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Julia Visits


9-30 a.m. on a Saturday morning and Noel stood in the Adelaide Airport arrival lounge watching the approach of the flight from Sydney through the wide expanse of glass.

The aircraft banked to line up with the runway and Julia, sitting in a window seat, saw the houses below racing past. There was a bump, a squeal of wheels on tarmac and the aircraft began to slow and then taxi towards the lounge.

It was nearly four years since Noel had left home, in part at least to put distance between him self and Julia. His visits home since then had been infrequent and brief. They had both understood why this had been so, but now she was to spend a fortnight with him at the cottage.

To be with her again for a length of time was something he had both longed for and yet dreaded. He wondered why she had chosen to come and visit him knowing the risk they ran, but then, perhaps for her the fires of passion and died.


He saw her among the passengers as they approached along the glassed-in walkway. Even then he knew that if the fire had died for her, it had not done so for him.

She stood out among the others, walking elegantly and yet so relaxed, a small in-flight case in her hand. Around five feet eight in height, her long legs well defined in her cream coloured pant suit, her long dark hair framing a heart shaped face was swinging slightly as she walked.

Her beauty drew attention. The men looked at her lustfully and the women enviously. She looked to be in her late twenties; it was hard to believe that she was now forty one.

The arrivals seem to burst into the lounge and into arms of waiting relatives and friends. There was much hugging and kissing. Julia was looking around for him. He waved, she saw him, and in seconds they were embracing.

She said softly, "I've missed you so much, darling," and then pressed her body close to him; he felt the swell of her breasts and the pressure of her lower belly against his, her subtle perfume tantalising his nostrils. Her soft moist lips touched his; they kissed and the kiss went on for so long the people around started to stare, and grinning, nudge each other.

At that moment Noel knew his premonition had been right; the next fortnight would be something of a mini-hell of frustrated desire for her. In a few seconds she had brought on the old hunger, his penis hardening, his mind reeling.

Becoming aware of the attention they were attracting Noel broke from the kiss and pointed saying, "We pick up your luggage over there, I'll go and get a trolley."

He was still breathing heavily as he brought the trolley to the luggage carousel. They plucked her suitcases off and headed for the car park and Noel's car, and loading the cases into the boot he said, "I've only managed to get a week off work because I've only worked for them less than a year, so it's the best I could do."

"A pity darling," she replied, "but I'm a big girl so I can look after myself; besides, I've only been here once on that flying visit with your father when we came to your graduation, so if I can get into Adelaide I'd like to take a look around."

They drove out of the airport and turned right on to Burbridge Road. Arriving at the CBD they made their way along Grote Street to Victoria Square and turning left entered King William Street. Passing through North Adelaide they proceeded into the suburbs along the Main North Road to the town of Gawler, and there turning right onto the Barossa Valley Highway they got to Sandy Creek, turned right at the pub, and thirty seconds later were in the drive of Noel's cottage.

Julia had only seen the cottage briefly when she and her husband, Burton, had come over for Noel's graduation. It was of late nineteenth century vintage and although substantially built had been somewhat dilapidated when she had seen it.

Burton who was buying the place for Noel said it was the worst investment he had ever made, but nevertheless came across with the money, commenting as he did so, "Don't expect any more from me until after I'm dead."

Since then Noel, partly with skilled tradesmen and partly through his own work, had renovated the place. As Julia looked at it now she commented, "Well it looks a lot different from the last time I saw it, what's it like inside?"

They stowed Julia's luggage in the bedroom she was to occupy and then Noel proudly showed her the newly fitted out bathroom, toilet and kitchen. They ended up in the kitchen and Noel made them a cup of tea.

Sitting at the kitchen table Julia said, "I've got something to tell you, and I thought I'd better come and say it to you face to face, so I might as well get it over now."

Noel realised this had to be something serious so he asked a trifle anxiously, "What is it?"

"Your father and I have separated."

There was a long pause, and then Noel said, "Its been coming to this for a long time, hasn't it?"

"Yes," Julia replied, "for a long time, perhaps too long."

"So this is it," Noel thought, "this is why she's come to see me."


It certainly had been a long time coming. At the age of fifteen Julia, influenced by the models she saw on television, thought the women must lead glamorous lives. She announced her intention of becoming a fashion model.

Her parents, almost totally ignorant of the dog eat dog world of fashion modelling, and knowing they had a daughter of rare beauty, agreed that modelling would be a good career for her. They scraped together their limited financial resources and enrolled Julia in "The Chic Modelling Academy."

At the Academy she learned to stand and walk properly, how to wear clothes to best advantage, and above all, how to look sexy. The one slogan constantly dinned into the students' heads was, "Sex sells."

When Julia walked out along the catwalk at her graduation she was under the eye of people from the fashion industry and the rag trade in general. They were on the look out for promising talent.

Julia, despite the best endeavours of the Academy to rid her of the unfortunate trait, combined with her beauty a look of virginal innocence. She caught the eye of several viewers, but one eye in particular; that of Burton Beresford.

Burton had his financial fingers in several fashion house pies and it would be true to say that almost immediately he had become enamoured of Julia.

