Jugs Ch. 04


She had on a light peach sundress that contrasted with her suntanned olive skin beautifully. I had always thought she was pretty, but, at this moment in the sun, she was breathtaking. As I got out of the car I glanced around at the other people and the stares she was drawing confirmed that I was not alone in thinking how hot she looked.

She saw me and waved, her equally braless breasts bouncing under the dress. My pussy reacted instantly, flowing wetly into my panties. My nipples were just as quick to respond and I figured I must look like a horny teenager. I felt positively dowdy in comparison to the vision striding towards me.

"Becky!" she cried "I love that dress, you look beautiful." As she approached I couldn't help but glance at her bouncing breasts and it looked like her nipples were hard, too.

She didn't stop her approach until she had pulled me into a hug. My suspicion about her nipples was confirmed as they dug into my chest. She kissed me on the cheek and the breathed into my ear "I've missed you."

I was reeling. What was this? She quickly released me and grabbed my hand. "Come on Beautiful; let's get a Frappa-Crappa-Mocho-Loco-Cino." She said laughing.

Beautiful?!?! To quote my kids; 'What-the-Fuck?'

As I was dragged in her wake I was mesmerized by her hips swaying beneath that dress. We entered the store and every head swiveled towards us and then followed us to the counter. Really, I knew in my heart that the attention was on Vi, but I enjoyed it anyway.

We got our Frappa-Crappa-Mocho-Loco-Cino's and sat down. We had joked about the name and the 'serious' coffee drinkers and the baristas were not amused. I didn't know how anybody could take themselves as seriously as the Frappa-Crappa-Mocho-Loco-Cino crowd did. Anyway, we went outside and sat under an umbrella because it was a gorgeous early summer morning.

Then Vi looked at me seriously and said "Becky, I owe you an apology."

Surprised, once again, I asked why.

She lowered her eyes and said "I suspected Dan of having an affair. I thought it might have been you because of the way his eyes follow you every time we are together. He has lusted after you ever since we met you guys and I thought he had finally achieved his goal."

"Wwwhhat?!?" I stammered, sounding a little like Pete. "Dan finds me attractive?!? You thought I would betray our friendship?!? I'm hurt Vi!" My eyes teared up.

"I knew you would be, Becky." she answered tearing up herself. "But, I knew in order for us to truly be friends again, I would need to come clean. I'm really very sorry for suspecting you. I can tell by your reaction that you never have, nor would consider betraying me. If you hate me, I'll understand."

I was nearly speechless. "Vi, I could never hate you, but, along with being hurt, I'm shocked that Dan would cheat on you. You are the most beautiful woman I know. I cannot believe that asshole would hurt you like that."

I stood and walked around the table and bent and hugged her. I smelled her perfume and my juices started flowing again. Vi might not be looking for a revenge fuck, but, she had one waiting if she wanted it.

Vi picked head up and smiled sadly at me. "I really am sorry, Becky, I should have known better. But, if I'm the most beautiful woman you know, you must not own a mirror. Did you see how all those guys and women were checking you out when we came in? I was really jealous."

"Yeah, they were looking at me. Riiiight." I snorted.

"OK, they were looking at US. You, tall and blonde with the great boobs and me, short and dark with a great ass, if I say so, myself!" Vi laughed.

I laughed too, and then I got serious. "Vi, you gotta tell me what's going on with Dan. Are you OK? Are you OK with him going to Myrtle Beach?"

She laughed scornfully "I told him he'd better be good or his balls would be lonely without his putter." She made a scissors snipping motion.

"Wow, OK," I said "but what happened?"

"The short story is that he was fucking a business acquaintance when he would go to conventions. She was helpful in closing deals for him and I guess they mutually showed appreciation." She said with sadness.

With a sigh, she contintued. "I suspected something for a while and that's when I wrongfully latched onto you as the bitch in the mix. Then last week I unpacked for him and some Astroglide fell out of a side pocket. I asked him what it was for, because I really didn't know, and he turned purple and started stammering and stuttering and finally the whole story came out.

