tagIncest/TabooJoshua Ch. 01

Joshua Ch. 01

byJoe Peters©

I had been looking forward to this summer for years. Here I was eighteen, just out of high school, horny as a mother fucker, and I had plenty of plans to fuck the summer away with some school mate chicks that were now free as I was with few cares about who said what about them. Man I was set for this summer and then the fucking sky fell in on my well laid plans! What the fuck did I do to deserve this shit!

My mother informed me that I was going to spend a lot of the summer at my grandmother's place helping her out around her house and taking care of the yard. My fucking jaw dropped to the floor when I heard that. My dad started bitching at mom how I just got out of school and I should have some free time and how her mother was a freaking wacko and I'd come back all screwed up listening to her strange stories and whitchy ways. My dad and my grandmother didn't have much love for each other as I couldn't remember the last time I either saw her or talked to her. Every time she called my mom would sneak into another room and talk quietly so dad wouldn't blow up and start yelling at her. Mom then told dad they needed some time together to get things in order or some drastic changes were going to happen. Dad had that look in is eyes so I was going or he was moving on to another house.

My grandmother (Joanne) lives on the other coast miles away so mom drove me to the airport and talked to me about how she and dad were at the separation point and this time would be good for them and maybe she could persuade my dad to loosen up a little about Joanne. My mom was born when Joanne was sixteen and I was born when mom was eighteen so Joanne was only fifty two.

My flight went off with no problems and I arrived to find Joanne holding a sign that had my name, Josh on it. I would have probably recognized her anyway because she looked a lot like mom but was dressed a lot differently. I had to adjust my eyes to make sure this was my grandmother standing before me! She had on a short black skirt, white shirt, elevated sandals that accented a beautiful pair of tanned legs and an ass that all the guys behind her were admiring. Her shirt had the first two buttons unbuttoned that strained to keep in a pair of tits that were huge. Her blond hair and make up topped the whole thing off; what a hottie!!

I approached her and she smiled and told me was shaking with anticipation waiting to see me and gave me a hug and a kiss on my cheek. Those tits ground into me and my cock started to stir as we continued our embrace. I called her "Gram' and she whispered in my ear to call her Joanne. She locked her arm through mine as we walked through the airport to baggage claim all the time those tits rubbing my arm as I looked over when ever I could to get a glimpse of that beautiful cleavage. She seemed to enjoy either teasing me or watching me check out her tits!

We found my bag and headed off to find her car and loaded my bag into the trunk. I opened her door for her as she swung her legs around to get seated and that skirt rode up to just below her pussy and that's where it stayed as we sped off towards her house. I had a hard time not staring at her tanned legs or at those huge tits which were straining against that shirt. My hard on was now apparent to her as she noticed it and just smiled more as we sped down the road. Joanne offered me some juice which I gulped down and asked if I would like another which she reached around behind her seat to retrieve. That's when her shirt opened up exposing her huge tits in their naked glory to me. My eyes must have looked like silver dollars because they hurt me being that wide open! She just handed me the container which I gulped down again and continued driving with her tits exposed. I had a very relaxed, open feeling as she asked me if I minded if she took her shirt off as it was hot and she often drove topless on this road. Who was I to say no as we pulled over to a rest area and she got out and took the shirt and skirt off now exposing a totally tanned body with a bald pussy.

"You don't mind. Do you Josh?"

My mind was reeling but I had this calm easy feeling like nothing was a bother to me plus I had a hard on that was now hurting. Joanne seemed to sense this.

"Honey. Why don't you get out of your things and let that cock spring free."

I was in another state of mind which said everything was great so I got out and took everything off, threw them in the back seat and stood there with an erection that was longer, thicker, and harder than it had ever been.

Joanne told me to drive so we switched places. I went down the road about a mile before we took a side road which was hardly ever traveled.

"Slow down honey. We'll be on this road for a while."

She slid over next to me running her hand up to my cock slowly jerking it up and down while she rubbed her tit into my arm. Her lips started to nibble on my neck and ear as I drove now in some sort of trance as she whispered in my ear.

"Baby. Joanne is going to take good care of you this summer. You will do anything I say and think nothing of it. Your young cock is going to get quite a workout filling my mouth, pussy, and ass. I am going to explain to you how to make love to a woman while giving her the maximum amount of pleasure possible. You will become an expert in fucking, eating pussy, enjoying cream pies, reaming an asshole, getting fucked in the ass, and sucking cock. Your cock will get longer, thicker, and stay hard for longer periods of time and your loads will become enormous in quantity. Do you understand?"

I nodded in a yes manner.

"Great. When you pop out of this trance you will treat me like we've known each other for years and that our nudity is an every day occurrence. You will feel sexually free around me and my friends and if your cock gets hard bring it to me and I will empty your load. You will drink at least two of my special juices daily. Do you understand?"

