tagLoving WivesJolene Listens Ch. 05

Jolene Listens Ch. 05


My mind was still reeling from the events of the previous evening. Three of my friends from work actually got my wife to strip completely naked for them, and one actually had sex with her. My plan had worked well, until the cops showed up. The strange part is that while it was exciting watching my wife under the control of my three coworkers, it was even more of a turn on when I couldn't watch. My imagination went wild in the back of that police car, thinking about what might be happening. It was like an intense tease, a weird type of foreplay. When Jolene finally told me what had actually happened I was so turned on that when we fucked I came harder than I could ever remember. I didn't understand why I reacted that way, and it scared me a little.

At work I acted normally as if nothing had happened and the only thing my three friends had to say was that they were still amazed that I had actually hypnotized my wife and wished they could do the same to theirs. They said nothing about what happened after I left them alone with my wife, not that I expected them to. I listened for chatter and rumors around the office for the next few days, but it appeared that they had kept their mouths shut as they promised. I felt relieved at that and decided not to involve people from work in any more games with Jolene. It was just too dangerous.

At home our sex life was very active and satisfying at first. But after a week, then two, things began to cool off; the edge from Jolene's adventure with my coworkers wearing off. I tried to see if I could regain that edge by playing some less extreme games. One of the things I tried was having Jolene ride topless in the car while I drove down the highway. At first it was fun, but the excitement didn't last long, maybe a couple of days. So I tried to heat things up more my having her strip completely while I drove next to semi trucks. Again that was a thrill, but it faded quickly.

Next I tried an old standard: I ordered a pizza for delivery and had Jolene answer the door in a short robe with a loosely tied sash. As she handed over the money and reached for pizza she made sure that the robe fell open and exposed her naked body to the delivery boy. I watched from a hidden location as his eyes got big and his mouth fell open. Jolene pretended to fumble with both the robe and pizza, managing to actually drop the robe completely. Of course a smart person would have dropped the pizza instead, but then a smart person wouldn't have answered the door in only a robe. This was about exhibitionism and fantasy, not realism. Anyway, at that point after having given the delivery man an eyeful, she quickly ducked back into the house and slammed the door.

We had great sex after that, but the next day all we had was a cold pizza. It was then that I finally realized I wouldn't be satisfied with these little games; I needed something more daring. But what? I thought about going back to the bar and raising the stakes, but I couldn't go much further than I did last time without having her just strip naked right in the bar, and that would probably get her arrested. Besides, Jolene and I had to live in this town, so I couldn't risk sullying our reputations.

A few days later I was still thinking about this while watching the local news. They had a report on a protest against a proposal to allow a strip club to open in town. That's when it hit me; nudity in a strip club is normal, maybe even for the patrons. There weren't any in our town, but there was a larger city about a thirty minutes away that had a number of such establishments. I would need to do some research to select a suitable club, and I would need to make some small adjustments in Jolene's conditioning, but now I had a plan.

It took me a week to put my plan into motion. I had found a strip club that seemed to have a pretty relaxed policy on female patrons that wished to disrobe, at least partially. It was in a somewhat seedier part of town, but was clean inside and appeared to have good security. I had planted the idea in Jolene's mind that visiting a strip club would be exciting and that watching women strip would be a sexy turn-on. I also modified her "Shazam" trigger so that when it was used she would be inclined to follow suggestions if they were just asked in a polite manner. The use of the word "please" would still create a much stronger compulsion, of course, especially when repeated. Finally I added a new instruction that she was to get bitchy and resistant if someone was rude or physically abusive. I felt this was necessary to balance the other directives, especially given where we were going.

I thought about all this as we pulled into the parking lot of the strip club, making sure in my own mind that this was what I really wanted and was ready for it. I had not told my wife where we were going and when she realized that this was our destination, and what kind of place it was, she looked at me with a kind of expectant, questioning expression. I was nervous, but I tried to smile confidently. I just said "Let's go." And climbed out of the car.

