tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJonah Marx P.I.: Case Of The Body Builder...

Jonah Marx P.I.: Case Of The Body Builder...


Jonah Marx P.I.: Case Of The Body Builder From Hell

Jonah Marx - P.I.

Case of the body builder from hell.

Well if you read my first installment then you know who I am and what I do, and if you didn't then you better go bloody read it 'cause I'm not explaining all over again.

This case happened a couple of years after I got into the business and to date is one of my most interesting for a variety of reasons which will soon become apparent.

I was working out at my local gym when the owner, Vince Torrino, came up to me as I was doing some bench presses. "Jonah I need to talk to you, can you come to my office when you've finished your work out." he asked as I forced another lift out of my flagging arms, "Sure Vince just give me ten minutes." I replied.

After a quick shower I climbed the stairs to Vince's office and knocked on the door, "Come" a voice called out and I entered Vince's domain. I had been in his office a few times before but the sight of all those gold trophies and framed certificates still fascinated me, Vince had been a professional body builder in his younger years and going by all the gold in the room he had been a very successful one.

"Jonah I need your help" Vince came straight to the point as I parked my butt in an available chair, "Sure, what can I do for you" I asked.

Vince went on to explain that he was sure that one of his members was selling and supplying steroids from his gym and he wanted me to find out who it was, I agreed to take on the job and explained to him that I would have to set up surveillance equipment in the gym and more to the point in the changing rooms as that would be the most likely place for the dealing to take place. Although not particularly happy with the idea of cameras in the changing rooms he could see that this was the only way to go and gave me the go ahead.

It took me a few hours the next night to set up the equipment in both changing rooms, men's and the ladies, and to run wiring to an unused stock room between the two, then it was just a matter of settling down and watching the monitors and listening to the microphone outputs. Although watching the men's room was not exactly my idea of fun, there was no complaints from me as I purused the images coming from the ladies room, I had put 3 small cameras in each room and I could see and hear from every nook and cranny, and let me tell you there were some awesome sights assaulting my eyeballs. As I watched a young black haired girl entered the dressing room, obviously she had just finished a workout, her lycra leotards were drenched and fitted her body like a second skin, and as she peeled of the offending garment a body direct from S.I's swimsuit edition was revealed in all it's glory. She was about 5'9, legs up to her armpit's, a pair of breasts which defied gravity and an ass to die for, and her glorious young body was glistening with a sheet of perspiration. She grabbed her towel and walked to the showers, by this time I had released my complaing cock and was rubbing my hand up and down the shaft, my black haired beauty was now soaping up, her hands roaming over that beautiful landscape, as she cleaned every inch of her firm body. I watched with hunger as she reached between her legs and proceeded to give her bald cunt a right royal clean, leaving no part untouched, what I wouldn't give to be that bar of soap I thought, then movement caught my eye and a second person was in the dressing room.

It was Georgina Bayer, I had seen her a few times while working out, she was a female body builder and in all honesty she was the female version of Arnold Swarzenegger, don't get me wrong she wasn't ugly by any stretch of the imagination, she had a beautiful face, but her body was what every man dreams he looks like when he looks in the mirror. She had on a tank top and pair of shorts, and all I could see was a mass of muscles as she stripped of the tank top, she had no breasts to speak of but did have rather large nipples and her stomach was an iron hard six pack. As I watched she pulled down her shorts and as she did her body turned directly face on to the camera, she had no underwear on and I could see that she was totally hairless, her cunt was smoothas a baby's butt and I could make out every detail, the nice smooth lips and a rather large clit poking out of the top of the crack. Her thighs were large and well defined, as were her legs and calf muscles, she took her own towel and walked into the shower cubicle, her butt was again well defined and very tight, by now my cock was whimpering in lust and drooling pre cum over my hand, I couldn't help but think what it would be like to fuck this amazon.

"Hi George." said my black haired beauty, as she was joined by the body builder. "Hi Tracy, how was your work out." replied Miss Universe, "Much easier since I got that stuff off you George", suddenly Georgina lunged forward and covered Tracy's mouth with her hand and pushed her body up against the wall, "Not so loud bitch" she growled and there was fear in Tracy's eye's as George used her full weight on her slim body. "Fuck, you trying to get me in trouble" and with that she released Tracy and stepped back, Tracy semi collapsed and was cowering in front of the female Adonis, "I'm sorry George, I forgot" she whimpered, "Well just remember or I won't give you any more you stupid cunt" our large beauty said. (Well here was my steroid pusher I surmised - hey I'm quick what can I tell you.)