The other girls were destined to sign up with agencies and to await whatever jobs they could get in a competitive market. Not so with Julia. Burton was determined to keep her under his eye, and she had a continuous stream of jobs in the fashion houses that Burton had a financial interest in. He was present every time Julia went along the catwalk.

Burton was thirty eight at the time and had managed to avoid long term sexual relationships up until then. His sexual needs had been met by a long series of models in the fashion industry.

It was no burden for these women because Burton had the advantages of being handsome and charming, and above all, rich and influential.

When after having occupied Burton's bed for a while he tired of them, he made sure they were rewarded with regular work in their profession. Whether the women or Burton knew it or not, these women were known around the industry as "Burt's ex-crumpet."

That Burton intended to bring Julia to his bed there can be no doubt. He began his campaign in low key fashion, engaging in somewhat avuncular chats with her. From there it went on to drinks, lunches, dinners and theatres.

Julia gained the title, "Burt's current crumpet," around the industry, but this was not quite accurate.

Most of Burton's previous conquests had come easily, he was therefore somewhat disconcerted when he found his attempted seduction of Julia resisted. On the rare occasions when this had happened before he had easily by-passed the resister and turned to a more compliant women.

With Julia it was different. He really was beguiled by this lovely eighteen year old girl. What is more, she was a challenge, and in the ensuing struggle for her body, it was Burton who finally surrendered. He asked her to marry him.

Julia's resistance may have derived from two sources. One was what some might call an unfortunate religious streak in her character holding that sexual intercourse was to be engaged in only within the marriage bond.

The other possible source might have been that Julia, calculating that eventually Burton would ask her to marry him; she would thus have snared a desirable husband.

Whichever was the case, Julia's theology was liberal enough to allow Burton access to her vagina once it had been publicly announced they were engaged and she was sporting an engagement ring containing the largest diamond they had been able to acquire.

Burton, being experienced in such matters, had taken her virginity with the utmost care. Of course there was pain and blood, but having split her hymen he waited for her to heal before he emptied his sperm into her for the first time.

Julia was not experienced in sexual matters, and the upshot was, that as Burton led his lovely bride to the altar, she was five months pregnant.

Of course the experienced Burton might have advised her on ways of avoiding pregnancy, and could for his part have used a condom. This gives rise to the suspicion that he intended that Julia would become pregnant in order to secure his hold on her more firmly.

However it might have been, Burton was delighted that Julia was carrying what he insisted was his son, inside her. In the event he got what he wanted when Noel was born. This was the son who would one day join him in his business.


I think it is true to say that in the early stages of an acquaintanceship when we are trying to make a good impression – especially when we are trying to impress a member of the opposite gender – we try to present the best side of ourselves. It is only later that the less acceptable aspects of our personality and character emerge.

So it was with Julia and Burton. Initially their marriage went well. Burton was proud to have such a beauty as his wife and was grateful to her for giving him the desired son. In addition, Julia, once having experienced sexual intercourse, Burton found that in Julia he had a very libidinous woman to cope with.

Once married, Julia, who had already sickened of the superficiality and pretentiousness of the fashion industry, ceased modelling and devoted her self to motherhood, domesticity and now having access to considerable wealth, to what are generally called "Good works."

Her withdrawal from modelling also suited Burton since he did not want his wife parading before the lustful male eyes of catwalk watchers, especially knowing how he had been one of the lustful viewers.

All seemed set fair for a happy and permanent marriage, except that in time cracks began to appear in the relationship.

Sadly it is the case that in time couples can grow tired of each other. Always the same penis in the same vagina can grow dull. Burton's previous promiscuous sex life might have led to him tiring of Julia, but I think it went beyond this.

Burton was the sort of person who enjoyed collecting beautiful and rare objects. Unfortunately, once acquired, he tended to lose interest. They then existed within his orbit in order to impress others – "See what I have; aren't you impressed?"

Julia came into this category of beautiful things he had collected.

This might not have been fatal to the relationship, but something else emerged that led to the breakdown of their marriage.

Charming Burton may have been, but he was also used to getting his own way, in short, his was a dominating personality. Many women like this in their man, and certainly it had appealed to Julia to begin with, even though she hadn't let him have his way initially.

Remember Julia was very young when she married Burton, but as she matured she became much more her own woman and, I must say, independent and stubborn.

Here was a potentially volatile situation; a man who was of domineering personality and a woman of independence who was not to be dominated.

All of this took time to take effect but there came an occasion when there was a particularly serious confrontation between Julia and Burton, and he decided to punish her.

He was used to observing people's weakness, and so he played on what he thought was Julia's vulnerable point - her need for frequent sexual intercourse.

His final words during the confrontation were, so I have been told, "If that's your attitude then don't expect me to share your bed in future." After that he had occupied a separate bedroom.

If he expected Julia to buckle under and beg him to return to her bed, he had mistaken his woman. The separation went of for weeks, months and then years.

Given this situation the logical outcome would have been divorce. Quite what the motives for not divorcing were remain something of a mystery. I might, however, make a calculated guess.

Burton was a proud man and did not readily admit to mistakes. He was not inclined therefore, to admit he had made a mistake in marrying Julia. There is also the fact that Julia was still extremely decorative, and as publicly they maintained a united front she was still a valuable objet d'arte.