Jolene was wearing a stretchy, clingy top that showed plenty of cleavage and a short skirt that barely covered her ass. Underneath that she had on a small pair of black thongs, but no bra. This wardrobe was at my insistence, so I allowed her to pick out the shoes. She had selected a semi-conservative dress shoe with a two-inch heel; for comfort she said. I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. This was her night to show off.

I could feel the sexual tension between us rising with every step we took towards the club. The night was warm and a slight breeze teased Jolene's hair. The shape of her breasts were clearly visible under the thin top; the protruding nipples evidence of her arousal. Having never had children they had little sag and jiggled provocatively with each step. Ahead the neon sign flashed "Exotic dancers" and "Totally nude" in garish red light.

"You look incredibly sexy. This is going to be so much fun." I assured her. "Trust me, you are going to have a blast."

As we neared the main entrance I could hear the music throbbing from inside. When I opened the door it was almost deafening compared to the relative quiet outside. As Jolene stepped through the threshold I noticed how tight her ass was and how toned her legs were thanks to all the time she had been spending in the gym the last few months.

I paid my cover charge, which was waived for Jolene, and we made our way into the club. I found us a table a few rows back from the stage. My wife turned plenty of heads as we made our way there, despite the naked girl dancing on the stage. As Jolene was looking around, taking it all in, I flagged down a cocktail waitress and ordered us each a drink. With that done I settled into watching my wife; I was really interested in seeing her reaction to everything. After she was done checking out the club and the crowd she focused on the nude dancer. After studying her for a few seconds she turned and looked at me, her eyes twinkling devilishly.

"What do you think?" I shouted in her ear.

"Of what?"

"For starters, the dancer." I replied.

"She's OK, I guess, but I was expecting..." She trailed off, glancing at the stage.

"Expecting what?" I prodded, looking over at the nude form on the stage.

"Oh, I don't know, beauty maybe." She said. "She's just kind of plain looking."

I had to agree. The current dancer, while not homely, was definitely not pretty either, and her body was nothing to write home about either. To top it off she danced with a kind of indifference, almost mechanically.

"Maybe some of the other dancers will be better." I shouted back. Actually I knew they had better dancers since I had already spent some time at the place while I was checking out the clubs. Our drinks arrived and we both took a big slug; probably for the same reason: to calm jittery nerves. Soon after that the music ended and the dancer left the stage. She began circulating in the audience trying to convince someone to pay her for a lap dance, but there appeared to be no takers.

Jolene and I took the opportunity to chat a little in the relative quiet between the dancers. As we were talking I noticed her eyes wander to our left where a couple of clean-cut young men were just sitting down. She caught me watching her and quickly looked down. Was that a little bit of a blush I saw spread across her neck and face? I glanced back to my left for a moment. They appeared to be in their early twenties, short cropped hair, and in good shape physically. If I had to guess I'd say they were in the military.

Another song started and a new girl strutted out onto the well-lit stage. She was definitely much better looking than the last dancer, and was much more voluptuous. She was introduced as Vicki. Her costume was a cow-girl thing complete with a cowboy hat, an unbuttoned shirt tied at the bottom, Daisy Dukes shorts, and knee-length swede boots. Jolene seemed much more interested in Vicki and I wasn't surprised. What did surprise me was the the two men to our left seemed to be watching my wife as much as the dancer. I was having a hard time keeping an eye on everybody without making it too obvious.

Vicki didn't take too long getting down to her g-string. She had marvelous tits. They were at least D-cup size, maybe DD, with large areola and prominent nipples. From where I was sitting they looked completely natural with just the right amount of sag. Jolene finished her drink and tried not to make it look like she was not too interested in Vicki, but I think my wife was fascinated by her large tits and the way the bounced as she danced.

I flagged down the waitress and ordered us each another drink. While I did that I stole some glances at the military men to our left and caught them staring at my wife a couple of times. Things were getting interesting, yes indeed. When I looked back up to the stage Vicki had her back turned to the audience and was teasing it by sliding her g-string down over he ass, and then pulling it back up. After she had done that a few times she slowly and sensually pushed it all the way down to the floor. Now she was only wearing the hat.

