tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersJulian Falls in Love Ch. 03

Julian Falls in Love Ch. 03


That night I slept like a log after the exhilarating but exhausting sex of the previous night. I half awoke and reached my arm out to Lawrence, only to find empty space. I opened my eyes wide and saw him by the bed dressed only in his boxer shorts lifting weights. I could never become tired at looking at such a fine specimen of a man. But what made him so attractive was that, unlike many keep-fit fanatics, he didn't allow his brain to atrophy as his musculature developed. As well as being a virile and exciting lover, he was a charming and witty conversationalist -- someone with whom the hours flew by. He also had an uncanny sense of my emotional needs at any moment and was ready to fill them.

"Come back to bed, darling" I said, lifting up the duvet to let him in. I just needed to be squeezed and cuddled, nothing more. Leaving off his exercises, he smiled, got back into bed, and gently put his arms around me, stroking my hair and pulling me to him. I rested my head on his chest, whispered that I loved him, and closed my eyes, blissfully happy and trying to picture how fantastic it was going to be to spend a whole week alone with him.

Furthermore, we had decided I would be going as Emma! Seven days without having to wear scratchy, sweaty, uncomfortable masculine clothes! The prospect both excited me and slightly alarmed me. However, after my successful outing the previous evening, I felt a lot more confident I could carry it off.

When we eventually got up after a long lie in, while we were having breakfast, I told Lawrence I had something very important to discuss with him. "I've been researching something on the internet," I began hesitantly.

"What have you been researching?" he asked, intrigued.

"Hormones," I replied. "I know I'm really a girl inside, and I'd like to transform myself, at least part of the way."

"That's a big step, Emma sweetheart," he said. He was getting used to my new name, which was nice. Holding my hands empathetically, he continued: "let's see how you feel after our holiday. After you've some time being a girl, you'll have a better idea whether you want to be like that for the long haul. Also, there's your job and your parents to be considered."

I had thought about all the obstacles but was sure in my own mind. Still, I knew it was good advice to wait a while.

"And if you're still determined," he continued, "I'll take care of the financial side. Hormones are expensive."

I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him in gratitude. I knew very well I couldn't afford them on my own. That was one worry out of the way.

We then discussed where to go on our holiday, and decided we would book into a hotel at a skiing resort in the north-east of Scotland. There would be much magnificent scenery to enjoy and many fine hill walks. It would be good for us. There would also be places to go in the evening.

"Well, that's the holiday sorted. What shall we do now? How about ending the weekend how we started it." In so saying, he slid his hand up my nightdress and stroked the top of my thigh.

"Mmm I'll have to think about it," I replied teasingly.

"You have five seconds to decide," he said sternly. "1-2-3-4-5. No answer? Right, I'll take that as a 'yes' then."

With that he picked me up and carried me upstairs. Pulling off my nightdress, he sat me on the edge of the bed and knelt on the floor. He kissed me all over, sucked my nipples, and even turned me round to give me analingus, which I adore.

I was moaning like a schoolgirl having sex for the first time. I reached down and found his semi-hard penis, stimulating it with my fingers so that it regained full erection. Lawrence lubricated me with his fingers, slipped on a condom, and lifted my legs on to his shoulders, so that my opening was fully exposed to him. He pressed into me gently and I felt the sensation, now becoming familiar but just as pleasurable, of my sphincter being dilated.

He began to slide in and out, whilst gripping my thighs with his large hands and pulling me toward him on each thrust so as to get the maximum penetration. It always amazed me how he started lovemaking so much in command yet, at a certain point, he would completely lose all self-control, rocking his pelvis convulsively and groaning. Just before he climaxed he squeezed my thighs so much that it hurt and buried his manhood in me as far as he could, a look of ecstatic joy passing across his face. I loved the sheer physical gratification of sex with Lawrence, but more than that, I basked in the emotional comfort of his loving attentions during foreplay and in the afterglow. And he always made the time to be tender and express his deep feelings for me.

Over lunch, Lawrence hit me with another bombshell, to add to the one from the previous day. "Look, Emma, I have to go to London next week on business. I've asked one of my very good friends, Lucy, to look after you and give you some coaching on being a girl. She'll tell you about clothes, manners, make-up -- that sort of thing. She works as a beautician, so she knows a thing or two. Here's her number. Give her a ring. I've told her to expect you."

