tagLoving WivesJourney of a Cuckold Ch. 11

Journey of a Cuckold Ch. 11


Life progressed smoothly. Shrini and Rohini had to relocate to India within a few months after Mayuri's impregnation. His family back in India needed him and he couldn't resist the lucrative offer. It was clear that Mayuri didn't assist him and that it was yet another ploy to stoke my imagination. After returning from India, I romanced Dolly. Rohini provided the necessary support and soon Dolly lead me to her marital bed.

Dolly was cute. Her simplicity and effervescent behavior enticed me. She stood only 5' 2" with a petite build; putting on a little weight in recent years. Most notably, her breasts ripened and hips widened. Vinil, in comparison was frail like Shrini but much shorter, just about 5' 1", although, he always quoted himself to be 5' 3". Dolly's striking feature was her smile; my heart fluttered every time she smiled. Another feature that attracted men was her over-sized breasts. They were about the size of a grapefruits and on her narrow chest looked humongous. In fact, they could have looked adequate even on Sneha, who was the full-bodied lady among the four. Dolly wasn't as gifted with her complexion,though. Although she was fair, her skin texture left much to be desired.

The brief affair with Dolly bore fruits and she ended up getting pregnant. It turned out that Vinil had low sperm count and they were contemplating other ways to conceive already but Dolly preferred to do it in the old fashioned way. Unfortunately, she did this of her own accord and didn't take Vinil into confidence. The consequences of the brief affair were disastrous and if it weren't for Mayuri intervening, they were headed for a divorce. Expert manipulation of Mayuri and Dolly's shrewdness saved their marriage. Mayuri offered Vinil an open invitation to impregnate her if he felt betrayed over Dolly's and my behavior. Vinil, knowing his limitation, however, was more than happy to spend a few nights with her. While Mayuri didn't quite enjoy the sex with Vinil, she used it as an opportunity to humiliate me further.

Eventually, Vinil and Dolly were happy that I fathered their child instead of some faceless stranger. Dolly had apparently paved a path for further cuckolding of Vinil with their plan to have another child. And Mayuri categorically conveyed that I was not fathering our second child claiming that I already had my share. I was glad that I got an opportunity to sow my seed as Mayuri would have found yet another reason to conceive from some one other than me.

Vinil and Dolly also planned to relocate back to India and somehow it seemed that it was only to stay close to Shrini and Rohini so that they wouldn't have to look far to find a father for their second child. However, I was certain that no one except Shrini and Rohini knew about Mayuri's impregnation and similarly no one except Mayuri and myself knew about Dolly's impregnation.

During the last couple of weeks, Rohini and Shrini lived at our place since they had already packed off their stuff. Not surprisingly, Mayuri had relegated me to our guest bedroom. None of them had any pretension and finally for once I had experienced true form of wife-swapping. Rohini and Mayuri had little interest in their husbands during the weekends when I was present. Mayuri practically behaved as his wife and even went around with him for errands and dinners.

I didn't mind much as Rohini had suddenly turned into a tigress draining me every night I spent with her. She was passionate, experimented without any inhibitions and allowed me to take her anally on every occasion. She rimmed me several times, only to explain what pleasures Shrini had been deriving from Mayuri on a regular basis. This was besides the weekly dose of sex I was getting from Dolly, who was also in equal frenzy. Needless to mention we were pretty much drained by the time Shrini and Rohini flew to India.

The last weekend we got together as a whole group to relive our memories. The thought of sex didn't cross any (the four of us) of our minds and we were simply busy partying. We also had included a men's only hangout the last night we all were together. The women decided to spend time at home and relax while we headed to the city. I suspected some insidious plan must be shaping in their evil minds but nothing was apparent. Things unfolded gradually.

Rest of the folks headed home the next morning early as Shrini was supposed to leave early afternoon. With a late night outing the rest of us were still not in a mood to bid goodbye to them. Shrini, Pratik, Vinil, and I were sleeping in the living room. When I woke up, the folks had already left and Shrini had moved to the bedroom. Rohini woke me up and lead me to the guest bedroom.

"We don't have much time," she said. She locked her lips with mine, without paying any regard to my stale breath.

"I have little present for you," she said guiding me to the bed and pushing me back.

"Perhaps the last of such kind," she said, lifting her dress, giving an idea about what she meant. I was always nervous about this when it was talked about explicitly. Also, I had never done such a thing with Rohini apart from one earlier occasion. I was apprehensive but nevertheless went with the flow.