Apparently, Little Miss Helpful likes it up the ass and that's how the Astroglide is used. He packed it by mistake; he usually threw it out before he came home. Anyway, he's been sleeping in the spare room since then and I told him I wanted some space and he SHOULD go to Myrtle Beach, and be good. I've been trying to muster the courage to apologize to you and this morning I picked up the phone and dialed without giving myself a chance to back out. I'm really sorry."

"Vi, you've apologized three times now. That's enough. We've been friends long enough that we can withstand a misunderstanding. By the way, did you throw out the Astroglide?" I asked. "Maybe you should use his putter on him and put the Astroglide to good use before it hits the trash!"

Her eyes got huge and then she started laughing and high-fived me. "I like the way you think, Becky. But I've already thrown it out."

She stood and said "Let's go spend some of that bastard's money!"

I laughed "That's the spirit, that'll hurt him worse than anything else, anyway."

We got into my car and drove to the mall. I noticed that her dress had ridden up almost to her panties and I had a hard time keeping my eyes on the road. I couldn't believe the thoughts I was having. My kids had turned me from a normal middle class mom into a sex crazed maniac with a couple of incestuous lust-filled afternoons.

I had always enjoyed sex and had a good sex life with Steve, but it was always reserved for nighttime and our marriage bed. Now here I was thinking about how good my friend's legs looked and was trying to see up her dress.

"Becky, are you there?" I heard Vi's voice, with a note of concern.

"Hunh?" I must be Pete's mom, I thought with a snicker.

"Becky, I've been trying to get your attention and you seemed far away. Are you OK?" Vi asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine; I'm just trying to digest everything." I replied.

"Oh, OK." Vi said. "Let's park and go into this store, I want a new bathing suit."

"Sure." was all I said.

We went into an upscale department store; Vi was serious about spending Dan's money. She found several small bikinis to try on. As she stepped into the dressing room, I started looking for a chair outside in which I could wait. After a minute or so, Vi came back out.

"Hey, Becky, where'd you go?" She asked.

"I was going to wait for you out here." I said.

"No, you gotta help me choose." she whined.

I laughed "OK, if I must!"

We walked back into the dressing room, which was larger than I thought it would be. There was a small loveseat for a guest and mirrors covered the walls. There was a rack at one end for hanging clothes and a bench for the customer to sit. It was very nice, if a bit bright with all the mirrors. I guess I was squinting a little because Vi asked if it was too bright. I said just a little and she turned the lights down, making it dimmer and cozier.

At this point she simply shrugged the straps of her dress off her shoulders and bared her breasts. Then she bent at the waist and delicately pulled it off and hung it up. She stood for a moment apparently deciding which suit she wanted to try on first.

I was surrounded by images of Vi in tiny panties that matched her peach dress, high heeled sandals and perfume, nothing else. I was entranced. Her C-cup breasts stood proudly on her chest and the black-licorice colored gum drop nipples stood even more proudly on her breasts.

I just knew if I stood right then the back of my dress would be soaked with my juices, if I were able to stand at all. I had thought she was breathtaking in the peach dress, but I was wrong. This vision of her in panties and high heeled sandals had me panting.

I couldn't look away, even if I had wanted to. Her nearly naked body was everywhere. I was in heaven and I was in hell. I wanted so badly to throw her to the floor and ravish her and I didn't know how she would feel about that, so I was frozen, like the proverbial deer in the headlights. I just stared at her.

Just then she pulled her panties off and as she bent over her ass was in my face and her dark pussy lips peeked out at me. I stifled a moan and almost choked as she stood back up, entirely naked, but for the sandals. Oh my god, I had to have this woman. She couldn't possibly know the effect she was having on me.

The store had provided thin disposable panties for trying on intimates and she stepped into a pair. She still had those heels on and she lost her balance and fell into my lap. She started to slide off the side and I grabbed her and had two handfuls of C-cup. She was obviously startled and relieved at having not hurt herself, and we sat for a moment with me holding her, wonderfully firm, yet soft, breasts and staring into each others eyes in the mirror.

I broke the silence "Vi, are you OK?"

She just nodded and stayed there. I could feel her nipples growing in my hands. I was very careful to be still. I did not want to frighten her in any way. Finally she sat up a little, but then settled back against my chest. I did not move my hands as we sat and looked at each other. Still, I felt her nipples hardening against my palms and I gently and minutely flexed my hands. When I did, she sighed and closed her eyes.