I was absolutely mortified. "Lawrence, how could you? I thought this was going to be our secret. You mean she knows all about us."

"Emma, darling," he said, "I can assure you Lucy is a lovely lady and is broad-minded about these things. Also, she is utterly trustworthy and wouldn't tell a soul. Just meet her and you'll see."

"Lawrence, I do wish you would tell me about these things beforehand!"

"Just give her a chance," he implored. "I'll leave some of your things at her place, so you can try them on there."

Lawrence saw me to the door, and assured me with a kiss that he would ring every day from London. I felt a little sad but it had been a delicious weekend, and I knew I would be seeing him again soon. I walked home that day with a spring in my step. Normally I felt depressed on a Sunday afternoon with the dismal prospect of work the next day, but now I had something to really look forward to. I had met a man who I truly loved and had given my sad life a fresh direction, all in the space of a couple of weeks.

Still, the impending visit to Lucy was nagging at the back of my mind. Was she as discreet as Lawrence said? I was still afraid of being exposed as a sissy boy and humiliated.

After work the following day, Lawrence rang me from London and asked if I had been in touch with Lucy yet. I admitted I hadn't. He nagged me to do it as soon as I'd finished speaking to him. Again I expressed my reservations about the whole project. "Please just do it for me. I love you Emma and I wouldn't do anything to make you unhappy." I melted when I heard this and promised to ring Lucy as soon as I could.

With slightly trembling hands I dialled the number on the piece of paper Lawrence had given me. A cheery female with a homely south-eastern accent answered almost immediately. "It's Julian. I mean Emma." My voice sounded so squeaky it seemed barely audible. "Lawrence told me to ring you."

"Hello Emma. It's so nice to speak to you. Lawrence has told me so much about you." I wondered miserably just how much he had told her. "Look, I'm free Friday afternoon, sweetie. Can you get some time off work? Then we can take our time getting you prepared." I replied I could get the afternoon off. I took her address and arranged to call at her house.

That week passed all too quickly as, to be honest, I dreaded going to Lucy's. She lived in one of the smart new flats converted from warehouses in the centre of town. On Friday afternoon, about 2 pm I walked up to her door, rang the doorbell and prepared to meet my doom. I heard the unmistakeable click-clack of high-heeled shoes on tiled flooring coming closer and closer. She opened the door. "Hello darling! Come right on in!"

Words cannot express my first impressions of Lucy. She appeared to be in her mid-twenties, had shoulder-length russet coloured hair, and a lovely round face with luscious red lips and gorgeous brown eyes. She was taller than me; she must have been at least 5'10". She was wearing a cropped grey top over her obviously generous breasts and a blue denim skirt. She glided with an effortless grace. Although she was in her casual day wear, I knew then that this woman exuded class from every pore.

Her obvious beauty made me even more nervous. Here I was with the pretence of being a girl and the real thing was in front of me! I felt sure I was in for an afternoon of her contempt and scorn. "Sit down, sweetie and I'll get you something to drink. Would you like coffee?" Sensing my discomfort, she added "or maybe you'd like something stronger? A glass of red wine perhaps?"

I nodded my head and said "yes, that would be nice thank you."

"Well, in that case, I think I'll join you. Although we girls have to make sure we don't go overboard with drink. It plays havoc with your figure, you know!"

After she had taken her first sip of wine and I had started gulping mine, she continued: "so, you're the little angel that's stolen Lawrence's heart, are you? He thinks so much of you, you know. Before he was so miserable but you've really perked him up."

Lucy was trying her hardest to be welcoming and friendly, but I felt as if I were being squeezed in a vice. I didn't know how to respond. I grimaced and felt my cheeks go bright red with embarrassment, which was always one of my problems. "I like him very much" was all I managed to get out.

Lucy was not to be put off. "Tell me all about yourself, angel. I want to hear everything. There must be something special about you to have such an effect on Lawrence. He isn't easily impressed, you know."

Her speech was full of affectionate terms like 'sweetie', 'dear' and 'darling', which would have been irritating coming from someone else. But with Lucy, they added to her charm and attractiveness. She had the most endearing idiosyncrasy of ending even the blandest sentence with a sweet, unforced smile, so she appeared even more beautiful.