All I needed now was physical proof and I could tell Vince and put the ball in his court, I refocused on to the monitor and waited for further developments.

"George I need some more stuff I'm all out" Tracy moaned at the bigger girl, "Sure you can have some more, but you know the price Trace."

"Yeah I know , I know..." and with that my eyes nearly popped out of my head as Georgina reached down and pulled Tracy's head straight into her crotch and as I gazed in sheer wonderment, Tracy's tongue ran up and down the length of that bald cunt, flicking at the prominent clit, Georgina's head was thrown back, her mouth wide open as her pussy was tongue fucked. I again marveled at this woman's chest, it was something any man would die for , to have this chest as their own. There was no discernible breasts but she had nipples at least 3 inches long and right now were rock hard, as I watched Georgina reached for these blood engorged nipples and begun to twist and pull on them, all the time Tracy was attacking her cunt and moans of desire were coming from deep within Tracy's throat and I could see her fingering her own pussy.

My own situation was getting more and more heated as I watched all this going on, my cock was getting pummeled by my hand and my free hand was pulling on my balls and gently fingering my ass hole, without realizing my eyes had closed as I played with myself , but they shot open when I heard Georgina order Tracy to eat her ass hole. As I looked at the monitor the two girls had moved to the massage table, Georgina was on the table on all fours, her ass aimed directly at the camera lens and what a beautiful ass it was, not an ounce of fat and as she spread her legs her cunt and ass hole were in full view. Tracy was standing behind Georgina and at the command of her bigger partner she had bent to the task, as I watched Tracy's probing tongue flicked and swirled at that dark opening, she made quick little darts at the brown rosebud and then without hesitation drove it past the sphincter and sunk her tongue deep into Georgina's shithole. Georgina gave a deep moan as her butt was invaded and she reached around and spread her ass cheeks further apart, allowing Tracy full access, Tracy was also obviously getting off on this, she was ramming as many fingers as she could up her own weeping snatch and by now my hand was a blur on my throbbing prick.

"Fuck my ass you little bitch, fuck my ass now." Georgina demanded "Fuck my ass and I'll give you your stuff baby." Not needing to be told twice, Tracy stood and placed her fingers, already soaked with her own cunt juice, against Georgina's ass hole and then slowly she inserted one, then two fingers into the dark fudge hole and slowly began to pump them in and out. "OOOOOOOHhhhhhh yeah baby, that's it fuck me you little whore." Georgina groaned, and Tracy pushed deeper as the rest of her fingers stretched that tight little hole, "Come on slut fuck me harder or you don't get your stuff" Georgina demanded, I just about shot my load as Tracy pushed her fist deep into Georgina's butt, the skin around the body builders ass stretched to the max, and then unbelievably she pushed harder and her arm drove deeper into Georgina's shit tube until it was almost elbow deep. Tracy was now shaking in climax as she arm fucked her partners ass, her cunt juice was freely running down her legs and wetting the floor, and then Georgina let out a roar rammed her ass back, Tracy's arm disappearing in her ass up to the elbow, and screamed as she sprayed a torrent of pussy juice back against Tracy's tits and stomach.

Georgina flopped down on the table spent and Tracy slowly pulled her arm from deep within the bigger girl's bowels, the sucking sound clearly audible to me as I cleaned my spunk from the monitor, as Tracy's arm came free I could see Georgina's ass hole wide open, and as I watched it slowly began to contract to a normal shape.

Well that's the case of the body builder from hell, although it didn't end there, suffice it to say I caught Georgina on camera giving steroids to Tracy, but I didn't tell Vince right away. Hey Mrs Marx didn't raise no fool, I used the tape to blackmail Georgina and Tracy, and for about six months I had some of the wildest sex I have ever had, some of it I still can't believe even now, but hey that's another story.

As usual this is a true story, only the names have been changed to protect the innocent, yadda, yadda, yadda...

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