When she turned around and revealed her pussy I could see it was completely shaved except for a small strip above the 'V', very much like I kept Jolene's pubic area. The rest of her routine was very good; Vicki was quite athletic and showed off her assets creatively and erotically. When the music ended, Vicki, like the girl before her, walked out into the audience to sell some lap dances. I had a feeling she would sell quite a few.

Our drinks arrived and I caught Jolene looking at the two men to our left again. I decided to turn things up again and leaned into her whispering "Shazam" in her ear. Then I told her to invite the two men to our table. I could see the wheels turning in her head and then she made eye contact with one of them and motioned with her hand to join us at our table. They readily accepted and introduced themselves as Jake and Randy.

We chit chatted for a little bit and I found out that they were in the Army and had recently returned from Iraq. Right now they were on a ten day leave and were visiting family near the city. They didn't have a date for the night, so they decided to come here. They were friendly guys, especially to my wife, not that I could blame them. In fact, I liked they way they looked at her.

Vicki finally made her way to our table and asked if anybody wanted a lap dance for twenty dollars. Jake and Randy exchanged a few muttered words between themselves.

"Yes." Jake said and handed her a twenty. "But not for me. For her." He pointed at my wife.

Jolene gasped and looked at him in surprise.

"Go ahead, it'll be fun." I intervened before she could refuse. "You'll see."

Vicki came around the table to Jolene's chair and looked down at her. My wife looked up, right into Vicki's bit tits.

"Like what you see?" Vicki asked in a sultry voice and shook her big boobs.

Jolene turned red with embarrassment and looked down. Vicki began dancing and pushing her tits into my wife's face. Jake and Randy cheered them both on. While this was happening I got up and pulled Jolene's chair out from the table. Vicki lost no time in sitting down on my wife's lap, facing away from her. After grinding her ass into Jolene's crotch for a while she turned around so that she was facing her. Vicki put her hand under Jolene's chin and brought her head up. As Vicki was gyrating on my wife's lap she lifted up her tits and rubbed them across Jolene's face. It was a very erotic sight for me and from the look on my wife's face and her increased breathing rate, I was guessing that she was enjoying it as well.

Vicki leaned forward and whispered something in Jolene's ear. My wife responded by nodding yes. Vicki reached down and lifted Jolene's top up exposing her bare tits. I almost gasped; this was unexpected, but I loved it. Vicki rubbed her tits across Jolene's, making her nipples even harder, if that was possible. As the dance neared an end Vicki leaned in quickly and placed a big kiss on Jolene's lips, leaving a surprised look on my wife's face. I really owed our new friends for that.

After Vicki climbed off her lap, Jolene just sat there for a few seconds, flushed and breathing hard with her tits still exposed. Jake, Randy, and I just sat there looking at her with silly grins on our faces. Suddenly there was applause from a couple of the other tables around us. That snapped Jolene out of her reverie and she pulled her top back down. I hadn't even realized that she was giving a show to so many men; what a turn on!

"Shit, that was so hot!" Randy exclaimed.

"You're right about that, bro." Jake agreed.

Jolene was embarrassed by their remarks, but I could also tell that she liked it.

"You are one lucky son of a bitch, man." Randy told me. "If I had a sexy woman like that at home, with great tits like that, I'd have her topless all the time."

"I'm still thinking about them." Jake said as he looked right at my wife's tits.

"After such nice complements I think you should give the guys another good look at your tits, honey." I suggested to my wife.

She knew it was more than a suggestion and without hesitation pulled her shirt up over her tits, exposing them again in the crowded room.

"Oh yeah! That's what I'm talking about baby!" Randy hooted. This got the attention of all the other tables near us and soon she had quite a few men commenting on how hot and sexy should looked. After a minute or so she lowered her top again.

"Do you really think I'm hot?" She asked Jake and Randy.

"Shit yeah!" Randy said.

"You're hotter than any of the strippers I've seen here so far." Jake informed her.

"Really? Don't you think Vicki was hot? I mean, she has bigger boobs than me." Jolene replied.

"Yeah, but size isn't everything. Yours are much nicer." Randy explained. "A sexier shape and hotter nipples."

