We'll just be ourselves and everyone will think you are helping me get over the grief of losing my husband. They will never suspect what we do when we are alone, speaking of which I would love to suck your dick it you would like."

"Go to it baby," and she did. I truly believe that with much more of this she will be able to take all of it in her mouth in a true deep throat fashion. After a few minutes of it I leaned down and lifted her head and as she raised her eyes to gaze at me I asked if fucking her ass again would be out of the question. She said if I again promised to be very very gentle and stop at once if she told me to. That was all I needed to hear and I reached over to the bedside table and retrieved the jar of Vaseline from our earlier session with it.

This time I told her I wanted her to lay on her back and I would do it while facing her. She seemed to like that idea just fine. Once again I got a big gob of the lube on my fingers and pushed some of it up her ass and then covered the head of my cock with the rest of it. I slipped my fingers, one at a time, up her ass to open her up a little. I looked down at her and her eyes were almost pleading with me to be gentle. "Honey, if it hurts even a little too much just say so and I will stop instantly. OK?" She nodded her agreement without saying a word.

The head of my cock opened her up and she gasped as I expected. As soon as it was in her I stopped and just used my fingers to trace around her nipples, which I knew she enjoyed. I pushed forward a little and I could watch my cock open her up with each inch it penetrated. When I had about three inches in her I saw her close her eyes and bite down on her lower lip. "Honey, is it hurting too much?"

"No, I am just anticipating how much it will hurt if you keep going in me"

"I'll stop going in any more in a minute." And as I said that I gave a little more pressure and I was buried about four solid inches in her tight asshole. God the pressure her sphincter muscle and anal canal were putting on my cock felt fantastic. "That's it. I am not going in any further."

She opened her eyes and smiled saying; "Thanks love. Does it feel good for you right now"

"It feels wonderful and I am going to thrust in and out a little until I shoot a huge load of my juices up your sweet little ass" as I started my in and out motion. I don't think I entered any further with my thrusting but I may have without knowing it but I'll say this I never had a better piece of ass. She was right in sync with my thrusting and at one time reached up and pulled me down to kiss me and had her tongue searching my mouth and exploring my tongue as we fucked. I think I exploded when we were doing that and I know I did push in a little further as I shot the first of my streams deep in her. I didn't mean to do it but I couldn't help it as the throes of the orgasm overcame me. I looked down at my cock and could see that there was only about another inch of my cock still outside of her ass.

I let it slip out of her as my cock softened and she just kept kissing me saying that she never knew people could be this close in the middle of sex. I knew I agreed with her but I didn't want to challenge her and ask if she hadn't felt that close with my father. That would have been in extremely poor taste and would have spoiled everything.

We sent out for Pizza for dinner and just hung around reading and watching some sports on TV. We were in bed around eleven, were wrapped in each other's arms a short while late and were sound asleep before the clock struck twelve.

The next morning I awoke first and thought I would take the initiative she had the previous morning. I dropped my mouth on one of her exposed nipples and let my tongue just roll around it. I wasn't getting much action from that so I let my hand drop to her crotch and had my fingers uncovering her clit and was soon sliding my fingers up and down the side of her clit as my mouth was busy working on her nipple. It didn't take more than a minute of those dual activities to get her full attention. She rolled over to face me and was ready to start the day.

I just wanted to hold her for a while knowing full well the sex would come later. After all she is my mother and I do love her dearly and we both needed the closeness of just holding each other.

"Mom, what would you like to do today? Would you like to just stay in bed and enjoy sex or would you like to go out and do something?"

"Does it have to be one or the other?" she asked. "Can't we do both?"

"Sure. Why don't you get your cute little butt up and make us some coffee while I turn on the TV and get some news?"

"Coffee coming up."

I watched her leave the bed and wander into the kitchen bare ass naked and her cute little ass drove me nuts. I got up and followed her but I didn't have coffee on my mind. The kitchen has a table in the middle of it we use for breakfasts and lunches and reserve the dining room table for dinners. She was between the kitchen table and the sink when I came up behind her and put my arms around her. She could undoubtedly feel my hard-on pressing against her and then felt me turn her around and led her so she was facing the table. I pushed down on her shoulders so she was leaning face down over the table as I slipped my cock into her pussy from the rear. Holy shit, it was as if she had been waiting for me to do that. She instantly threw her pussy back at me and I started some serious thrusting. I leaned over her and positioned my hands so they would be between her breasts and the table and then continued my motions. We were both moving wildly as my balls were slapping against the backs of her legs. It didn't take long before we were each making our usual orgasm noises and I was unloading long streams of my juice deep in her pussy. She straightened up with my cock still inside of her and leaned back over her shoulder to kiss me.