She straddled me quickly and lowered her pussy onto my face. It was only a few inches from my face.

"Enjoy the aroma," she commanded sensually.

"Your sexual bond with Mayuri depends on it," she exclaimed. She didn't move much apart from undulating her hips as I inhaled the pungent odor emanating from her honey pot. Needless to mention I had a raging hard on. This would have been a turn-off if I was already sexually satisfied i.e ejaculated. Perhaps, this was one of the reasons why I also enjoyed if Mayuri had sex with Shrini before me.

She lowered her vagina gently on my face but not enough to make contact with my lips. Her underwear kept the remnants of her morning session with Shrini secure. I could barely see as her night dress, a little thicker than the American versions, enveloped my face. Getting impatient, I motioned to raise my neck to get closer to her slit but she held me back with her hand, clutching my hair. She then lowered herself further but instead of targeting my lips, she rubbed her gusset on my nose, making my nose wet with the sticky substance. Having teased me enough, she finally positioned her pussy squarely above my lips but she avoided making contact. She wanted to test my subservience even further. I didn't disappoint. Extending my tongue I reached the sticky substance that was permeating through the gusset of her underwear.

"Uh...." she let out a loud groan as my tongue traced the smooth texture of her gusset, in an attempt to mop Shrini's semen.

"Relish it," she urged.

"Mayuri needs your support in order to fully enjoy her youth."

Without further ado, she promptly slid aside her gusset and let the trapped semen flow into my mouth. Unlike, my earlier experiences, it was much stickier and thick and there were several globs that gradually descended into my mouth. I didn't like the taste of the semen but somehow my sexual excitement always overcame my taste buds. I suspected, it was the same with Mayuri. After having satisfied with my oral duty, she lay on top of me kissing me on my lips.

"Did you like the taste?" she asked. I didn't like the taste but I had certainly enjoyed the experience as it pandered to my subservient tendencies.

"Aren't you going to miss it?" she asked skillfully, toying with my erect manhood. She guided my penis into her vagina and asked, "Can you feel how loose it is?"

Vagina's do get distended after intercourse, so it was but it seemed unusually so with her. Rohini was sexually much more experienced than the rest as she was much older but I had never experienced such a feeling with her earlier. It might have been simply because she always had sex with me whenever we met and very rarely she ever came to me after being with Shrini.

I nodded, honestly admitting it.

"Guess what would happen when Mayuri gives birth to your first child?"

I understood her hint.

"She either would find one for herself or would expect you to do that," she added.

"It is better if you decide who would father your next child," she suggested, grinding her hips.

"Do you understand?" she asked looking deeply into my eyes.

"Who?" I croaked, clearing my throat. She smiled.

"Did you like the taste?" she asked.

"What?" I asked puzzled. Then realized that it wasn't Shrini's semen. Vinil was certainly not her type, so that left only Pratik. Pratik, while a good friend of mine, was quite incorrigible and could easily get on anyone's nerves. There wasn't anything exciting about his looks, with protruding belly, he didn't seem quite the kind of guy she should get excited about.

"Pratik?" I asked surprised. She smiled. It had dawned on me that I must have been the ultimate cuckold, who had tasted semen of all the men in our group. Mayuri had experienced sex with Vinil and Shrini. Pratik was the only guy remaining.

"Why him?" I asked.

"Firstly, he fits the bill," she claimed.

"Secondly, Sneha wouldn't mind.

"And Lastly, physical proximity should allow ample of opportunities."

"They live in Denver," I immediately retorted.

"You could move there," she countered.

"It should be a good career move," she said referring to an open offer of starting up an office in the Denver area. I was concerned about the sudden U-Turn in our lifestyle with Shrini locating to India but this offered a glimmer of hope. Mayuri wasn't enamored by him. While she admitted that she found Shrini attractive and Vinil handsome, Pratik was never in her good books. However, she did entertain the thought of becoming Pratik's mistress earlier.

"Would she like it?" I asked.

"Move to Denver. And let Nature take its course."

"Rest assured, Mayuri would chose his penis over yours when her periods start again."

Rohini's assurance on all three fronts was promising. My concern always had been around pregnancy from these illicit matings. While I enjoyed the excitement, the practical implications troubled me. However, keeping in mind my indiscretion with Dolly, I certainly couldn't take moral high ground.