There was also the question of their son, Noel. He was twelve years old at the time their conflict started and Burton recognised that Julia was a very good and loving mother, and he did not wish to be separated from Noel, which he might have been at least in part had there been a divorce.

As for Julia, it may have again been her unfortunate religious streak that kept her within the marriage bond ("Marriage is a holy estate ordained by God").

On the other hand her motive might have been less honourable. Coming from a relatively poor family she had grown used to the luxury of living with a man of wealth, and was not willing to forgo this.

Noel no doubt played his part in the situation. He admired and respected his father and Julia did not wish to make a move that might disrupt this.

Reconciliation might well have been possible, but Burton, possibly as part of his Julia punishing, reverted to his previous life style and met his sexual needs with amenable models, making sure Julia knew about his philandering.

Whether Julia consoled herself with other men I have not been able to discover for certain, but certainly she would have had no difficulty finding herself lovers.

And so the situation had dragged on interminably.


I must now turn to the crisis that came about between Julia and Noel.

When he was sixteen Noel fell in love with Amelia. She was the only girl for him; life without her would be meaningless and impossible; she was the most beautiful girl in the world.

It was with her that Noel had his first sexual experience, and in Noel's view to have sex with a girl meant a lifetime's devotion.

It was therefore a shattering moment in his life when Amelia announced that she was transferring her affections to another.

Noel wept into his pillow at night; he lost his appetite; he went around with a pall of gloom hanging over him; he became pale and wan.

Julia, ever the observant and loving mother, noted what was happening to Noel, and one evening asked him what was wrong. She was the only person he would willing confide such a matter to, and so out it all came. His life was finished and he might as well end it right now.

Smiling within, Julia put on an outwardly solemn face, and drawing Noel to sit beside her on the divan, she put her arm round him and gently explained to him some of the facts of life.

"Darling, young people like you and Amelia are at an age when you're experimenting with relationships. You can't expect Amelia to stick to one boy, any more than you should be sticking with one girl. You have to discover what sort of person you'd like to spend your life with. There'll be other girls, you'll see."

You might be thinking that Julia could well have taken her advice to Noel regarding Burton; after all, she had only been seventeen when she first met him and eighteen when they married. But as it is well known that even when young people ask advice of adults, they do so only to find out what the opposite is so they can do that.

So as with many young people in that situation, Julia's attempt to console and advise might not have convinced Noel, but something happened to send thoughts of Amelia flying to the four corners.

Julia had drawn Noel's head between her breasts and was stroking his hair. He could smell the sensuous fragrance of her perfume and as if out of the blue, Julia, to his mind, took on a new aspect.

Up until that stage of his life Julia had been loving mother; now, as if in an instant, she had also become woman, female – desirable female.

I do not think it happened just like that. I suspect it was something that had been growing imperceptibly that at that moment came bubbling to the surface.

Noel touched her breasts with his hand. Julia kissed him and the kiss went on longer than a filial kiss need have. When they broke from the kiss Noel resumed it as he fondled her breasts more firmly.

It was a moment of tender love between them and Julia, without thinking about it, responded. Her vagina began to lubricate and her nipples grew firm and she touched Noel's penis that had grown hard and was throbbing urgently.

Suddenly Julia, as if realising where things were heading, broke away from Noel, stood looking at him for a moment, and then fled from the room.

She left behind a confused and sexually aroused son, and this became a defining moment in their relationship.

Julia's momentary response to her son's caress and their kiss might be put down to her sexual deprivation, but as I have said, we may never know whether or not she was deprived.

For the next two years they were both aware of each others sexual hunger and they took considerable steps to avoid physical contact. This was not always avoidable but even when such contact did not take place it would have been obvious to an acute observer that these were two people desperately in love with each other.

It is my view that to a lesser or greater degree mothers and their sons often have a sexual longing for each other. Mostly this does not proceed to action, but when it does it can be a rewarding experience. How many mothers and sons have denied themselves that most fulfilling of all physical relationships?

It might be supposed that Burton would have noticed the change in the relationship between mother and son, but if he did note it, he never said anything.

Had their ardour cooled all might have been well, but as Noel came to the end of his high school education he knew he would have to leave home. Things surely could not go on as they were, and one day he, Julia, or both of them, would succumb to the temptation and make a full blooded sexual advance.

If it was only one of them who dared this, their relationship might have been shattered for ever. If both succumbed then it would be both adultery and incest.

For some time Noel had thought that he did not to wish to enter the hot house world of the fashion industry. What he had set his heart on was becoming a vintner.

The course he wanted to follow was available in New South Wales, but he opted instead for one in South Australia. This had the advantage of putting distance between Julia and him.

When he announced his intention Burton was furious. He had never thought other than that Noel would join him in the business. The arguments went on for days but Noel had inherited his mother's stubborn streak and he was adamant.

Julia understood full well why Noel opted for South Australia, and whilst to have Noel so far away from her was heartbreaking, she saw the wisdom of it, thus she supported Noel's plan, using what little influence she still had with Burton to persuade him to let Noel go.

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