When she closed her eyes, I looked down her body in the reflection of the mirror. Her legs were splayed awkwardly, the disposable panties torn to shreds and I could see her neatly trimmed pussy. I could swear that it was glistening wetly, but I could not see it clearly enough to know for sure. It seemed like we sat like that for hours but it was truly seconds, because there was a light knock at the door.

"Ladies, is everything OK in there?" a concerned voice drifted through the door.

Vi answered "I was just clumsy and tripped over my own feet, we're just fine."

The intrusion was enough to break to intimacy of the moment and Vi started giggling. She looked up into my eyes in the mirror and teased "are you enjoying yourself?" while wriggling from my grasp on her breasts and standing up.

I laughed, embarrassed at being caught groping her and ogling her, but secretly not sorry. I don't think Vi was either because she showed no signs of embarrassment other than remarking at how stupid it was to try to change in heels. She kicked her sandals off and deftly slid on another pair of disposable panties.

She tried on several suits and asked my opinion on all of them. My favorite two were a cream colored one that covered more skin than the others, but, through which you could clearly see her black bush and a teeny-tiny black number that barely covered anything. In fact, the bottoms were cut so low her about a half-inch of her bush was exposed. She giggled when I expressed my opinion on the suits and said she liked them too, but might have to make some 'body hair modifications' prior to our trip. She bought both.

We checked out and I said I needed some sun-block and she dragged me over to the cosmetic section of the department store. I found what I wanted. We then spent several hours wandering the mall, oohing and aaahing over different clothes and jewelry, just being lazy and having a good time. At some point Vi reached over and took my hand and we strolled the mall hand-in-hand and drawing appreciative stares from men and women alike.

We left the mall and went to a local restaurant that featured a live jazz band on the veranda. We ate dinner and had a couple of glasses of wine and enjoyed the music and the light summer breeze. Several men approached, but we politely declined, clearly indicating our status as happily married (as far as they were concerned anyway) women. It was a tremendously relaxing and fun day.

I dropped Vi at her car and she came around to my window and kissed me gently on the lips, which brought back the throbbing to my clit, and thanked me for being understanding and for being a good friend. I made sure she got in her car safely and left for home, exhilarated and frustrated by the day. I idly wondered if Pete and Traci were home as I could use some intimate attention. Unfortunately, neither one was home and I had to take care of the problem myself, which was not nearly as satisfying.

When I got up I dressed as provocatively as I had the day before, thinking I could get Pete interested in a romp, but, much to my mixed feelings, Pete had found a summer job and he left very soon after he got up. Traci was already gone when I got up, leaving a note that work was killing her and she would be working long hours all week.

Well, Steve was due home tonight and he would get the surprise of his life. Yeah, right. He had slipped in one of the factories he visited and his back was killing him. He couldn't move enough to do anything and he was afraid he would miss the Myrtle Beach trip. After starting out with such promise, my week had descended into hell. I was so horny I was ready to burst and other than my fingers and toys I was getting no relief.

Vi called on Thursday and asked if I was ready to go. "Oh yeah, I'm more than ready. Steve is all worked up about the golf trip and the kids are absorbed in their jobs so I'm basically on my own, here. I could leave this minute, if you wanted to." I replied enthusiastically.

She laughed and said that Calida wasn't ready yet, so they'd be over in the morning. We discussed the car situation and decided that since Calida and Traci worked in buildings that were close together, Calida could ride with Traci every day and I would leave my car for Pete. If necessary, Pete could pick Calida up if Traci was going to be late. That left me riding to the lake with Vi. That was just as well because her car had all the proper passes and taking mine would have been a pain in the ass.

I spent that day packing to spend several days at the lake. I carefully considered each article of clothing with regard to Vi. I had decided after our shopping trip that I would do my best to have her. I chose clothing that showed my assets to the best advantage. I had never set out to seduce someone, but I was determined that this week would be my best chance to do it. My thoughts were on that task all day and I was soaking through my clothing. If anyone had been here, it would have been hard to explain.

Pete came home on time and said that he and Tim were going to a concert and not to wait up. He kissed me goodbye and we stood for a few minutes sucking each other's tongues. He groped my breasts and my pussy, his eyes widening when he touched my wetness. He glanced at the clock and pulled away.