"What if she doesn't like him?" I asked.

"Explore with her. Suggest his name," she urged.

"She shouldn't think this is the end."

Surprisingly, we didn't talk about what next after Shrini. It just didn't seemed appropriate, although I had been mulling over it for past several weeks. The sheer excitement and the immense pleasure Mayuri derived from her solo sex life with Shrini, made me contemplate. Her last gift to me was quite eventful.

The next couple of weeks as expected Mayuri was distant. She was disinterested in sex and was generally broody. My sexual life with Dolly during the weeks continued to be radiant. It wasn't until the third weekend - a good eighteen days later - she showed interest in sex. After our dinner and our TV dosage, in the bed she quickly rolled onto me and kissed me passionately. She rubbed her crotch against mine as her tongue probed my mouth. Mayuri's aggression surprised me; usually I took initiative and even then her response was mellow. Our french-kiss continued for long time, all the while she tried relieving herself by grinding her crotch against mine.

After a little while, she took of her panties and I thought it was time for our intercourse but instead of her laying on her back, she simply straddled my face. While Mayuri had done this a few times, this was a little rare. She usually preferred to lay down while I licked her honey pot. For the next twenty minutes she practically humped my mouth with her pussy. The intoxicating sex that she had been accustomed to was only possible with the aid of my tongue now. She seemed to have had two orgasms in the process but her desire remained unfulfilled. Encouraging me to mount her, she tried yet another unconventional thing by lodging her right hand index finger deep into my anus as my penis plowed her vagina. Her lips glued to mine. Even in that sexually excited state, it took me a good ten minutes of humping to climax. Mayuri didn't seem to complain and I was quite certainly happy with my performance, which must have been a side-effect of my sessions with Dolly.

Next morning, I woke up to the pleasant sensations of Mayuri's mouth engulfing my tiny penis. She smiled as I looked at her rubbing my eyes. It didn't take much of Mayuri's time for my penis to swell to gigantic proportions compared to its original size. She hadn't indulged me in such an act all our married life, so I was enjoying the pleasurable sensations. Mayuri decided to change positions and instead of straddling my hips, she lay ontop of me in 69 position. She lowered her vagina to my eager mouth, giving a taste of my own semen. She again continued her humping, this time for much shorter duration, all the while playing with my penis. Having satisfied herself, she continued her attention to my penis but this time, she also inserted her index finger into my anus. She see-sawed her finger while her head bobbed up and down on my manhood. Her manipulation was yielding results as I raced towards my climax and in a matter of few minutes I ejaculated in her mouth. She licked every drop of it.

A corner had been turned. My sexual life was back; with Mayuri willing to experiment willingly. It wasn't quite what I desired but Mayuri showed a lot of hunger for sex with me. True, it meant my tongue was getting unusually exercised rather than my penis. The million dollar question, however, was whether Mayuri would be satisfied with this lifestyle. With no interference in our life, we opened up and for the first time Mayuri expressed her gratitude for having such a splendid opportunity of experiencing sex with other men. She admitted that there were times when she only thought of sex. While she wasn't willing to entertain the thoughts of the same lifestyle yet, she had contemplated on the possibility of making it out with Pratik. She also talked about the black partner from her firm and his interest in her.

It became clearer as days passed that Shrini's void had to be filled. Even if it meant he would get to impregnate Mayuri with our second child. I broached the topic of having Pratik as her next lover.

"Why Sameer?" she asked puzzled.

"Aren't you happy that our life is back?"

"Not at the expense of repressing your sexual appetite," I responded.

"I am fine," she assured.

"We might have to move to Denver," I pleaded, hinting towards my impending offer. She hadn't show much interest in moving out of Bay Area. And more so when this meant moving closer to Pratik.

"Sameer," she urged, "this could turn our worlds upside down!"

"Ever since this started, I have felt like a Slut."

"Do you hate that or are just regretting."

"Regretting," she responded, stealing a quick smile.

"I am afraid my raging hormones would get better of me," she complained.

"I understand," I assured.

"You don't," she retorted.

"I had been having this yearning of getting pregnant ever since I became Shrini's mistress."

"This despite the fact that I knew this wasn't the right thing for us and for my career."

"More importantly, I wanted to get pregnant from Shrini."

"That's the only thing that worries me," I said.

