tagLetters & TranscriptsJoseki's Journey's: The Falls

Joseki's Journey's: The Falls

byJoseki Ko©

Joseki’s Journey’s: 2 The Crystal Falls

Tal fellow Goreans,

Well tonight marked my second trip into the GCN chatrooms of Gor. I think tonight went a lot better than last night. I entered a place called the Crystal Falls. It was listed as a safe zone, I have been advised to stay in the safe zones because I can’t be killed there. It was the only safe zone running at the time.

Who should I stumble across but some of the same slaves and Free from last night, Taima and her girls. I was received much better tonight than last night. I noticed that dew wasn’t there and another Master Seraka was. That seemed to make all the difference.

Taima sent talia to serve me. I unwittingly committed a social faux pax . I again asked for water as I feel a wandering writer would. I didn’t realize that being in a place called the crystal falls would necessitate the poor girl going on an exodus with a mug to the top of the falls to acquire my beverage of choice. She climbed a mountain path and hung out over the water to secure me the cleanest, freshest, coldest water that she could find.

Her posts on this were quite incredible. I watched her go in to what passed for a kitchen pull out a mug and then head for the mountain. I was quite impressed with her serve. She was quite fast at typing and I’ve never seen anyone erotically climb a mountain before. Then upon retrieving my water she climbed all the way back down carrying my water. Her final serve was extremely erotic. I enjoyed her for a minute and released her back to her mistress.

I had noticed that seher was present when I walked in. Taima had seen me notice her and made good on my request from last night. The little slave was commanded to dance before us. She chose the dance of the veils. I thought this was an exciting choice for a white silk girl. All in all the dance was pretty good. Not exceptional but pretty good. I thought she rushed it a bit. She went from being still to having her pulse racing in no time flat. Her alliteration however was quite good. After she got going I was really enjoying it.

I did notice one interesting thin though. Last night it seemed everyone talked through ivory’s dance but no one talked at all during seher’s dance tonight. I’m still kind of confused about that but I’m guessing there is some internal politics going on there.

I was kind of hoping to be able to challenge Seranka and get a little fighting in, but it was not to be. Javik walked in and I must admit I was surprised, He had a very commanding presence online, He introduced himself to me as the HJ which I deduced to be Head Jarl. He made pickup on his people and left the room leaving me with two slaves. I used this opportunity to ask a few etiquette questions. I’m not sure what it is with most slaves but they seemed to not really be able to answer a general question. I had to start asking specifics in order to get an answer.

They informed me not to draw steel on anyone or I would meet a swift death. That my entrances and posts were very good especially for a neophyte, and that I came across rather well. I was fairly happy with that. Though I must admit I’m curious about the death part. I left the Crystal Falls and went in search of Taima.

I had found out last night that Taima likes poetry. Now I’m not much of a poet but I do enjoy writing Haiku’s. Or as my editor calls them, my attempts at Haiku. I wrote one this morning with the intention of gifting Taima with it.

I found Taima in the BlackHawk Camp, there was quite a bustle of activity out. Slaves doing there chores or serving HJ Savik overseeing it all and Taima really paying attention to Savik. From the way she was acting I’m guessing that she is his Free Companion. Though I doubt they’ve met in Mundania or Real life. There were also several entrances going on. All in all I found it to be a bit disconcerting. I made my entrance and stood there looking about.

Savik nodded at me and I announced that I had brought a gift with me but had been unable to present it, and was very remiss in my manners. I asked her if I could present it to her. I won’t say I got a cold shoulder but I think she was expecting a flower or something. Now I’ve learned that in order for something to be a good gift it really has to be valued by the recipient.

I grinned at her and asked if I was correct that she liked poetry. She was surprised but admitted that she did. I regaled her with the following Haiku.

A raven haired beauty

In the summer sun she glowed

Sweet Fiery Hot.

The last line is rather weak as a true Haiku goes but it meant something to me so I went with it. I'm sure if jstherra sees this he'll take me to task for it.

Then before she could do more than utter surprise I flourished her a bow and exited stage left. I was gone before she new it. I look forward to finding out the results of my little poem. I know I had the slaves tongues wagging. The amount of activity sharply dropped as I said my piece. I’m sure they were whispering amongst themselves.

All in fun -- Joseki

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