I nodded yes again as she slid her ass sideways and leaned over to take my cock in her mouth. She slid all the way to base a few times before she came to the top to suck the head and kissed her way up my stomach and told me when we got home she was going to give me a blow job to remember and by then by cum quantity would have built up to its maximum. She continued to rub her tit in my arm and slowly stoke me until we pulled down a side road to her house at which time she pulled me out of my trance.

I looked over at her and smiled and thought nothing of our nudity as we got out and took our things and my bag into the house. She brought me to a huge bedroom and told me I would be in here with her and pushed me onto the bed. We laughed as she got between my legs and started to fondle my balls and stroke my cock which now when hard had grown to at least 8 inches long and thick around as her wrist. She started sucking and bobbing trying to inhale me whole while flashing out her tongue on my balls when she had me deep in her throat. God what a cocksucker she was! This went on for about ten minutes as she sensed when I was close and slowed down so I wouldn't blow a load and she could enjoy sucking me off. Finally I couldn't hold back and screamed I was going to explode so she brought her lips up to the head and sucked for all she was worth as I blasted a huge load which gulped down and then I started to piss cum not just spurt it as she drank it like it was from a fountain. Mother fucker what an experience that was!

Joanne drank it all down and licked me clean before she planted a kiss on my lips darting her tongue into my mouth giving me a taste of my cum. We kissed for minutes as my cock sprang back to a full hard on and Joanne was explaining to me about eating her pussy and now was my turn to please her.

I trailed kisses down her neck to her tits and found those nipples hard as rocks eagerly waiting to be licked and sucked as I made love to her globes while she moaned and pushed my head into her nipples and hissed for me to suck on them. I worked her nipples from one to another as she squeezed her tits together moaning with enjoyment. My tongue slid down her tits to her belly button where she told me to stop and play for a while as she fingered her pussy and raised her hips so I could see what she was doing. I enjoyed the sight of her pussy being worked on by her hand when she brought her fingers to my mouth and told me to lick them. The taste was incredible and I was hooked! My mouth made its way to her pussy as she was now spreading her lips apart for my advancing tongue to attack her. I was a man possessed as I licked and lapped until I looked closely and found her clit under her hood.

"That's the spot Josh! Nibble and lick there baby!"

My tongue was working double time and soon I folded it like a spear and darted into her pussy which drove her crazy as her hips came high off the bed. I had her rocking to a great orgasm as she grabbed my head and drove into her pussy. I cleaned her pussy out as I slid up her body to kiss her and my rock hard cock was at her pussy and she reached down and guided into her hot wet pussy.

"Go slow lover. I want to feel each inch as it enters."

I obliged her as I push gently into her until I was buried up to my balls. What a feeling that was! Joanne then held me for a minute until she wrapped her legs around my ass and then her pussy started to milk my cock. She kissed me and smiled and asked if I liked that. Who couldn't like that feeling as her pussy muscles where incredible and all I had to do was enjoy this! I lasted for a minute or two when the animal in me said it was time to start banging this pussy. I began my slow attack and she started rocking to my thrusts as I built up speed and soon we were fucking like two dogs in heat. My heart was pounding and Joanne was screaming when I shouted I was going to cum.

"Fill me with your cum, you fucking stud. I want it all! Fuck me!"

I drove my cock in on and blew a huge load which was followed by another and then the steady stream of cum as Joanne held me there with her legs. I kissed her and she pushed me onto my back and swung around to suck my balls and cock as her pussy was now right above my face.

"Your first cream pie honey. Clean it all out; taste our juices."

I licked and sucked as she washed my cock and balls with her tongue cleaning me up while I emptied her pussy for her. She swung around when she was done kissing and licking my face as I did the same to her.

After we rested a while Joanne grabbed my hand and led out back to a patio which had a hot tub and swimming pool and an outdoor shower which she guided me to so we could clean up. She made us something to eat as it was near early evening and we had some wine to top it all off. Mom had called to see if I arrived safely and we had a short conversation about doing everything Joanne told me to do. Joanne and I slept very soundly that night and I woke up the next morning with a huge hard on. Joanne was up and in the kitchen making breakfast as I paraded in nude.

"Hi baby. You sleep ok?"

I told her I felt as if I had slept for days. She gave me a container of juice which was followed by another as my mind drifted into another state.

"Josh honey we are going to have company today. My friend Monique will be here in an hour and she and I will be your sex masters for the next couple of days. Do you understand me?"

I nodded yes and she smiled and told me to sit and eat breakfast.

We were on the patio enjoying the warm sun when I heard a car pull up front and Joanne told me that should be Monique. We were both naked as I reached for a towel but Joanne said it was ok that she and Monique were nude all the time anyway. The slider opened and out walked Monique. She had jet black shoulder length hair, white sun glasses, five foot ten inches tall; her legs were accented by the high heels and her ass was stuffed into the tightest pair of shorts I had ever seen. I thought Joanne had a big set of tits but these were truly massive as they seemed to cover her entire chest. Wow!