"And it's exactly the same thing that drives us!" she added.

"Let's not worry about it for a moment," I interjected.

"Are you sexually attracted to him?" I asked. She thought for a moment.

"Let's see," she quipped.

"He is a man. Supposedly well-endowed. Good enough reason to experiment."

"You were apprehensive about him, earlier," I retorted.

"Sneha complained about his poor hygiene and his unwillingness to perform oral on her," she responded.

"Also, she didn't like kissing him," she added.

"But," she thoughtfully added, "she confessed that intercourse compensated for everything."

Mayuri's expectations were already in tune. She didn't expect any form of oral sex from Shrini; that was my responsibility. Intercourse was the single largest physical act from which she derived pleasure from Shrini. She indulged in other activities but that were mostly to please him and titillate me. Poor hygiene was the only issue. But, she had never hesitated locking her lips with Shrini with his stale morning breath. Neither did she ever hesitate going down on him, irrespective of his hygiene at that point in time.

"What kind of experimentation are we talking here?" I asked.

"The same kind," she responded immediately.

"Mayuri," I said gathering my thoughts, "I have an offer to move to Denver for couple of years and establish our new office."

"We could move and experiment with this new lifestyle."

"If we are not comfortable then we could move back after that period."

"You do understand what it means, right?" she cautioned.

"You might be pregnant when we get back," I said shrugging my shoulders. She smiled and added, "The worst could be I keep on getting pregnant soon after my periods commence."

Now, we were entering the realm of titillation. Rohini and Mayuri had constantly used such phrasing to caution me and also to judge my reaction. We knew that raising kids is an ordeal, so I didn't expect more than two or three. Although, off late I had started believing that I would father none of our children.

"Let's see," I said deferring the question. Unlike the earlier times, Mayuri wasn't elated. In fact, she descended into further thought spiral. The fascinating thing about this conversation was that neither of us were even thinking about sex. We were simply talking as adults. Upon prodding her for what was on her mind, she carefully asked, "Sameer, if this were to start again, I don't want it to be under the garb as it was with Shrini."

"What do you mean?" I asked. She didn't respond but was lost in thought.

"You want the four of us to know and even encourage sexual proximity between you and Pratik?" I said putting words in her mouth. She responded with a smile.

"While this gives me a raging hard-on," I said, "it also scares me."

"Let's give it a try," I said nudging her. She conceded with a nervous smile.

We talked about the possibilities and timelines of moving to Denver. Sneha was into seventh month of her pregnancy, while Mayuri was in her fifth month. She joked about the striking similarity between the circumstances. We had moved to Shrini's place when Rohini was almost into her ninth month pregnancy. Although, Mayuri was looking forward to it, she was apprehensive about making out with Pratik. Sex without kissing wasn't much of an option for neither of us. Sneha hadn't been successful overcoming her apprehensions, so Mayuri wondered how she would.

Rohini was happy to hear about our news of relocation. She cautioned that Pratik was a push-over and that I shouldn't expect Shrini's etiquette from him. Sneha is aware of her husband's transgressions and that she reluctantly condoned Pratik for all his misdemeanor's. She jokingly advised to extend the same courtesy to yet another sexually frustrated husband by lending my wife's services. Rohini wasn't sure about Mayuri's libido because of her pregnant state but suggested that I refrain from sex in a similar fashion in order for her to get ready for him.

We set the date to move to Denver. Mayuri was into sixth month of her pregnancy while Sneha was into her last month. She expressed concerns about how she could deal with Pratik's size in her pregnant state. Rohini had apparently shared the details about this size in explicit detail; perhaps comparing him to Shrini. I wasn't sure but I had to assure her that it was okay to do whatever she felt instead of worrying about it.

Pratik and Sneha had convinced us to stay with them for the two years instead of finding a place in Denver. Sneha, however, called me and expressed concerns about her philandering husband. She even broke out the news about how all these years he had been screwing Rohini & Dolly. She admitted that while she didn't like it, she had gotten used to it over the past few years. More importantly, she admitted that this kept Pratik in a happy mood. He fancied Mayuri and she was worried that something untoward might happen. Although, the same worry about Rohini and Dolly moving to India concerned her as well. Sneha wasn't aware of Mayuri's indiscretions with Shrini and hence seemed genuine with her concern. After several days of talking with her, we both agreed that there was no harm in moving to their place for couple of months.

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