"Sorry, Mom, I don't mean to leave you hanging, but I gotta go." He pecked me on the cheek and squeezed my ass and I wanted to scream.

All he did was exacerbate my problem. My pussy was leaking at an alarming rate and I had no relief in sight. My knees were wobbly so I sat at the table and dropped my head into my hands. I was convinced there was no woman in the world as horny as I was at that moment, with no-one to fuck. Steve walked in just then and he seemed to be moving better. Maybe there was some hope.

"Honey, are you OK?" He asked.

"Yeah, I'm just a little tired from packing and I haven't eaten today so I'm a little wobbly." I answered. All of that was true enough, but none of that really explained my problem.

"How's the back?" I asked hopefully.

"I slipped again today." he said. Seeing the concern on my face he laughed and said "No, it's not what you think, whatever I hurt the last time must have popped back, because it's sore, but it's 100% better than it was. If I don't do anything stupid, I'll be OK to play tomorrow. I'm going to get in the shower and see if I can reduce the soreness, then I'm going to pack."

"Want some company?" again I asked hopefully.

"As much as I would love that, I don't think it's a good idea, sweetie. I'm afraid I'd slip and get hurt again; I'm in a clumsy stretch right now. Sorry, I'll make it up to you when I get back." He said.

I was smiling as he talked and I did not let my feelings show, but I was screaming in frustration in my head. I CANNOT believe I can't get laid. If Vi doesn't succumb willingly, I may ruin our friendship and get really aggressive.

The rest of the evening passed quietly. Steve finished packing and carried all our stuff out. He packed his car and set my stuff by the front door. He took a shitload of ibuprofen and passed out almost immediately upon getting in bed. He had a really early flight and I barely registered his kiss goodbye. I mumbled that he should have a good time and he said for me to have a good time with Vi.

My alarm went off sometime later and I got up. Traci was already gone and Pete was eating breakfast. I asked him what time he had to be at work and he told me not for a couple of hours, but he wanted to get some laps in before he left. I told him Calida would probably need a ride and asked if that would be OK. He said no problem and went and started in the pool. I took a shower and got ready. I walked out and heard the doorbell. Vi and Calida were at the door. Calida smiled nicely and said hello. She had a small suitcase and a makeup bag and asked where she should put them. I told her she would be in Meghan's room and called Pete. He came out and gave Calida a big smile and said hello. I told him to put her stuff in Meghan's room and he led the way.

I turned my attention to Vi and she almost took my breath away. She had on a scoop neck bright orange shirt, braless, and white short-shorts. As always, she was stunning and I told her as much. She actually blushed and said thank you. I should have expected it but the blush was soooo sexy that I gushed into my panties. I was starting to wonder if this was going to be a good idea. It took all of my restraint to keep from throwing her to the floor. Instead I hugged her and kissed her cheek, the scent of her perfume adding to my desire.

"I'm so excited about getting away!" I said "I can't wait!"

She blushed again "Neither can I."

The second blush fueled my hope that my desire was not one-sided. If this kept up I was going to need another shower before we left. I could now smell myself, and she couldn't miss it, though she gave no indication that she did. Pete walked back out with Calida and they were laughing. I took that as a good sign.

"Mom," Pete said "since Traci's already gone, I told Calida that I would take her to work. She needs to be there about the same time as I do, we decided we would go get some coffee first. Could I have the keys, please?"

I handed him my car keys and he thanked me. He told Calida that he needed to change and he would be right back. He ran to his room and I heard the shower. I carried one suitcase to Vi's car and I was going back to get the other and Pete and Calida came through the door with the rest of my stuff. Pete's hair was damp and he had his work clothes on.

"Wow, Pete!" I exclaimed "That is a Pete world record for getting ready! Is there a reason for that?"

He blushed, at which Calida giggled and looked at him admiringly. This week might not be bad on all counts.

Pete said he had some questions for me and pulled me into the house and hugged me. "Have a REALLY good time." he whispered.

I held him for a minute and asked "What do you mean?"

"I'd need to be blind not to see how you look at Mrs. Anderson." He laughed. "Even if I were blind, I'd know what you were feeling because I can smell you."

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