"Geez, we are acting like two teenagers and my parents area away for the weekend. It's wonderful." She laughed.

My cock slipped out of her and I reached behind me and grabbed a handful of paper towels to wipe off with. I then grabbed another handful and pushed them down between her legs to gather the stream of juices seeping out of her pussy. She turned to me and we kissed a long deep soulful kiss after which we sat at the kitchen table for the coffee she had started.

Things went on like this for months. The sex got even better and no less frequent but there came an afternoon when she said, "John, let's go in the kitchen, I need to talk to you."

We sat at the kitchen table, the site of quite a few past sex escapades, and she said, "John, I met a nice fellow at church a few weeks ago and yesterday we talked for quite a while after the service. He asked me out on a date and I am giving serious consideration of accepting it. I am not getting any younger and you will be going out on your own some time in the near future and I will be left alone. I didn't want to sneak around so I am telling you now about it."

"Mom, that's all right. I guess I knew this day would come and I can't blame you the same as I know you wouldn't blame me if I was announcing I had gotten interested in a girl my own age. If this turns out OK for you there won't be anyone happier for you than me."

She jumped across the table and threw herself in my arms laughing and crying at the same time. "Johnny, no one will ever be able to take away from us what we have experienced with each other during these past months."

"I know Mom. It has been unforgettable."

"Johnny, I would like to try something before we end our sexcapades and that is I would like to try real hard for you to take your lovely cock all the way in my ass. Want to try it now?"

I laughed and said, "Why not? Let's give it a whirl."

We retired to the bedroom and stripped. The Vaseline was still in the bedside table and we went through the usual of smearing a gob on my fingers and introducing them to her ass to loosen her up and then covering the head of my now hard cock with the stuff to aid in the penetration.

"Mom, even though you want to try this real hard let's remember that if it is hurting too bad give a yell and I'll stop instantly. OK?"

"OK John. Just go slow." Once again she lay on her back as I was positioning my cock in front of her puckered asshole. When the head of it opened her up a little as it entered her she gasped as she usually did. I stopped right there to let her catch her breath and get herself prepared for the next bit of my pressure. I pushed forward and soon had it in her almost five inches and I could see her biting down on her lower lip again.

"Mom, I am going to stop right here."

"No honey, give me a few minutes to gather myself and we can try for some more".

I let myself down and gave her a huge kiss. "Mom, I am never going to find anyone who cares as much about me as you do."

I let my fingers wander over her breasts and concentrate on her nipples while we were giving her ass time to get used to the intrusion. That excited her big time and she started to throw her ass at me. When I felt that I started a very slow pressure and as I looked down at my cock could see there was only an inch or so left to go in her. "Mom, it's almost there. Another inch and I'll be buried."

"Oh God, I only hope I can last that long." She said through clenched teeth.

I figured the only way it was going to happen was if I just gave the pressure necessary and so I did. I reached down and had one hand on each of her hips and pulled her to me as I was pushing my cock to her. I was all the way in!

"Oh Johnny. I can feel you all the way in me. Please just fuck me slow and easy...don't thrust hard."

I did exactly that and the excitement of it all had me shooting my load up her sweet tender little ass in a very short time. As I shot the last of it I fell forward and gave her a huge kiss as I let my cock slide out of her.

"Oh John, I am so glad I was able to do that for you. That was the last time I'll ever do that for anyone; that store is closed forever.

We lay there for quite some time reminiscing over all that had transpired since we first went to bed together and by the time we got up to the present we were each laughing and crying at the same time. It had been wonderful.

Mom invited Kurt over for dinner a few nights later and we all got along great. There were some awkward moments for mom and I but we managed to get through them. If it works out between her and him I will be moving out and finishing up my education while staying on campus.

The separation would have been far more painful if it weren't that my mom was going to have the opportunity to spend the rest of her life with someone her own age. She wouldn't have to concern herself that I was going to be the one to find someone else and leave her alone.

They were married six months later and I moved out a few weeks before. I had found an apartment near the college and Mom came over to help me decorate it. Of course we had to christen the new bed and we did that several times before she left for home. It was the last time we were involved but not the last time we had some very uncomfortable moments about it in front of others.

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