Joanne got up and planted a deep kiss full on her mouth and she responded by running her hand down to cup a tit and massage Joanne's ass. She looked over at me and flashed a big smile as she stared at my slowly hardening cock. Joanne motioned me over to where the stood.

"Josh honey, this is Monique."

Before I could speak a word Monique step forward and kissed me driving her tongue what seemed to be down to my stomach. What a kiss that was! We separated from the kiss and she laughed at my surprise.

"It's nice to meet you, sweetheart. Is that enormous hard on for me?"

I looked into the deepest green eyes I had ever seen and told her I was here to take care of her and Joanne's wishes. Her eyes lit up when she heard that!

Joanne told her to get comfortable which meant strip naked. In a flash everything came off except the high heels which Joanne told her to leave on. My eyes never left her tits; I was mesmerized by the size of them. I later found out they were 44dd's. Her ass was tight and her pussy was bald like Joanne's and she looked in great shape as her stomach was flat.

Joanne had me go to the pool house and bring out a huge bundle which when inflated was a giant inflatable air mattress that was the size of a king size bed. I covered it with huge beach towels making it a comfortable area to lie on. My cock was still full from last night and I sensed that Joanne had kept it full for Monique. The ladies ventured into the pool to cool off and strolled out to the mattress where they laid down and began to fondle and kiss each other swinging around into a sixty nine position to eat each other while I sat and watched. I started playing with my cock watching in amazement as Joanne had pulled Monique's pussy lips apart and had three fingers buried in her snatch while she sucked on her clit. I could her screaming in ecstasy as Joanne attacked her with her fingers and tongue while her ass came off the mattress bucking like crazy. She gushed pussy juice all over Joanne and the towels! Joanne motioned me over and told me to slide my cock into Monique's pussy and fuck her silly. In a second is positioned between her legs as Joanne grabbed my stiff cock and guided into the awaiting opened hole. With one easy thrust I was buried fully up to my balls! Monique squealed with pleasure as I started pumping her pussy full of cock.

"Monique you fucking slut! You should see your nasty hot cunt swelling to suck in Josh's massive cock. Doesn't it feel heavenly having your pussy filled with hot cock?"

I think Monique was in another world as she uttered some obscenity as I pounded her pussy as hard as I could with Joanne shouting words of encouragement to both of us. Monique came back to earth long enough to tell me not to cum in her pussy but to sit on her and tit fuck my load all over her face. I obliged and Joanne helped me mold those massive tits around my cock as I pumped a few times before I shot a giant stream all over her chin and face before she could get her mouth open. My steady stream found her awaiting tongue as I emptied my built up load into her mouth while Joann massaged my balls. What a sight watching her gulping away at my cum! She pushed me onto my back and started sucking on my cock, which was still hard as a rock, burying her face into my stomach. She was sucking like a woman possessed trying to get my asshole out through my cock! Joanne had to scream at her to stop.

"Monique! Give it a short rest; it will recover in a couple of minutes.'

"I'm fucking insane with desire. I need more now!"

"Slow down girl. We've got him for the whole summer. You'll kill him at this rate!"

I rolled away and jumped into the pool to regain some thoughts and cool down as Joanne talked to Monique. I came back out in five minutes with a hard on that needed some attention so I looked at Joanne lying on her stomach and decided I was going to fuck her ass. I grabbed Monique and told her I wanted Joanne and she was going to get her ready for me.

"Enema time sugar; someone wants your ass."

Joanne had a grin from ear to ear as they bounded off to the bathroom for some anal preparation. I found myself realizing this was the first time I felt I had some actual control over my own mind. Finally they returned with some pillows and a big tube of KY liquid. Joanne positioned her self on her knees with her head on a pillow with her ass stuck in the air as Monique poured liquid on her fingers and smoothed some on my cock and opened Joanne's ass with one finger slowly progressing to three as I watched her pucker hole expand so I could enter.

"I'm ready lover."

I positioned my cock head at the entrance with Monique stroking me and rubbing my balls telling me to go real slow. She told Joanne to back up and push onto my cock which she did as it slid to the end of my head. I heard Joanne moan as the air went out of her lungs.

"Josh honey. Push in slowly until I tell you to stop."

I slowly slid in a little at a time until I was fully engulfed in her ass. Monique kept asking her if she was doing ok.

"Give a few seconds to get used to this club."

Monique got around to where Joanne's head was and leaned over to ask her something. The next thing I saw was Monique sitting spread eagled on the pillow with Joanne eating her snatch. I guess that was my signal to start fucking her ass so I started a slow pump in and out building up a nice rhythm as she ate pussy. I found a good speed as Monique was gasping for air and Joanne was grinding away so I picked it up a little as my load was starting to build up. I told them I was going to cum soon so Joanne screamed out to fuck her ass so I started plowing away like a mad man. I emptied my load in her ass just as Monique came all over face. I pulled out and fell over on my back as Monique got behind Joanne watching my cum seep out her ass. She had a sultry smile on her face as she bent forward and ate out Joanne's ass with my cum spilling over her face.

What a great summer this was going to be!!

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