Jolene Listens Ch. 05


I knew I should stop it, but I couldn't move. My arms and legs felt like they were made of lead. My heart was hammering in my chest and my mouth was as dry as cotton as I watched my wife being brought closer and closer to the brink of a massive orgasm. The man had amazing discipline, keeping up a consistent pace without cumming. The woman was expertly working Jolene's tits and clit with her riding crop and tongue. I could tell that she wouldn't last long now; the telltale signs of her impending climax were apparent. First she started trembling, head to foot. Then her hips started jerking uncontrollably; weakly at first but building stronger as the assault on her sexually charged body continued. Finally her entire body went stiff and she moaned loudly, thrashing her head back and forth as she reached her climax. The man and the woman, however, continued their stimulation of my wife causing a series of spasms to rack her beautiful sweat-covered body even after her orgasm was done.

Shortly the man threw his head back, thrust his cock into my wife's pussy one last time, and groaned loudly. The dominatrix reached under Jolene and fondled his balls as he shot his cum deep into her womb. I was very glad she was on the pill. After he was empty he withdrew his cock quickly and even from where I was I could see his jism pour out of her cunt, leaving a puddle on the floor. I couldn't believe that someone could cum that much. Maybe some of it was Jolene's lubrication mixed in too, but it was still an amazing sight.

Even though my wife was in pretty good shape I could see she was starting to cramp from that suspended position, and perhaps her captors did as well because they lowered her down onto a bench that they had just pushed under her. That's when I noticed a guy with a video camera coming in for a closeup of her dripping pussy. In fact, when I looked around I saw a couple of other cameras on tripods off to the sides. Shit! They were recording this, probably for sale on the Internet. Somehow I had to stop this now.

I peeked around the crates I was hiding behind and saw a couple of other nude black guys, waiting for their turn with my apparently compliant wife. Then in the other direction I saw another big dude that looked like a body guard. I had to take him out first if I was going to rescue my wife. I used the crates to sneak up on the guard, circling around him. Over his shoulder I could see the dominatrix in a sixty-nine with Jolene, keeping him and everyone else distracted.

When I was in position I slipped my arm around his neck and cinched in a perfect rear-naked choke. He went limp in seconds, demonstrating the power of a blood-choke. I left the choke on for a few seconds longer than I would in the gym because I wanted him out for a while and lowered him quietly to the floor. I frisked him and not surprisingly found a hand-gun; a Glock G-19 nine-millimeter semi-automatic, to be precise. I was very familiar with this weapon. I owned one myself. I quickly checked the clip; it was full.

I stepped out into the light. "OK, that's enough!" I shouted, making sure they saw the pistol. "Nobody move." Even I winced at the cliché.

They all looked at me like deer in the headlights. I waved the pistol in what I hoped was a menacing fashion at the three naked men. "Get down on the floor and put your hands over your heads or I'll kill every one of you bastards!" I screamed. I almost called them 'fuckers', but I caught myself in time. I wanted them scared, not laughing at a stupid unintended joke. Two of them laid down so fast that it almost looked like I had shot them, but not the third one. Tyrone, I guessed.

"I mean it!" I said with as much authority as I could and pulled back the slide on the Glock to chamber a round, but Tyrone just smiled at me. That's when I saw Jolene's eyes go wide out of the corner of my vision, but before she could warn me I felt someone grab me from behind. It must be the guard; I must not have choked him long enough and he came to.

He wrapped both of his arms around my upper arms, pinning them to my body. He tried to crush me hard enough to make me drop the gun, and although he was strong I didn't let go of the pistol. Tyrone seized the moment and rushed towards us. I couldn't let him reach me, and although I couldn't really aim very well I still squeezed off two rounds in his general direction. The sound in the small warehouse was deafening. I saw Tyrone dive for the floor, but I didn't know if I had hit him or not because the guard spun me around in an effort to keep me from shooting at his boss. In the process he also managed trip me and we fell to the ground in a tangle.

The pistol went spinning away, but I didn't need it, I was a good wrestler and a purple belt in Jujitsu. As we hit the floor I was already scrambling for position. He was strong, I'll give him that, but he was outclassed in grappling and soon I had him in an arm-bar. Normally in the gym an opponent would tap at this point admitting defeat and I'd let up before breaking his arm, so it was a strange feeling when the guards arm snapped. He howled in pain and anger, which I rewarded with a vicious elbow to the face and a heel to the ribs. I think that heel may have cracked one of his ribs because he curled up into a ball and stopped trying to fight me.

I sprung up and looked around for the pistol. It was about ten feet away and Tyrone was crawling towards it. I ran over and easily got to it before he did. When I pointed the weapon at him he stopped and just glared at me menacingly while holding his leg. It looks like wounded him with one of my shots, but it didn't look life threatening. I looked over to where I had last seen my wife. The dominatrix was sprawled out on the floor, out cold it looked like. Jolene was holding a police baton and standing over the other two men, one of which looked pretty beat up. The other one was just cowering in fear. It looked like that self-defense training had really come in handy.

I knew we didn't have much time, someone will have heard those shots. So while Jolene got dressed I grabbed all the tapes out of the video cameras and warned them that anybody that followed us would get shot. Then I led Jolene quickly out the way I had come. When we got outside I cut Daryl loose and also warned him about following us, waving the Glock in his face. He ran out of the alley in one direction while we went in the other.

I was a little turned around because of the strange way I had gotten there, but after a few wrong turns we managed to get back to the strip club and our car. I'm telling you I got out of there as fast as I could without getting into an accident or attracting the attention of the police. A few miles away I stopped by a big dumpster and threw in the pistol after wiping it clean and removing the clip. It was probably stolen and I didn't want to have any more to do with it.

We drove in silence for a while and then Jolene started crying. I pulled her to me and held her tight.

"I'm so sorry this happened to you." I said.

"It's not your fault," she sobbed, "it's mine. I should never have gone with Daryl. I shouldn't have listened to him."

"No, I should never taken you to that place, and for sure I should never have taken my eyes off of you once we were there." I countered. "You just acted the way I've been asking you to, the way I like it. It was that creep Daryl that took advantage of the situation, but I should have been protecting you, so it's his fault and mine, but not yours."

She clung to me for the rest of the trip telling me how much she loved me. I felt so bad because I knew it was mostly my fault for conditioning her the way I did and then letting her loose in a place full of horned-up men. That wasn't the worst part, though. Despite everything that had happened, I am ashamed to admit I was still extremely turned on. I wrestled with these conflicting feelings all the way home, but eventually resolved to remove the "Shazam" trigger. It was just too dangerous.

When we got home I put Jolene under and started the long process of removing the trigger. Something like this really couldn't be removed, but it could be buried deeply. It would take a number of additional sessions over the next week or so, but I was determined to bury it so deep that it would be impossible to recover it or create a similar one. There would be no more adventures like the one we just had, of that I was sure.

I should have known it wouldn't be that easy.

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