She refilled my glass, since I had downed the first rather rapidly. I replied to her lengthy questions with mostly one-word answers, then very gradually began to relax as the tranquilising effect of the wine began to assume control.

"I know it's not very easy for you, sugar, but you can trust me, you know. I know how you feel."

She sounded so sincere that I began to warm to her. After another glass of wine, the tightening in my stomach had almost completely disappeared. "Right, let's get started. A shower to begin with, I think." Before I'd had time to wonder what she meant, she took me by the hand, pulled me to my feet, and led me upstairs.

"There are some towels hanging on the rail and some clean underwear," she said. I noticed a pretty cherry red bra and panty set beside the towels, together with my breast inserts. "I'll be with you in a few minutes." I wondered what on earth she could mean as I stripped off and got into the shower.

After a few minutes I got out, towelled down, and put on my panties and bra. "Lucy," I shouted, "can I have the rest of my clothes?"

The reply came straight away: "Just come in here as you are, darling. There are a few things I need to attend to first."

"But I'm nearly naked Lucy!" I protested.

"Don't be silly," she admonished. "We're all girls together! I'm not going to ravish you!"

Reluctantly I walked into her bedroom in my bra and panties. She was waiting, a huge case of cosmetics on the bed and ladies' clothes strewn all over the place. "Sit down, darling," Lucy said. I did as I was told. Despite being very sweet, she had a commanding tone that didn't brook any argument. Switching on a depilator, she began to run it up and down my legs, which caused me to wince initially but very quickly I got used to it. She also removed all traces of hair from my arms. She then moisturised my legs, while commenting that I had "lovely soft skin".

Lucy's close attentions and her prettiness had the unfortunate effect of giving me an erection, which was all too obvious as the crotch of my panties bulged in a most unsightly manner. "Oh dear!" she exclaimed. "That just won't do! You'll never get your cache-sex on over that!" She seemed to know more than she should about the subject.

"I'm sorry, Lucy. I just couldn't help it!" I said. I felt so embarrassed.

"Don't apologise, angel," she said in a softer voice. I thought you didn't fancy girls. I suppose I should feel flattered! Just give me a minute." I tried desperately to focus on something strictly non-erotic like garbage collection to try and dampen down my erection, but was totally unsuccessful. If anything, I became even harder in my panties.

Lucy returned a minute later carrying a towel and sponge. She sat on her bed and said in a firm tone "Right, let's be having you." She pulled me on to her knee before I had time to protest and pulled down my panties. She was surprisingly strong and had quite a powerful grip. I'm not sure I could have resisted her.

My erect penis immediately sprang up. I was mortified and voiced my shocked surprise. "Lucy! What are you doing! This isn't right!"

"Oh don't be such a big baby!" was her retort. "This is purely functional, I can assure you. We can't have that ugly thing spoiling your panty line, can we?" She began to draw my foreskin over my gland with one hand, making me tense up immediately. "Just relax, angel," she said. "I just want to make your little fellah go down."

Since I couldn't do anything about it, I decided to just enjoy the experience. I lay back against her, my back pressing against her soft boobs and her delicious perfume invading my nostrils, which made my head spin. While she held me around the waist with her left arm, she gently rubbed my penis with her free right hand. Her hands were superbly manicured. She had long fingernails, with which she would occasionally stab me slightly in my scrotum, adding to my growing excitement. The whole situation was surreal; it was as if I could see myself from above, being masturbated by this pretty girl.

"That's it baby," she said. "Just let me know when you're going to come. Stain my clothes and I'll murder you!" she threatened. I wondered whether she was joking or not. It wasn't long before I felt the pleasure mount in my groin. "Oh Lucy, that feels wonderful!" I cried. She took the towel just before I climaxed to catch my ejaculate. I moaned uncontrollably and spurted wave after wave of thick cum into the towel.

For me, it was unbelievably erotic, but for Lucy it was merely a mechanical operation. She wrapped up the towel, took the sponge and cleaned my pubic area. "Right, let's get you dressed," said Lucy. "Let's get this on you before your little man starts to take an interest in me again!"

Lucy strapped the cache-sex on me tightly, which forced my now flaccid member and scrotum between my legs. She put my panties back on; the crotch area was now nicely flat and feminine. "I've been through your clothes," said Lucy. Lawrence tries hard, but it really takes a woman, so I did a little shopping expedition during the week. Don't worry about the money; Lawrence left his credit card with me. We'll start with these."

