tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJourney: Escape from Reality

Journey: Escape from Reality


When she awoke that morning, there He was – as close and as real as the sun shining in the bedroom window – penetrating every thought. She got up – reluctantly… made the bed with a new handmade cotton quilt – ivory with a beautiful garden of circles filled with purple violets, blue morning glories, and yellow roses. She reached across to the corner chair, found His white t-shirt and held it against her face… breathing in deeply as if that alone would make Him appear. Closing her eyes, inhaling His unique scent from the white cotton, she could almost feel Him.

Sighing, she tossed the shirt inside a drawer, and went about doing chores around the house… later, in the afternoon shade, she sat outside on the porch, watching dozens of birds at feeders placed in the yard. Wild flowers sprinkled the mountain, a scenic view between trees and shrubs, and she noticed several colorful butterflies freely circling the yellow jasmine wrapped around their balcony. The beauty and peace of it all was breathtaking.

The exact reason she visualized this place: the perfect escape from reality.

The house was built of cedar, the hues of raw wood blending into the land and nature around it. Windows were placed abundantly throughout – imposing glass panels that brought the mountain life almost completely inside. A simple kitchen provided essentials for cooking, and an intimate living area consisted of a custom deer hide sofa, a large tree trunk supporting beveled glass as a coffee table, one 30’s style floor lamp, a gray stone fireplace… and a very expensive stereo system.

As day turned to evening, she sighed again, watching the road as she paced the porch. When would He come down that driveway? The anticipation was overwhelming. She listened a moment to the sweet sound of dusk – the rustling of leaves, birds settling in for the night, water bubbling over rocks in the creek nearby. Finally, the sun disappeared over the horizon, and she turned to go inside.

She bathed in her luxurious dressing room, sat at the mirror, and imagined Him on the bed. In the reflection, remembering past times together, she saw Him there – as real as the brisk night air.

Almost trance-like, she applied soft makeup, peach blush, dark mascara… eyeliner… and bronze lipstick, tipped with red gloss. Brushed out her long hair, brilliant red and gold strands spilling onto fine, rounded shoulders. Sprayed Azure – His chosen scent – delicately into her navel… lightly touched the fragrance to her wrists and throat. Considered her wardrobe of negligees – selected an elegant peach satin chemise fitted at the waist with sheer chiffon insets and a seductive, lace v-front bodice sprinkled in delicate pearls. Finally, encircled her throat with a double strand pearl choker – its hand-painted enamel butterfly clasp had beautifully decorated wings dotted in glittering diamonds.

Glancing at the crystal clock on her dressing table, she took a deep breath. Still He wasn’t there. Here – with her. She took a deep breath and wrapped an ivory chiffon robe around her shoulders.

Darkness now fallen, she returned out to the porch, leaning against the white railing. Bright stars lit up the night sky, each carrying countless wishes – she looked up, and delivered a silent whisper through her indigo eyes to the first one sighted. The world began its lullaby of crickets, small animals and birds… and she could hear the choir of spring water beating down the mountain just up the road. A long sigh… and then back inside the house.

There was no phone here. No television. No connection to the outside world. An escape.

She lit more candles and incense, turned on the CD player… and danced with eyes closed, waving her arms through the air as if she were one of the butterflies, envisioning what it would be like to be so delicate as to land on a rose.

Indeed, He had been sitting up there all day, just watching her with binoculars. Early that morning, before she ever awakened, He parked by the main road and then bicycled along a path until He found a perfect, unobstructed view of the house. Carrying only a bottle of water, and comfortably dressed, He was prepared to wait.

The windows provided ample voyeur opportunities – and He felt an instant erection seeing her rise from the bed that morning, wearing a white cotton gown that she promptly lifted over her head. He knew the silkiness of her long mahogany hair, and watched it fall in disarray down her back as the gown dropped to the floor… the memory and image so real, He could almost touch it – surreal strands of gold flowing through His fingers.

He saw her pace the house – could almost feel the pounding in her chest… anticipating. Oh, yes, He did have plans for her. She pranced like an anxious cat, and as night took over and the full moon came into the black sky, He watched her dance across the polished wood – waltzing alone, as if she weren’t.

He looked into the bedroom window, and smiled, remembering the intimate secrets behind the artfully carved headboard… the mysteries she possessed, the power He held. Yes, He definitely had plans.

She sat on the sofa, and just stared into the candlelight… she could feel Him already, evoke his body over hers, holding her hostage with whispers. Curling legs beneath her, she leaned against a pillow, and grasped breasts in desperate palms… pushing the soft mounds together, tapping forefingers against nipples until tips were red, swollen, angry… and pleading.

She closed her eyes, imagining His hands… sculpting her. She focused on the seductive carving on the bed… the two lovers embraced in passion and desire – and what lay behind the sliding door. Provocative accessories to incite imagination… stir the senses… excite and inspire. She breathed deeply, settling into a subconscious state, not yet dreaming, but completely relaxed.

He slipped swiftly and silently into the house. She was caught by surprise as He came from behind the sofa, took the silk scarf from a pocket, passed it expertly over her head, and trailed it across her slender throat.

She gasped, but didn’t resist as He forcefully pulled her back - gripping her hair possessively – stretching her neck muscles until she looked directly up at Him. Blue eyes flared up like shooting stars, but He stared darkly down, persuading, imploring – and she accepted defeat, trapped – the experience as sudden and intense as the first time. His willing captive, once again, wanting to be taken.

He leaned closer to her face, His stubble of beard brushing her cheek, and whispered close to her ear. Listening, chills chased up her spine, instant goose bumps – His familiar voice both soothed and electrified… charmed and intrigued. Ultimately, he possessed her.

He ran a fingertip from the soft cavern between her breasts up to her pulsing throat, slipping His thumb under the silk scarf… holding her prisoner. Unable to resist the beautiful creature, He kissed her – a long, impassioned kiss that left her breathless – and then stood above her again. Pulling the scarf slowly away, He continued looking intently down at her – then used the silk as a blindfold, gently tying it behind her head… essential to deterrence of undesirable interruptions… to fill her mind with visuals that He alone orchestrated.

He kissed her neck… tempting bare shoulders that lured His touch. Proficient in her seduction, He quietly guided her to the bedroom… to the intricate, erotic carving and the secrets hidden behind the headboard. She glided across the floor as if on air, trusting Him to lead – knowing that the journey, complex and simple, influenced the final passage.

Tomorrow, sunrise would announce the arrival of a new day, the world fresh and alive. However, her escape from reality would still be here, with Him – where serenity was forever, never-ending.

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