"Oh you're just saying that to be nice." She said coyly and smiled at him.

"No, really." He insisted. "I'd much rather get a lap dance from you."

"Oh, I doubt that." Jolene demurred.

"Actually they have private little cubicles back over there" I pointed off towards the back of the place "just for private lap dances. They allow any couples to use them as long as you pay the twenty dollar fee." I explained. "I think if the guys are willing to pay the fee, you should give them the chance to prove it, Jolene."

"Absolutely! And I have a twenty right here." Randy said as he slapped a twenty down on the table.

"I'm not sure that's a good idea." Jolene replied.

"Please, I'll be a good boy." He begged. Bingo! He used the magic word.

"And I'll tag along to make sure he is." I added, although I really just wanted to watch. In fact, I was kind of hoping he would be a bad boy.

"OK, OK" She giggled. "Let's go."

The three of us walked back to the private area. The hired muscle there gave us the rundown: The man has to keep his clothes on and he can't touch the woman; he must keep his hands at his side or in his lap. The woman could only strip down to her panties; if she didn't have panties then she had to keep her pants or skirt on. The woman could touch the man, except for his genitals. They would get five minutes and they would be on camera the entire time, although he explained that they don't usually watch the entire performance; it was just there for spot checking as required by law.

When I tried to go back with them he informed me that only two were allowed in the cubicle at a time. I told him that I was her husband and just wanted to make sure her "friend" did not break any of the rules. He led me into a small locked room with a monitor and punched up the camera over the cubicle that Randy and Jolene were in. The view was directly overhead, which was optimal for watching something like this.

Randy was sitting in an armless chair, hands in his lap, palms up. This was actually pretty clever because when Jolene sat down he would be effectively holding her ass, but it wouldn't be a violation of the rules because technically she was touching him. As long as he appeared to remain passive he would probably get away with it, although I had no doubt he would take maximum advantage of it.

My wife danced briefly in front of him before taking off her top. It was very erotic watching her shake her bare tits at him, and at one point leaning over him and dangling them right in front of his face. After that he said something to her, but I couldn't tell what it was since there was no sound, only video.

Jolene backed off a step and started wiggling out of her skirt. Randy seemed mesmerized as she slid it down her shapely legs and dropped it on the floor. From the overhead camera I didn't have the best view of her snatch, but I knew what Randy was seeing. The thong was pretty small and barely covered her shaved muff. It was probably also wet with her juices by now, so it would look even hotter.

Now she began a sensual little dance where she not only gyrated her hips at him, but she began running her hands over her tits and down over her pussy. Randy was squirming in the chair a bit, obviously finding it hard to sit still while my sexy wife was just inches away strutting her stuff wearing only a skimpy thong. I even observed him adjust his pants to accommodate his stiffening cock.

Their time was about half over and I think Jolene sensed it because she turned around and sat down squarely on his lap. Her bare ass was in his hands and I don't have any doubt that he was squeezing her wonderful cheeks. For her part my wife wiggled and ground her ass into his lap, pushing back into his crotch as well. I'm sure that felt good on his engorged manhood.

After teasing him like this for about half a minute, Jolene stood up, turned around, and sat back down, fully astride him. Again she was sitting on his hands, but now as she ground into his erection it was with her pussy. She also began to rub her tits into his face; he had to look down and kind of hunch over for it to work, but it looked like he was more than willing. After a bit I noticed that her nipples appeared to sparkle like they were wet. At first I thought it was a trick of the light, but eventually realized that he was sneaking his tongue out when she ran her tits across his mouth.

By the end of the "dance" she was shamelessly dry-humping him and he was even thrusting back a little. I could tell that he was almost holding her up with is hands and had a good grip on her ass. But the music stopped and a little buzzer sounded to mark the end of their time in the cubicle. They both looked disappointed as Jolene climbed off of his lap and started to get dressed.

When they came out of the private area I could clearly see that the front of his pants were wet! I didn't know if this was leakage from him or my wife's juices; probably some of both. So far this night was turning out better than I had hoped.

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