Lucy held out a red satin suspender belt for me to step into, which she hooked on to a pair of fine-meshed black fishnet stockings. She then produced a beautiful plain black armless dress with scoop neck and ribbed detail that finished just above the knee. It hugged my figure nicely without being too tight. Lucy then asked me to put on a pair of nice strappy black shoes with three inch heels -- enough to be sexy and feminine but not impossible to walk in. I then sat at Lucy's dressing table in front of the mirror.

Lucy must have spent a good two hours making me up and giving me the benefit of her professional expertise. In fact, she imparted all her secret beauty tips, such as using primer as a base to ensure foundation lasts longer and using a concealer brush to get rid of any dark circles under the eyes. When applying my lipstick, she told me to blot my lips with a tissue then reapply to guarantee a more lasting effect and to match the lipstick colour with the outfit I'm wearing.

I was also recommended to apply two coatings of waterproof mascara. She said a girl never looks worse when, after crying, mascara is running down her face. For eyebrows, I was told not to over-pluck them, since then they look plain ugly and to choose a colour of eyebrow pencil one shade lighter than my hair colour so as not to appear over-dramatic.

She put on my shoulder-length auburn wig, my necklace, earrings and bracelet, and asked me to stand up. Pronouncing herself satisfied, she kissed me on the cheek and said "you'll pass." Looking at myself in the mirror, I was staggered at the transformation Lucy had performed. Confidence flooded into me and I even found the boldness to ask Lucy a personal question.

"Do you have a boyfriend, Lucy?"

For once, Lucy seemed a bit nonplussed. "No, I like girls, if you know what I mean."

A lesbian! I couldn't believe it! This girl was like every teenage boy's fantasy. She could have had any man she wanted! What a waste, I thought, but then I remembered who and what I was. "I'm sorry, Lucy I didn't mean to pry," I said.

"Don't be, angel," she said. "I was in a relationship with a man but he used to get drunk and hit me and so I went off men for good." I simply couldn't believe how a man could be so horrid as to abuse such a delightful girl.

"Right," she said, changing the subject quickly, "on to decorum and deportment. Let's see you walking. The best way to learn to walk like a girl is using the old-fashioned method of balancing a book on your head." Indeed, after about a half-hour of practice walking around Lucy's flat with a large volume on my head, I found I was forced to keep an upright posture, but throwing my weight slightly forward on to the balls of my feet, and to neither stride out like a man or use mincing steps.

"Don't wriggle your bum too much. Just walk naturally and you'll be OK," she added. It was now 7.30 pm and I expected just to dress back into my masculine clothes and go home. Lucy had other ideas. "Right," she said, "time for us to head off."

"Where are we going?" I managed to stammer, worriedly.

"We're going out for a drink just as soon as I'm ready." Again the panic surged into my stomach.

"I really don't think that's a good idea, Lucy. What about, I mean what happens if I'm approached by a man?"

"Don't worry, sweetie," she replied. "That's unlikely to happen at the Rendezvous."

I knew that the Rendezvous was one of a cluster of gay and lesbian pubs and clubs in the west end of town just five minutes' walk from Lucy's flat, which I hadn't the courage to enter. I felt slightly reassured.

Suddenly, Lucy pulled off her cropped top and exposed her gorgeous firm breasts. She wasn't wearing a bra. I opened my mouth to protest, but quickly realised this would be futile. After removing her skirt, she slipped into a lovely fringed red dress with a halter neck and put on some black stockings. She looked even more stunning. I wished with all my heart that I could be like this girl. She noticed I was gawping at her. "What's wrong?" she asked.

"It's just that you're such a very pretty lady, Lucy" was all I could manage to say.

"That's very sweet of you," she said. "You're a bit of a cutie yourself," she added, kissing my forehead, which again made me blush bright red. "In fact," she went on, "if I didn't know any better, I might have made a move for you. In saying this she patted my bottom playfully.

"A few final pieces of advice," said Lucy. "We don't belch in public or scratch ourselves in embarrassing places. Smooth the back of your dress before you sit down and keep your legs together. You don't want to show your knickers to everyone."

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